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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lee Sin Build Guide by luigidragon

Tank Pants are Dragon's Guide to Jungle Lee Sin

Tank Pants are Dragon's Guide to Jungle Lee Sin

Updated on December 7, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author luigidragon Build Guide By luigidragon 31 4 622,093 Views 34 Comments
31 4 622,093 Views 34 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author luigidragon Lee Sin Build Guide By luigidragon Updated on December 7, 2013
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... I'm Pants are Dragon, a CHALLENGER solo queue player, substitute jungler for team Reality Check Gaming in the MOBAFire Challenger Series and jungler for Falafel Gaming. I've been playing since the release of Nocturne, my first champion was Teemo and I grew in love with his champion select quote ("Captain Teemo on duty!") and ultimately the game. I actually didn't make my name it was given to me by Riot! My old name was jlzzdragon and then Riot changed my name to this and I feel like I was trolled to oblivion, but at the same time I grew with great power, and from that day I knew I would be the very best!

For those interested, here's my summoner profile:

Lee Sin is a very versatile, slippery champion, who can be very mobile and who's damage and itemization are both really flexible. Check out my 4 minute challenger guide Lee Sin!

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Change Logs

12/7/2013 - updated to s4

11/21/2013 - ITEMS AND MASTERIES UPDATED only cheatsheet.
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Pros / Cons


  • Very good ganks starting from Level 3
  • Has really good early gamee damage
  • Has 2 gap closers, Resonating Strike and Safeguard


  • Falls off late game
  • Nerfed a ton
  • Very High Skill Cap
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... Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

So why AD? Well your Flurry already gives attack speed and since you'll most of the time have that passive up, you'll always have a 40% attack speed bonus.

Armor is a MUST when jungling, as you'll die to jungle creeps easily.

Magic resist is just for the early game damage from magic users, and also when you look at the other blue runes what else could you be using?

Also Lee Sin's AD ratios are pretty good, so why not use them? :)
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This mastery page is used for early game dominance as Lee Sin is one of the strongest early game junglers out there, basically we get all the damage we can get in offense tree and from the defense tree we'll need the reduce creep damage + damage to the creeps to help us jungle.
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+ x5

Basically the standard start that everyone does, also start warding totem and get sweeping lens mid game.

Early Game

+ +

So once we get this set, we can start building towards either a Sightstone or a Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Either one you go is fine but definitely try to get both. Sightstone lets lee sin have more control over his mobility as to being just to jump to allies. So you can put down a ward for movement instead of relying on your allies for Safeguard.

Also note early game, if I get a first blood or a kill early and I feel I need to be everywhere to snow ball all lanes I will get Mobility Boots.

Mid Game

+ +

So right now mid game should look something like this, which will increase your team fight potential and will give your team a whole bunch of resists. You can take a lot of hits and be a meat shield for your team, and of course will be hard to take down as your pretty slippery already.

Late Game

+ +

Now your 6 item build is complete, once you get randuin's omen you lessen the enemy ADC's DPS if he focuses you, and of course it gives a lot more HP!. We just get Warmog's Armor as there's no point in stacking more armor since they already have Last Whisper so we'll just try and beat there DPS off with more HP.

Also when you have enough money, replace your boots with Zephyr. This gives you an equivalent to boots but with more offensive stats.

Also get Sweeping Lens as you are going to try to clear wards around objectives.
Alternative Items

Instead of starting with Spirit Stone you can go for madred's razor and keep it at this. This is a cheap item for lee sin and you should priortize for this when you max Resonating Strike as you'll have more single target damage on creeps.

Get this when you go Madred's Razors as you don't have the free tenacity from Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Of course if they are all AD, go Ninja Tabi.

I never really build damage, as his damage will fall off later and you are more squishier, but get this as his base damage on his skills are really high. Although this won't affect Tempest since it applies magic damage, so get this when you max Resonating Strike.

This item is what you'd want if you want to build some damage early game, I think it's really more effective earlier on than Spirit of the Ancient Golem but you miss out on all the good stats on Spirit of the Ancient Golem and lose the tanky mid-game.

If you need some offensive and defensive stats, this item is the way to go.

If you need some more sticking power and chase, you should consider this item.

This item is really good for the active but once it pops it's considered almost useless, get this as you prepare for the final battle and want an advantage.

This item synergizes with Lee Sin's Iron Will but, the fact that it gives cooldown reduction is kinda bad on energy users as they have a limited amount of energy to use and it will be almost hard to keep using a skill off cooldown when you have little energy to use.
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Skill Sequence

Lee Sin can max 2 skills, depending on how confident you are at hitting skill shots or how consistent you want your ganks to be.

If you want to be consistant, and apply a great slow...

Max Tempest first, as it applies a good slow and synergizes with Spirit Stone, since it will provide AoE clears and 20% more increase damage.

After wards, I usually get 3 points into Resonating Strike and stop at rank 3, as I don't feel I need to do damage anymore so I should be getting some ranks into Safeguard and makes my shield effective since it's like at rank 1 40 HP. So I feel like I do stop doings the damages.

Then I max my Safeguard and then put my last 2 points into Resonating Strike.

If you want to rely on skillshots...

Madred's Razors Skill Order:

Instead of maxing Tempest, you max Resonating Strike first since you won't be getting that 20% increase on the Tempest AoE on creeps and you'll have more single target damage on the creeps. So might as well maximize that single target damage!

Also instead of getting rank 3 Tempest I max out Safeguard straight away. As I probably feel the shield is more important than an increase slow by 10% per rank.
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Spells + Sight Stone Usage


This passive is one of the best, as it gives 40% attack speed for the next 2 hits and 15 energy on the next 2 hits. This is what makes Lee Sin a "Combo Champ", what I do when I use this skill is every time I use a skill I always want to auto attack 2 times before I use my next skill. If I can't land the 2nd auto, I'll probably use the next skill after and repeat.

Sonic Wave

This is Lee Sin's skill shot, and it makes a difference in what a good Lee Sin player is and a bad one as hitting this in moments is key.

Resonating Strike

For the next 3 seconds after casting sonic wave, you can activate this again to deal sonic wave's damage + 8% of there missing health. This is Lee Sin's gap closer and usually I wait 2-3 seconds to activate it again as you will build up more energy to use more skills later unless I know resonating strike will finish them.


This is Lee Sin's disengage move, and also can be used to gap close too. This skill is the reason you can use Sightstone and it's also a good tool for shielding your allies, its a really good skill as this skill can be used offensively and defensively.

Iron Will

Lee Sin's sustain skill, which I feel is worthless right now and only used for jungling purposes. The only time I'll use it is when I want to activate my passive again for the 40% increase in attack speed. Other than that since it got nerfed and gives no more armor anymore I don't use it that often in a team fight. Also this gives spell vamp, so when you use any of your skills while this is active you'll gain HP. Smite also gives HP back when this is on.


Lee Sin's AoE skill, he smashes the ground and does magic damage to his surrounding targets, the range on this skill was nerfed but it's not that bad as it sort of correctly now matches his animation. Good skill for clearing if you went Spirit Stone.


Slow that fades away over time, the slow lasts for 4 seconds and is really good for locking someone down for 2-3 seconds in a gank. This skill also sets you up for a better Sonic Wave.

Dragon's Rage

This skill is one of the best skills in the game, as you can disengage with it, initiate with it and on top of that it can be an AoE skill too and do a knock up. It's got a pretty good base damage too and a AD ratio. It's like playing bowling with this skill sometimes with this skill and makes it a real fun and useful skill. You can also use it as a stun if an enemy is close to the wall and you kick him in that direction and he'll be knocked up for about 1 second. You can also use this skill to just finish someone if you think it will kill them, although be careful as if you don't know your damage output you could of just saved someone from a death.

Sightstone - This item basically gives Lee Sin another skill (sorta), the ability to control where his Safeguard goes. You can use this to hop over walls, put a ward near an opponent to catch up to him for more combos, put a ward behind the opponent to set up for a Dragon's Rage kick to your allies. Or to travel by using a ward but remember you have a limited supply of wards.
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So basically, here are some notable combos that Lee Sin can do in ganks and skirmishes and what not.

Also AA means auto attack, and give 1 or 2 auto attacks.

Melee Range combos:

Tempest Combo: Tempest - AA - Cripple - AA - Sonic Wave - AA - Resonating Strike

Sonic Combo: Sonic Wave - AA - Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest - AA - Cripple - AA

High Energy Fast Burst Combo: Sonic Wave - AA - Tempest - AA - Resonating Strike - AA - Cripple

Enemy is not in melee combos:

Sonic Closer : Sonic Wave wait 2-3 seconds... Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest - AA- Cripple - AA

Safeguard Closer : Safeguard to a ward/ally - Tempest - 1-2 - Cripple - 1-2 - Sonic Wave - AA - Resonating Strike

Safeguard Closer 2: Safeguard to a ward/ally - Sonic Wave wait 2-3 seconds... Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest - AA - Cripple - 1-2

Melee Range Combos with Ultimate:

Resonating Strike Finisher: Tempest - AA - Cripple - AA - Sonic Wave - AA - Dragon's Rage - Resonating Strike

High Energy Fast Burst Combo: Sonic Wave - AA - Tempest - AA - Dragon's Rage - Resonating Strike - AA - Cripple

Assured Sonic Wave: Dragon's Rage - Sonic Wave (direction you kicked him in) - Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest

Enemy is not in melee combos with Ultimate:

Sonic Closer : Sonic Wave wait 2-3 seconds... Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest - AA- Cripple - AA - Dragon's Rage

Safeguard Closer : Safeguard to a ward/ally - Tempest - AA - Cripple - AA - Sonic Wave - AA - Dragon's Rage - Resonating Strike

Safeguard Closer 2: Safeguard to a ward/ally - Sonic Wave - Dragon's Rage - Resonating Strike - AA - Tempest - AA - Cripple - AA

Lee Sin can singly pick out a target and kick him to his team, although be careful as some enemies like Ezreal can easily fall back with Arcane Shift or a similar escape skill and you could kick him the wrong way.

Good Initiating Combos:

Initiate Combo: Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Flash (behind the enemy) - Dragon's Rage into team - Safeguard to disengage to ward/ally

Insec Initiate: (NOTE: NEED GOOD MICRO MECHANICS): Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - place ward behind enemy - Safeguard to the ward - Dragon's Rage enemy into team.

Other Combos:

Buff Smite (Used for securing monster objectives): Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Smite (smite at same time when Resonating Strike connects.)
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Early Game

I feel that Lee Sin is one of the best junglers who excel at early game, because of the mobility he has in ganks and the amount of damage he can output is extremely high.

Usually when I jungle Lee Sin, I always have the mentality of ganking crazy and going to where over extent lanes are and following the enemy jungler (counter ganks). So I will have about 30 cs while the enemy jungler has 50 cs. I always will have low CS because ganks win games. So look for ganks, look for potential tower dives and look for kills on the map.

Always keep tabs on your blue buff/red buff and do them immediately or have some ward coverage so the enemy jungler doesn't steal it, he will steal your red buff (blue side) if you're ganking top and he notices you started there and it's 7:15 minutes. I may not counter jungle a whole lot but I do like to protect my own jungle.

Basically, a gank early game is easy to pull off. You just have to safeguard to a minion or ward near the enemy, then use your Tempest and Cripple. Get in a few auto attacks and make sure to land that Sonic Wave. He should be chunked or dead by now and you can push to get a free tower or priortize objectives.

Lane ganks will also help a lot as you can just Safeguard to an ally, though you got to make sure you land your Sonic Wave.

Lee Sin is also an exceptional duelist, he can 1v1 most junglers and kill them. So if you feel like invading his jungle, do it you can 1v1 him just be careful to not go too ham. Even a good chunk on him is good as it will force him out of his jungle, the only thing you have to worry about is your team mates and the enemy's lanes as they can reach you before your team does.

Also, if you see an ally in trouble and getting ganked by a enemy, get to that action and save his ***! Your mobility and shield will save him along with the damage output Lee Sin brings, will surely save an ally and maybe you'll get a kill out of it.

Dragon is an important objective in the game as it gives your team 900 more gold, which can contribute to more items and an early advantage.

When to do Dragon

  • Bot Lane is dead/back. Reason: When doing dragon, it would be a 4v2 if they try to contest it.
  • You see bot lane recall and your mid and bot lane help do dragon.
  • Mid laner down. Reason: Mid is basically worth 1.5x of an ADC early game, because of the level advantage. So you have a clear advantage at dragon.
  • You feel confident on doing it. You feel that the enemy team won't contest, feeling more powerful, etc.
  • Lee Sin can solo it with Spirit of the Ancient Golem or Madred's Razors after level 7, Lee Sin can sustain it with his shield and life steal/spell vamp but it will take awhile.
  • Vision warded, can solo or ask for some help.

Lee Sin can tank the dragon easily with his Safeguard and take minimal damage because of this as Iron Will will give out spell vamp and life steal. But most of the time you should always have a group of people to do it with.
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Mid Game

Mid game you should have Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Sightstone and Aegis of the Legion, you shouldn't die instantly in team fights and you can disengage easily with Safeguard.

Time for you to lead your team to push towers, maintain control over dragon/baron and win. So always have a Vision Ward on dragon. And if you feel real confident, do it on baron and try to secure it and estimate whether you should do baron or not (some of enemy team is around bot side, your grouped 5) etc.

Lee Sin's pretty good at doing baron, as he has a shield to sustain it's damage, spell vamp and life steal for a little sustain, 40% attack speed while doing it and on top of that he can spike the baron for smite damage + Resonating Strike's damage + 400 damage (resonating strike 8% missing health damage caps at 400). So it's got a pretty good smite.

This is where also the best team fights come alive, since everyone is around level 13 and multiple variables happen instead of late game where it's peel for carries.

Assassinating the enemy Carries

Do this when your carries are behind their carries in items.

As Lee Sin, it's pretty easy to assassinate the backline. Usually to get to there backline you'll have to land your Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike. Once your in their back use your Tempest and Cripple to slow them. Since your building tank, hopefully your going to get some support from your team to damage him up and once he's low enough using your ultimate to finish him off or a Q-R-Q combo should be good enough.

Right after Resonating Strike your target instead of giving him some autos and using Tempest, you can use Flash or Safeguard behind the target and kick him to your team (although it requires high mechanics) and let them do the rest.

1 note that I should add is that if you are taking a lot of damage and about to die (around 30-50%) you should Safeguard back to a team mate and just peel for your team.


Do this when your carries are ahead of enemy carries and this also applies to peeling.
  • Anyone who is on your carry, use all necessary cooldowns to assist in killing the anti-carry (shielding your carry).
  • Do not dive straight into there back line, stay as a meat shield for your carries and be in front of them and Cripple whoever is in front of you.
  • Using your crowd control on the diver (cripple, dragon's rage).
  • Even using Dragon's Rage is ideal, as the enemy had just use his gap closer on the carry.

Anyone who is on your carry you'll want to try to kill that person and get him off your carry, this team fight mindset is used when the enemy team initiates on us or I'm low on HP and have to fall back to my back line.

How you will be protecting them is usually of course DPSing down the enemy with your skills but mainly lets have an example that Irelia is going onto your carry, if she really is a high threat use your Dragon's Rage to kick her away, but obviously someone like Kennen or Fiddlesticks has a big threat on them so using Dragon's Rage on them is key.

If she is not as big as a threat you can probably just use your Safeguard and Cripple to just peel for your carry, the slow is helpful for them to kite and the shield will help them.

Use your Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike for damage and to kill someone.

You can also disengage anytime without people/minions since you have a ward to jump to with Safeguard, usually Lee Sin in a team fight will also like to usually go in with Resonating Strike and get out with Safeguard and wait until cooldowns are up.
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Late Game

Lee Sin falls off late game, as he doesn't have a lot of crowd control and his damage falls off at this stage, so try to end it early-mid game as that's when Lee Sin's strong points are.

You should have a Randuin's Omen at this time as the enemy ADC should have a Bloodthirster/ Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer and will do tons of damage. Attack Speed reduction will cut a ADC's DPS massively, although once he gets that last whisperer, he'll still be doing tons of damage. Just remember when your chunked to disengage with Safeguard to an ally and let them switch focus off you so that you don't die.

But anyways, so at this point of game since you lack damage you'll basically want to be peeling for your strong carries and doing as much as you can to protect them from any big threats, you won't be able to get someone from full HP to half HP like you would early/mid game and the only finishers you have are Resonating Strike and Dragon's Rage, but I already explained how to use them to peel in the mid game section so you should be fine.

Lee Sin can initiate by going in with a Resonating Strike and flashing / ward jumping behind the enemy and then Dragon's Rage and then right after since you're fairly tanky you should be able to survive the initial damage from the enemy, this can be good if your team is a pick composition and can explode 1 guy, but you don't want to be kicking a tank into your team.
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Creeping / Jungling / Counter Jungling / Ganking

Basically, how to creep with lee sin is fairly easy.

Optimally the 1st 3 levels will go something like this (number indicates auto attacks).

The optimal route is blue - red - gank, since you'll be level 3 and 1 level higher than everyone.

When I say 2, it mean's give 2 auto attacks.

Level 1 : Tempest - 2 - Cripple - 2 - repeat.

Level 2 : If you plan to do the next buff over the wall, then basically Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - 2 - Tempest - 2 - Cripple - 2 - repeat.

Level 3 : Now that you have all your skills together

Always get a leash, and no smite. This means you save your smite for the 2nd buff holder, why? Because it opens up an opportunity for a fast gank where you are 1 level ahead of every laner, and having all 3 of your skills available with red buff also so that you're ganks will be true terror.

How to Effectively do Jungle Creeps

Level 1 : Tempest - 2 - Cripple - 2 - repeat.

Level 2 : If you plan to do the next buff over the wall, then basically Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - 2 - Tempest - 2 - Cripple - 2 - repeat.

Level 3 : Now that you have all your skills together, you can really alternate each skill individually. And instead of 2 auto attacks, you can do 1 per each as you can have your passive up fully while doing creeps.

The basis that I use skills is basically goes through this kinda flow chart


WANT TO DO IT QUICK OVER A WALL ? > Sonic Wave - Resonating Strike - Safeguard - Iron Will - 1 - Tempest - 1 - Cripple - 2 - repeat.

Blue Side Route

1. Red (smite)
2. Wraiths
3. Blue (smite)
4. Gank

This route is the most efficient on this side for ganking top, since you do this route you will be 1 level ahead of every lane giving you all of your skills in your kit.

Purple Side Route

1. Blue (smite)
2. Wolves
3. Red (smite)
4. Gank

When ganking:

  • If over extended: Walk up, use Tempest give him a few autos and try to land Sonic Wave, wait 2-3 seconds before re-using it and he should be dead with the amount of autos + skills.
  • If around minion: Safeguard to minion, then repeat 1st step from tempest.
  • If he flashes and has no other escapes, it's best to flash with him as long as you have the distance to cover before going into his tower. Lee Sin can keep up with an enemy really good as he has red, a slow and 2 gap closers.
  • If no ward, just walk straight from blue and gank him.

Ganking Mid

Since mid is a short lane, it's a hard lane to gank for and is one of the lanes in which most Counter Gank's occur. To me this lane is a farm lane and should be more cautiously planned.

Also usually one side of the river is warded, so its basically 50/50 if you can pull it off.

The combo usually relies on you to Safeguard to the nearest minion and to land your Sonic Wave. Usually you won't get a Tempest when you Safeguard as most mids are ranged.

Then if you have your ultimate use it as a finisher or to kick the enemy into your ally.

Ganking Bottom

The hardest lane to gank, this lane is probably the trickiest to pull off as everything is warded most of the time. I will be talking about this from blue side perspective.

So what do you do? Well, you can gank them at most by going through river at 4-5 minutes, and they are over extended. Sometimes this could happen, other times they see you and run so you decide to back off. It works only half the time.

You'll also have to ask your bot lane where wards are, if they don't know it's best not to waste your time with it as maybe the other team could bait a counter gank or they just go back.

Another option is going for a lane gank where your support initiates and your about 5 champions back to follow up on a champion. This option is tricky to pull off but when experienced is really successful in a lot of situations or you could just straight up Safeguard to your ally and try to land your Sonic Wave and rely on the crowd control your bot lane has.

The final option is to wait for their Jungler to come in and you wait behind your team and for him to initiate and his team to commit to something they do not want to fight. While you come in to counter gank. Lee Sin is stronger than most Junglers early game and with his Safeguard and burst damage can take down a target faster than most junglers.


Start with Sonic Wave as it's Lee Sin's most valuable damage skill and a gap closer.

When to do Dragon

Knowing when to dragon is key, remember its every 6 minutes.

Here is a checklist of when to dragon:

  • Bot Lane went back?
  • Enemy Jungler is top?
  • Killed enemy ADC?
  • Killed Mid?
  • Vision ward on dragon, and pressure on bot/mid.]?

Here is when not to do dragon.

  • You don't have smite and enemy jungler is around.
  • Any time it could be an even fight. 4v4/5v5
  • Soloing it, unless you are level 7 and have Madred's Razors or Spirit Stone.

BARON NASHOR aka Dragon V2
comes up every 7 minutes

If you attempt this you probably want to attempt this when you have some armor and are at least level 11 and its 25+ minutes and your team mates have some DPS. Since Lee Sin is maxing Safeguard 2nd, he can definitely tank this really good as he gains life steal and spell vamp. So the shield and vamp really help while trying to take it down and leaves Lee Sin taking not a lot of damage in the end.

Also Lee Sin can finish it good with a Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike + Smite combo if he wants to fight a smite war with the enemy jungler, should combine Resonating Strike + Smite usually when Baron is around 1000-1200 health and your smite is around 700-900

Counter Jungling

Lee Sin is a great duelist and can 1v1 almost any other jungler early, so if you feeling ballsy and strong go for it! Also to add Lee Sin with Sightstone can get out of any sticky situation if needed.

Other times I take their blue/red if I see the enemy Jungler far away from his blue/red buff at 7:05 (Which ever he started at.)

I know some Lee Sin's on purple side will start red and go straight to the enemy's blue and try to take him down by going the E-Q skill order. Most of the time it's really effective especially if your team can back you up on this move.

Or vice versa on blue side where Lee Sin starts blue and invades the enemy at his red and takes him down from there.

Counter Ganking

Find your enemy jungler, then set up in a place where he will come and you can come kill the enemy jungler or whoever is squishier with your allied laner, make sure to pick a target that you can burst and your ally knows it, or else the disperse damage could cause you to die.

Lee Sin makes a great counter ganker as his Safeguard provides a shield and the enemy could commit to something they don't want to and on top of that his burst damage is pretty decent.

How to Spike Objectives

Sonic Wave the target, and say your Smite does 1000 damage, your Resonating Strike damage to minions is 170 damage + 400 (from 8% missing health, its capped at 400 damage) so that's a 1570 smite if you can combo it all together.
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Team Work

What is your role in a team fight? : The tank, peeler, and assassin.

The tank, is the one who soaks in all the damage and still survives it all.

The peeler, is the one who crowd controls and attacks anyone on his carries and stays with them.

The assassin, is the one who can finish off people fast and cheesy.

What do you do with your skills?

Resonating Strike is used to initiate team fights, and to finish off enemies so if you catch someone low with Sonic Wave. This skill is the one to finish them.

Safeguard is used to disengage from the enemy to your allies or to even further close the gap between you and the enemy with Sightstone or to initiate and sight ward behind the enemy and use Dragon's Rage and kick him to your team mates.

Iron Will used to activate his passive, Flurry.

Tempest is used to AoE the enemy team, and to damage anyone trying to get on your carry.

Cripple is used to slow anyone trying to get away or anyone on your carry, this also reduces attack speed so it's a good peeling tool.

Dragon's Rage is used to kick people away from your team ( Kennen), is used to initiate by kicking people in your team and is used as a finisher to kill people.

What positioning should you have?

You can be with your assassin and trying to kill there carry if your going to initiate.

You can be the one guarding your ADC and keeping him alive, killing anyone who dares to go through you as you will slow them and kick them away if forced to.

Once your HP is low, stick around by giving people shields with Safeguard and picking off low HP targets with Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike.
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Lee Sin is a very slippery champion and excels at early game and mid game and outputting high damage early, although falls off late game as he doesn't have the best tank stats or crowd control a tank should have.

Check me out on youtube, I make challenger guides on champions and there will be stream highlights along with montages and random other stuff!

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