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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh

Jungling rammus - support style

AnIh Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Quick build


Hi , just a quick build to show jungling rammus build with useful buffs & debuff for you and your team .
You will avoid the painful laning phase of rammus while allowing your carrys to farm properly.
When your first jungling is finished , you will provide assistance to your mates with ganking and pushing and replace them in lane for regen / shop .
As a jungler and a tank , you will ward key map locations (read a warding guide for more information ) .
As a tank , you will be the most important part of the team , providing help to your carries and support , tanking towers , initiating team fights and disrupt them with your abilites , buffs and debuffs .

Masteries :

Standard jungling defensive mastery 0/21/9 , i try to avoid dodge mastery since it reduce your dmg output (can **** up your jungling) and anyway you have really nice speed with Powerball and Shurelya's reverie .

Runes :

Armor is the thing that make you strong as a jungler while being a nice tank stat , i pick MR blue since the armor one are ****py .
Like for masteries , dodge runes have to be avoided .

Summoners spells :

Smite : mandatory for jungle

Flash : nice to make powerball not ****ed up by minion collision , pretty good but can be replaced if something else is really needed .

Clairvoyance : If no support you should consider using it

Fortify : less mobility but more team utility , use it if your team aim pushing towers instead of team fights .
Also increase your jungling speed and allow you to use the combo of the death alias taunt forti :)

I dont really think others summoners spells are worth it for this build .

Skills :

Powerball : use it to aoe while jungling , fleeing , engaging fight , taking down banshee's veil and others spell shields and finnaly to interupt channeled ulti like kat Death Lotus or nunu Absolute Zero .

Defensive Ball Curl : use it to aoe while jungling , protect yourself , damage the taunted carry with reflected dmg , increase your ad to push faster .

Puncturing taunt : use it to interupt channeled ultimate , drag one poor guy to your tower , to cc the focus / dangerous guy or even to reduce armor on dragon / baron .

Tremors : Short cd and not mandatory for fight like amumu one (but still useful) , use it to clean minions waves , push tower , aoe damage during tf , clean buffs , 1v1 a dangerous enemy (you maybe think tanks are not made to 1vs1 but taking down an enemy can make your team push freely because of outnumber) .

Items :

Heart of Gold : really nice early game item , build it into randuin

Philosopher's stone : solve mana issue and make you lose almost no health due to your high armor and life regeneration

Aegis of the Legion : nice support item + epic defensive stats boost (ignore if someone else build it)

Randuin's Omen : best tank item , slow for ages with DBC

Shurelya's reverie : give what u need the most at this point : health , + a really nice activation allow u to catch running carrys (+got the name of a sexy girl , you can build it even if somebody else do also but its rare anyway)

Abyssal Mask : increase your team global magical dmg while providing you mr and a bit of dmg (ignore if somebody else built it)

Soul Shroud : more life , mana regen wont help that much but cdr when ur carrys are hitting for tons of dmg is nice :) (ignore if someone else built it)

I try to pick only support items that give you personal benefit , thats why i dont build Will of the Ancients , spell vamp dont help that much since ur magical dmg are aoe (spell vamp reduced to 1/3) and you got pretty good physical dmg too .

Jungling :

Start with blue , make sure your team defend you .
Pulling the golem is not that good because you need the golem to hit you for the a important part of your dmg but it always help .
If teammates have some buffs like janna shield etc make sure they use it on you to speed up your jungling .
Use DBC and powerball on cd but make sure it hit all the creeps :)
creep order is : blue -> wolves -> wraiths -> red -> golems -> gank or recall

Conclusion :

with this complete build you will have end game :

- almost 3600 health
- 430 armor under DBC for epic dmg and tower tanking
- 310 mr under DBC for surviving magical aoe
- a good health and mana regen for jungling / farming / sustaining long fight
- a ****load of team utility , armor and mr debuff , cdr , movement speed buff & debuff

But for most of the game you wont finish this build due to lack of time , but it provide what you need the most at every stage of the game , armor and health for surviving early on , regen for farming and then more defensive stats & team aura to catch enemy team DPS

And to finish : dont forget to buy wards , its your job in early as a jungler and its your job in mid/late as a tank .

Hope u liked it :)