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Soraka Humor Guide by TineSionnach

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TineSionnach

Just a fun build i have been testing *Soraka*

TineSionnach Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Soraka test build

This is my first build/guide so please give me some feed back but keep it constructive.

This build here I have recently started to toy with since s3 started it is fun not your usual support build. The main role of this build is to slow the enemies as much and as long as possible. This help your allies and your self stay out of rang and slows pushes, which in turn gives allies the time needed to get in position for a gank or three. the difference in the item lists is giving up spell vamp for a little umpf of damage and a slow. This is not a guide on how to play Soraka but for those that have played her to try and have fun with and to try a new play style. The main thing your going to do is run into groups of enemies or even just one or two and spam Q heal yourself and allies as needed but you should be able to burn through the enemies fairly quick.

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Team Work

Like most matches and builds teamwork is one of the key parts, This is especially so for this build you need to be in constant coms with team mates to set up ganks heals and pushes I have worked with one or two others on my team and purposely set up 3 v 5 matches and won with this build. Its important that your team allows you blue buff as often as they can, this does not mean hog it for yourself if another champ can use it.

Teams I have been in and used this build with
2 AP Carries + Tank + Support + self
AP Carry + Tank + Support + Assassin + self
Tank + 2 Supports + Assassin + self
2 Tanks + 2 Supports + Self

I am pretty sure it will work with just about everything but I have not tried everything yet.

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If you can work on all the minions in your lane then use q to get final blow on as many as you can if you need to just spam it at lvl 1 3-4 cast will wipe out entire minion teams. Always quit spamming Q at 100 mana to make sure you have enough for a heal. mid to late game this wont be an issue but level 1-7 this is an issue.

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Pros / Cons

can usually get in and out of a fight quickly
fun watching a whole 5 man team slowed
out run everyone
can easily get the final hit on enemies
if you have second support healer on your team you will never die

may be me but easy to get too cocky
will usually become the target for mid and late game ganks or focuses during team fights
requires good teamwork unlike many of the solo queue builds
Burns through mana early game if your not watching it.

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Skill Sequence

Q Q Q Q Q Q Q then heal when needed and if using the second item set you can Use Q basic attack Q basic attack and so on. This is the EASIEST sequence there is.

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Ranked Play

I would NOT suggest it.

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The items are pretty self explanatory however I have never had a match last long enough for me to get all 6 items I am usually missing Blackfire Torch and or Sareph's Embrace.

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For SUMMONER SPELLS you can use anything that floats your boat, I prefer Flash, Exhaust, Ignite, Heal.

I usually carry Flash and Exhaust when my team has no one playing an assassin.
I play Exhaust and Ignite when we have an assassin or Im feeling gutsy.
I play Flash and Heal when there is a squishy on my team.
However feel free to experiment and let me know what you like running.

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You should notice I use quints of scaling AP and quints of AP if you want to hit harder late game use 2 or even all three quints of scaling AP, However I like to hit hard in the beginning of the match so I use 1 scaling AP and 2 quints of AP.


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