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Kalista Build Guide by Kronical K

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kronical K

Kalista The Jumping ADC

Kronical K Last updated on November 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Kalista with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne Vayne's Auto attack range is also 550 so you both will be able to trade at the same time you should come out on top if you get out before she gets three stacks of Silver bolts jump out and rend so she cannot follow up, your passive allows you to jump out of the way for when she tries to stun you into the wall usually you depend on positioning make sure you know where you stand and this fight should be yours, Do not engauge when she has he ultimate as she will out damage you try to Pierce jump back and rend to slow her down and escape
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Hello everyone this a guide on the champion Kalista , this guide will be subject to change as the patches roll out, things can change, so I plan on doing my part and keep this guide as up to date as possible! A little about myself and why this is the first guide I have made and why this certain champion. Over the years of playing League I have used countless of guides always trying find a champion that well just fits my play style. When Rengar was released back in 2012 I thought the mobility from him was going to be amazing and well playing him yes he was fun to play but just not me. When Kalista came out I felt something a feeling like "ya I could main this champ." So I wanted to make a guide to help others decide if this could be a champion they could play to have fun, carry games, and well to jump across the map constantly. So here we are I will try my best so any constructive criticism would be appreciated.

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Kalista stats 1-18

HEALTH---518 – 1929
ATTACK DAMAGE---53 – 109
HEALTH REGEN---6.0 – 15.4
ATTACK SPEED---[*0.648 (+0% – 56.1%)
MANA---232 – 827
ARMOR---19.0 – 78.5
MANA REGEN---6.3 – 13.1
MAGIC RES---30.0
RANGE---550 (Ranged)
MOV. SPEED---325

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Kalista Ability Description and Use

Martial Poise
// Kalista cannot cancel her basic attacks and they will miss if she loses sight of her target before they hit.
If Kalista enters a movement command while winding her basic attack or Pierce, she will drive through that direction when she launches her attack, dashing a short distance. Martial Poise distance scales with Enhanced Movement, and is increased by 25% when dashing backwards.

// This is what makes Kalista so unique, having the ability to dash on auto attack to re-position IE: chase the enemy down or jump back from them it is what defines a good kalista player or a bad one. Try to constantly dash when auto attacking to get used to the timing so when A team fight comes you can keep yourself out of harms way, A reason it is difficult with multiple enemies is you must click on clear lane to execute the dash clicking on a minion, monster or champion will only cause you to attack them have a good eye for where you want to go.

The Black Spear
//THE BLACK SPEAR - ACTIVE: Kalista hurls The Black Spear at an allied champion, beginning a ritual that takes a short duration. During the ritual, both Both Kalista and her target are unable to act and the target will perform their death animation. Upon finishing the ritual, the target becomes Oathsworn for the remainder of the game. Kalista requires an Oathsworn ally to utilize Sentinel's, The Black Spear' Soul-Marked and Fate's Call.
// When you spawn you will have this item in the last slot of your items, this is when you will decide you want to choose, this can be your support who hopefully is tanky, your jungler for very potent gank potential even a mid lane assassin because with good communication the potential of Fate's Call is limitless you can save people from from dying from the enemy team, you can throw your jungler into the baron pick when the enemy team is there, you can throw your assassin right to their squishy, the endless possibilities are amazing which makes who you choose to use The Black Spear on very important make sure your teammates know what it does and how it works.

// ACTIVE: Kalista hurls a fast and narrow spear, dealing physical damage to the first enemy struck. If Pierce scores a kill, the spear will continue onward, passing all Rend stacks from the dead victim to the next enemy it hits Range: 1450(50 less range than Nidalee spear) Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Cooldown: 8 seconds PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 10 / 70 / 130 / 190 / 250 (+ 100% AD)
// This Ability this amazing late game for lane clear and harass, the fact that once it kills a unit and carries on is amazing and then add on the fact it carries all stacks of Rend [icon-Rend] is the real kicker to be able to actually hit someone with it is another story but if you do follow up with rend and you could have a potential kill coming your way keep an eye on where your enemy is heading and their health.

// RANGE: 5500 COST: 25COOLDOWN: 30 SOUL-MARKED - PASSIVE: If Kalista and her Oathsworn ally attack the same target within 1.5 seconds of each other, the target will take additional magic damage equal to a percentage of their maximum health. This effect cannot occur on the same target for 8 seconds. Damage is capped against minions and monsters. ACTIVE: Kalista commands a soul sentinel to the target location within range, gaining sight in a ~450-length cone in front of it. The sentinel's sight is obstructed by terrain and brush. Upon reaching the target location, it will return to a point within ~1400 units of cast location. The sentinel will perform a total of 7 laps, including the first two lengths. The sentinel is vulnerable from behind and will die if attacked twice by an enemy champion or once by a tower. If the sentinel spots an enemy champion it will scream and stalk them for the next 4 seconds - revealing them for the duration.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20% of target's maximum health
MAX. DAMAGE VS. MONSTERS: 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200
RECHARGE TIME: 90 / 80 / 70 / 60 / 50
Kalista stores a charge of Sentinel every few seconds, and can store up to 2 charges.

// Sentinel is a great utility ability, You can send them practically to say hi to mid lane from top or bottom means that if you cannot ward right away this is the next best thing yes there is a chance for people to sneak by just make sure you send it through a bush or two to help out others, the % per hit on enemy champs is a bonus it allows you to trade off with the enemy champs and almost always come out of top just make sure your support knows whats going down whether it's a full out engage or just putting some damage down

// COST: 30 COOLDOWN: 14 / 12.5 / 11 / 9.5 / 8
PASSIVE: Kalista's basic attacks and Pierce.png Pierce leaves her target speared for 4 seconds. There is no cap on the number of spears Kalista can lodge in her target. This passive is unavailable while Rend is on cooldown.
ACTIVE: Kalista rips all spears from nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and slowing them for 2 seconds. Rend's damage is increased by a percentage for every spear beyond the first that Kalista ripped from them. If Rend scores a kill, the cooldown is refreshed.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 60% AD)
DAMAGE PER ADDITIONAL SPEAR: 5 / 9 / 14 / 20 / 27 (+15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27% AD)
SLOW: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45%

// Rend is your bread and butter of your kit, allowing to stack on an enemy infinitely is great, this means if your against another squishy and it gets close and you have rend stacks on them you can activate it and do HUGE amounts of damage 10 stacks 400% on the current damage which can end up to be a lot of damage so keep an eye on your stacks and you can be able to get the upper hand in any team fight, the slow on rend is really handy, you can start with Pierce and follow up with rend to allow yourself to catch up and finish them off and remember you can dash when you cast Pierce

Fate's Call
// RANGE: 1200 COST: 100 COOLDOWN: 90 / 75 / 60
ACTIVE: Kalista draws her Oathsworn ally next to her, making them untargetable and disabling their spells for 4 seconds. Kalista's Oathsworn ally must be within 1400-range to cast Fate's Call.
During Fate's Call, Kalista's Oathsworn can right-click a target location to dash there, stopping at the first enemy hit, knocking up all surrounding enemies for 1.5 and landing themselves at their maximum attack range from the target.

// Fate's Call is what makes Kalista stand out from any other ADC to truly change the tides of the game. As said before You have the ability to allow a teammate to re-position them selves whether out of damage or right into the middle of the enemy team is great. the plays that can come out this is endless remember to think thoroughly who you want to use your The Black Spear on because it can win or lose games choose a champ who wants to be near the enemy

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Pros & Cons

+ High Mobility
+ A Strong Finisher
+ Game changing Ultimate
+ Can Carry games very easily
Kalista is very solid pick so far she has a Auto Attack range off 550 which is in the mid tier of ADC Auto Attack ranges where as Caitlyn is 650. Her passive allows her to dash towards where you click in between every AA so her mobility is incredible with the right touch you can win 2v1 easy depending on the enemy of course. Her E rend is an amazing finisher if you allow your spears to stack you can reach damage in the 2000s any squishy target behind that will perish. Her ultimate is an amazing skill with the ability to throw a team mate into the enemy team disrupt them and knock them up allows for your team to join in and clean up which can really change the way the game is going.
- CC Destroys Her
- Very Squishy (common ADC)
- Requires good positioning
- Mid Tier Difficulty
The main Con about Kalista is when she is victim of any form of cc, since your auto attacks cannot be interrupted it leaves you vulnerable when hit with a movement slow cc or auto attack slow so you must be ready position wise and ability wise for when this happens. Her passive Martial PoseMartial Pose takes a lot of practice to be able to reliably jump on your AA cycle as there is a small window when you have an higher AA speed thus her mid tier difficulty

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Summoner Spells

Lets Go Over the Summoner Spells I picked and other viable choices

//Teleports the user 400 units in the direction of mouse cursor cooldown: 300 seconds
// Flash is an amazing summoner spell, allowing you to reposition in a team fight, escape over walls and even secure kills on enemy champs that have escapes in their kit, 95% of the time take this summoner spell

// Deals 70-410 True Damage over 5 seconds Range: 600 cooldown: 210 seconds
// Over the seasons and through the metas people have been taking other spells over ignite, saying that it isn't viable and it is useless well, in some cases they are right in most others they are wrong. Ignite is great for being able to cast it on a very low enemy when you are either out of mana or stuck in place, along with being able to secure a kill without putting yourself in a bad position and not wanting to chase the enemy, depending on what support you have which I will go over in the synergies section I take this spell 75% of the time.

// Restores 90-345 health and grants 30% movement speed for 1 second for you and targeted allied champ Range: 700 cooldown: 210 seconds
// Heal has been getting a lot more show time lately being used on ADC more so for escape and the clutch heals, takeing this spell purely depends on your support, supports with a heal ability you won't necessarily need to take this spell, the movement speed however comes in handy being able to dodge fists coming from a bush at the speed of sound or just plain out running someone, take this if you dont have a very confident support.

// Shields you for 115-445 for 2 seconds cooldown: 210 seconds
// Barrier is another solid choice I believe second to heal if your going more offensive trying to poke more along with having more potential against burst damage and take it if your going to be solo around the map.

// Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs on your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds cooldown: 210 seconds
// The underdog of summoner spells, you do not see cleanse being used very much now a-days but it also depends on the champ if your champ gets destroyed by cc it might be beneficial to take this summoner spell, yes this spell is viable would I take it? Only against Very Heavy CC teams as there are items IN game that will help you out.

// Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their movement speed and attack speed by 30% their armor and magic resist by 10 and their damage dealt by 40% cooldown: 210 seconds
// Exhaust, wait what? Yes my friends it is somewhat viable for those that are into the thing called play making, the only reason why this is viable is the ability to shut down a champion, with Kalista's Rend for finishing it makes it clear that exhaust can come in handy for the right time would I recommend taking this for people just starting out? no I would not for those who understand her mechanics and want to try somthing different try taking exhaust for a game and test it for yourself.

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Here we will go over why I have chosen the runes above and others that would work as-well.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
// +2.25 Attack Damage
// I choose to run 2x Quints of damage because, well she is an Attack Damage Carry her abilities scale off AD and when you can hit harder early game and make it easier on yourself to last hit all the better but most of all your trade offs with the enemy champ will be just that much better.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
// +1.5% Life Steal
// The last quint I run is of life steal as usually I run dorans blade and with another 1.5% life steal I can get back the health I lost in a trade off or an enemy ability so the extra life steal helps you get back in action faster

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
// +0.95 Attack Damage
// Once against 8x Marks of Attack damage because her abilities scale off AD the more attack damage you have the more you will hurt the enemy

Greater Mark of Critical Chance
// +0.93% Critical Chance
// most people I see playing adc run the standard 9x damage mark but with this one crit rune has the ability to win you an early game team fight hands down that 1% chance to do 200% damage is worth the 1 less attack damage in my opinion atleast

Greater Seal of Armor
// +1 Armor
// The 9x seal of armor are a standard rune build for adc and mostly every champ which helps reduce the damage of the enemy champions hits I take Seal of armor instead of scaling armor because you will need to be able to trade off with the enemy champ more armor less damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
// +0.17 Magic Resist Per Level (+3 at champion level 18)
// I take 9x scaling magic resist instead of pure 1.34 MR because early game rarely you will get a carry that does pure magic damage yes you will go against supports that will do magic damage but the main source of the incoming damage will be from the enemy carry

Other Viable runes If your more into Damage or Attack speed

Greater Mark of Attack speed
// +1.7% Attack Speed
// Mark of Attack speed is a viable choice for Kalista because of her passive being able to attack more means being able to re-position more.

Greater Mark of Armor PenetrationGreater Mark of Armor Penetration
// +1.3 Armor Penetration
// Mark of armor Pen is another choice that is possible The more armor you go through the more damage you will deal.

Greater Seal of Attack Damage
// +0.43 Attack Damage
// If you feel comfortable with sacrificing your early game armor for extra Damage is a 50/50 idea you hit harder but you get hit harder as-well, choose if you want to be only a glass canon or you have armor in your build

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage
// +0.28 Attack Damage
// If enemy team is void of Magic damage it would be safe to take your MR out for Attack damage for the early game damage.

To make sure you know the runes I have posted on the build are what I run not of what you have to, use what you feel right to make your game play comfortable!

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testing out masteries use the masteries posted above I will update why we take each one

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Common Start

Doran's Blade
// 7 Attack Damage, 70 health and 3% lifesteal
// Dorans blade is the common start to any adc

Health Potion
// Heals you for 150 health over 15 seconds
// Take this to use up the left over gold after buying Dorans Blade

Warding Totem
// Places a stealth ward for 60 seconds (120 second cooldown)
// For standard start take the warding totem unless your support would like you to take something other than it

Alternate Starting Items

Long Sword
// 10 Attack Damage
// if you have a support with a heal in their kit you could take a chance and go right for long sword for a faster build into other items

Boots of Speed
// +25 movement Speed
// If you are against a heavy skill shot team and are not able to be near minions to attack so you can reposition yourself boots 1 would be a valid choice

Sweeping Lens
// Reveals and disables nearby invisble traps and wards for 6 seconds in a small radius (120 second cooldown)
// Take this if your support suggests it or if you want to control your bush

Health Potion
// Heals you for 150 health over 15 seconds
// Take this to use up the left over gold after buying your items

Early Game

Vampiric Scepter
// +10 Damage, 8% life steal
// Vamperic scepter is a good mid game/ first back buy as it builds into Bloodthirster and or Bork the extra life steal is very handy against champs that have alot of poke

// 20% attack speed, 10 Critical Strike Chance, 5% movement speed
// If you find yourself fine on sustain and could use more movement speed and more chances to reposition yourself take zeal as later it builds into phantom dancer witch I find very useful

Boots of Speed
// +25 movement Speed
// If you did not take boots first now is the time to buy as enemy team will be starting to buy them aswell if you don't want to be chased down or put out of position.

Boot Choices

Berserker's Greaves
// +25% Attack Speed +45 Movement Speed
// The choice is usually clear when your playing ADC Zerk boots are the way to go unless you are against a heavy cc team and you are ok with a little less Attack speed

Mercury's Tread
// +45 movement Speed UNIQUE Passive: Tenacity: The duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds and immobilizes are reduced by 35%.
// If you feel you are being cc'd too heavy and do not have any items so far to reduced said crowd controls Merc treads are a decent choice just remember though less attack speed less positioning

Mid Game

B. F. Sword
//+50 Attack Damage
// From going to 107 damage to 157 damage is a huge jump and one that will set you above the enemy ADC if you can buy this fast enough try to farm enough to buy it by 15 minutes

Phantom Dancer
// 50% Attack Speed, 30% Critical Strike Chance, 5% Movement Speed. UNIQUE Passive: Your champion ignores unit collision.
// This is needed for Kalista the Extra movement speed attack speed and crit is just amazing but what your after is the ability to move through units which allows you to have better positioning in lane and possibly stopping an attacker since they cannot get near you winons op

Bilgewater Cutlass
// 25 Attack Damage, 8 Life Steal. UNIQUE Active: Deals 100 magic damage and slows the target champion's Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds. 90 second cooldown.
// This is the start of brok Obviously which gives you attack damage life steal attack speed and in the end current health of enemy champion and very good active ability if the enemy has high health champs try going for Blade of the Ruined King

Mid To Late Game

The Bloodthirster
// 80 Attack Damage. Passive: Lifesteal can now overheal, granting a bloody shield that absorbs 50-350 damage (based on champion level). This shield decays when out of combat for 25 seconds. UNIQUE Passive: 20 % Life Steal.
// With the shield that Bloodthirster gives you up to 350 damage sbsorbed allows you to poke more and get out with little to none damage against you and gives you that buffer for when their assassin comes to take you out

Infinity Edge
// 80 Attack Damage, 25 Critical Strike Chance. UNIQUE Passive: Critical hits deal 250% damage instead of 200%.
// A must have item if your going to play and ADC that extra 50% makes the difference from 500 damage to 700 damage it will make them feel the pain

Blade of the Ruined King
// 25 Attack Damage, 40 Attack Speed, 10 Life Steal. UNIQUE Passive: Deals 8% of the target's current Health in bonus physical damage (max 60 damage vs. monsters and minions) on hit. UNIQUE Active: Deals 10% of target champion's maximum Health as physical damage (min. 100), heals for the same amount, and steals 25% of the target's Movement Speed for 3 seconds (90 second cooldown).
// Bork is a wonder full item to be able to do % of current health and Max health from your passive you are going to hurt even the tankiest champions with the active ability to allow you to chase or run away A must buy Item

Armor Pen Choices

Last Whisper
// 40 Attack Damage. UNIQUE Passive: +35% Armor Penetration
// Last whisper Is very solid choice for when the enemy team is stacking armor with 35% armor pen your abilities will hurt alot more and your Rend will have a better chance on killing your target

The Black Cleaver
// 50 Attack Damage, 10 Cooldown Reduction, 200 Health. UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration. Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion reduces their armor by 5% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 25% armor reduction.

// The black cleaver is a very good item when focusing on auto attacks more than skills compared to The Last whisper as since every auto attack reduces the targets armor thus in the end roughly the same armor pen all in all I would pick Black Cleaver over Last whisper

Armor Choices

Guardian Angel
// 50 Armor, 40 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Passive: Revives your Champion upon death, restoring 30% of your maximum Health and Mana. This effect can only occur once every 5 minutes.
// If you are being focused and cannot stay alive to acomplish anything in a team fight or even roaming this is your item so when zed drops in and takes out all your health in one go because it happens, alot this is your best bet 5 minute CD but the chance to come back and ace the team in worth the chance

Randuin's Omen
//70 Armor, 500 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Cold Steel: If you are hit by a basic attack, you slow the attacker's Attack Speed by 15% for 1 second. UNIQUE Active: Slows the Movement Speed of nearby enemy units by 35% for 2 seconds + 1 second for every 200 Armor and 200 Magic Resistance you have (500 range). 60 second cooldown.
// I dont recommend Tank items usually on an ADC but for the health and the active that allows you to kite your enemy easily is something to look into on a 60 second cooldown this is a very good item for the extra health and armor

Magic Resist

Maw of Malmortius
// 60 Attack Damage, 40 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Passive: Gain +1 Attack Damage for every 2% of your maximum Health you are missing.

UNIQUE Passive: Lifeline: If you would take magic damage that would leave you at less than 30% of your maximum Health, you first gain a shield which absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. 90 second cooldown.

// Find yourself being brought down my AP carry's? This item will hopefully give you the edge once they blow their CDS on your activating this shield will give you time to bring them down when they try to recover going full in on you.

Mercurial Scimitar
// 80 Attack Damage, 35 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Active: Remove all debuffs from your champion and grants 50% movement speed for 1 second (90 second cooldown).

// Another great pick for going against a team that has CC to shut you down activateing this ability will clear all debuffs and give you 50% movement speed to get into the clear stops thresh hooks morg Q's and lots lots more take this item if you don't want to take cleanse against a CC hard team

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Lane and Champ Match ups

This Chapter will have notes on what to look out for against each champ that I have played against more than once and I would put down what the difficulty I believe it was this is based off my skill NOT yours. When I put a champ for lane match up I have played against this champ atleast 6 times knowing that I did not just have a bad game because everyone gets some of those.

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Champion Synergies

This Chapter will Show the rating out of 10 for champion Synergy

// Leona's in your face play style is great for Kalista every one of her abilities benefits you as in they wont be able to get near you, her stun, her shield that slows, her root and of course her ulti all in all the cc created from your ulti and her kit are amazing, Her tankyness allows her to go right into the middle of the enemy team and CC them all allowing your team to destroy the enemy. The reason why Leona is my favorite is once you commit with your ulti usually there is no going back but if Leona does not use her Zenith Blade she has a chance to come back to protect you from any melee champ in your face giving you a chance to jump away.

Rating 9/10

I will add to this list when I have played with different supports/ Champs when I add a champion to this list I have played more than 6 games with them.

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A tiny Summary

This guide was created to help people starting out on Kalista not for glory or internet points, just to help people, so yes this guide is far from finished I plan on adding videos map stuff IE paths for your sentinels etc etc I hope people will comment just so I can make this guide even better as in if you had a bad match up against a champ find good synergy with certain champs, bugs,and other viable items that I missed So I thank you for your time to read all of this as Yeah I did a lot of typing so much for a tiny summary. Look forward to my many updates to this guide!