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Kalista Build Guide by Pentakill vision

AD Carry Kalista Top Lane [S5]

AD Carry Kalista Top Lane [S5]

Updated on January 16, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pentakill vision Build Guide By Pentakill vision 16,169 Views 0 Comments
16,169 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pentakill vision Kalista Build Guide By Pentakill vision Updated on January 16, 2015
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Introduction to Me (PentakillSmyt)
Hey guys! I am currently in gold two have been climbing a lot recently. I'm not the best Kalista NA or anything but i am better than all the kalista's I have seen around my elo. Personally, as a top lane rengar main, i dont like the adc'ing in playing passive for long periods of time until damage is substantial. Anyways, this is my first guide, i would love if you could take a look and comment or tell me what I can change.
Introduction to Kalista
Kalitsa is a very strong champion, arguably a new hyper carry that can fill a surprising variety of roles. Though she is often seen as a marksman for obvious reasons, she is EXTREMELY VIABLE in the top lane. Kalista's passive, martial poise allows kalista to easily out trade most champions in the top lane.
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Skill Sequence

E just gives so much trading potential in lane.
After getting relatively good with kalista, I nearly always push the enemy top laner out of lane before level three.
Q is very useful especially nearing the mid game. When your team clears minions, your q gives you an extra dash to avoid that damn flash morg q or thresh hook etc (even though you shouldnt be frontlining at all)
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Who to Bind

Especially if you have a high cc jungler, or a tank jungler, ALWAYS BIND THEM.
At level six, you have an easy set up to a gank with nearly any jungler by pressing R. If you have a squishy jungler that it makes no sense to bind aka shaco, teemo, and many others, you can wait for the game to progress a little. If your bot lane's support is a little bit tanky, or your mid laner or jungler ARE CARRYING HARD, feel free to bind them. If you bind a carry try to use your ult defensively to pull them out of a fight, rather than make them feel obligated to fly in and die instantly.
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Farming takes a while to get used to with kalista, primarily in the early stages of the game where it happens to be most important. Her auto wind up is ridiculous and pressing s and hovering over minions screws you over. Plus with her auto animation early, missing one cs makes you usually click another minion unintentionally. If you want to be good with Kalista at farming, it just takes patience to get used to. Custom games or norms until you adjust to properly farming early with her. After you get runaans auto the wave untill all the minions are relatively low then use your e. By this point, there should be three or four minions that are low, so your mana and e cd will be refunded.
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Random Mechs that are useful (nothing to really do with top lane)

Attack move clicking/A - its different with kalista (Try it to find out)because you have to make sure you are also clicking in the direction you want to go continuously to use the aa dash. If you don't know what a clicking or attack move clicking is, look it up on youtube. a clicking is extremely useful with kalista's kit, it allows you to kite and doge skillshots much more quickly.

aa q aa, q provides a nearly immediate extra dash. With early on attack speed, you can only use the aa dash than q, which is a pretty large distance with tier two boots. Late game with more attack speed you can aa dash q then aa dash again almost instantaneously. This is larger than morgana's ult range and about as large as tristana's jump

Q wall jumping- Watch a video there are several walls you can jump as kalista. Practice makes perfect but some of the notable ones are drag and baron pit, as well as the river wall on top and bot on the tribrush side.

Regular auto attack dashing- If you want to be good with Kalista, you just have to get good with this mechanic. A clicking is useful in a variety of situations but if you cant actually target someone and kite, it is easy to get focused by burst. A clicking is very useful, but be sure to get good with this mech with kalista in general.

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