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Kassadin Build Guide by GenuineBowl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GenuineBowl

Kassadin the Assassin! In the Jungle

GenuineBowl Last updated on June 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


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How to play jungle Kassadin and his abilities

Your Null Sphere (Q) is good when ganking ability based champions because of the shield yet it isn't amazing in the jungle because most of the camps are AD based so your shield doesn't matter too much.

Your Nether Blade (W) is awesome because with Lich Bane and Arcane Blade you can burst down champions almost instantly. Also it gives you great mana sustain in the jungle making you survive without your blue buff easy (So you can give your mid laner blue buff. Remember spam the hell out of this when attack your camps in the jungle.

Your Force Pulse is awesome for ganking as the slow is very strong. You can max this second or third depending on how much you gank and how you do.

Your Riftwalk is a great ability because when ganking and chasing also escaping you can just say surprise mother f***er and appear from no where.

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Ganking Points

I took this image from then edited it to this

When ganking try to avoid the ward spots (obviously) When ganking also use your ultimate to appear because it makes it easier. Remember FEED your team! don't take all the kills for yourself otherwise they all are relying on you to carry the late game (its very hard as you have high damage but for only one unit at a time) so you are better off helping your team do better. Also ***its are still a good income.

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There are many different combos that you can do with this Kassadin build. Post Lich Bane you can Riftwalk in then Nether Blade. Typically it will one shot your target. If not chuck in a Null Sphere and a Force Pulse

If you know of any good combos to use with Kassadin please leave a comment so I can add it thank you <3

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When do I pick jungle Kassadin?

If your team is predominately AD I would then pick jungle Kassadin (if i get my lane)

You can counter Vel'Koz easily, so just use your Null Sphere to screw their ultimate!
Difficulty = 3 (Easy)

Other champions Kassadin's Null Sphere works well with include:
You can cancel her ultimate possibly saving a lot of your team so it is well worth doing.
Difficulty = 5 (Mostly Easy/Medium)
You can also cancel his ultimate which is awesome because you can save loads of people!
Difficulty = 3 (Easy)


Really fun to play (a great feature of any champion)
Fun mechanics, like Rift Walk ect.
Very powerful even after his nerfs
Great mana sustain with his W
Good late game
Can burst down almost anyone
Ganks after level 6 are INSANE


Very squishy (obviously not good)
Does take time to master
Ganks pre level 6 are a bit meh
Rift walk uses up a lot of mana if spammed causing problems in fights

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Item Choices

The Hunter's Machete

An obvious essential item for any jungler! AP or AD it doesn't matter just an awesome item!.
Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

This is another great item giving a lot of ability power! 50 Ability Power, 10 Cooldown Reduction. UNIQUE Passive: Returns 6% of damage dealt to monsters as Health and 3% of damage dealt to monsters as Mana. UNIQUE Passive: Grants 2 AP per large monster kill (maximum 30). This means that you can get a total amount of AP as 60+50=110 ability power! making it one of the best ability power items with a good amount of CDR.
Rabadon's Deathcap

Essential item because it increases your ability power by 30% and this means you can burst people down a lot more quickly. Also it gives you 120 AP! Which is a great item.
Zhonya's Hourglass

This item is awesome because AP also some great protections (armor is great kinda stops you from dying)
Lich Bane

Lich Bane is a great item because it adds to the damage of your W allowing you to burst people down, only use this Early/Mid game when people don't have much magic resist (to get fed) but sell late game for much needed magic penetration. This item is situational.
Seraphs Embrace

This item gives you a huge amount of AP which is good for you as it allows you to burst people better. Also the mana is great because you can then spam the hell out of the your ultimate.
Sorcerer's Shoes - Furor

Sorcerer's Shoes - Furor is a great item because it allows you to chase people down with your W (thats if you didnt manage to burst them down) also it gives you great penetration making you very bursty. Kassadin loves the penetraion ;3 (don't judge my humor) <3
Deathfire Grasp

This item is good but I still prefer Spirit of the Spectral Wraith for the damage to monster camps like the Baron Buff and also Dragon but in extreme late game maybe sell it for the extra 10 AP but its all personal preference.
Void Staff

This item is essential to do any damage in late game. Thank you to kafurflgig for pointing it out to me. If the enemy team forget to buy any MR then you don't need it but as that isn't very likely... get void staff or other MP items.
Abyssal Scepter

This item is essential to do any damage in late game. If the enemy team forget to buy any MR then you don't need it but as that isn't very likely get this or any other MP items.

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Team Fights

The main skill is your positioning! If you position yourself correctly it can mean the difference of winning a team fight and losing one. Try and go for people out of position and burst them down, quickly ult out of there and come back in and get the next person to burst down.

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Summoner Spells

Take smite (obviously)

Next spell is up to you! It's all about personal preference
Do not take cleanse unless the enemy team is only CC (I haven't tried it)

I wouldn't take revive because it is a bit useless.

Ignite is viable but it is best to give your laners kills.

I personally love using teleport because you can help laners when they are about to die! So you can save their lives hopefully and preventing the enemy team from getting fed

Flash is also viable but i don't personally use it but by all means if it works for you do it!

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Well to conclude Kassadin is awesome. Also when you get bored of LoL it is sometimes nice to stray away from the usual meta. So give it a try!
I've got to thank one person for inspiring me to make this guide! Some random person in my game played him and did well so i thought why not make a guide all about that because i tried it after and it worked :D

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Thanks for reading

Thanks very much for reading my guide it means a lot. I would love to hear how you did so post your scores in the comments and ill chuck it in the guide.

Hope this helps!
If you enjoyed it please up vote if you have to down vote please leave a comment telling me why. Thanks
If you have a better build item set please tell me :D also any videos you make of the techniques in action ill add to this page! (my video recorder is acting up)