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Katarina Build Guide by NinjaCuberDerp

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjaCuberDerp

Katarina- Where did your health go?

NinjaCuberDerp Last updated on July 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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HI and welcome to my Katarina guide, I hope to make you a pro Katarina player :D.

This is my first build guide so don't be too harsh on me :P

Some of you may think my build is stupid already but I assure you it is very effective and don't vote this down until you have tried this. I consistently average 12/3 with her in normal.

Also click the +NOTES section next to the items and runes and stuff to see why I use them.

You probably shouldn't try this in ranked as people may think you are trolling with not getting penetration ( If you do play ranked however those guys actually know what they are doing so instead of a deathcap after gunblade you should probably get a Liandrys or a Void staff).

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High Burst
Very mobile
OP resets
Good at farming ( after lvl 6)
Good at cleaning up fights

Easy to counter
Very squishy
Focused very often

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As Katarina you want to play mid, if you cant get mind don't play Katarina ( her top is ridiculous). Her laning pre 5 is terrible and it takes a long time to get good at farming with her at the lower levels( I mean her whole rotation at level 3 does less than 200 damage). So before you can get your ultimate just farm and harass your lane opponent.

The way I play Katarina is very aggressive, I've heard that many people thinks that a fizz or Diana can counter her very easily but with the amount of experience from playing many Katarina games you can easily out manouver any Fizz Diana TF or Kassadin, use your e shunpo to jump to friendly or enemy minions or to jump onto an enemy champion and get some free harass after dodging one of their abilities. You should always hit them with your q first then w to proc the mark and then jump to a minion, if your feeling good and you are ahead of your opponent and they are scared of you can also q, e, w them and also add in an ultimate to send them back or to get the kill.

If you somehow manage to fall behind just play passive and farm this never happens to me unless I afk so if your already decent at Kat you wont have to worry.

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Placing Your Ultimate

Katarina is extremely squishy and if your ultimate is cancelled as AP Kat your main source of damage is gone learning to place your ultimate is a key point in a good Katarina and a bad Katarina I've seen many people claim they can 'play' her but when I 5v5 with them they are terrible.

The only tips I can give to help you are that you should hang around the fight until most of the enemy cc is low and then burst down most of their team.

This skill mainly comes with continuous practice and persistence don't get down when you don't do good with her there are always more learning opportunities, she was the first champion I ever bought and I used to be so bad at her I nearly quit league.

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Thanks :P

This is my first guide like I said and constructive feed back is welcome :D I hope you enjoyed and if you find this guide helpful give us that thumbs up :D thanks for reading this.