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Kayle Build Guide by StarS Kayle

Kayle 1 vs 9 update for 6.23

By StarS Kayle | Updated on December 5, 2016

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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About me and Kayle

Hi! I'm OTP Kayle and it's me
Kayle is very weak on early but it's mid/late game monster can easy do penta kill
Kayle weak against hard CC so just stay away from it and you will win any game.

p.s. sorry my english very bad(( but i'm hope my guide is helpful
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summoner spells

Ghost+W it's like flash and better
Flash take if you wanna go flash kills or opponent have champions like J4
TP - farm farm back farm and you just solo carry game
Barrier - good for 1 vs 1 but only on mid
Ignite - good for 1 vs 1 against heal champs (vladimir, swain and other)
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jungle Kayle is mid/late game solo carry but bad ganker..
if your team can't play without jungler help it's GG((
but if thay don't feed 15 minutes it's easy win!
better don't pick kayle if you can't do cait clear jungle
better don't pick kayle if you team pick non-mobile champions, thay will feed whithout jungler help and report you :)
example of ideal team for kayle it's:
top - gnar/trundle/ekko
mid - LB/ahri/Zed/Karma/Lisanra
adc - tristana/lucian/EZ
good sups for kayle - lulu (all her spell give you easy penta), braum (easy proc his passive), soraka (you W.. she W.. you W.. she W.. = so hard to kill your and your team), lux - stun/slow/shild/long range damage it's so good back line, Zilian/Taric - who's can kill you?
League of Legends Build Guide Author StarS Kayle
StarS Kayle Kayle Guide

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Kayle 1 vs 9 update for 6.23