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Kayle Build Guide by Lamestealer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lamestealer

Kayle - Pray & Slay

Lamestealer Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Well hello there, my summoner name is Lamestealer and this is mah first guide evar. Many of you wonder how to play Kayle properly and honestly it aint easy. Kayle is extreeeeemly hard champion to master (like a boss) but eventually you will get into it and thats the fun part.
Before i start with the wanted lecturing you must answer this question (dont answer just read): Who is the most squishiest champion ever? My friends said it right afterwards: "Lol, thats obvious. Ashe!! You can jump on her with Akali and literally eat the gold out of her." Well i agree with that cus myself got fed on ashe many times now, but after i tried playing with Kayle i proved myself wrong.
Kayle is an awesome champ but has so much trouble survive! Ashe was gifted with power that she uses to slow, stun and tickle enemy by afar but Kayle has very little survivability in battle and her short range slow cannot save you from ugly outcome of enemy assasins. And so I made this guide to aid Kayle noobs to victory!! (and also cus the guides on Kayle wasnt what i needed on Fields of Justice)

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Pros / Cons

-With her Righteous Fury she becomes ranged Jax with splash dmg (AP dmg+AD dmg - Jax passive ultimate)
-Her passive + Reckoning gives her tank reaper combo
-Can aid when ecaping and chasing with Divine Blessing (dont underrestimate - its like short ghost
-Saves you from pesky IK combos like Annie Flash + Summon: Tibbers initiation with Intervention
-Lane harrasing is damn easy with Righteous Fury when you know how far you can go.
-Cleans up large minion wawes with a few strikes and farms well
-Awesome hunter and towerdiver
-Picks up kills easily with just autoattacks


-Extreeemly squishy (1 failed step forward when harrasing and you can be a standing bag of money for enemy CCer)
- Divine Blessing is nice but you wont heal so much. It will waste your mana early game and this turns into Cons if not used wisely.
- Reckoning Has low range and its single target, good when chasing but poor when chased.
-Your ultimate is an awesome spell but has wery short duration. If someone tricks you on using it, it will end bad for the prey after it ends (dont forget ur next in line).

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Skill Sequence

Oky, lets make this quick. Max ur ranged splash attack modifier ASAP. This makes Kayle possible to play without feeding like hell. Also its great for harrasing and eating minion waves in notime.
Ur Divine Blessing is next in line. Dont underestimate it, it heals small portion of health but it has built in ghost in it so it worth that extra skill point. Your Reckoning is when it gets complicated. You have 3 options i recommend.
1. option: Take it at lvl 2 if the game goes smoothly and you need that slow for chasing down low health enemies or just do that extra tick of dmg wiht 6% dmg boost (WARNING: you must be sure that you wont be needing that heal instead. Just dont make this mistake)
2. option: Take it at lvl 3 if you have a nice dmg output next to you and you know that improved Righteous Fury is not so needed.
3. option: Take it at lvl 4 when you realize that the game goes as any normal game- ur getting harrased, ur harrasing, ur teammate stares or last hits creeps and cast sumthing from time to time.
Purely normal game when it goes somehow well for both teams. (do this even if it goes bad .. thats the bad thing about normal stuff .. it never goes how you imagined it will) .. and dont misunderstand, when i say normal game i dont mean normal game like ranked/normal/custom. Just a typical old game that we all played billion times.

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In this chapter ill dissapoint you in a way. Runes are not the most important stuff when you game LoL. I managed to get from lvl 20 to lvl 30 just by using all-dodge runes ( Greater Seal of Evasion and Greater Quintessence of Evasion) with that little Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and switching between Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and Greater Mark of Desolation (Boom, universal runes for every champ and even for Jax).
I dont have Kayle runes yet but i think about getting at least those Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed .. anyway, if theese runes wont fit, dont blame me, i never tried them. magic pene marks for ur E and Q, Seals on mana regen to help you early game, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for sum survivability and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed cus movement speed just rocks arse!
Oh and i tried thos MR glyphs, theyre cheap and they saved me from Annie many times :P true story but a little luck allways helps.

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Now you can figure out this part too, try to get along this pattern - 9/0/21. Ill tell you why in Summoner Spells chapter, look at the beginning of the page and masteries should jump right at ya.
Those 9 in offense help a lot cus you need all CDR u can get ( you can get CDR runes too if you wont and many Kayles do so feel free to take the glyph version of it, the more CDR the better cus u can become ranged splasher in no time and never return to your meele origin) and some extra magic penetration never hurts :P (oh i does but only your opponent) and theese utility masteries make your Kayle shine.
I switched them with Defense masteries for survivability but it didnt turn out well, Utility does everything you need for Kayle - Regeneration for that annoying mana eating spells like Divine Blessing, CDR cus Utility has the most CDR masteries in every mastery tree, it helps you maintain your Righteous Fury mode permanently when right item choice, some movement speed for survivability and when even that fails, some masteries to assure that youll be flying among your allies in a matter of seconds.
Utility is also the tree with the most summoner spells boosts in game but ill get to that later.

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Summoner Spells

Aah, did i say later? Well now is the time :P. Theres few i have to tell you and the rest youll have to figure ot yourselves. The masteries play a certain role in your summoner spells. As you all know with 9/0/21 you can boost up to 8 summoner spels wich is a lot. Although i dont recommend boosting ignite instead of taking that Magic penetration boost.
Ill leave the second summoner spell to your own gameplay cus many players like different stuff, keep the pattern 9/0/21 and just change your point of mastery from, i dont know, Ghost for example to Teleport for instance. never forget to do erase the previous mastery point from summoner spell boost that you wont be using anymore
Aaanyway lets start wiiiith
-FLASH - This is a MustHave for Kayle. There are endless choices you can make with this that will make your opponent rage at his fail. This makes your Towerdiving possible and trust me, there wasnt a single game with Kayle that i havent succesfuly towerdived with Flash.
You cast Divine Blessing and gain ghost-like bonus, cast your Reckoning and Righteous Fury and do at least 1-2 autoattacks, the tower will aim at you and you will get hit by it at least 3 times but dont worry, to make your opponent dead and save your life you Flash in and activate Intervention, this will make 3 tower hits possible shielding you from 2-3 more while you attack and move behind the turret (toward the enemy brush) while your auto-attacks are charging.
If you make this sequence wrong (it doesnt have to be exactly like i said so few exceptions will occur but if you for exaple forget to Flash or throw in your ultimate when its neccecary) you will die but dont worry, you will learn from your mistakes again and again and thats how i learned to play Kayle. And dont forget this (I learned it from sum random action movie so read it): You cant defeat opponent with hesitation in your heart. Basicly if you hesitate and wait just a little longer before using Flash or any other ability, it may go wrong.
Once i towerdived Teemo. I activated ulti on time, slowed him on time, but i waited too long on my Flash cus another champ was closing in. I flashed but it was too late, i died and Teemo ran of with around 50 hp. In some cases you have to be crazy enough to know when to dive and when not to, playing Master Yi makes 50% easier towerdiving with style, Kill, Double kill, DIVING KILLL!!
I once read a guide on Master Yi, It was so awesome that i learned how to play Yi with my ussual score 15/3. My point is that Towerdiving was very nicely described there and too bad i cant find it but when playing Master Yi a lot you get to a certain border. This border is very thin, right next to it theres a Master Yi that feeds like hell. And on the other side, theres Master Yi who manages to score that triple kill and runs off with 25 HP.
If youre on the feeding side, try harder and run faster AND NEVER GIVE UP!!, if youre on the EPIC WIN side, then GJ cus ur Kayle is going on rampage. Learn from this when you towerdive and it will make your Kayle stronger. Also use ur Flash when escaping, it saves lives :).
Oh Where was i Again? .. Summoner spells, right.
Smite - Dont take it. This spell is useless to Kayle like (under the smite icon)
Rally maybe you will get into situation where you have to impress your nerdy girlfriend or your younger noobish brother but dont take it if you dont wanna make waste. (pls thx)
Ghost - Nice summoner spell, grants you survivability as much as chasing skill. Even though many Kayles like it, i dont cus you allready have one movement boost from ur Divine Blessing and there are other summoner spells more usefull. Take if u have problems running away or in.
Teleport - Awesome skill, helps you early game, mid game defing and late game backdoor if it comes to the worst part. My personal choice. I set up masteries at the beginning to Ghost version Kayle cus i figured out youll be taking Ghost, if u choose Teleport dont forget to setup the right mastery slot.
Clairvoyance- Well well well, what do we have here? Its some squishy carry hiding in a brush. I find this summoner spell useful, take if u find Ghost and Teleport less crafty than this.
Revive - Wanna become professional feeder? Take this. .. nah im just kidding. Its bad summoner spell but your ultimate has low cooldown, u can take it and use it to get back to battle and even save a life. PS: not worth the spell dont take it, im just not being racist to this summoner spell or whatever the racist word against summoner spells is.
Ignite - Opponents running away and youre too scared to towerdive? Cry no longer cus this is gonna finish them off.
Exhaust - You need moar slow than ur Reckoning can provide and stop that anoying Xin Zhao or Master Yi of killing you in a few blows? Solution is in Exhaust.
Clarity - Hey, you ran out of mana even though you had all those mana regen masteries, runes, and early Meki Pendant! Clarity is here to save the day.
Promote - Nice summoner spell and i recommend this to you, if you play Dominion. Too bad i live in a time where dominion isnt released yet so, dont take it for now :P.
Cleanse - You charged in behind your tank, clicked at Intervention button, moving your mouse towards the tank and suddenly BOOM, u got stunned! This will save ya, i recommend this cus it might be just the thing for you, awesome survivability with just one spell, take if you just hate those CC effects.
Heal - .. Why not some extra Heal right?
Fortify - Awesome summoner spell, it can kill towerdivin Dr. Mundo in his ultimate just by autoattacking, but I just cant figure out why the hack would you take it with Kayle?

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Allthough it may seem like witchcraft, Items on Kayle are similiar to Jax - theyre both fast attacking hybrids after all and only difference is that Jax is mainly about burst damage (otherwise he should have been ranged) and Kayle is about DPS. Look at the items at the top of the page and it should be fine. Nashor's Tooth is a musthave on Kayle, gives her everything she needs and the earlier she gets it the better. You can switch your Hextech Gunblade for Guinsoo's Rageblade and build Hextech Gunblade later but I prefer that spell vamp and lifesteal (Yes it will heal you twice when attacking with Righteous Fury) over stacking attack speed. Sixth item is what is changing a lot now. You can boost your survivability with Banshee's Veil or if enemy team has Karthus, consider buying a Hexdrinker. I prefer Mercury's Treads over other boots because CC duration reduction is rally worth it and who wouldnt want that extra MR in just 1 Boot-type item! Madred's Bloodrazor will shred opponent to pieces with your attack speed items and if youre hungering for moar dmg and moar shreding then theres The Black Cleaver waiting. If you have trouble farming, Tiamat will incrase your splash ratios, I dont see why not, some of Kayle builds recommend this, I never tried so go ahead and take. And also you may wonder why did i pick just 1 Health Potion? cus i usually dont need 2 and 35 gold extra isnt a bad idea, you have to learn when to go back and trust me, ocasional return and buy is better then tickling them for a littely fire splasheee.

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Playing Kayle to its full potential! - Read me those who failed

Warning: Its long but it will make your path of Mastering Kayle easier so pls read it
Laning phase: Be rude :3 : /all YOU *********** ******** .. No no not like that, i mean play agressive but with care, you know what i mean right? *grave silence*. Oky harass when you know you can, when you feel like sumthings wrong, theyre acting strange or theyre just harrasing you a bit too much, stay back and last hit creeps with Righteous Fury.
Dont toverdive if u dont have ulti rdy wich means no towerdives until lvl 6 or higher (youll die like face-checking ashe- IK).
Motivate yourself - Motivation rocks arse,WARNING- example by a true story: Our team overdid the push, 4 veery low health people with me included running away, I listened to sum random stuff i found in mah PC and suddenly i heard Tarja from nightwish sing I wish I had an Angel.
I knew this was the time to turn the tides, i turned around when Udyr came to help us and activated Righteous Fury and burned the shi* out of Orianna, Udyr slammed her and i picked up the kill, Xin Zhao went right after when he got lured by mah invisible bewbs and got turned down by Intervention. Others fled in fear when our Anivia started spamming spells aswell, we won afterwards :3 : WARNING - end of example.
Now you see a little motivation can turn the tides of battle (motivate yourself with whatever you find motivating, mostly EPIC an HEROIC stuff helps, if ur motivated to battle seeing hello kitty, play with LoL folders a bit and create a hello kitty Kayle skin or sumthing :P) and till late game i had 7/0 wich is awesome not to die as Kayle and yes, i towerdived earlier.
Watch minimap and watch for misses: Many of us dont take it seriously but its serious buisness. It can save lives. After lvl 3 watch minimap and whenever there arent all 5 enemy champs visible on minimap, count the champs that are missing and suspect that theyre going to gang you (youre squishy cake cherry after all)(if youre wondering where did this idea came from then its from Riots Dude Potential btw ;))
Mid game: Yayy you made it till mid game :3 you have your fresh new ulti, and at least 5 kills has ben struck (overall) and now what? Gangs Youre a Gangsta and youre going for sum gang huh? Well im here to prepare you for it. As a Kayle, you make an average ganger, you go in, slow one of them and hope others will CC him in order for him not to escape.
Dont gang with no teammate around that can stun, snare (no even if he can stare around in space, it isnt snare like morganas ball of sumthing dark), fear, knock up and such .. Why not? Cus they will turn around and ra*e you. Yes you will flee but it isnt worth your time to even try.
Gang low health carries. If you see a carry u have to think like this: Whoa, a dead piece of meat walking around the lane, lets eat it! *and after that* How many mana he has? hmm, not enough to stop me, no enemy champ around lets go in! *end of thinking* Now a new part has occured - Towerdiving! In mid game, toweridve is risky but awesome thing to do, its like betting everything on duration of ur ulti :).
Dice has been thrown and you go in, teammates aid you as long a turret isnt nearby, that should take him under 8% of his health, a perfect number for dive .. if you know you cant kill him in time dont dive, you will get flamed by ur teammates for feeding. Anway you go in and do the specific combo i mentioned in summoner spell section under Usage of Flash spell.
Also, were playing LoL for fun and there isnt more fun thing to do in LoL game than towerdive, beat their arse and survive. At least in my case, its like Wind surfing, throwing grenades, doing parachute jump with working parachute! Its Awesome.
Late Game: If you got to this point then every won teamfight matters, gather your team and team as much as you can in order to win. Preform Ambushes,Defend in team and push in team (but never too far) and such but u allready know that cus ur skilled player (many of you facepalm now i can sense it)but what can you do as Kayle?
Ur utli is best fit onto some carry wich can change the teamfight for good (sometimes its you, but ur DPS carry so lets say you target the carry who is focused down) giving him the chance to actually do that. Oh and be shifty, change your build when needed to counter your enemies, whenever you see a lane thats being pushed just by minions, rush towards it and make that 500 free gold for urself.
Im not a big fan of potions such as fortitude but if u have ur build maxed out do it, it will make a change, early game its a waste of gold for Kayle, trust me. Oh i allmost forgot! BARON Nashor !!! never forget about that guy, cus his buff makes you win and 300 g for everyone is better than some turret even by gold gain ratios. Soz guys cus the other stuff youll have to learn by yourselves :). GL & HF to ur new game

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Kayle is an awesome champ, carry with support aspects and some of the squishiness from both supp and carry, making it Epic win for your teammates even though they may flame you at start, cus you know, since Kayle is hard to master and nobody is brave enough to go out with her (lol i know, but it wasnt meant to be a pun), dont take their flames seriously cus you have better ones on your damn long sword. Well lads, i hope you read all of this cus it still may teach you a lesson so you can teach a lesson to your opponent. Lol i made a pun (again). Gl & HF and Ill see you on the fields of Justice Summoner. Feel free to rate and comment. :)