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Kennen Build Guide by PotatisFarfar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatisFarfar

Kennen the unexpected carry

PotatisFarfar Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Carry and offtank

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Hello and welcome to my next guide ! Before we go into detail i wanna tell you something about attack speed kennen, Attack speed kennen is awsome ok? with that said! Lets go on!

Check out my swain guide here!

PS this is more of an build than guide, don't got the time to write a full guide right now!

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NOTE: Runes is really only personal opinion, or atlast in my opinion they are, but these are the runes i reccomend!
Booring stuff 1st? Ok Runes:

Great runes on every champion, they make u really tanky early came. These babys got me 1st blood soooo many times!

Even if u are going attackspeed most of u dmg is gonna be magic! And they give you a great early game!

Same as the quints, they love you and you love them

Greater Seal of Vitality
Great runes, will give you the hp u need late game.

Something this build lack is magic resist, get these little darlings and that problem shuld be fixed!

Honorable Mentions:

Wanna spam more spells?

wanna gibb people faster late game?

Energy glyphs is a great option to the Magic ress ones

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Simple 9/21/0

Make sure to get Cd reduce, magic pen, health and attackspeed/ap masterys

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Summoner Spells

This is the summoner spell on kennen, it lets u inniate if needed, it lets u run, it lets u do nearly anything

This makes ur strong early game even stronger, great? HELL YES! And don't forget it is a great counter to those pesky healers and hp regen tanks

Healers: Taric Sona Soraka Nidalee

HP regen tanks: Swain Dr. Mundo

The great anti carry spell. Yi is chargein you? exaust and auto attack him to death! Also works as a chaseing tool ;)

Honorable Mentions:

Great spell on every champion ingame, it will make u really hard to kill ;)

My personal favorite spell ingame, it will let you push two lanes at once, jump righ into a teamfight, countergank and defend ur towers. I love it!

I guess this culd be a option if u don't like flash, but since u got a spell that does the same thing (only better) i don't see the point

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Skill Sequence

Basic kennen skillbuild

U max the shuriken early game becouse it gives you the strongest early game!

You only need 1 point in rush early game, the damage and risk is not worth when leveling it!

Get ultimate when you can!

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So now we can get to the intresting part! What shuld u spend ur fat loot on? I will tell you!

So what shuld you start with?

You got two options! How to decide? Look on the enemy team, will u mid against a hard lane wich require u to tank alot of dmg or u have to take solo lane top get a:

It will let u exchange hits, the enemy will have no chance against you becouse you have Hp runes right?

If the enemy have a easy carry that won't be a big threat ( Ashe yummy :D) get: and x4.

This will let you herras ur poor victim and even zone them out! (that poor Ashe)

The next item u wanna get is always This item will be your only source of dmg boosting before you get ur next item!

Speaking off next item! Here is when my build takes another path than other kennen builds, i get a: i will go into this item choice more later on.

Now you got your core! Congrats! If u follow this guide ur items shuld look like this (take away the Doran's Shield if u took that route):

Now u can take 2 paths depending on what your team looks like and need.

Does your team need a long range magic dmger that can kill tanks? Then build this:

Not only is this a really underated item, it also is really strong against tanks with low mana, stealthers like twitch, shaco and AD evelyn! It also increase ur attack speed and give you some sweet magic resist.

This makes a freaggin killing machine, it gives u the moment speed,slow and damage u need! I ussaly build the Phage first and Sheen last. Nothing much more to say than this item rocks!

You can really put any defensive item in here, if they get alot of physical get a Randuin's Omen if they got a Mordekaiser get a Quicksilver Sash! Get any item that makes u harder to kill with other words!

Honorable Mentions

It is the black cleaver for madreds users! i think Wit's End is better, but this works! Get this instead of Wit's End

So your team only got one tank? Don't worry kennen is here to save the day! If u wanna go offtank kennen after ur core, get:

NOTE: It is not that simple now, before you get this u wanna have two items, one is: Heart of Gold and the next is Negatron Cloak.
This item is really great, it will let u slow people down and makeing your imba Crow control even better! It doesn't hurt that it gives you a ****load of hp.

Uppgrade your Heart of Gold into this baby, it will make any ranged carry attacking you regret it, coubled with a great activate and Cd reduction it is a awsome item on kennen!

So you have to make that Negatron Cloak into something, i think this is your best option, not only does it give you the most magic resist ingame, it also makes you move faster, makeing you nearly impossible to run away from. But remember: if they got a pesky Mordekaiser get that Quicksilver Sash!

Honorable Mentions:

The elixirs make upp for ur missing stats, i recomend them! And as a tank it is ur job to carry the Eye!

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Pros / Cons, With attackspeed kennen!


- Awsome single target crowd control

- A great counter to those pesky tanks

- Carry potential

- Can go into tankmode if so needed

- Alot more reliable dmg than AP

- You feel like a total boss when u stun lock a carry

- Really great on killing dragon/baron fast

- Can jungle when you got your Madreds

- People don't take you seriusly, they won't focus you intill they notice u rape faces


- Lesser AOE Dmg

- Not as nuky as AP kennen

- A little bit weaker early/mid game

- Can't snipe stealthers :<

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So what do i think?

When it comes to AS vs AP, i think AS is alot more fun and rewarding, yes i like AP also, but i think it fall flat on it's tummy when compared, the only thing it really got going for itself is the aoe dmg, and that aoe is not really that big!

When i look at stats after games and compare, i can see that AS kennen nearly always does more dmg than AP, And AS got a good mix of magic and normal damage, around 60% magic and 40% normal.

And the power to stun lock a enemy carry is nothing to laugh at, so many games i have survived against a shaco that thinks i am a easy kill, only to get stunlocked.

And the great antitank power you got is not bad either, with wits end u ussaly counter the carrys that build ur normal: Sunfire and FoN.

To round it upp, i don't get why people take Attack speed kennen like a inferior build to AP, yes AP got a strong early game, but i think it lacks late game if not fed. I have found i can easy get fed with only sorc boots and a dorans, with kennens strong base damage on spells.

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Once again, thank to shadowGazer that showed me that Attackspeed kennen is a scary monster!

Thanks to all of you who try this out before saying: This is ********!

Thanks Searz for rune tips ;)

Thanks to Matt and the other admins on Moba who made this guide possible.

And FU DEWO for not beliveing in attack speed kennens awsome power!

Sorry for any miss spellings or wrong grammar, my english isn't that great

This was a PotatisFarfar guide to kennen, rate fair and show respect!