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Kha'Zix General Guide by Kadgaz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kadgaz

Kha'Zix - Devour for Power [Jungle]

Kadgaz Last updated on October 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, dear reader! My name is Kadgaz and this is my guide to Kha'Zix. I didn't feel happy with any build out there, so I did some theory and it rocks! Kha'Zix is probably the most vicious assassin out there, so you are going to set up the later stages of the game with awesome domination early game. This guide is NOT for ranked games, but for dream-like killing streaks.

Long story short:
Evolve Q > E > W.

For more detail and my thought-process behind everything, check the chapters below. I recommend the jungling part.

Oh, and

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Pros / Cons


+ awesome for ganks
+ insane mobility
+ relaxing fast farming lategame
+ steal potential (buffs, dragon, baron)
+ stacks kills better than Darius
+ u are an ALIEN ON THE LOOSE!!!

- vulnerable to CC
- hard to play from behind
- a little mana reliant
- not the fastest jungle clearer

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Skills - How to use them

Passive - Unseen Threat
Unseen Threat has to be active every time you gank because of the slow effect (but since ganks are surprise attacks, it usually is anyway). If you should meet an enemy fellow in the jungle, try to hide as often as possible in an unseen area (like a bush), so you regain Unseen Threat.

Q-Spell - Taste Their Fear
Taste Their Fear is THE skill of Kha'Zix. It does insane damage, which is increased in evolved form proportional to the missing health of your victims --> finishing blows are your business! It scales with AD (attack damage) at a skyrocketing rate, so we go for AD items. I advise evolving Taste Their Fear first.

W-Spell - Void Spike
Void Spike's heal helps in the early stages of the game and is an enormously fast farm skill in evolved form. In addition it too does scale with AD. I advise evolving Void Spike third.

E-Spell - Leap
Nice ganking skill. In evolved form Leap gives Kha'Zix an unbelievable mobility and since its cooldown resets with every kill/assist, no enemy team member will escape your claws! Use wall-jumping in every possible way: attacking, retreating, counter-jungling. Oh, and guess scales with AD! I advise evolving Leap second.

Ultimate - Void Assault
Void Assault grants the evolution of one of your skills (to a total of 3 of your active 4 skills) everytime you take a point in it. Besides that, activating will stealth you 1sec with an additional 1sec stealth 2secs later. DON'T assume, this can save you in big teamfights! I don't know why, but to me it feels like, the stealth isn't properly working while you are attacked. Best used to regain status of your passive Unseen Threat.

R > Q > W > E.
Evolve Q > E > W.

Max Q first for big damage and W second for even more damage (take 1 point in W at level 2 for hp-reg while jungling). E gets a lower cooldown with every point, but since it's still bigger than our W's cooldown and we get a cd-refresh on every kill/assist in evolved form, we max it last (take 1 point at level 3 or 4 for ganking purposes).
Evolve Q first for better range and insane damage, E second for surprise attacks and chasing enemies down, W last for extra damage and fast farming.

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Creeping / Jungling


sace Wolves Start off wolves. Initiate on the big one, while your mid and top ally poke the little ones. Important: They should back off early enough, so you get the whole exp.

Ancient Golem Ask your mid laner to leash blue, so you can get some free hits on the blue golem. If top laner assists you, he should back off early enough for the same reason as above. Use Smite.

Wraiths Start with the big one and Taste Their Fear. That way, the small Wraiths will close in on you and Void Spike will hit everyone of them.

Golem This time, start with the small one. Reason: Isolate its big brother for bonus damage on Taste Their Fear.

Lizard Elder Smite is up again. Finish red, then his company. Position yourself in a way, that Void Spike hits multiple targets.

Wraiths --> Wolves


I recommend stealing red. It won't hurt the enemy jungler as bad as blue (if he uses mana), but his ganks will be much much weaker. Plus, red is a save bet. If you got a Lee Sin, Rengar or Tryndamere just go for blue instead.

Lizard Elder Take your whole team with you and sneak into the tri-brush and wait. At 1:50 go in and take red. Don't use your Smite (you'll need it for blue).

Ancient Golem Ask your mid laner to leash blue. Use Smite.

Wolves . Start on the big one, so you can use Void Spike on all three wolves.

Wraiths Start with the big one and Taste Their Fear. That way, the small Wraiths will close in on you and Void Spike will hit everyone of them.

Lizard Elder Smite is up again. Finish red, then his company. Position yourself in a way, that Void Spike hits multiple targets.

Golem This time, start with the small one. Reason: Isolate its big brother for bonus damage on Taste Their Fear.

Wraiths --> Wolves

Tip on ganking:

If bot or top lane is warded and slightly pushed, sneak in from your side of the map and use Void Assault to pass between the two lane bushes.

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General thoughts:
Taste Their Fear has a low cooldown with 3.5sec, but with additional reduction Kha'Zix just turns into the beast he is supposed to be.
Besides that, all we need is AD. Unseen Threat + Phage slow okay, but we want the 100% super-slow: Frozen Mallet. On top of it, massive health.

Wriggle's Lantern is our first item,
since it rocks in the jungle.
Sell it during the later stages.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity give the
mentioned cdr and allow us to be
close on our enemies' heels early on.
spaaace Frozen Mallet secures ganks and makes
a perfect game (0 deaths) more likely.

The Brutalizer is our first real damage
item, plus it has cdr.

From here on, you can pretty much go for anything. I like Trinity Force for its movement bonus and the crit, which adds up with Youmuu's Ghostblade.
In case enemy team does in fact go for armor, try Last Whisper.

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spaaace Brute Force 3/3 or 2/3.

Butcher 1/2 or 2/2.

Summoner's Wrath if you elect to take Ignite/
Exhaust/ Surge as 2nd summoner spell. Don't take
Ghost (you won't need it).

Alacrity 4/4 as its a requirement for...

Weapon Expertise since you do mostly AD.


Hardiness 2/3 or 1/3.

Tough Skin 2/2 for jungling.

Summoner's Resolve if you like.

Durability for lategame.

Indomitable 2/2 for jungling.

Veteran's Scars for more hp.

Bladed Armor since Kha'Zix is a weak jungler early on.


spaaace Summoner's Insight if you take flash.

Expanded Mind for mana.

Swiftness for easier ganks, faster jungling, better survivability.

Runic Affinity so your stolen buffs last longer.

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Greater Mark of Desolation I take ArPen over flat AD, because it's 15 ArPen vs 8.5 AD. ArPen rocks especially early game and since I don't need it for last hitting minions, it's a clear choice.

Goes without saying.

Minimum MR required. Since AP really kicks in during the later stages, MR per lvl.

For better ganks, chasing enemies down, retreating and faster jungling.

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The hidden 4th Evolution

Yes, it's true. There is a way to get the fourth evolution point... well, actually there are two!

Interaction with Rengar:

And of course the allmighty Pentakill:


  • Kill Rengar after you spent your 3rd evolution point and Rengar is lvl16+. You get a buff telling you what to do. BE CAREFUL: Rengar will receive a fully stacked (never emptying) Bonetooth Necklace once he kills you!
  • Get a pentakill after you spend your 3rd evolution point. (easy, right?)

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Thanks to jhoijhoi and her amazing guide on making a guide (lol^^).
Oh, and these beautiful colour lines <3
Definitely check it out:
Making a Guide

Also to Icecreamy and his guide on columns (thx for the pros/cons list, bro):
How to use Columns

And of course to the makers of the videos above!
Definitely visit MissedMyUlti's channel for the LOL Secrets series.

Kk, thx bye,
hope you enjoyed this guide =)


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