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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Rage97531

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rage97531

Kha'zix: Hop, hop, You have slain an enemy.

Rage97531 Last updated on November 16, 2012
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This is Kha'Zix, The Voidreaver. He excels at destroying isolated targets with Taste Their Fear (targets that have no other unit around them within so much range) and jumping in and out of combat very quickly with his ultimate Void Assault and Leap. In the jungle, which this guide will cover, he is very reliant on this Void Spike to keep him sustained in jungle and Taste Their Fear to quicken his pace in the jungle.

This is my first jungle based guide so try to bear with me.

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A vicious Void predator, Kha'Zix infiltrated Valoran to devour the land's most promising creatures. With each kill he absorbs his prey's strength, evolving to grow more powerful. Kha'Zix hungers most to conquer and consume Rengar, the one beast he considers his equal.

When Kha'Zix crossed over into this world, he was fragile and ravenous. The animals he first encountered were too small to fuel the rapid evolution he craved. Kha'Zix focused his hunger on the most dangerous creatures he could find, risking his life to satisfy his need. With each kill he feasted and changed, becoming a stronger, faster predator. Kha'Zix soon chased his prey with unrestrained aggression, believing he was unstoppable. One day, while savoring a fresh kill, the predator became the prey. From cover a creature pounced in a blur of fangs and steel, tackling him to the ground. It roared in his face slashing and clawing, and Kha'Zix felt his blood spill for the first time. Screeching in fury, he sliced at the brute's eye driving it back. They fought from sunset to sunrise. Finally, near death, they reluctantly separated. As his wounds closed, Kha'Zix burned with anticipation at the idea of devouring one who could match the Void's strength. He resumed his search for powerful prey with renewed vigor. Someday, Kha'Zix will feast on Rengar.

''Kill. Consume. Adapt.''

-- Kha'Zix

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Pros / Cons


High single target burst
Self sustain in his Void Spike
High mobility
Decent jungle speed


Very Squishy
Incredibly mana reliant early
Easily stopped with an oracle's elixer
Relies on isolated enemies to do major damage
No crowd control
Other better options in champions

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I tend to run Attack Damage marks ( Greater Mark of Attack Damage), Armor seals ( Greater Seal of Armor), scaling Magic Resist glyphs ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist) and a jump between Armor Penetration ( Greater Quintessance of Desolation) and Attack Damage Quintessances ( Greater Quintessance of Strength). For this guide, I will be speaking as though I am using the Greater Quintessance of Strength which would look like this


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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I like to use 21/9/0 Masteries picking up as much damage as I possibly can by placing 3 points in Brute Force , 4 points in Alacrity , 4 in Deadliness , and capping off with that one lone point in Executioner . There is an alternative 9/21/0 mastery tree, but I will not discuss it in this guide.


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Skill Sequence

Again, this is a jungle guide and I will only discuss the jungle side of things although Kha'Zix is a nice top lane choice. Start with grabbing a point in Void Spike. From there, places points in this order: Taste Their Fear, Void Spike, Leap, Taste Their Fear, then finally, Void Assault. The one thing that makes Kha'Zix different from every other champion is that he can evolve his skills. I will discuss this at the end of this chapter. From there, it solely depends on how well your team is doing and how well your opposition is doing but for this guide, we will assume they have built some health up. Grab a point in Taste Their Fear whenever you can after level 6 and max it immediately. Afterward, max Void Spike, Void Assault, then Leap.

Now for the Skill Evolution. Again, for the sake of sounding redundant, depending on how well both teams are doing, I would consider Evolving either Taste Their Fear OR Leap first. Evolving Leap resets its cooldown whenever Kha'Zix kills an enemy or assists in the death of the enemy while evolving taster their fear will cause it to increase the range enemies has to be to not be considered isolated while dealing dramatically increased damage to any isolated unit. Evolve whichever you chose not to evolve at level 6. For me, it is normally Leap that I evolve at 11 since teamfights will become much more common and jumping in and out of fights is what Kha'Zix loves to do. Now down to the final evolution between Void Assault and Void Spike. Void Spike will cause 3 spikes to be fired in a cone instead of 1, also, this will consume your Unseen Threat passive if it hits a champion. Evolving Void Assault will change Kha'Zix's color, allow him to stealth 3 times instead of 2 and he takes 40% reduced damage while stealthed.

The final Evolution, and all evolutions for that matter, is completely up to you which I would think you would choose which to evolve to better deal with the enemies.

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Summoner Spells

Since this is a jungle build, I take Flash and Smite. My reasoning for taking Flash is solely for mobility and surprising the enemy when you come for a gank. This can also be used to escape a bad predicament. Smite is a glaringly obvious pick. It helps Kha'Zix run faster through the jungle, prehaps steal buffs, and securing baron and dragon. Simply put, these are the best two choices in my mind.

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Sadly enough, I am in the elo where 20 minute surrenders happen far too often. Core items for Kha'Zix in my mind are Wriggle's Lantern, Boots of Mobility, and Youmuu's Ghostblade. After you have your core items, build according to how your opponents are going.

Start by purchasing Cloth Armor and 5 health potions. This will allow you to stay in the jungle longer without having to go back after lizard.

First visit to base, assuming no kills have been established yet, grab either Boots of Speed or Long Sword depending if your opponents do not have any escape.

If you bought boots on you first visit and depending if you have to gold or not, purchase Madred's Razors. If you do not have enough to purchase that, get what you can to get closer to a finished item.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start your jungle route at blue buff. Getting the blue buff will keep your mana up enough to take your first run through the jungle until you are ready to go back. As stated under Items, you should be able to keep up enough mana to go through your route enough to the second spawning of the wraith camp. When you come out of the jungle to gank, tell your allies to be ready. When attempting dragon early, make sure there are no wards by placing a sight ward and ask bot lane to assist you if they can. Keep going into the jungle to gain extra experience and gold and don't forget to gank whenever you see the opportunity to.

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Secret Quest

If the enemy team has a Rengar in their line up, then are you in for a surprise! Once Kha'Zix has ALL 3 EVOLUTIONS, and Rengar has his bonetooth necklace, A quest should pop up under the team kills named "The hunt is on!" Both teams will see this quest pop up once the criteria have been met. Once this quest has been activated, Kha'Zix will have to either kill or assist killing Rengar first. If this happens, Kha'Zix will be treated to a fourth evolution. This quest can only be done once so make absolutely sure you can take Rengar down first so you may be deemed "The Greatest Hunter".

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Special Thanks/Copyright

Once again, I would like to thank jhoijhoi's excellent guide to making guides found here

This is my guide and may not be distributed without my permission, however, one may use this for their own individual use.