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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Shaun Gyle

Assassin Kha'zix Jungle Guide 5.17

Assassin Kha'zix Jungle Guide 5.17

Updated on September 13, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun Gyle Build Guide By Shaun Gyle 9,907 Views 0 Comments
9,907 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun Gyle Kha'Zix Build Guide By Shaun Gyle Updated on September 13, 2015
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Hi everyone, I'm TRG Shaun Gyle, and this is my Kha'Zix Guide. I worked hard to make this Guide the best I could, and I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide (It's my second guide though). Kha'Zix is an excellent jungler because he got alot of clear for the jungle, flanking potential, a huge burst + a great gapcloser for ganks.

Without further talk, I present to you, my Kha'Zix guide. I put a fair amount of effort into this guide, i hope you like it. And above all, thank you for taking the time to read this Kha'Zix Guide.
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Pros / Cons


+ High dueling Power
+ Bush checking
+ Heal
+ Huge burst
+ High Mobility
+ Resets
+ Good Baron/Drake clear
Kha'Zix is a great pick in solo/team queue. He does have an in-built escape, Leap allows him to jump over walls or enemies to escape or engage. His dueling potential is huge due to his passive Unseen Threat and his burst with Taste Their Fear. Most importantly considering jungle Kha'Zix are his Void Spike and his Taste Their Fear. These abilities provide a good clear and you should always kill the small creeps first to get the maximum damage out of it.

+ Susceptible to CC
+ pretty squishy
+ Can't start fights
+ Provides barely no CC
By playing Kha'Zix you haven't got any form of cc or engage (except 1on1 in jungle or when you catch someone off guard). You have to rely on your team that you can do your job by flanking them because your teamfight is pretty hard to play. In the best case you should go for the carry, burst him down and leave the fight with your reset on Leap and your Void Assault
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Skilling Order

> > >


Unseen Threat: Kha'Zix gains Unseen Threat when the enemy team loses Sight of him, causing his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal [15 - 190](+50% AP) bonus magic damage and Slow them by 25% for 2 seconds.

Taste Their Fear:
PASSIVE: Kha'Zix marks all visible enemies who aren't accompanied by any of their allies (Champions, friendly minions and turrets) nearby as isolated (neutral monsters don't count)
ACTIVE: Kha'Zix slashes the target enemy, dealing physical damage, increased by 30% against isolated targets.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 95 / 120 / 145 / 170 (+ 120% Bonus AD)

EVOLVED ENLARGED CLAWS: Kha'Zix gains 50 bonus range on his basic attacks and Taste Their Fear, which also deals (+ 10 × Kha'Zix's level)(+ 104% Bonus AD) bonus physical damage to isolated targets.

You're going to want to max out Taste Their Fear first before anything Else

Tips and Tricks
  • Try to hit kill the small minions of a camp first
  • Try to use Taste Their Fear combined with Smite to secure objectives like drake etc.
  • In teamfights try to isolate the carries and burst them down
  • Evolve this at lvl 6 or 11 (depends on your playstyle)

Void Spike:
ACTIVE: Kha'Zix fires a cluster of spikes in a line that detonates upon hitting an enemy, slowing all enemies in a small area 20% for 2 seconds and dealing them physical damage, increased by 20% against monsters.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 100% bonus AD)
Kha'Zix heals himself if he is within the detonation radius.
HEAL: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 50% AP)

EVOLVED SPIKE RACKS: Void Spike fires three clusters in a cone, slows by 50% and grants sight of enemy champions hit for 2 seconds. Multiple explosions do not deal extra damage to the same target or provide Kha'Zix with additional healing.

You're going to want to max out Void Spike last.

Tips and Tricks

ACTIVE: Kha'Zix leaps to the target location, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies upon landing.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 65 / 100 / 135 / 170 / 205 (+ 20% Bonus AD)
EVOLVED WINGS: Leap gains range and its cooldown is reset on enemy champion takedowns.

You're going to want to max out Leap second.
Tips and Tricks
  • Evolve this at lvl 6 or 11 (depends on your playstyle)
  • Look for resets
  • You can set up Towerdives, but don't commit to hard.

Void Assault:
PASSIVE: Each rank in Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities, granting it additional effects.
ACTIVE: Kha'Zix enters stealth for 1 second, acquiring Unseen Threat, gaining 40% bonus movement speed and ignoring unit collision while stealthed.
After leaving stealth for 2 seconds, Void Assault can be cast a second time within 15 seconds at no additional cost.
EVOLVED ACTIVE CAMOUFLAGE: Void Assault can be cast a total of 3 times and each instance grants 2 seconds of stealth.

You're going to skill Void Assault at level 6 / 11 / 16

Tips and Tricks
  • Got a fairly short cooldown
  • Allows you to switch targets in teamfights easier
  • Allows you get out of sticky situation easier
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush
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Mastery Explanations


Tier 1 Sorcery Cooldowns are nice to have and the best choice here, don't waste any further points here.

Tier 2 Brute Force gives you a nice small ad bonus and Expose Weakness is good for ganking

Tier 3 Executioner gives you a bit more burst especially in the late game when your Q Taste Their Fear and an autoattack drops the enemy carry below 50% HP (save bonus though). Martial Mastery Gives you more AD and Spell Weaving increases your spell dmg even further.

Tier 4 Warlord gives you a great AD bonus and Blade Weaving increases your normal attacks, its pretty useful while ganking or jungling.

Tier 5 Devastating Strikes 6% Armor and Magic pen? Here you go

Tier 6 Havoc 3% bonus dmg? Nothing special to say about this


Tier 1 Recovery gives you a small additional amount of Sustain Tough Skin is good for jungling. In both cases you take less dmg, that's always good.

Tier 2 Bladed Armor let you reflect some dmg to jungle creeps and Veteran Scars gives you bonus HP and increases your Sustain.

Tier 3 Juggernaut is the best choice here.
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Core Item for jungle Kha'Zix. It gives you Cooldown, Armor Penetration and a decent amount of AD. Moreover the Ranger's Trailblazer gives you great sustain by dueling jungle creeps or even smiting them. You got nearly infinite sustain through it.

Great for Assasins due to the Tenacity. You Could also go for Mobility Boots for the extra Movement Speed and map presence, but you should exchange them with Mercury's Treads in the lategame.

It gives you Sustain, AoE clear for jungle and a nice active you can use to burst and finish off enemies even faster and because of the low Cooldown (10 sec.) on its active you can do this pretty damn often.

It gives you 40 Attack Damage and 35% Armor Penetration, must buy for every Assasin

Gives 60 Attack Damage, 40 Magic Resistance and a nice Passive: Gain +1 Attack Damage for every 2% of your maximum Health you are missing. Through this you get even more AD wich scales well with Taste Their Fear and your auto attacks ofc. Moreover the shield you gain by dropping under 30% of your max. HP will also help you to survive the burst of an AP Carry and gives you the opportunity to strike back.

Good item for breaking tanks. I prefer this over Guardian Angel as you gain additional Cooldown, AD, Armor reduction (also good for your AD Carry, because he deals more dmg too.) bonus Movement Speed and HP. In the end it's more of a personal decision what you want to play on Kha'Zix because a second life and some more defense stats (MR + Armor) are fine as well. You should go for Guardian Angel when the enemy team provides a huge amount of Crowdcontrol and protection for their carries.
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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Kha'Zix is an extremely strong jungler both for solo queue and for team queue. Most of this is due to the fact that he is extremely mobile with his Leap and he has resets on this ability when he gets an assist or when he kills an enemy. This makes Kha'Zix's mid game extremely strong and he can definitely snowball a game on his own due to the fact that he can make easy picks and get out with ease. When playing Kha'Zix try to have a tank on your toplane, or at least one in your team, otherwise your team will have a rough time if it doesn't know how to play with champion that needs to position himself and flank the enemy team.

Starting as Purple Team you will go for Gromp first and do a simple rotation over Blue Buff down to Red Buff.
As an advanced Kha'Zix player you may choose to start at Gromp and head for the enemy Red Buff to draw the First Blood, or when he started blue, to steal his Red Buff. If you do that try to go for your own blue afterwards and do the normal rotation.

When you start on Blue Team you will get a leash at Krugs and do the normal rotation over Red buff to Blue Buff.
Again as an advanced Kha'Zix player you may choose to invade the enemy jungle and try to draw the first blood or to steal the enemies Blue Buff.

Important: Always finish the small minions first then go for the huge one to ensure you get the isolated buff on it!

It's important to know that these are only the standard routes. You can vary your jungle path around this main route, but to effectively jungle you need to ensure you control your buffs, have a sizable experience gain, and are healthy enough to respond to gank and countergank opportunities.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaun Gyle
Shaun Gyle Kha'Zix Guide
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Kha'zix Jungle Guide 5.17

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