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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Andrejmon

Other Kha'Zix:The New Terror Of The Void

By Andrejmon | Updated on April 1, 2013

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The Build Maker(Not relevant to Build)

Hello MobaFire im Andrejmon,A lvl 30 solo toplaner and this build is meant to A.Help me remember my build XD B.Share my builds and methods with other gamers C.Have some interaction/part in the LOL community.I love top lane and jungleing,im a pretty bad jungler and im a decent top.I play for fun but love to win.
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Kha'zix is an awesome solo toplaner when played right,his W is great for keeping healthy in lane and for harassing melee enemy's from afar.His single target damage has to be one of the best among all the champs and can easily win a 1v1 if you know what your doing.
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Glyphs:CDR allows you to almost spam your Q,You dont face alot of AP top so this is allowed
Seals:Flat armor seals let you go boots and pots instead of cloth armor and 5 pots.
Marks:Flat AD and 1 CC to get thoes random Crits.
Quints:Flat AD for a nice heavy hit early game.

I like to keep it simple with my runes and keep then pretty general so i dont have to re make them every match.
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9/21/0 are meant to help prevent you from being a glass cannon early game because you don't build a good amount of health and armor until late game.
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Mercury Treads:For some nice MR and the Tenacity,can realy save you when getting ganked or facing the enemy mid laner.
The Black Clever:A great AD caster item.Gives nice Health,CDR,and Damage.
Manamune:Good for helping with Kha's mana needs and a touch of damage to make it worth keeping.
Trinity Force:An overall strong item that give you some health,so attack speed,some damage,and the spell blade proc.
Blood Thirster:Lots of damage and life steal to keep you going durring long fights.
Randuin's Omen:The health and armor you need for late game,just an overall good item.
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Way to use abilities

All of Kha's spells help set you up for a kill even if it may not seem obvious,His Q is the spell that allows you to demolish single targets but can be hard to benefit from because of creeps and other champs.To make the most out of his Q you must understand his W and why you have to evolve it first.

You want to evolve his W because it give you great poke and sustain in lane unevolved,Evolved it give you the ability to clear entire waves with just one spell(You see where this is going).By clearing a wave in one spell you can then get the maximum benefit from your Q and shred your enemy's.

The most difficult spell to understand for me was his R or ulti, especially coming from playing Rengar.Rengar has this long stealth on his ult that allows you to get into a good position and then hit your enemy's like a train with ferocity fill abilities. Kha'zix is a bit different..His ulti unevolved allows you to stealth for one second twice,this is realy good for escaping and proc'ing his passive slow.DO NOT THINK THIS ULT WILL WIN YOU EVERY FIGHT ,it really wont but if you play it right you can pick up alot of kills on single enemy's.
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Skill Sequence

I like to max W for alot of poke and then Q for single target decimation.E is good for covering distance and avoiding ganks and should be maxed last.R should be taken when ever for the evolveing passive.
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Closing notes from maker

Kha'Zix is one of my favorite champs and i hope this build helps you out,this is my very first build so please do give me feed back and ideas i would love to hear them.If there is another build exactly like this out befor mine is published please dont call me a copy cat ,give me the link and if they are really the same ill remove mine or link the other persons to give credit where its due.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Andrejmon
Andrejmon Kha'Zix Guide

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Kha'Zix:The New Terror Of The Void