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Kha'Zix Build Guide by RinPhyrus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RinPhyrus

Kha'Zix, the Slaying Mantis [6.22]

RinPhyrus Last updated on November 13, 2016
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Guide Top


Hello, my name is Prof. RinPhyrus, Head of the Entomology Dept. at the Runeterran University of the Sciences. Today I will attempt to document the findings of my research on a certain Void Beast currently contained by the Institute of War. The summoners therein were kind enough to allow me entry to the creature's containment, where I found that the foul monster--

I can hear you, human.

Ah, I see the sedative has worn off. How are those chains treating you?

Poorly. Let me go or I will rip off your head.

Anywho, this creature is a formidable opponent in combat and a cunning predator, quick to make the dark places of any Field of Justice his home. His strikes are as deadly as his chitinous mandibles, and they're even more so if he's fed properly and given the proper items.

I always appreciate when the humans buy me nice things. I think it makes them taste better.

Yes, yes. So let's commence with the fruits of my labor, shall we?

For the record, I'm famished. This'd better be quick, 'cause I heard there are some trolls somewhere around here. Their saltiness makes them go down easy.

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Following standard procedure, I began my studies with a physical examination of the beast, which warranted some very interesting findings.

Kha'Zix's forward carapace is studded with complex sensory glands, allowing him to stalk his prey from hiding. Due to this unique physical trait, he excels at surprising his foes, and his attacks are often far deadlier when he first reveals himself. Note: Stock up on citronella tiki-torches to plant in my shrubberies.

I take offense to that. You know I'm allergic.

The most prominent physical feature of this species is the forelegs, which are armed with powerful scything blades, denoting a possible connection to the mantid family. When coupled with his heightened senses, Kha'Zix's claws can seemingly strike from nowhere to deal grievous damage to those who travel alone.

All the better to rip you to pieces with, my dear professor.

Would you stop when I'm trying to--ahem, apologies. The upper torso of the creature is studded with hollow-tipped spines, which I first presumed to be for the deterrence of predators. However, upon realization that Kha'Zix has no known predators--

Damn right. Especially not cats.

--I said STOP. *sigh* Since he does not require them for self-defense, I continued to examine them, and soon found that Kha'Zix can launch them at great velocity, slowing prey down to allow for easier kills. If fired from close range, he seems to be able to heal his wounds using their secretions. Moving on.

The beast's powerful legs allow for massive leaps, which can be used to vault over uneven terrain or to pounce on his targets. As expected, this creature is built from the ground up for wholesale slaughter.

Oh, stop. If I had skin, I'd blush.

Well thank goodness you don't, then, because that's something I definitely don't want to see.


What sets Kha'Zix away from terrestrial creatures is his ability to evolve and change at highly accelerated rates, triggered by nothing more than willpower and available biological material in the form of consumed prey. This ability has culminated in:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kha'Zix's most dangerous ability. His entire exoskeleton can temporarily change colors to match his surroundings, essentially allowing him to vanish from sight. Also, in the lull between battles, he can focus his body's resources to improve his abilities by growing longer claws, more spikes, and even a set of wings. There is no way to know the limits of this power, but its uses could be endless if applied to other organisms.

Ah, I love the smell of mad scientists in the morning.

Shut it.

Guide Top

Possible Augmentations (Further Study Recommended)

If a Summoner were to try and make use of Kha'zix, they'd need to understand the many ways by which they could improve his perfomance on the battlefield. While I'm personally quite loathe to see this creature grow even more dangerous, the people will want what they want.

In this case, they want to buy me some new toys. Get on with it, fleshbag.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Adding a boost to the beast's foot(?)speed and reflexes will make him a more efficient predator, and sharpening his claws will allow him to rend the defenses of his enemies.

I dunno who this Yo-Moo guy is, but someone should thank him for me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thie item gives the beast a bit more bulk, and this added heft allows his blows to crack open the defenses of his prey. Each hit seems to draw out Kha'zix's hunger to a greater degree, pushing his body to move quicker.

Excellent. With one of those, nothing could escape me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have never, in all my years of research, found a predator capable of killing its prey as quickly as a Voidreaver with a Duskblade. With it, the creature could strike from the shadows with such force, I wouldn't be surprised if just looking at his blades could take off your head. Use with EXTREME caution.

Now you see your ADC... now you don't.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Provides less offensive capabilities than some of the augments described above, but the shield granted by this item can potentially save Kha'zix's 'life' from an enemy's panicked burst of CC. While wearing this cloak, the creature also knows when he is being watched, and can eliminate any eyes his opponents may have on him.

Damage and utility? Yes please.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
By allowing Kha'zix's swipes to reach farther, he would presumably be able to wreak havoc on an even greater scale. This augment seems to synchronize well with Taste Their Fear.

Plus the name's cool, which is yet another bonus!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Stealing the essence of his opponents gives Kha'zix greater sustain in the field, and its active ability helps him chase down prey. Ideal.

Om-nom-nom-nom... what? I needed a snack, and that intern was looking at me weird.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Son of a... anyway, this item makes Kha'zix even better suited for eliminating enemies quickly. Can be upgraded two ways, depending on the composition of his opponents. Note: keep as far away from him as possible.

Like that'll save you. Or that box of donuts I can sense on your desk.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Helps prevent the opposing team from focusing him down too quickly, which they will inevitably decide to do once he kills their support for the seventh time.

Serves 'em right for picking Nami, if you ask me.

What I wouldn't give for a muzzle right now...

Guide Top


When released onto the Rift, Kha'Zix generally follows a decidedly regular pattern, striking first at the buff camp on the lower half of the map, presumably to take advantage of the stronger leash from two teammates instead of one.

I once had a Caitlyn steal my buff from that toad-thing. She's lucky slitting the throats of "allies" is not permitted.

A few camps later, Kha'Zix usually returns to the Nexus to finish his jungle item, then heads out with his eyes on the enemy laners. His ganks are fast and efficient, Leaping in and using Taste Their Fear to land heavy burst damage on startled opponents.

As the match progresses, Kha'Zix can become a deadly assassin, landing on opponents and slaughtering them in a matter of moments. He generally avoids going straight into teamfights until they're already underway, ensuring he can get kills while also not getting focused. His initiations rarely last long, since crowd control is one of his few weaknesses.

If I see ONE MORE SEJUANI, I swear, I will shove my claws so far up her--

WOAH there, breathe. Presuming you do, in fact, breathe.

Not really. Except when I'm right behind someone, to see how high-pitched their scream of terror is.

You're sick, you know that? I'm adding that to my notes.

What? You can't spell slaughter without laughter!

Guide Top


To sum up, Kha'Zix is perhaps the most deadly insect I have ever encountered, and--

INSECT? Did you just call me an INSECT?!

Well, yes, seeing as--

I am a marsupial, you human bastard. I've got a pouch just under my wings!

Wait, that's not right, I could've sworn I--

Oh calm down, professor, it was merely a jest. I only meant to distract you long enough to finish growing some handy little digits from my wrists, so now with a little effort I can...