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Kindred Build Guide by Davecraft16

Jungle Kindred Jungle In-Depth guide (All you need to know about kindred)

Jungle Kindred Jungle In-Depth guide (All you need to know about kindred)

Updated on January 6, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Davecraft16 Build Guide By Davecraft16 7 0 11,622 Views 0 Comments
7 0 11,622 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Davecraft16 Kindred Build Guide By Davecraft16 Updated on January 6, 2023
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



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Champion Build Guide

Kindred Jungle In-Depth guide (All you need to know about kindred)

By Davecraft16

Hi I am Dave. I am a silver player who loves kindred and this is the first guide I have ever wrote. I want to help players who want to play kindred but need help with things like matchups and jungle clear. I am just sharing my experience and knowledge, feel free to share your opinion or point out any mistake I made. I want to warn you that I'm not going to explain basic jungle knowledge. I'll only talk about kindred not jungle in general.

Right now the guide is still incomplete, there are more then 25k words in total so it's already considered in depth even if it's incomplete. I am trying to finish as soon as I can but there's so much to say that it will a lot of time to finish it. Once I finish I will start a guide on kindred mid. This guide will remain updated so you can use it if you need fresh news on new builds or update on kindred.

I am currently at 165k mastery point on kindred. I also play nunu and vex so I can't really be considered an otp, just a kindred enjoyer.
So why am I making a guide if I am not an otp you might ask?
The reason is because I think I know kindred pretty well. I have seen Soo many videos and guides about kindred on top of playing him. If it's about knowledge on kindred I am quite confident.
Jungle Path
This is a hard topic to talk about. Your path should change based on your teammates and your enemies. I will only talk abot the red buff start on blue side (if you spawn on red side just do the same thing just mirrored). There are games where you should start blue. If you want to understand when to start red and when blue you should search for some guide on youtube, I personally recommend Virkayu if you want to improve your jungle knowledge.

Let's talk about Kindred. First thing you should do in a game is getting information: "Does the enemy jungler start blue or red?"

The best way to know this is by warding the enemy red buff. Take your Stealth Ward and try to ward the enemy red buff. If you are alone because your teammates don't want to help you shouldn't invade alone and die, if the enemy red buff is too hard to ward you can ward the enemy raptors. They are easier to ward and you can see the enemy clear route if you have vision on raptors. After that recall at 00:50 and change your stealth ward for oracle lenses. You can now go to your red and start clearing.

Now that you have warded and you are at your red buff let's say that the enemy jungler also decided to start red. The best option you have is a 4 camp clear and then gank. The path in season 13 is different for kindred and I see a lot of people using the old one. The new best path to use is Red > Krugs > Blue > Gromp > Gank. I don't Like full clear on kindred because you are strong early and late. That's the reason you need to gain a lead early. If you don't manage to get a lead most of ememy junglers will destroy you mid game.(video in the future about this clear)

The best way to gain a lead is by being aggressive early, that's the reason I prefer a 4 camp clear into gank. After clearing you will gank either top or mid(remember to mark the enemy laner that you are going to gank, if you have a good knowledge of champions you will know what lane is easier to gank). Remember that the enemy jungler also started red so he will probably gank either mid or bot so warn your team. You don't want the enemy jungler to get more kills than you. After Ganking if you know the enemy jungler skipped his krugs then take them from him. Remember to do the scuddle if there's a mark on it. If there isn't you can do a little trick. You find the trick on the Marks Chapter.

This is the best clear if the enemy start with red buff. remember that you can stop clearing before 4 camps if you see that your mid is too pushed and he needs help. this is just a base to start clearing, you need to be flexible with your decisions.
Jungle Path (enemy Blue Start)
Let's now talk about what happens if the enemy start from blue buff (what I am going to explain is something that works really well plat and below, I am not sure how well it works at higher elos). The path you will take is Red > Wolf> Gromp > Invade.

After this go to the enemy red, use the oracle lenses to check for wards and then wait. The enemy jungler will start clearing his red, when the red is on 600hp smite it and then try to kill the enemy jungler. If this goes well he loses his red(if you have prio top take his krugs if not gank) and he dies (remember to mark him at the start of the game).
I really like this path but is not always possible to do it. You need to start on the same side of the enemy jungler and you also have to have the right anemy jungler. This clear use the fact that kindred has a really strong lvl 3 but you have to remeber that not all champion are weaker than you lvl 3. For this reason you can't invade champions that are stronger than you lvl 3.

Marks are not easy to get, especially if you are new to kindred. All information about kindred marks are in his passive. You have 2 ways of getting marks:
  1. Killing enemies
  2. Taking enemy's camps

First lets' see what these marks give you:
Mark of the Kindred (P): Lamb gains 75 − 250 bonus range on her basic attacks and Mounting Dread Mounting Dread.
Kindred also gets bonus attack speed on his Q, more damage on his W and more damage on his E.

The way the Bonus range works like this:

You can see that the first 4 marks are really important, so you need to rush them. after that you still need to get them but they are not as important as the first 4.
INNATE - LAMB: Lamb is offered a selection of enemy champions to hunt if she has not been in combat with them in the last 6 seconds. Once selected, the mark is applied after an 8-second delay and thereafter it can be collected by Kindred. Lamb gains the ability to select a new target every 75 seconds. Targets successfully hunted cannot be marked again for 4 minutes.

You can see that you can mark an enemy every 75 seconds but you can't mark the same champion for 4 minutes, that's why you need to try and gank all the lanes you can to get marks.

Wolf works in a different way. You cannot decide who to hunt, it's random. Wolf will choose an enemy camp for you to hunt, that's way it's really important to keep track of where the enemy jungler is. If you know how he is clearing you can predict where the next mark is spawning. this is wolf's passive:

INNATE - WOLF: Starting at 3:15, Wolf periodically marks a random large monster within the enemy team's jungle for 180 seconds. The hunted camp is highlighted on the mini map to both teams. Once the hunted target is slain or the mark expires, Wolf will wait 45 seconds before selecting a new target.
The type of monster that Wolf can mark changes based on Kindred's current Mark of the Kindred stacks:

You can use the 45seconds at your advantage. For example if you have 0 marks and you finish your clear top and the enemy jungler finish bot but the scuddle with the mark spawn bot, just wait. 45 seconds isn't a long time, you can gank or finish clearing what's left and after that the mark is 100% spawning on the top scuddle.

Something I've noticed that a lot of people don't know is that you only need a assist on the target. For example if you mark the top laner and you get an assist you still get the mark. Same with camps, if a teamate is taking a blue buff with your mark, you don't need to steal the blue buff from him, just hit it once and you get the mark (warning! you get the mark from a camp with the assist only if a teammate is taking it, if an enemy takes the camp an assist doesn't give you the mark).

The guide as been updated the 27th of december 2022
Next update I will improve the Jungle Path Chapter and add 2 more chapters: Jungle objectives and Sources (with sources I mean good youtubers or twitch streamers to watch to improve your knowledge on kindred or jungle in general).
If you are interested in a particular topic you can ask me and I'll try to add it in the guide as soon as I can.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Davecraft16
Davecraft16 Kindred Guide
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Kindred Jungle In-Depth guide (All you need to know about kindred)

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