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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Kiyari

Support KIYARI's Support Nunu Build

Support KIYARI's Support Nunu Build

Updated on June 29, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kiyari Build Guide By Kiyari 10,310 Views 0 Comments
10,310 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kiyari Nunu & Willump Build Guide By Kiyari Updated on June 29, 2015
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It has been a while since I've seen anyone play Nunu as support and I just suddenly thought, maybe I should bring him back. This Nunu build is experimental but has recently proved promising based on my recent matches, playing the role of an all around peeler, a pretty hard tank, and an amazing utility kit champ.
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Summoner Spells

Basically there are reasons as to why I chose these two spells.

Smite: I have specifically chosen this spell for the Skirmisher's Sabre Cinderhulk build that would give you a decent damage output and a hip tons of health.

Ignite: Nunu's Kit is pretty much already OP in dueling, with attack and movement speed decreasing snowballs, and a bloodboil steroids to your carry, you could pretty much secure more kills with ignite popping out.

Why No FLASH?: Ever since release, Nunu has already been a very tanky champion. Flash is pretty much unnecessary for this champ as his skills alone can help him get away from the enemy team with barely little to no problem at all.
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This summoner set up is good for dueling, challenging smite on the squishy enemies would make you hard to ignore in team fights, and igniting the enemy carries would prove very beneficial for the team as it can greatly reduce the healing cast on them for the next few seconds. Having Smite as support can also reassure Scuttler control in bottom lane as it is literally just one consume smite away on its first respawn, providing your team the speed shrine and a decent map control around dragon at early levels.

Having two offensive summoner spells will open you to ganks, meaning a failure in timing in objectives taking and area warding can gravely put you into danger. You will be clearly suceptible to hard ganks as you will have no escape mechanism.
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Just for a brief explanation, this item build is mainly focused on beefing up for the later on team fights.

Zzrot portal - can be used in a lot of ways, be it split pushing, or besieging, this item just simple create wonders, specially when ignored during team fights. I would like to focus on the Zzrot for a bit since people don't usually understand the different uses of this item. The Zzrot portal can serve as a huge threat as it can slow push a lane with no problem, meaning that the enemies would be forced to defend the lane the Zzrot was placed in. This can open up a 5 v 4 scenario in favor of your team if one of the enemies decides to clear the portal out.

Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk - gives a lot of HP and opens up the ability to cast challenging smite to an enemy champion. Dealing true damage to a champion with a summoner spell AND with your basic attack afterwards would be very troublesome for the enemy, especially if they're squishy ADC's.

Merc Treads - gives tenacity which would prove useful when getting caught in crowd control skills.

Ruby Sight stone - I do not feel obliged to explain why to get this item.

Face of The Mountain - Is a very good item to begin with, giving of health and has a healing ability when executing minions. It also starts of from the Relic shield, which would pretty much be the sustain item for you and your carry in the early phase of the game.

Thornmail, Ohmwrecker and Banner of Command - are dependent on the enemy line up and are pretty much game flow situational items. Banner of Command is Ideal for split push and diversion play set up, Ohmwrecker for a snowball diving oriented teamplay, and thornmail for clash based duels with multi AD enemies.
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The runes are plain and simple which were pretty much built in a way that your stats will be a bit balanced out and provide a bit more tank power till the moment you can simply walk into the enemy lines as if you're simply walking in a park.

Movement Speed Quints - to easily walk around and peel for the carry
Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs - will provide a decent amount of magic resist later on
Flat Armor Marks - will provide your early game armor boost
Scaling Health Seals - will supply you a huge amount of health later on which would greatly boost your beefiness in the late game
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Don't really matter all that much, this is just my basic masteries which is pretty decent for this Nunu build.
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Skill Sequence

Q - Consume
Deals true damage to a minion or monster
This should be taken at level 1 since it helps your jungler clear their first mob faster or allows you and your carry to level 1 take a neutral camp for a slight exp advantage. Only take 3 points of Consume and max it last as it will not be really necessary to max it out so early in the game.

W - Blood Boil
The reason why you decided to play Nunu. It gives you and your carry bonus attack speed and movement speed which is a huge steroid boost in laning and dueling, not to mention team fight zoning and peeling. Max it after maxing out Ice Blast and taking 3 points of consume.

E - Ice Blast
Your main source of damage in harassing the enemies, ice blast reduces the enemies attack speed and movement speed for 3 seconds which serves as the exact opposite of the blood boil buff. Max this skill out first as it is necessary if you want to deal enough damage to zone or peel the enemies.

R - Absolute Zero
The greatest skill in your kit when it comes to team fights, actually afflicting the enemy with the ice blast debuff in a large AOE that deals damage after channeling. This skill must be taken whenever available.
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Ranked Games

Strictly and I mean strictly, explain to your team that you are going cinderhulk support build, otherwise you might find yourself playing as the jungler and someone else locking in a support, which defeats the purpose of choosing support Nunu. It may also disrupt the line up which can cause the team to have less damage output than intended which can gravely affect the fights later on.

It is important in a ranked game that you know the enemies location before going out to ward. A no flash Nunu is a dead Nunu if caught to deep in enemy territory. Keep track of the enemy jungler's location, keep your eye on Scuttler's respawn and take it whenever possible.

When your halfway done with your build, meaning you already finished your cinderhulk skirmisher, and your Zzrot, you can pretty much tank a lot of damage, and you might even be a bit more tanky compared to your jungler and top laner. Your peeling can actually be put into good use as you can easily blood boil your ADC and ice blast the chasing enemies. Challenging smite on the enemy and igniting them can quickly turn the battle around.

Having Consume on your team and 2 smites can help you take Dragons and Barons with little to no problem at all, and of course communication is a must. Zzrot can setup your ideal team fights as long as you set them up correctly.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kiyari
Kiyari Nunu & Willump Guide
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KIYARI's Support Nunu Build

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