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Kog'Maw Build Guide by mastajdog

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mastajdog

kog-melting faces since League started

mastajdog Last updated on August 26, 2011
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A confession

I did mostly theorycraft this build. i have played kog many times, and this build has been tested, but i personally do not own kog'maw to my sadness. i have had friends who do test it and it has worked well. i unfortuinately cannot show any statistics, but it does work exteremtly well.

Side note: YEY!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S FREE AGAIN!!!

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The key to this build:

attack speed and cdr. doing some math after a change to kog made it so at the 40% cdr cap, Bio-Arcane Barrage has a 10.2 second cooldown with a 10 second duration. massive improvement in my opinion, and it has been great. Other unique things about this build are: attack damage. since everybody will be stacking mr like it's going out of style, building some ad really kinda backdoors them. you are hitting for 2 attack per second, with each dealing up to 210 physical damage and then 12% of their health. and then their's your 3 other spells Muahahahahah.

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the key to build 2

build 2 is for the LoL dominion kog. from the videos i've seen, howitzer kog that can shoot over walls and ult spam to keep people away from towers will be in much greater need. so, you stack mana and regen, and then ad and ap. the manamume makes it so that they can't tell how you're building and think they need armor. then you slam an aa's, will, ryali's, and deathcap. the manamume still helps with your ult, mana regen, and max mana. (your ult still scales with ad). the role of this build is to harass/kill/keep people away from your points. it also slows and interrupts channels, and keeps your skills alive and kicking with a focus on raw damage output. more of a burst damage champion. you can fire ults for about 5 straight minutes with this build... if that's not enough to do the job, nothing will be.

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There is a precise formula to cdr. maxing it required 1 cdr per level, so that got done. the magic pen is vital to making this work as i haven't find a way to itemise for more. the mana is because he has slight (cough cough) problems with mana, especially early game. and the ap just adds to the fun.

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give you 9% cdr and magic pen. also some mana/5 and movement speed, with buffs to your spells. buff duration is for all the buffs your jungler lets you get or you get if you don't have a jungler.

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are very unique. Nashor's Tooth drives the build, but oddly enough it only popps up in "other items" in the seventh build. a lot of people (aka Cho'Gath Alistar to name a few) grab cdr mostly for their ultimates. i don't use it for that. it gives you a constant battering, and a slow faster. it also gives some mana/5 and attack speed to hasten the pain. the ap makes it God for Kog

bezerker's greaves simply add to the pain your enemies will feel, hastening their demise. not very unique, but can be replaced with socerer's shoes end game if you have to.

Frozen Mallet . yes, i do know that kog'maw has rediculous range. however, he will get focused despite this. it also helps to slow people who try to run away, and can give you more time.

Madred's Bloodrazor and Bio-Arcane Barrage are a match made in hell for your enemies. throw in Nashor's Tooth and they're wiped out. you probably won't make it past this, but in case your team is having problems:

hextex gunblade is a nice item to have as far as lifesteal and spell vamp go. if you don't need it, feel free to jump on the Malady bandwagon. it does max attack speed, but i don't feel it helps as much.

still going on and you can't survive long enough? people running from you in terror? ryali's crystal sceptor will stop enemies in their tracks as you hunt them down from afar with a slow on Living Artillery

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Optional Items

Rabadon's Deathcap just adds to the fun. mabey replace ryali's with it if you want to.
archengel's staff can be used if you're still having massive mana problems after grabbing Nashor's Tooth replace the gunblade or ryali's with it. Deathfire Grasp is fun if you remember to use it, but doesn't have the best synergy with this build. better on straight ap kog. again, if you use the active, replace gunblade or ryali's with it.

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Skill Sequence

as i always go for fb ganks on the twisted treeline, i start with my slow. i also recomment it if trying for fb on SR. however, if you don't try and just harass, start with your awesome barrage.

until the range on Caustic Spittle gets increased i never want to have it as then i might want to try to get close enough to use it... that never works well. don't get it

Bio-Arcane Barrage is what makes you rape people over and over again. although you don't find people stacking health too much, it still hits for the same percent agaginst 2 maximum health as it does against 8000 maximum health. also it increases your range. be sure when it's about to wear off that you click elsewhere close to you so that you don't move closer to your target. then hit w again and re-commence the barrage. and with 200 ap and 2 attacks per second it will be hitting by it's self for 16% hp/second. plus an additional 8% from madrid's bloodrazor

Void Ooze is massive cc for you. great if you have to push, don't use it unless you have too however. need to make somebody stop? use it if you can. it also can be used to cut off an escape path, but then you miss it's damage which is up to: 420 damage to anybody hit by the rolling ball.

Living Artillery is an incredible nuke. it just causes massive mana problems. dealing 215 damage or 537 to champions(minus mr%reduction) every .6 seconds, it is so op you can't imagine. it also reveals things, so: gank checks work great with it. stealthed idiot? not anymore. also, as a skill shot, it can out range turrets. harass with it, and you can drive people crazy. only ultimate i know of that can harasss.

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icithian suprise

your passive deserves a whole chapter, as do the rest of your spells. however, DO NOT USE THIS AS AN ESCUSE TO DIE!!! YOU DEAL MORE DAMAGE ALIVE!!!! STAY ALIVE!!!

have to say that, as at low levels of play this isn't always understood.

this was (in my opinion) a deterrence to killing you first, as you can hit their entire team with it. however, they will still try. the problem with this spell is riot has to make it wak enough that you don't just suicide bomb (like karthus does a lot) but people still don't want to focus you because it hurts. at 550 true dmg end game, it's not too powerfull, but definently makes people think twice about towerdiving.

fb attempt. if you die, hit them as 125 dmg at level 1 should get them back for it.

early game. try to hit minions if they're low health and you happen to be able to, otherwise, hit the champ. if you were so overmatched that they don't die within 5 seconds of you, you don't understand the term "carry"

mid-game: you and your tank should have made them pay with their lives for getting you.

end-game, if you die, you need either not go afk during a teamfight or stick closer to your tank. in the time sombody should be able to get close enough to kill you, you should have killed them.

how it works: you die and run and go boom

when you use it: when you're dead

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caustic spittle


second, if you get the chance, do it, then run immediately

third: you don't lose the 30% attack speed if you do, so don't be afraid to hit, say baron nashor, with it.

anyway... despite the attack speed, i max this last. why? (a) i find w and e more helpful and (b) i don't get tempted to use the active, and don't get used to having it through the game

the attack speed is all this has going for it in my opinion. true, the armor/mr reduction is cool, but not worth getting close enough to use it.

true, it does damage, but only 400 even with ap. your basic attack can deal more than that.

how it works: don't touch it

when it works: always

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bio-arcane barrage

is more than just a double madred's
it does a few things for you. first, it makes an as/ap hybrid possible (more so than Vorpal Spikes does for cho). second, it increases your range to more than any carry i know that actually uses their basic attack. people don't want to get close enough? fine. just harass then with Living Artillery from and they will be forced to charge in range, allowing you quite kindly to melt their face off.

also, this isn't affected by Thornmail, the bane of ad carries. so have fun with it.
if they decide to go full mr route, grab The Black Cleaver and make them pay for "misunderestimating" the power of the kog.

how it works: hit w

when you use it: when you're hitting a champion

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void ooze

Void Ooze is probably one of your best assets early game. it will make people mess up and grab Mercury's Treads instead of the Ninja Tabi that would counter you much better.

how it works: rolling ball half the size of a champion goes rolling out of kog's mouth. it leaves a trail twice as wide that lasts for 4 seconds and slows people who are on it.

when you use it: pushing, slowing targets

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living artillery

Living Artillery is the focus of many builds, and for good reasons
common reasons include:
(a) it's an ult on a 1 sec cdr
(b) it outranges turrets
(c) it shows champions and minions alike
(d) it can baron/dragon steal
(e) it scales with ap and ad
(f) it starts cheap

so why i like it (besides the above)
it makes you ungankable after level 6 as it can be used (like a Hawkshot to check brush]]
it also is an increadible harass, and a great tool for zoning and harassing alike.
you can hit harder than would be expected with this, and it deald +250% damage to champions. so with that said, never use this for any of the following: farming and jungling. also try not to spam this needlessly. it has no cdr (.6 seconds with this build) and anybody who'se ever played Cho'Gath knows that the ultimate goal is to get 6 stacks of your ultimate constantly, right? not so...

it is an in credible sniper. using 3 in rapid succession is even better than The Equalizer . this ability can literally wall off a path as long as you want it to, and deals rediculous damage in addition to slowing when you want it to. however, that's not a lisence to go spamming walls of it.

how it works: you l-click, wait a second, and pain hits there

when you use it: see above

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pre-level 6 it's rough, but try to stay close enough to the fight to be able to get some last hits. after level 6, zone with Living Artillery and make them fear you. also don't push as there will be gank tries if you zone.

you can either solo lane or duo. if you duo lane, try to do it with one of these people:

Soraka has good heals, but Starcall is her best asset for you. it can potentially lower mr 160, and that lets you just rip through people. the mana is nice as well

Alistar is great for setting you up and giving you early sustainableility.

Alistar see above

Dr. Mundo will make people fear the two of you, because he can essentially be unkillable for 12 seconds, and you can kill a full-blown tank in 8 and a squishy in 2. good combination.

Nasus is awesome for you. his Spirit Fire lets you hit people like crazy, and his other spells are awesome. just let him siphon when it's up. also, as he doesn't need too many items, he's fun to have.

Wukong still needs another buff, but until then, his Crushing Blow and deadly combos will have people focusing him a lot. he needs to be played too tanky to deal enough damage right now though.

more will be coming soon.

if you do solo lane, please harass harass harass then KILL. i've been lvl 9vs lvl 5 because of this. anybody can be out-harasses by you early game. the trick is to get the kills and cs (creeps slain (minions killed)) at the same time. try not to have to port back before teleport's ready.

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summonner spells

EDIT: as kog can only reach full potential on SR, please only go on 5v5.

you may also take Cleanse if you're still having problems with exhaust heavy teams, as it can shut you down.

Flash i find essentiall on such a squishy champ. well this build does give you bonous health, hope your tank got you at least an ageis of the legion. even with it, you will get focused.

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Why this does work

so take your average squishy. say: sivir. the number one build shows her having:1852 health, 71 armor (41% reduction) and 41.31 mr (you'll be hitting as if she was at 32, so that's 24% reduction)

if all you do is bio-arcane and r-click,
your basic attack hits for:124 damage
your bio-arcane and madrid's hit for:168
at 2.4 attacks per second, that's 700 damage per second from you.
she lasts:2.6 seconds

dps: say: yi
top build: hp: 2692 armor: 82 (45% reduction) mr: 52 (hitting as if was 43: 30% reduction)
basic attacks hit for 115 bio and madred's hit for: 226

damage/second: 818 yi lasts: 3.3 seconds.

tank: say cho'gath, every kog's favorite
top build stats (assumes 6 feast stacks) we're using the build "cho'gath tank" as it is the highest rated cho'gath tanking build (the top 1 and 2 are hybrid)

assuming he somehow managed to keep all 20 levithian stacks till now, he has 5250 hp.

mr: 157 (148 = 60% reduced combined with the -15% =66% reduced magic dmg)
armor 207 (67% reduced combined with -15% =72% reduced phys dmg)

basic attack hits for 59 dmg
bio and madred's hit for:214 dmg. sorry people, but you're going to be hitting him a lot longer and less hard than you would be hitting yi

anyway, that's 656 dmg/sec he lasts:8 seconds on the dot

now lets try a cho build that doesn't use a snowball item
big pappa cho has won all of it's votes so far, so lets see the stats:
4650 hp
180 armor (64% reduction)
202 mr acts like 194( 66% reduction)

basic attack hits for:76
madred's and bio hit for:190
740 dmg'sec

he lasts:6.3 seconds

for laughs:
say you got a cho who just got 6 warmog's and stacked them all
he'd have:10880 hp, 30 mr and 82 armor
that equals: 18% reduced magic damage and 45% reduced physical damage
so he takes 116 dmg from your basic attack and 1070 dmg from madred's
that's 2848 dmg/sec
he lasts:3.8 seconds. so it's still easier even if you get a cho this dumg to kill the squishy sivir. and that's a factual build.

Off-tank. NUNU!!!
hp: 3104 armor 221(

please note: none of these examples took into account spells or masteries, so there will be some differences. all should be in your favor, but just beware of enemy spell casting.

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pre level 6, Void Ooze should cover all the harassment you need, but don't spam it. try to time it with when you could get a few last hits with it.

after level 6, you can use pretty much any spell. if they're just waiting for you, Living Artillery is good at provoking a fight.

Living Artillery is probably the most powerful ultimate out there. 4 hits can kill a squishy.

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Scores so far

Game 1:Bot with Amumu. He kept ksing me, so:5/8/19. was most farmed on my team, surrender at 25
86 minions, win.

Game 2: solo mid facing kat. she finished 1/7. i finished 3/3/5 (1 death from a 5v1, another from turret diving her at lvl 3 to proc icthian suprise when she was at 100 hp. she forgot abou icthicn. again, most farmed on my team
95 minions, win.

Game 3: we had a feeder and a few "new people" (Cough Cough Noobs Cough Cough play bot games Cough Cough). i went solo mid, made gangplank and annie switch as i was harassing too much. out farmed and killed the enemy's ashe, but because of team problems:12/17/14. got 3 turrets and an inhibitor, and got baron 3 times (along with grabbing enemy golem from a teemo i killed and a gangplank i killed). also, having 0 true tanks, supports, or junglers made it hard. but it went ok. first good cait i've seen all day carried the team with me. 10 of my assists were to her.