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Garen Build Guide by Shablingows

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shablingows

Lead us to victory Sir Garen!

Shablingows Last updated on August 28, 2013
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Hi there! This is a guide for those who wanna play with Garen and got some doubts. I really play with him games and games in sequence and i learnd a lot, but i still think i can do something different sometimes. But this is absolutely normal. Who doesn't have something in mind to chance, will never improve or get better. Even if you think you are so good using a champion, don't get cocky. You always have something to learn.

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About him.

Garen is a easy champion to play, but not easy to master. He can trick you. But why is that?
Well. Thinking he is easy to play makes you think thT anyone can play Garen easily. This is so wrong.
Garen is not that easy.
Playing around, people think Garen don't have to kill much and he always have to tank!
Wrong again!
Garen is naturally tank, and his E gives him an advantage early game to win the lane for you.
People think he don't have to kill. But his Ult gives him all the rights to do it so.
Get that: Garen well played, win top lane( he only play on top lane ) against almost all champions on the league. I said almost all alone. Yes.... withought ganks and even with ganks.
But in other ways, he may need a gank to finish some guys off.
For example: Teemo, Kennen and very well played Nasus persons, Good Singed persons.
Those 4 guys you have to watch out, because well played can make you underfarmed and underlvl.
So, call for ganks if you see good players with those guys, you will need a gank for sure.
Yur team have to know that a Garen well farmed and feed with his itens, will lead the team to a victory!
Yes. He will!
He will became so hard to kill , and will land so many crit damage that people in the opposite team will think that they kill you first, but doing this they will just surrender 2 minutes later, because all the 5 will be dead.
Yes. If you die my friends, and your team is not bad, they will all let you guide then.
Allmost the times i play with Garen, a Garen well played is really GG. Or they surrender or you guys are gonna win soon.
Gren can be so strong, hard to be killed, doing tons os crit damage with his R and silencing with his W the right guy, and Ultimg the ADCarry or the Support guy that, people is gonna try kill the other 4 of your team, and after you kill 1 or 2, your gonna spon to victory, and kill one or other 2 again. Leading your team to victory!
In the beggining of the game they think a Gren top is a tank to play safe and farming. Mid game they think you are doing KS ( kill steallling ), when other members of the team should benn killing in your place. And late game, after the end, they finish thanking gou for the win. That's the most lokely cenarium that will probably happen, if your team don't know how Garen really works.

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With his W he can silence and he can run after someone. You bet you really have to star all the fights with it. You just run to the guy you want and silence him. Than he cannot play almost nothing forsome time. Tis isthe time your team bully him or you can start your combo. Talking about t soon.
The E is his defendive skill that helps him early game, and encouraging you to do dives or to just go 1x1 and get a kill early game.
R is the spin thing. athis a good source of damage to champions, less to minions. But srill good for farming and teamfights, when you crit in all other team faces with proud.
T is the most powerfuol ultimate in the league. See a person with almot mid life, com for him. I bet you finish killing him so fast that the other guy will stsy away from you, if he understsnd the lesson. The ultimate is only good with people eith mid kife or even better with less than mid life, when it isma certain kill.
For early kills in lane phase, use this, that is almost everytime a kill: W to run to the guy and hit him giveing him silence, so he cannot useskills fora period. tahn use R to spin and lend a gooooooddamaga. If he is half life, give him more damage until you can Ult his face! So Ulting, you junt lend him an Ignite, that will almost always be enough to kill. If not, flash and repest the W and R process with the E on if you think you need. With pracrice, you can even do this fiveing dive around the turrent, that wll make him stay so pissed off, by the way, they always think that you are a garen and you cannot be that agressive.
Use tour E everytime you think you will suffer more damage. Don't use for low damage, because youmcan need thisskill later, and the CD is not that low.

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In teamfights, people will think, if they know how Garen behave, that can't star on you. They are absolutely right. Starting to you is really an Ace for you your team. You, mid game is very aggressive and a very food damage guy. In the late game, you are tanky as hell and gices tons of critical damage. So, they have to don't let be as food as you ca be in the lane phase and mid game to don't let the teamfight comes with you feeded. That' a GG fate.
You, as Garen, will have the job to shutdown someone that is doing good in the other side. Silencing him and tour team can kill him first. Is always a food idea to to taht to teh AD Carry, because you guys can be morre agresssive after that. But is not a bad idea shutdown the AP Carry or the support guy, that is so weak. Support is not the best thing, but if the ADCarry need him so much, so if good to kill the bot guys first.
Garen eill lead the ways to the team.
If you have a good tank in tou team, you can let him take the damage in the middle of the fight and go straufht to the carry and shut him down. Do the combo and your team will have to kill the others. Always let the tank to the last. Smash the squichy guys first.
You can start tanking turrents sometimes and your team eill come after you to help kill turrents.

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Wel. He needs life, tanky masteries, coolldown reduction and just that.
Gives gim a 9-21 and he is done!