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League of Legends Build Guide Author HydroMantic

LeBlanc - more than usual (a detailed guide)

HydroMantic Last updated on April 22, 2011
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Hey Guys,

this is my first guide.
My native language isn't English, so this might be pain for your mind :D
But I'm not here to teach you English, I'm here to show you, how to own with LeBlanc!

First of all:
Don't rate this guide, before you read (and tested it)!
I know its different from the most other LeBlanc-guides, but you'll see, it works fantastic :D

Also its not a guide for beginners. Sorry guys, LeBlanc is more than pressing Q+R, especially this one.

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The holy Rules of LeBlanc

1. Always have some Mana for Distortion left, even if its on cooldown
2. NEVER initiate Teamfights, NEVER
3. You're the midchamp
4. Ganking is your farm
5. Manabuff should be yours too
6. You're the early and midgamecarry
7. Play defensive, make a surprising sally, play defensive again
8. Mobility is your biggest advantage

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Runes, Summonerspells & Masteries


9x Mark of Insight
9x Greater Seal of VitalitySeal of Vitality
9x Glyph of Force
3x Quintessence of Potency

Why Mark of Magic Penetration?
Silly question, they are the best!

Why Seal of Vitality ?
I like them, I don't know how often the bonus-life saved my tiny ***.
And I don't need the manareg. But if have huge manaproblems you could take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration or Greater Seal of Replenishment

Why Glyph of Scaling Ability Power ?
They are better then the flat-ap. And I think, LeBlanc is a nuker. She don't need cooldown-reduction at the start. Its not bad, but well, I think Glyphs of Force are the best when you want to play LeBlanc like I do.

Why Greater Quintessence of Ability Power?
Again the best Quintessences for Caster. If you have problems with your life, get some flat-life-quintessences, but you are a nuker, not a tank! :P



Why this combo?
With Flash you have another escape-spell and can cross long distances in a short time.
Ignite gives you little bit more nukepower. Also it stop those lifesteal & heal-badasses :P

Other recommended Summonerspells are:
- to escape and attack. Mobility is always good for ganker!
- If u skilled it in the masteries it removes some magicresident. Could be used offensive and defensive. Very nice against other nuker or heavy-DPS-champs
- Mobility, enough said! :P
- Could save your ***
- If you have mana-problems or not the bluebuff
- Nice against ganks, but i think this summonerspell is better for supporter, not your job :P


I use 9/0/21 Masteries, for more informations look at the top!

Some people could ask me: dude, why you use masteries-points in Utility Mastery and Quickness , wouldn't be Expanded Mind or/and Creed better?
Well, Creed could be good, but not better. Maybe you can remove one point of Quickness and put it in Creed. But Expanded Mind is useless for LeBlanc. I don't use mana-items on her, but I love the bluebuff and I love mobility, so are there any questions left? :P

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LeBlanc Abilities

Mirror Image
Your life-saver number one! Learn to use the half-second-invisble time.
Control your mirror-image with alt+click. Fool your enemies!
Nothing is as funny as an opponent, which tries to kill your illusion. Shaco-players may enjoy this :P
Some exampels:
-Command your Illusion to another direction than LeBlanc to confuse. For example in a bush etc.
-Use your passive to jump over walls... no joke, it works, but its more about luck then skill :D

Sigil of Silence
Your main-ability. Use it to harass, use it to silence, enough said :P

This makes LeBlanc mobile. Perfect to escape or to gank. Use it to dash through wall or to activate the sigil. Fool your enemies with the return-function.
Some examples:
-you can dash trough a lot of walls in the jungle
-through the wall at the dragon and nashor
-through 2 points at the base-wall - maybe ask a Shen-play, he could know the area where its possible

Omfg, i love this one. Its totally underrated. Its a little bit difficult to hit with this skillshot, but when you mastered it, you become addicted! It activates your sigil, its roots, its just mega-fun! Use it to save teammates or your own live. Use it to stop escaping enemies and so on. But, USE IT!
Some examples:
-shoot through walls to confuse and root
-shoot it backward, when you run away
-shoot it into bushes, to check them

Your amazing ultimate. Don't waste it. Learn to combine it with your other abilities.
Some Examples:
-double Sigil of Silence to nuke a single target.
-double Sigil of Silence at 2 targets, then Distortion to silence both
-double Distortion for maximum AoE-damage. Good for farming, but risky
-double Distortion to cross long distances
-double Ethereal Chains to root 2 different targets

"Hey Hydro, why you max Chains after Sigil, and not Distortion?"
Yeah, I know, the most guides prefer Distortion, because raising grants less cooldown and more damage - wait, more damage?
No! With Chains you have a lower ground-damage, but 2 seconds later the damage is doubled. And the ap-ratio is 0,4+0,4=0,8 (Distortion has 0,6)! So, when you hit with your chains, you deal a lot or more damage than Distortion and your root them (the range of the root is pretty high).
The Problem is to hit. But just practice it :P
Also the chains cost less Mana. And you don't have to touch your enemy for a high damage-output. So its not only cheaper, its safer too.

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You should go at mid, because LeBlanc is one of the best midchamps. Only Urgot could be better (until level 6, then he lost :P).


I love this item at the start. Some survivability, AP and manareg, excellent!

Level 1:

should be your first skill, so you can escape if something happens and you dont have to waste your Flash. Starting with Sigil of Silence is possible too, but with a defensive playstyle you don't harass at the beginning.
Concentrate on lasthitting. Its not very easy with LeBlanc, but when you can handle it, it gives you a lot of gold.

Level 2 +3:

Sigil of SilenceNow start to harass your opponent, because thats LeBlanc! Don't forget to lasthit creeps and don't overextend. Just control your enemy

Level 4:

The tricky part follows. If you still have Flash and Ignite ready and the enemy has about 70% Hp and not too much magicresident or life, try to kill and firstblood him.
Just use your Sigil of Silence, Distortion forward and then get him with Ethereal Chains. Don't forget your ignite. If he attacks you, just return back or flash back. Even if you didn't killed him, he has to go back to base or to the tower. Now you are the dominator, but still play defensive and just lasthit. Don't push to hard, because their jungler (if they have one) could gank you. If you lost too much life return to the base too! Its better to lose some Exp than a death and/or gold, because you have to stay at the tower
Now keep on harassing your enemy, show him, who's the boss but don't suicide.
Its difficult and needs some practice to know, when you can harass him, when you can kill him and when you should stay back. Don't rage if you fail, just keep cool and learn :P

Here are some tips:
-On level 6 you should have about 40 lasthits or more
-Don't lasthit with your q, only with autoattack
-economize your mana. Don't chase&dash too much

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Mid & Lategame

There is no perfect itembuild.
There is no perfect tactic.
Keep that in mind. Counter your enemies!

When you reached level 6 the lame lane-part ends and the interesting gank-part begins. Its time to show, that you were the right man or woman in the mid, that you are the ruler in early and midgame, that you are the dominator.
Simply: Make your enemies cry with nasty ganks and mapcontrol. Just gank as often as possible. Ask for manabuff, gank their jungler etc.
If all enemies start to play mega-defensive, if they don't leave their tower, then you did your job good. Afraid opponents are your proof: you were good!

My default Itembuild

Second Item:

Remember: Mobility! And some magicpen on top :D <3

Third Item:

Get thise one after boots. Why? AP, some life and magicpen. Its just f****ing nice and realy cheap. With your shoes and runes you have 48,5 magicpen + 15% of your masteries. Just amazing for early midgame!
When I was at the base, I often buy
1x So I don't have to go back after every gank.
To gain mapcrontrol just ask your team for some Sight ward or buy some on your own.
If you want: Its everything else then common, I know. But with bluebuff and the spellvamp you don't have to go back. You wont lose time, wont lose Exp. And it gives your allies a nice aura! Sometimes, when I've goldproblems or the match is hard, I skip it.
If you don't like it, then don't use it. But test it, trust me :P

This is my default build with LeBlanc. You are able to keep on lane and you have enough AP and magicpen to kill a lot of heroes instant.
Now it depends plenty on your enemies and the situation.

Recommended items:

-> its a huge risk. Even against a team with a lot of crowdcontrol I wont pick this item. You need at least 6 stacks, until it's cost-effective.
-> More AP, more pewpew!
-> If you have problems with your life or the enemies escape often
-> They stack magicres? Get this one
-> Could help you, if you are focused in teamfights. Also it allows you in teamfights to wait secured after all spells have been cast. But I don't buy it often, I don't like it very much.
-> One of the best defensive items ingame, also after the nerf. Avoid CC and get some life+mana with this one
-> Very nice against a heavy-mage team. Some Ap, magicres and magicpen
-> Only against suppressor like Warwick or Malzahar

Possible Items:

-> If you have manaproblems or your nuke-power is too weak, it could help you.
-> Amazing Item for some caster, but for LeBlanc? I don't know. The AP, cd-rec and manareg are nice, but i prefer other items
-> Some life, mana and AP. Not bad, but expensive.
-> God, i don't like those manaitems with LeBlanc. If you have huge manaproblems, get it. But its ineffective and too expensive in this build...
-> Ehrm, do you autoattack while you nuke? oO'

And finally, don't forget it, NEVER! I use it too rare :/ ... but its such a nice tiny item :D
From level 16 its a must-have if you dont have goldproblems!

Guide Top

Your Role in Teamfights & Lategame

When you read the topic you may think: Well, nuke them down?

This isn't wrong, but isn't 100% correct too.
You could nuke one down and stand then there, autoattacking or something else.
But LeBlanc has a higher potential. I mean, she has roots, silence and with rylai's some slow. Use this CC. Don't nuke stupid one target, don't faceroll. This makes the difference between a bad LeBlanc and a good LeBlanc-player.
You are more then just a single-target nuker. You can silence or root two enemies. You have AoE-Dmg. Don't just use q-r or faceroll to kill a single champ. Root two, silence one, or or or. There are endless possibilities.

In early and midgame its true, you are a nuker. In lategame your damage is still very tough, but its better to counter the enemie's carry. For example:
Feeded Tryndamere. Sigil at any caster, dash forward to silence him, then root tryn, wait a sec, root tryn again with ultimate. This needs a lot of practice and coordination.

Keep in mind: You can carry the early and midgame, but not the lategame. And if you can carry late, you aren't a pro... the enemies are just damn bad :D

Guide Top

Some Tips and Combos and so on

The End of my Guide is near.
Finally I want to give you some tips.

-The Firstblood-helper
If the Opponent isn't in your sigil-range, flash forward, sigil, dash forward, chain, dash back, maybe use ignite. With this combo you have your maximum damage-output in early without ulti!

-remove banshees with your Q, cheap and low cooldown

-gank their jungler. If the jungler starts at the golem-buff, it respwans between min 7:30 and 8:00. Just take a look there, get a freekill and free buff :P. Then ward it, he may return :D

-Trap enemies at their jungle (like this ap-shaco in bushes). Just nuke them down, then run away

- Urgot is one of the hardest harasser in LoL, beside you! Keep moving, play defensive and nuke him at level 6

- Mordekaiser is also very annoying at midlane. The most one are realy bad, but a well-played Morde might be a problem. Harass him when he used his skills and his shield is nearly empty. Attack him, before your creepwaves arrives, so he cant load his shield.

-Don't forget Anivias egg, as LeBlanc you will hate it! I hate Anivia relay...

- Olaf can't be rooted while his Ultimate, keep this in mind

-a very funny championcombination is with a jungle Shen. He don't needs the bluebuff, so you can pick it up at the start. Mega-super-wuhahahahaha-harassement incoming :D

-ask your jungler to gank mid often. When you play defensive it shouldn't be a problem for him. Just dash forward and root him with the chains. So he cant escape and your jungler get some time to deal some damage :P

-Mirrormatching with LeBlanc is not very easy. Mirrormatch means: LeBlanc vs LeBlanc. If you are in the situation of a mirrormatch stay out of her range. Play very defensive. Silly sigil against sigil is brainless. Sometimes dash forward, cast Sigil and return. So the other LeBlanc should have no chance to cast a sigil on you. If your enemie is realy bad, just silence him with sigil+chains. On level 6 try to nuke him down. Iniate! If you don't iniate, your opponent would silence you, before you can silence him

-from level 11 you should be able to solo the manabuff. You need about 70% of your mana. If you were at base before, get 2 healthpotions

Guide Top

The End & Updatehistory

Thank you for reading my guide!
Its my first one, so don't blame me, if I made major mistakes :P
Also my English sucks hard, I know. Please be so patient and tell me big faults.

Now test it and practice with LeBlanc! Leave a comment if you want and how you did with her! If you have question just feel free to add me ingame or write me a message here!



22.04.2011 - v1.15:
edited the buildname a little bit
12.04.2011 - v1.1:
Fixed some mistakes, new headlines, changed a lot of symbol-sizes and the structure, switched Zhonyas Hoursglass from possible to recommended items, added some tips & examples at the abilities
31.03.2011 - v1.03:
added 2 tips (mirrormatch & managolem), updated "Mid & Lategame"
30.03.2011 - v1.0: