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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ranesama

Lee Sin: A Shot in the Dark

Ranesama Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The two paths of the blind monk (Intro)

Lee Sin is an exceptional melee Dps if played correctly, this is my very first build so please forgive me if i make it a tad brief. I included two different builds in one, both are very good in my own personal opinion but feedback would be very appreciative. The first build is a standard Melee Dps Lee, with the second being a more balanced version of the first. Each has been tested numerous times and have both proven to be effective, although my personal choice is build number 1. I don't have any screen shots at the moment but they will be incorporated soon.

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Pro's / Con's

Pro's -

    Efficient harasser
    Utilizes energy instead of mana
    Fairly decent lane-stay-ability
    Several possible skill sequence paths
Con's -
    Squishy early game
    Loses some flair towards late game
    Shield scales off AP making it virtually useless
    Not a good initiator

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I run the standard 21/0/9 on Lee Sin. The Offense masteries allow you some fairly easy early game kills which you will need in order to do well late game. The Utility masteries give a nice little boost such as improved ghost for better survivability/lane-stay-ability.

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is a given on Lee, early game he isn't very fast due to the lack of speed boost from both boots and either Dancers or Trinity. My second option is usually . Flash is great on lee because it allows you either a daring escape from a gank or extremely easy positioning for your Ulti. The ability to flash in front of your opponent to kick them backwards is almost too good to pass up.

Other options on lee are in order to get back to your lane a bit faster or keep a constant map presence; to aid in picking up some early kills or in 1v1 situations.

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is a must as a first item for Lee, as it offers some much needed early game armor as well as 100 health and some nice health regen. After some time in the lane i recall and purchase and either or depending on how harsh the enemies are harassing and how much gold i have upon returning. This is when the two builds become different. After this point i assess my enemy team and decide on which path would be better to go. If they are composed mainly of squishies my next purchases are
and . If they are a nicely balanced team composed of characters of all ranks i buy a and work my way into .

Why get before finishing ? Because, by this point in the game laning should be drawing to a close and Lee will be lacking some serious damage. I find that the combination of Berserker's Greaves and Zeal give enough attack speed for that point in time and that infinity edge gives that boost in damage that Lee needs in order to continue to grab kills.

Ghostblade and Black Cleaver are both amazing items on Lee from what i've tested and discovered, both giving nice as and damage output, but why not appear on the same item sequence together? I find it a bit redundant to have both of these items, so generally i grab one or the other, Cleaver if the enemy team is tanky or Ghostblade if i'm doing a lot of backdooring.

Banshee's Veil is the final item on my list to discuss; why get it you ask? The answer is simple. Lee sin is easily destroyed in team fights due to CC Effects such as stun and suppression. If you are doing well the enemy team will focus you first, and without proper MR and the BV protection late game you will lose most of your glamor and usage. Another excellent item to grab if the enemy team is cc heavy is a pair of . These offer a bit more survivability, yet do make you miss out on some nice early game attack speed.

Alternate items: offers a fair amount of hp and a very valuable slow. offers good AS, some good team LS, and even a bit of Arpen, yet i find Bloodthirster to be better due to the attack damage it gives (if you really want to incorporate this item you might consider switching PD for it). is a great item for Lee if the enemy team is AP heavy, not only does it shred their mana it adds a nice chunk of AS and a bit of MR, although you have to keep in mind that the more AS you build, the less AD you have.

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Core Items and Situational Builds

After the some time of the game has passed your build should look a bit like this:

If you followed the build exactly that is, but of course there are variations of this.

AP Heavy Enemy Team:

and the rest is up to you, choices could include

Armour Heavy Team:

optional items of course include things such as and

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Team Work

When choosing a lane, i find it easier to pick a lane with someone that has relevant CC effects (preferably a stun) as it will ensure that you get easier early game kills. Stay back, harass with your Q, and wait for your laning partner to be ready to go for a kill. Have them position themselves so you can W away to safety when need be.

When team fights break out don't stay in the middle of the action. Without BV you are easily picked off, try to knock a few of them airborne with your ulti and prey on the weak. All kills are for Lee Sin to take. Keep to the sides of the fight and widdle down their squishiest champs. You don't need to be in the direct lane of fire of your enemy spells, try to keep your allies sheilded and just dart in and out doing as much damage as possible.

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Lee Sin the blind monk is an amazing champion, very fun to play, and requires a fair amount of skill to be good with. Unlike Master Yi and a few other DPS champs you can't purchase Lee and expect to go 30/0 your first game. My builds may not be the best in the world but they do work for me, and hopefully will for you as well.

The thing about Lee Sin the blind monk is, he can be build many many different ways. This guide shows how i prefer to build him. You NEED attack damage, unless you're running TankSin, yet without at least some attack speed you just can't seem to get the job done as well as you'd like.

Good luck my fellow blind combatants!