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Lee Sin Build Guide by Cheesesteak69

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cheesesteak69

Lee Sin, how to couner top lane AD as per NA meta

Cheesesteak69 Last updated on April 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yes i wrote a little somthing about denying minion kills. And yes, im talking old-school deny-plank-type denying.

The items posted are what i consider his "core build". Theres no one way to build Lee, he will fill most roles amazingly well. He can be a Tank, he can be tanky or he can be burst/assassin. he can probably be a pretty good support as well, but i havent tried. My item section will include specifics.

The current meta of this game (beside EU severs who usually go with Ap mid and top) boast solo sustainable AD champions in top lane. Panth, Riven, Olaf, WW( yes i know WW is more APish now, but in the early game, he rely heavily on AA). Lee Sin will happily mess those champs up. AP characters are a bit harder to counter, as this build is designed for counter AD.

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Standard Runes, no CDR he doesnt really benefit from it. the only thing that may stand out is the As said in the intro, this a counter to and AD top lane.

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Items and Basic Lee

Play your opponent, as they say. In most cases i would start with
and 5X
if i were playing agasint an AP i would go
and 3X

Once your
are complete it depends on what your team needs.


Build the basic tank build. The idea: protect your carry with your , slow the enemy team with and their carry towards your ready team (don't kick a fed master yi towards a half dead team... he will eat them, and your team will be very upset. with good reason.)
* pls note, tank build doesnt do alot of dmg. your job is initiating, stopping carries from killing your carries and surviving.
** you may want to consider for some added damage


Mercs and Wriggle's done, buy a
(probably the safest route to play him)
followed by, of course

If the game isnt finnish build a

This is your best bet at mastering Lee. he hits pretty hard, has great survivability/sustain. Think of this build as batman. He will spot fill most roles, bait, initiator, dps.
* Feel free to build the first instead of the
** be aware his dps will not be anything to write home about. and remember you are not god. 1v1 an late game, he will eat you alive.


is a wonderful item. a gem MADE for lee. this item will increase lee's burst/assassin-ness, by a very large amount.
provides many useful stats
for damage and survivability
helps a little


Another burst way to play him

Expensive but that combo will give you THE HIGHEST AD burst output possible.

Useful Items for all roles:

When including those items after your "core build" of mercs/wriggles makes you a beast. good dps, good survivability (try not to initiate 5v5).

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Skill Sequence

This is probably where my build stands out. No i don't max out . We have the armor (reducing AD dmg by around 40%) we have *enough* damage. we want MORE survivability.
Max first. Reasons:
a VERY low cooldown DASH/Shield is just amazing. getting into and out of skirmishes with most of your health is a god-like feeling. Iron Will, is one of the best anti-AD abilities. the extra armor, and life steal will help you Out-Sustain almost any AD.
Running away from a gank is made easy with this ability. Even if you have no allied mob to dash too, a free 200 Hp is always welcome.

By lvl 3 or 4 i play extremely aggressively. constantly put pressure on your enemy,

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Summoner Spells

This is purely a preference choice. There are games when i never use my .
can be useful for escaping or getting into a gank.
works equally well, but has increased usage late game.
is redundant thanks to
helps to put WW, olaf and yorik down.

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By now i hope people know to last hit. Well, part of Lee's sustainability comes from life-stealing back from minions, so chances are your lane will be pushed hard, IF they enemy has succeeded at harassing you. If that is the case, make sure your always packing some sight ward for easy dashing and as an early warning.

If your Hp is at a comfortable lvl continue to last hit and deny.

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the 1,2,3 of Lee

First of all, and this applies to most champions, imo, Change all the q,w,e,r,d,f to SMART CAST. in game, press "esc", "options", "key bindings"
It will make using your abilities faster, instead of clicking "w" then clicking the left mouse button on a target, SMARTCAST will automatically dash to the target your mouse is hovering over when you press "w". try it out, it takes a while to get used to it, but the fraction of a second that i removes, can greatly increase your fun and skill.

His passive is fun, but might seem intimidating.
It states that when you use an ability, you get the buff "flurry" saying that for the next 2 hits, you will have 40% AS (attack speed) as well as regain 15 energy. To maximize sustainability, you have to AA(autoattack) twice between ability usages.
Perhaps an example:
your right next to the dragon. you hit him once, "shield", hit 1,2 times "iron will", hit 1,2 times, "tempest", hit 1, 2 times, "cripple", hit 1, 2 times... ECT.

Here is a video of such a sequence:
Dashing through walls: sight ward and passive make escaping fun! by placing a ward on the other side of an obstacle, you can dash to it to safety. It can be priceless in ganks.

Here is a short Video to show what i mean:
When you are being ganked, dont always opt for the direct line to the safety of my turret. that wont stop poppy or trynd. Use your greater mobility for escape. dash to your ward in the river. then "sonic wave" a minion of theirs and "resonating strike" to him. Most people will assume that their Gankee will head directly to safety, and in most cases they would be right. fight that instinct (if you see that running back would end in your demise) go in the bushes and head for their tower. dash/flash in a "potentially compromising area" then run off towards their base, while hiding in the bushes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

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How to counter an ad in lane

Your facing olaf in lane. push too far, he'll perma slow you with this axe, and wear you down. try to exchange blows with him? he excels at 1v1. WHAT CAN YOU DO?
Lee is a burst damage champion. that is where his strength lies. (as well as his very high mobility)

Always keep the enemy on his toes. "safeguard" to friendly minion he is about to last-hit. AA once, tempest, hit, cripple, hit, sonic wave, hit, dragon's rage, resonating strike, hit, safeguard back to a caster minion away from possible turret fire, gank, or retaliation. this combo is devastating and catches them by surprise so much more then the regular: Sonic wave, resonating strike, tempest/cripple, safeguard. if the enemy has been hit with sonic wave, he knows whats coming. Play vs Riven or Jax... as soon as you land that sonic wave, jax will proc his counter attack. Riven will stun you the moment you land your resonating strike. My way also shields you from retaliatory damage thanks to your safeguarding/iron will-ing in. it takes a while to get used to it, but when you do o will whittle their life down so low, you will be able to free farm or just kill them.
Remember, at lvl 9 is maxed. a free 200 hp shield for you and a friend. That easily blocks one turret hit: DIVE THEM! (when reasonable)

* has a very low cooldown. use it in the before mentioned combo to great effect.
** it is also good at helping you escape a gank. kick the closest bad guy into the other one. chase over.
*** if you dont have a good position in a team fight and cannot kick a target into their group for good effect, kick them OVER and obstacle/ wall or just away as far as you can. making the fight a 5v4 for a short while.
**** When fighting Kat, fiddle or a fed nunu. try to save your kick to disrupt their channeled spell.

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Lee Sin how to deny??

I think this hasent been mentioned anywhere else. At least i havent read about it myself. But being able to Safeguard an almost dead minion WILL deny your opponent a minion kill!!!
Your safe behind your caster minions, you see one of your melee minions has almost no life left. olaf strolls down to last hit it, BUT NO!!!! you safeguard to it just in time, unleash your combo, and return to safety without a scratch.

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Possible Oppenents and how to counter

and 5 pots. At lvl 3, when you have your 3 abilities, you should be able to out-burst him. do not engage 1v1 with, in the long run, he will win.
- Do not over extend yourself. Olaf could keep you slowed long enough to nullify your retreat.
- Do not be frightened by his ; if he maxes it out by lvl 9, it will still only do 140 dmg to you and 136 dmg to him (assuming he hits you when you have your shield up. which should be the case, as its an olaf's first reaction to a dash. generally.) Your sustainability will be higher then him since you lvl'd up. the advantage will be yours.

May cause problems because he may be played AP. once again, hes not to be feared, as even an AP WW's will do only 75 dmg (after shield). he'll then be as defenseless as a little pup.
If he's AD... lol have fun owning him. Deny as much as possible. last hit as much as possible to avoid him being able to farm under his tower.

Riven is predictable. Her trick is to use then the third attack of to disrupt your attacks, then dash back out before you could retaliate (very similar to Lee). Be aggressive (at lvl 3 or 4) Do not let her initiate, be the aggressor. Make her use her abilities defensively. This will put her off her stride. Your burst dmg/sustain will take its toll on her forcing her to back. Being AD, she should be a problem.
- Do not initiate with . She will know whats coming next and counter with her stun, and unleash her combo. thats a no no. always dash in to a minion close to them ( as they are CS-ing)

I played a game against a sion, he had 119 AD at lvl 1 with a dorans blade. I was clearly dominating him in lane by the time we hit lvl 5 farmimg freely while he cowered safe under his turret. Then i got ganked 3 times by the jungler and mid as they turret dived me while our jungler D/C... but thats beside the point.
- Please note, once AD sion gets a little fed, you will not be able to stop him. If he has an and a , he will own you. his shield will mitigate enough dmg, his stun will stop you from running away effectively and his ultimate will out-sustain you, even while he's ignited. DO NOT ENGAGE, as for constant ganks to slow him down.

Same as Riven. play aggressively, be the aggressor.
- Do not open with . it will give him the oportunity to stun you, dmg you and dash out. its too predictable.

Same old story. Be aggressive. make him use his leap to get away from your assault.
- Again DO not initiate with . he'll proc his stun and wait, giving him the upper hand.

She can be tricky. You should be able to bully her out of the lane, but make sure to cripple her when she uses her . to minimize your dmg taken, dash in, * do not hit her for fear of * cripple her, and walk away. She may persist, her dashes, and movement speed increases make me a champion you dont want to run away from. If she follows you, and you've already used your shield, and cripple, ult her. kick her away. The idea of your lane presence is to always come out on top. leave them literally crippled, hurt, demoralized. hurt them, and dont take dmg.
** pls note, she will eventually be able to out-dmg you mid/endgame.

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More Champions will be added to the "counter" section soon.

Pls leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. this guide is made to help people. Help me help them.