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Leona Build Guide by Blakhart

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blakhart

Leona- Dont Expect a Sandwich

Blakhart Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Welcome to my guide for Leona Lewis... I mean Leona, The Radiant Dawn
Leona is the first female tank, and she's got a lot of utility, and ability to harass very well, along with bringing out dishes of, not sammiches, BUT DAMAGES! And taking a beating from the guys as well... that sounded very wrong... Domestic violence is not funny, do not laugh :/
Enjoy the read ^_^

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Pros / Cons

-Female and powerful
-2 Stuns one of which has an AoE and a Slow in it
-Great initiator
-Female and powerful
-Excellent Farmer
-2 AoE damage spells
-Her Eclipse Spell is absolutely amazing in the sense that it does damage and protects you
-Did I forget that she's female and powerful
-Great Support as well as tank(support as in helping your allies get away by stunning enemies)

-Her Zenith Blade requires a little skill for when to use it as a farming tool, or an initiator.
-Low AP ratios, making her only be able to tank.
-She's NOT Leona Lewis
-Her missile speed for Zenith Blade has some issues
-Doesn't have a lot of damage output

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I take standard tank runes.
Magic Resistant Blues
Armor Yellows
your choice of HP or Magic Pen Reds
I like the magic pen reds to do a lot of early game harassment to my enemies.

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I use Standard 0/21/9 masteries, not taking the dodge chance, since it's so low. Evasion is a viable mastery to take if you plan on using the dodge boots

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I use Standard tank items with a little twist. I like using Auras to help my allies in team fights, so then I make my self doubly useful.

My core build is seen below:

Situational items:

For heavy AP enemy team:
and/or and/or

For heavy AD enemy team:
and/or and/or

If I'm needing to have more survivability quicker, then instead of going for CDR boots I'll go for the Merc TreadsMercury Treads
In which case, instead of going for Eleisa's, I'll go for Shurelya'sShurelya's Reverie
Shurelya's gives you HP as well as an amazing active that also works offensively AND defensively

I recently thought of an AP buld for Leona as well, if your team is short on AP, then you can follow the second build if it pleases you. I made the build for Leona to be able to do her job and tank, as well as be an AP burst champ.
If you are caught in an enemy's grasp(I.E: 1v2) simply focus the most dangerous one by pressing your Eclipse spell, then use Zenith Blade to jump to them and then auto attack, Shield of Daybreak then auto attack again, and continue to spam whatever ability you can to destroy them.

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Summoner Spells

I like to go with Flash Ignite combo, due to the fact that ignite is a good initiating spell for their carry or for their Vlad and Mundo

Other good options for this build include:
This is a very underestimated Summoner spell, and should be in any group's Tank or Support's arsenal.

I used this a few times, and it saved me from getting killed a few times as well as being able to cover lanes or help my allies with a gank. Works wonders with Teemo shrooms

Used to get away, or to chase down enemies, plain and simple

Another double use, slow enemies to beat the tar out of them, or weaken their damage output while you fight them, giving you a chance to do a little damage while the cavalry arrives.

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Team Work

Leona is what you could call, player friendly, I have yet to find a lane partner that she cannot do well with.
Also, in team fights, you dont get focused all that much, making you a powerful asset to your team so that you can deal as much damage as possible, allowing your allies to pick up the kills with ease.

You are the tank! You are not supposed to carry, or get kills! You are to help your ally get the kills so they can do their job as a carry! Playing a tank gives you the power to do one thing, and one thing only, and that is to soak damage from enemies as much as possible so your allies can do their thing! You thrive on assists rather than kills and if you are there for every team fight like a good tank is, then you will have enough gold to make full build before allies. SUPPORT YOUR ALLIES BY HELPING THEM GET AWAY, AND DIE IF YOU NEED TO!

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Creeping / Jungling

Farming is kind of weird when it comes to Leona.
The best move she has for clearing creep waves is her W and even then, the damage it does cant clear entire waves unless you get some AP which really isn't an option for her. So, best thing I do, is do some mental calculations, and wait for some minions to do enough damage, so that when I hit my W it takes them all out quickly, and puts that money in my purse... I mean pocket...
She also has a fun little thing that gives her 3 fast attacks. Auto attack, then quickly press Q so that it resets your auto attack, and then you auto attack again. it looks like you hit something 3 times, and you do. Its great for killing bigger minions quicker, along with hitting turrets down too.

Jungling is a no go since Leona is amazing with a lane partner. Also, she lacks the damage output to even consider jungling. She can survive it, yes, but would be EXTREMELY slow.

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Best Way to Initiate a Team Fight

So there's a few enemies grouped up in a lane huh? well, tell some of your buddies to follow you towards them, but to stay behind while you Leroy Jenkins right in there.
Seriously, type in; LEEEERROOYYYY JENNNKKKIIINNSSSS!!!!! and then enemies read it and then all of a sudden, you pop out and stunned them with your ultimate, then they are panicking because you are right there out of no where, and your shield bursts because you got it ready right after you typed in the aforementioned phrase and then your allies swoop right out and killed them all... But look, a straggler is trying to get away! Use your W then use Zenith Blade to catch up to them, and then stun them with your Q then your shield pops and if that didn't kill them, your allies will.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed the guide on Leona Lew- I mean The Radiant Dawn, League of Legend's first female tank who can take a beating, and then put YOU in the kitchen and make HER a sammich... I mean...
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my guide for this wonderful addition to the League of Legends, and please comment for some ideas or things you think should be different, and +1 if you like it/ thought it was good ^_^
See ya on the fields of justice >:D

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July 17, 2011
I changed some of the wording to make it a little more of a humorous as well as informative read. I also included other options for summoner spells, and pointed out that Leona is a tank... not a carry.
Also added creeping/Jungling section, along with a change in the way I place my skill order.

July 19, 2011
Changed the item order to make Leona more tanky early game, along with making the situational items not appear due to the fact that some people may mistake it for the final goal of the build. Also added a tanky AP build.

July 20, 2011
Took out a couple of items in the builds to make the builds look more cleaner. also changed the masteries for my AP build

July 27, 2011
Edited some text, edited my "Items" section to be read by newer players, and I remade my pure tank build to be made for more skilled players as well as being more of an actual tank.