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Sion Build Guide by Maximumezra

Top Lethal Tank Engine (Glorified Trashcan Guide)

By Maximumezra | Updated on January 16, 2020

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Runes: No Debt Til Death

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Future's Market
Magical Footwear

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Top Sion
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #32 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Lethal Tank Engine (Glorified Trashcan Guide)

By Maximumezra
Why Mid Sion
You're probably thinking, Mid Sion? What is this Guy Doing!? I'll tell you this much throw that angst and anxiety away. A Mid Sion can offer up so much more than before if he were stuck in Top. The gank potential plus the shutdown ability that Sion has against most mid laners can be ridiculous. Its a super fun way for Sion to shine where you'd expect he wouldn't. Trample your enemies and Charge into battle with Mid Sion.
Why Support Sion Back to Top
A support without a heal, or a pull, or a root what does Sion offer that would be beneficial in bot lane. Despite not having a pull, heal, or root Sion offers other vast amounts of CROWD CONTROL. It can be hard to hit your CC in bot lane but here is a few tips in hitting your CC,
    - Bushes are your best friend, Bushes hide your Q charge up when hidden, use this to your advantage and get some fully charged Q's for Massive Damage.
    - Use your E as an Engage to land a quick Q, if you are able
    - Also Using your Q to help your ADC escape bad situations as it covers a large area and is not something anyone wants to get hit by.
    - You can activate W while charging your Q, use your W either as follow up damage or as a finisher when an enemy is just out of range for an AUTO ATTACK or Q
    - These Tips also apply to Mid Lane and to Ganking
Lethality... huh! Back to Top
So Why this build? The Lethality build offers huge damage output whilst offering you the insane scaling of health that Sion has late game.
    - Youmuu's Ghostblade offers so much in terms of speed. In case you didn' know you still have access to your items when Sion is "Undead"/ Passive going off. Youmuu's allows you to quickly close in gaps as easier especially against champions with a lot of mobility, as well as the lethality helps getting all your damage to go through
    - Edge of Night offers the passive ability to cancel out CC or high damage spells once every 40 seconds or so, this will allow you to charge your Q longer and easier without getting interrupted
    - Other items such as Warmog's, Spirit Visage, Titanic Hydra are great valuable tank items that pair well with Sion and just make harder to kill. Other Items like the Situationals are listed if you need more speed, mr, armor, or need to counteract lifesteal
    - The damage dealt with two lethality items grants you to half health squishies or take a large chunk at the very least and with your R you can almost instakill squishies if charged long enough.
What Are Those Runes Back to Top
You might question some of the runes like Conditioning instead of Bone Plating, and why Precision as your secondary with Tenacity and Last Stand
    - First Bone Plating is good but I find it more useful against someone with lingering effects or extremely short cool downs where they can spam their abilities frequently I find Conditioning to work the best because it helps with the minor runes which is CDR, ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST so it gives some slight tankiness early game so you can sustain more damage for longer as you scale.
    - Grasp, Demolish, and Overgrowth will help with your scaling overall, Demolish helps you get early tower plating so you can stay ahead of your Opponent when they're away from lane and Grasp and Overgrowth will turn out a whole lot of extra health in the long run
    - Tenacity helps with withstanding CC and allows you to stay active more as well as helps reduce the need for Mercury Treads unless the enemy team is High CC or High AP damage.
    - Last Stand helps with dealing extra damage overall, it pairs well with Sion's Passive and helps stay determined to stay in fights longer to really pack your punch.
Going Above and Beyond Back to Top
Sion overall is an easy champion to learn, I would say the hard part is knowing your bad match-ups. In the beginning its hard to say who is your hard opponent in mid lane its going to be some one who can abuse a dash frequently so how do you counteract this. In the scenario where you and your opponent are good players well versed in your champions, your opponent will always save their dash usually to dodge your Q, to counter play either end your Q early if they try dashing behind or to the side, your Q is your main damage dealer, next is to understand when they have their dash up as in know the cool down so you can abuse it and take hold of opportunities don't let them go to waste.
With Mid Sion especially you have a vast access to the map when you reach level 6 and get your R you have your lane and both rivers to watch over. If you have vision in your rivers and you see the enemy jungeler heading for a gank you can use that time to activate R and help your teammates by either isolating the JG or doing massive damage to the other laners. Your map traversal with your R is unprecedented and it gives you the power to help lanes that might be struggling or falling behind. Who needs TELEPORT when I have a one way ticket with MY FIST TO YOUR FACE
About me and Conclu... Sion Back to Top
Currently I am in sad place in ELO hell in Bronze 3. Am I proud of it? No... but I know I can certainly climb the ranks and get where I want to be which my Goal is to get to Gold 3 which will be my benchmark as I continue to get better and learn about the game as this Season being my first official season. This build is meant to be a fun build where you can SCREAM "FEAR ME" at the top of your lungs as you do well. This build is viable as even in the games I lost I still had a high amounts of kills and kill participation and in the game I have won it usually is a landslide victory unless my team starts to fall off late game. I hope you all enjoy this build as much as I do I don't know if this build is viable in higher ranks but either y'all can tell me in the discussions and leave some advice or critiques on the build, or I'll find out myself once I reach the higher ranks. GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Maximumezra
Maximumezra Sion Guide

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Lethal Tank Engine (Glorified Trashcan Guide)
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