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League of Legends Build Guide Author Capn_Evan

Lets play: Evelynn - Expanded!

Capn_Evan Last updated on June 11, 2012
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My Evelynn guide is currently going through a major rework.

[*] Everything you see in this guide is now out-dated, but if you wish to use my build, feel free to do so.
[*] Very soon, this guide will look more professional, with better alignment with pictures and text, and such, will be easier to read.
[*] Stay tuned for updated information about Evelynn

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Welcome to my Evelynn guide Summononers, I assume you are here to require information about one of the most mysterious and underestimated champions of the Institute of War.

I must applaud you for your bravery, and if you wish to further deepen your knowledge about one of the most sadistic and dangerous summons the world of Runeterra has ever seen, please step forward. Please consider this choice cautiously, because once you step into Evelynn's world, you will have trouble ever getting out. You have been warned!

The concept that separates this guide from the others, is the fact that I will add general information about how to win games, and then put Evelynn into that setting. This means, when you have read my guide, you will be enlightened with a mindset every stealthy assassin needs, an attitude that will calm your mind and make the game more fun, and a set of basic skills when it comes to controlling a champion and be good at it.

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Summary - Read this for a quick overview

Who is she anyway?
Evelynn is a mysterious, yet sadistic champion. Her origins are unknown, but everyone that has faced her agrees she is a beast on the Fields of Justice. Her clothing is filled with spikes, and though she is beautiful by nature, her ravaging claws and teeth make people avoid her in general. She has a very convincing nature, and is now gaining influence from top-notch Summononers in the League, for reasons known only to herself.

Useful - pfft, Evelynn?
She is a great assassin, but is a rather unusual pick in Ranked Games, because people tend to dispose of her as a threat once they feel safe behind their Oracle's Elixirs and Vision Wards. This will of course not stop Evelynn, as usually you only gain a one second warning before she is upon you if played right. With the AD build, she is also insanely useful as a pusher. Pushing with Wriggle's Lantern is the new roaming, trust me!

Before the V1.0.0.120 patch, she was a much more usual pick, as her stealth ability Shadow Walk could stun other champions. Instead, she now slows them for 3 seconds.
I think she is still mighty strong with her slowing ability, because people tend to underestimate her without her stun, which is an advantage. And lets face it; that stun was way too good on her!

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Evelynn - The Widowmaker

Evelynn's origins are shrouded in mystery - a mystery she herself helps to perpetuate. What everyone does know about Evelynn, however, is that she is one of the most skilled assassins in Valoran. It is clear upon first meeting her that she is not quite human. Some theorize that she was cursed with a mild form of fantastical vampirism as a child. Supporters of this theory contend that her ability to sap the very life essence of her opponents on (and off) the Fields of Justice, while still being able to tolerate direct sunlight, would account for this belief. There is some evidence that Evelynn originally came from the Shadow Isles - the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. It is thought that the Shadow Isles are home to countless forms of undead, though no one seems eager to perform the exploration necessary to find out the truth. Evelynn neither confirms nor denies her connection to Shadow Isles.

The power brokers of Valoran know that Evelynn's services come at the highest of premiums, and her recent addition to the League of Legends indicates that her ambitions are growing. Her savagery on the Fields of Justice has been so great that new rumors about her origins are now circulating. The most popular one - an abuse of magic as a child morphed her into the hungering beast her opponents see on the battlefield - always makes her smile when hearing it... an act that bares her razor-sharp fangs and teeth. Evelynn now curries favor from League summoners, gaining influence for reasons known only to her. While the nature of her plans- much like almost everything else about her - remains unknown, there's little doubt that those plans are now set on the world stage.

''There is little mystery about her to me - she is the ultimate predator.'' - Jax

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Adaption - the six ground factors to win.

What is adaption, and how can I adapt my gameplay?

Adaption is the ability to foresee scenarios, and prepare for them in the best possible way.
In League of Legends, there are six ground pillars of adaption;

- Rune build
- Meta (Non-game adaption)
- Mastery setup
- Item purchases
- Strategy
- Teamwork

If you have any additional suggestions or questions about the six ground pillars of adaption, there's this awesome thing below called a comment box :D Make sure to use it :)

Rune build

Rune build is the first adaption you will take. It's hard to adapt to an enemy you don't know who is; when you get to champion selection, you must already have finished your rune build.

The best way to adapt your rune build, is asking yourself these questions:

- What type of game will I play? (You need more defensive options if it's Ranked than if it's Normal, for instance. And you probably need more mobility if you're in Dominion than in Classic).
- What level of opponents can I expect to meet? (It's obvious though, that if you play a custom game against Team Solomid, you're in for a harder match than a Ranked match against a random other in-experienced team. A good rule is to adapt your rune build more defensively the harder it is, and rather build offensively with masteries).
- What is my role? (Use the meta to figure out what your role is. If you're the DPS Carry, build Offense, if you're the tank, build Defense. You can also balance your Rune build with your Masteries, if for instance you're an Off-tank).

Meta (Non-game adaption)

Meta is basically everything you do to win that is not part of gameplay. It can be calming your mind, change the graphics or sound, work out (it actually helps to exercise physique in real life to win LoL games!). In LoL terminology, it is referred to as team composition, or the team setup of roles.

The current public meta is:

- A tank, usually solo top.
- A caster DPS, usually mid.
- An AD jungler, the jungle. :P
- A ranged DPS carry in bot lane (or any AD carry).
- A support with the AD carry in bot lane.

You can adapt your non-game meta by asking yourself these questions:

- Should I take a break before my next game? (There's scientific evidence that in terms of performance, you always do it worse the second time around in a row without a break.
Source: - Copy and paste
- Does my muscles ache? (If they do, stretch out, and make your eyes focus on a place far away, preferably in the far-away corner of your room).
- Is the sound too high, or the graphics too blurry? (If you don't have a fast network, it's usually best to play without sound, and with the lowest graphical setting).

And on to team composition:

These are the best ways to make a team meta in all queues;

- If you pick champion last (drafted), you should take what the team needs. You can request to play a role, but don't argue if someone takes it. That's why you should learn to play every role in the meta.

- As the team captain, you have the highest elo, or you made the team. It is however your responsibility to make sure your team follows the meta you want to play, preferably the public meta.

- You do not get a medal for locking in first. Neither does your team. Make sure you're all ready before you lock in. Take your time in Champion Selection, because those seconds will be valuable to you when choosing your meta.

Mastery Setup

Okay, Mastery Setup is a tad easier to adapt, especially in Drafted pick mode. (If you're in Blind pick mode, adapt the same way as with runes). You can adapt then by following these questions to yourself:

- Who is the bigger threat to you? Is there a counter-champion especially capable of destroying you? Can you choose to defend against these, or are they less of a threat than you think they are?
- Do they have a jungler? How can I build my masteries to counter this particular jungler?
- Do we have enough damage? Should I buy more offence? Do we lack a tank? Should I buy defence?

Item purchases

Item purchases is a very adaptable option, but it's hard to think adaption in the middle of an intense game. So to more effectively adapt, you can use guides like this one, so you need to Alt+Tab to see the next item in your build. (In this guide, I have already added two different builds, and I will build more on demand. But the best thing would be to free yourself from the script, and know which items to get when.

To adapt to different game situations is important, so ask yourself these questions;

- What do I have trouble with? (not if they have more AD or AP, but what you need to watch out for. It can often be the same though).
- Is there any point for me to get more offense/defense? (Eventually, you will get to a point where your damage is so great, that you can start thinking about defense. You will also get to a point where your defense is so great, you might want to think damage-wise). Look for those situations, you will know them on the "kill-in-one-second"-situations, and the "I-can-afk-for-20-seconds-in-the-middle-of-a-teamfight-and-survive" situations, or similar. At this point, start balancing your items!


Adapting strategy has two sides; the first is to plan a strategy, the other is to execute it.

To plan a good strategy, you need to adapt to the situation in the game. Ask yourself these questions:

- Can we win teamfights? (Use the teamfight strategy).
- Are we sustainable enough to split-push? (If you're not, a 4-1 push might still work!).
- How much time would it take for him/her to get over to target location to execute that strategy? Does the enemy team got any counter during that time?

And the ah-so-sweet execution of a plan is just as important. Ask yourself these questions:

- Does that plan make any sense at all? (If it does, and you do not have anything better, do it!)
- Can I trust the planner? (If the planner is a troll, obviously you shouldn't execute without thinking first).
- How long will it take for me to execute that plan? (Can the enemy counter? Same as the planner).

Known strategies:

- Teamfight strategy (basically, you try to gank one of their champions, and the rest of the team comes to help, or you catch them together. If you can kill them all, you can push and win!)
- Distraction strategy (4 champions push a side-lane. If the enemy thinks it is the whole team, they will send their whole team down too. But actually, one of your champions will push the opposite lane! If your team can sustain and distract them long enough, you will eventually win! Choose the strongest pusher, because they will probably send a champion as well to deal with this strategy).
- Push and escape strategy (You will hold your lanes, and if they leave to gank, you push like mad. The ones who will be ganked, backs a little off so that the gank is a failure also. Watch your back during this strategy!)


My favorite factor, and the reason I started playing League of Legends. Everyone knows it's not fun without a team who works together, but did you know it can actually win your team games if you adapt it in the right situations?

Teambuilding is perhaps the right word for this, as you will be building your teamwork the entire game in solo queue, and the entire time in pre-made teams!

To build your team, the first thing you need to do is communicate. If you can't understand each other, there's no point in teamwork. There is of course situations where all you need is a good ping and an "ss" (MIA for americans :P) and you're good, but in most situations, you get so much more out of understanding each others' words.

To communicate, use the easiest language for everyone to understand. The basic gaming language is English, and most people will use this, but if for some reason you don't speak English (in which case you googled-translated this guide) my best advice for you would be to make a pre-made team who speaks the same language as you do, or post a really good thread about language customization for team setup on the LoL forums :))

A pre-made team can work together on rune pages as well as masteries, so I always prefer pre-made teambuilding, but you can discuss your other factors, like masteries, meta (you know the stretching and stuff? ;)), your item build and strategy with your team.

If you meet your team in Champion Selection, the first thing you want to do is to greet them. Say "Hi there *smiley face*" or something similar to break the ice :)
Next you want to politely ask if you can play a certain role you had figured to have. If they are rude back, don't anger them further, but adapt to their attitude and give in to their demands. It will help the team :)

Next, you want to tell them exactly what you hope to do. Remind them of the meta, and that you should go there and there, most often Ranked games will agree with you when you do this. But don't despair if someone in a Normal game says "lol, who cares about Meta, it's normal omg". Adapt, and give in to their demands :)

When you're in-game, you can adapt your teamwork by for example watch the map, and if you see there should be an MIA, call it, and add a smiley face so that your team-mate in that lane who forgot to call, knows that you only want to help. :)

Things to avoid:

- Don't trash someone if they die in a very awkward way.
- Don't use many "!"'s or Caps Lock. This will encourage flaming, and no teamwork for you. :)
- Don't answer someone who does the things above, even on the enemy team. This will also ruin further teamwork.(Why? Because if you anger your opponent, chances are, you will also anger your team).

Instead you can:

- Say: "Bad luck" or "Better luck next time" if they die in a very awkward way. Also add a smiley face. Do I need to type exactly how important a smiley face can be? :D
- Exercise correct grammar and punctation. I know it is harder for some than others, but at least try :) It will help, I promise.
- Encourage people who are doing well, also on the enemy team :)

And that's it for the adaption section! :)

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Evelynn's role - where is she in the meta?

Evelynn can effectively replace two of the roles in the meta, Caster DPS, or DPS Carry. The build you see above, is meant for the DPS Carry role, as I find her more reliable that way. Later I will add a section for Caster DPS as well.

Basically, as a DPS Carry, you should go bottom lane with a support. I have found that Sorakais a great lanepartner, because she will allow you to be more aggressive, and allow you to spam your Q and E more often.

You will replace the AD Carry's role, which means you will look on yourself as weak early game, and you have less damage than a normal AD carry. But that's all an illusion if your Soraka makes you strong enough to spam your skills.

You will need lots of farming, as 20 minions = 1 non-fed kill. But if the opportunity arises, always say hello to a free kill, if you can afford it. Remember, you are squishy early game, and heavily item dependent.

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Pros & Cons when having Evelynn DPS Carry in your team


+ She can farm with autoattacks, less need for Q for farming than Caster DPS, so more mana conservation.
+ She can still dish out damage when she is out of mana.
+ She has the potential to carry, and carry hard.
+ The enemy will waste their money onwards andoracles, and you will troll them when it doesn't work because you're too fast.
+ She finally gets a use for her passive; unlike AP Evelynn, she can gank when enemies are near minions.


- Squishy all game
- A first focus in teamfights
- Champions often saves their ultimate just for you. (Wait, is this a con? :P)
- If not fed, or farmed, she will be pretty useless.

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Evelynn's runes

I have tried to create an arena of adaption in my build, so you will see what I'm really thinking to add to my team. I will start of by adapting my runes to fit my role as DPS Carry.
Armor penetration: I chose these because you need to scale better into mid-game than Attack Damage gives you, and early game you won't have your skills to actually bring a champion down so easily. That's why I chose armor penetration, which is better overall, and will bring more damage to my team.
Flat armor: Early game you need armor because according to the meta, you will lane against a support and another AD carry, which will deal tons of physical damage to you if you don't have those runes. You need these runes to be able to go in there and farm minions.
Flat magic resist: Most supports deal magic damage, and AD carries almost always has some way of dealing magic damage also, like Master Yi's Alpha Strike (very annoying early game, but with these runes it's k, even without the orange) - Youtube spoof.
Movement speed: Yes, movement speed is also a kind of defense. Yes, you have a stat called dodge. But with these runes, you can actually dodge skillshots, like Ashe's Volley, and Ezreals Mystic Shot. It also allows you to get where you want faster, and fills in for the lack of mobility from your boots. Overall it adds so much more than anything else I can think of, and is very balanced.

Magic Penetration: I would only recommend this if you know you're not able to catch up to other champions, but you know your hate spike still is able to deal damage on them. Mostly used in hit-and-run situations, and mainly for Caster DPS build.
Scaling armor: This will make her even more squishy early game, but very hard to take down in late-game. Basically you expand what she already is, and make it very hard for the enemy to get you later in the game.
Flat Cooldown Reduction: This is a very viable second choice, if you know you're actually able to get in there and spam. However, I find Magic Resist better, as I would find health regneration better than armor as a first item, if it weren't a part of Wriggle's lantern. This is because I like to stand back, and use my tower to last hit and regain health. Although, Cooldown Reduction may have it's uses later in the game (so does Magic Resist, duh :P).
Flat Armor penetration: Yes, yes, yes! The damage, the boost of damage! But unfortunately, this is useless if you're not able to keep up. So, I would take movement over damage, but if your own build has more movement speed in the beginning, feel free to use these, as the damage is fabulous.

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Evelynn's masteries

Summoner's Wrath

This is simply the best Tier 1 mastery in offense you can get, as long as you have at least one of the offensive Summoner Spells. Since you have Exhaust or Ignite, this is a must. One more ability power point or 2 more damage against minions can't even compare to the 5 ability power and 5 attack damage you get from Ignite, or the 10 reduced armor and magic resist you get from Exhaust.

Brute Force

You will notice that Alacrity is better in synergy with Brute Force, if your basic attacks do not deal magic damage. Since Evelynns basic attacks deal physical damage, this is the better way to go. Remember that your damage will come from basic attacks, and not from your skills, I will explain why later on.


Alacrity is a must for any basic attack champion, like Ashe, Master Yi and ours truly, Evelynn. The reason is that it helps Brute Force really become a brute force (pun intended), and it allows you to get the core mastery, Weapon Expertise .


This mastery grants you CD, which is already really strong on Evelynn. Basically, it helps you proc Trinity Force a bit quicker, and makes you able to land E's more often in a teamfight, for instance in the beginning and towards running enemies. It also helps you if your stealth gets off right before you need it, so that you can put it back on quicker.

The main reason you get this though, is so you can build the Arcane Knowledge mastery.


I love one-point masteries, but this one takes the cake with Evelynn. It's really useful, since you will get much attack speed, and it will proc every time you hit a tower. I found it more useful than any other non-taken mastery, because as physical damage Evelynn, with Wriggle's Lantern, you will be a pusher to be reckoned with. And pushing wins games!


This mastery may not seem like much, but because you don't have a high burst ability-kit like Pantheon or Talon, you want to build critical items, like Infinity Edge. That is why this is the best choice for you, and it also lets you build the ultimate critical mastery, Lethality .

Weapon Expertise

This mastery, along with Executioner , is the core mastery in your arsenal. Aligned with penetration runes, it will deal so much damage late-game, they won't even know what hit them. Every offensive physical champion gets this, so there's no reason for you not to get it too. Since it's a percent penetration effect, it will take effect after the initial flat penetration every attack, like this:

- Flat penetration (from Greater Mark of Desolation, The Brutalizer and Youmuu's Ghostblade)
- Percent penetration (from Weapon Expertise mastery and Last Whisper

Arcane Knowledge

I feel this needs some explaining, since we're going full AD in the first place. Why not get a point in Vampirism or Sunder instead? The sad fact is, no matter what boots you take, you will always get in those situations where your basic attacks just won't reach the enemy. This can be very annoying if your target runs in front of you with basically the same speed, but out of reach, and your Q does no damage at all. After trying both Vampirism and Sunder instead of this, I found that my skills became literally useless, so I went with this instead, and started winning more and more. There is really no doubt that it's a great mastery, but as we're full AD, some might find it hard to believe that it's actually useful. Well, let me tell you this, we get at least 30 AP from Trinity Force in late-game, and your E will hurt notably more late-game if you have this mastery.


This mastery is simply wonderful, and in my opinion, very notable throughout the game. Have you ever known that Lethality adds 1/5 of Infinity Edges passive, which is the highest damage item for any critical strike built champion, like Evelynn.

It's like this:

Infinity Edge: Adds 50% critical damage (for a total of 250% damage on critical strike)
Lethality : Adds 10% critical damage (which, when stacked with Infinity Edge, makes a total of 260% damage on critical strike, or 60% extra damage!)


Summoner's Insight

Good Hands


Runic Affinity

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Evelynn's items

Long Sword: I get this and a health potion early so I can farm minions easier, play aggressive and get more gold. I often use towers to farm when I'm pushed hard early game, but we'll get to that later. I found that this is the best option for Evelynn if you want her to get Madred's Razors faster, because they will make you more beefy, add to your damage, and make your farming a piece of cake (but the cake is a lie, so you only get achance to farm good). Still a good piece of cake, and will allow you to get buffs easier.

Madred's Razors: As I mentioned before, it will add to your survivability, and help you farm in the beginning. The reason I get this before anything else is because early game belongs to farming, and harassing. With this you will take less physical damage from their AD carry (since you're in bot lane, according to meta) and it will help you get those valuable creep kills.

Berserker's Greaves: People tend to take Boots of Mobility, because they seem to have better Synergy with your stealth ability, since most damage can't touch you as you charging in on an unsuspecting champion. However, this doesn't mean you will win over them, and I can't say how many times getting Boots of Mobility instead of Berserker's Greaves has killed me because I lacked the power to actually do something. I feel you get so much more from the attack speed early, when creeping is crucial, and late-game, when you have enough movement speed from Trinity Force and perhaps from Phantom Dancer to actually keep up with enemy champions anyway.

Wriggle's Lantern: This item is perfect for Evelynn, no wonder it is a recommended item. Since you're bot, go place your free ward at dragon as soon as possible to see if the enemy wants to get him. If you want to know if you're doing well; you should have dragon warded with Wriggle's before he's taken. You can also push with this item, by placing the free ward in the river bush, then go push their tower. That way you can see them way before they come to gank you, and you can just back off and stealth.

Zeal: This is when Evelynn's basic attacks will begin to be powerful. You should also be over level 6 at this point, so use it in synergy with your ultimate. This is your mid-game power item, so get this as fast as possible.

B. F. Sword: I get this before Zeal if I have the money, but in most cases, you should buy Zeal first. It will be your first item towards Infinity Edge, which is your strongest item in this build.

Cloak of Agility: This will be great in synergy with your Agony's Embrace, and will build towards Infinity Edge. I don't get why it's called Cloak of Agility, since I figured something to do with dodge when I hear that name, but I know it adds to Evelynn's critical chance, which is your main damage source.

Infinity Edge: This item is so core, it hurts to say it. With this item, and your Lethality mastery, you should work wonders on their health bar. The reason I get this before Trinity Force, is because although TF does much damage, with high utility options, it requires you to spam your Q, and renders you almost useless if you run out of mana. I also found that earlier in the game, Infinity Edge does way more damage overall than Trinity Force does, because Trinity Force scales with level and your basic attack damage, not your bonus attack damage.

Sheen: Wonder where that damage early game from Q has gone? Well, look no further! Sheen is here to make your Q a festive experience again :) It will build towards Trinity Force too!

Trinity Force: With this item, Infinity Edge and your Wriggle's lantern, you now have all the damage you will ever need. Their health bar will disappear in a flash if you spam Q with this. Remember, the damage comes from autoattacks, not Q itself.

Guardian Angel: Thank you A Red Feather, AKA HaydenIsGod for showing me this epic item! Did you know, if you press W before you die, to attempt a stealth escape, and you die with this item, when you the come back to life, you will be invisible! Especially great if the enemy team doesn't have Oracle's Elixir. ;)

The Black Cleaver: When you get this is situational, but it's a great last item if you face much armor in the late game. The fact is that they don't really need much armor for it to be effective, because it's armor reduction, and armor reduction goes below 0.

Phantom Dancer: This item is situational, and I find myself constantly selling this to buy consumable buffs, and then re-buying it. Great item to have in synergy with Infinity Edge, but you can also get more survivability here if you need to.

Madred's Bloodrazor: Get this if you want to counter a lot of health, like Dr. Mundo or Olaf. This can also be used to have an easier time with champions like Lee Sin, who tend to use the Warmog's Armor/ Atma's Impaler build or similar.

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Evelynn's skills


Skill sequence is all about proper scaling and utility. In this chapter, I will justify why I chose to level the skills the way I did. If you disagree, tell me so in the comments below :)
Passive: Shadow Walk

This passive got even more useless since the minions was nerfed, but do not despair, it actually has a use if you go DPS Carry build, because then you would want to gank enemies inside their "safe" minion waves, and the minions wouldn't deal even the slightest of damage. It can also be useful if fighting super minions, who can actually deal some damage to any other champion than Evelynn.
Q: Hate Spike

Hate Spike is your bread and your butter ability, mainly because it proc's Trinity Force and before that Sheen. The best part of it is that you can spam it. You can also use this to farm, but only use it once per minion. With blue buff, you can spam this almost unlimited.
W: Shadow Walk

This is your signature ability. Your enemies will waste tons of money every game to counter this ability, and it helps greatly when setting up ganks. The slow component is why I max this skill second, and the ability to stand next to an enemy and laugh is just so funny it hurts my ribs :)
E: Ravage

Evelynn: Want me to scrath your back?
Enemy: NO WAY!
Evelynn: RAVAGE!
*Enemy faints*

Yeah, this ability is very dangerous, and I level it first, because of the armor and magic reduction. It is a support ability, because it will lower their armor and magic resist for other teammates too! Besides, it gives you greater DPS than your Q will in mid-game.
Ultimate (R): Agony's Embrace

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are both a question of what the champion needs, and what the team needs. In Evelynn's case, I have chosen one spell who benefits the whole team, and one spell who benefits only Evelynn. Kind of, if we don't count her synergy with items and skills.

Exhaust is just great for any assassin, especially since Flash was nerfed. If a champion is alone, pop this on them and they won't be able to get away. If you want to know if your DPS is good enough, you should be able to kill them before this wears off.

It also has it's uses for defence, for those situations you are caught out of stealth. Just exhaust them, and then you can run into a bush and stealth.

Lastly, you can use it in teamfights to bring down that carry before you even get noticed. But be aware; Exhaust will break stealth!

I actually prefer Exhaust overignite, because ignite will deal damage over a long period of time, while you need enough DPS to kill them in a couple of seconds. Ignite also offers no defensive options.Exhaust also has more uses than Ignite, although Ignite does not break stealth.

Flash is mainly an escape-mechanism, but it can also be used to gain ground on the enemies you are chasing. Basically, if you only need one more autohit to kill your enemy, flash in front of them, add a Q and that valuable autohit, then run away :)

Since Flash got nerfed, other options likeSurge orGhost would also be viable choices. But that's all up to you, I still find Flash the best escape mechanism in the game, and you need an escape mechanism! :)

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Gameplay with Evelynn

To play Evelynn, you need to understand a couple of things. First and foremost, that she is a melee character. This means her basic autoattack range is 125, which is the standard melee range. The other thing you need to understand is that she is generally weaker than normal AD carries, like for instance Master Yi, who begins with 61 AD (with Brute Force mastery) while you only start with 54 (with Brute Force mastery). Going toe to toe with an AD carry might not be the wisest thing to do in the beginning.

First of all, it's complete bull that Evelynn needs kills early game. Only AP Evelynn requires you to feed early game to be effective later in the game. With my build, you will only need to farm effectively, and you'll be fine. And yeah, be careful about dying too much, but that should be obvious.

Go to your lane, and adapt to two situations; the enemy is stronger than you, and pushes you to tower. In these cases, use tower to farm.
The other situation is that you're stronger than the opponent, in which case you should enjoy it to full extent and farm freely. Do not over-extend though, just because you got the advantage. It's better to stay back and just go in for that last hit, than stay inside their minion wave and take lots of harass. Stay on your toes for ganks, and use stealth to your advantage!

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Ranked gameplay & How to counter their counter.

Evelynn is much harder to play in Ranked than in Normal games. In Ranked Games, you need to expect people to counter you, and almost render you useless. Just kidding, I will tell you how to counter the Ranked counters and make her a real beast, even in Ranked games.

What can I expect from people in Ranked games?

- They will most certainly have their *tank* or *support* buy an Oracle early, most likely their support, since according to meta, the tank is in the opposite lane.
- They will place Vision Wards mainly in two locations, dragon and baron. This will make the river a very dangerous place for you to stealth in. They will also sometimes place the wards in their lane.
- Area of effect abilities can be used to keep you away when you stealth. Most Ranked players can foresee you are near them, and use their area of effect abilities to both hurt you, and keep you at an arms length.
- Your worst nightmare is another stealth character with an Oracle's. They can see you when you feel safe, and you can't see them.
- Some teams will tend to pick Lee Sin as their AD carry if they see Evelynn get picked. He is a solid counter to Evelynn.

How to counter this:

- Oracle's on supports are great if they want to gank you, but almost useless elsewhere. If you are ganked, act like any other champion without stealth, and move inside a bush, in an attempt to juke them out. (Juking is faking going in a direction, and then use abilities or speed to quickly change it, throwing them off-guard. Your ultimate and flash can be used here, if they're up).

Remember, compared to Vision wards, Oracle's last until that champion dies. And they will most certainly watch out for that, if they're good. The thing is, if you can gank them from bush, you're still invisible, if they don't have a Vision Ward there. Use this to your advantage, and act like a normal AD carry when close to them. Even if your stealth is broken, your slow still works, so use stealth regardless.

- Vision wards are great in many situations, and the worst thing is that you can't see them. I mean, if you don't buy Oracle's. Oracle's are heavily underestimated on stealth characters, they can save you, and you can make back some gold from it, by destroying wards and gank enemy stealth characters. Destroying a ward yields 25 gold each, so you will have to destroy 16 wards to make back the money you used on Oracle's.

A great thing to know is that wards activate your Q if they're close. To reveal if a ward is nearby, make sure there are no minions or enemy champions nearby, and scan dragon and baron until your Q is able to be used. You cannot damage the wards though, but at least you know they're there, and can plan accordingly.

- Area of effect abilities can actually be countered. I would not recommend getting theEvasion mastery, but it may be an option on an Off-tank Evelynn. The fact is, the Area of effect abilities are not target spells (maybe exceptWukong'sNimbus Strike, which cannot be used on you when you are stealthed) so dodging them with speed is a good option. You can also keep your distance or try to read where they will be cast, and dodge them that way.

- The only ways to counter another stealth character with an Oracle's is for your team to take the first opportunity to bring them down, or if someone on your team buys an Oracle's or Vision Ward themselves. Stealth Characters are often more squishy though, which you should think about when you buy Oracle's yourself.

- Lee Sin is dangerous because he has two stealth-revealing abilities, one of them will also slow your attack speed. That is why, if you're not very much fed, you should ask your team to help you bring down Lee Sin, because he is going to be trouble for you if you try to beat him like with other champions.

Other than these factors, Ranked is not much of a problem compared to Normal Games for you. Just use the six adaption pillars to win the game!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: These videos are outdated, I've tried his item build and runes, and they work great, except that my build works better :) Still, these videos are mainly for getting into the mindset of Evelynn, not show you how to build.

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