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Pantheon Build Guide by Guilty

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guilty

Lightning Spear Pantheon!

Guilty Last updated on February 29, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello fellow Summoners, I hope to give some friendly advise on how to play a champion that I adore, at the time this guide was created I am currently only Silver IV. Don't flame me too hard if you disagree with my opinion. This guide is nowhere near perfect I myself have plenty to learn about this game and hope to continue to improve :3. Which is why there will be no match ups as I myself am still figuring out these match ups. I would like to ask for any tips anyone could give me (Before you do read the entire guide. :3). However if one were to give me advice that makes no sense and confuses me because of word choice I will respond back for additional explanation to improving both my gameplay and this guide.

P.S. Special Thanks to kitkat2455 for linking how to put in icons for this guide :P

Current Ranked Status: Silver 2

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Pros / Cons

- Strong Early-Mid Game
- Tons of Damage
- Can carry hard
- Good Farming capability
- Flexible item path
- Good ganks with Grand Skyfall

- Can be kited
- Falls off late game (not unusable but just a bit weaker)
- Has very noticeable counter play
- Relevance when you are not fed is lacking
- Very susceptible to ganks

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Flash for obvious reasons for either securing the kill or escaping as Panth only has movement speed to get out of a sticky situation w/o this spell.

Ignite is a really good choice that I would recommend over Teleport, because Panth needs those early kills. However that is not to say Teleport is bad and it is sometimes more useful than Ignite but usually I would take ignite.

Teleport is a niche spell for pantheon as it removes a lot of his early game kill pressure however the only time i would ever take this spell is if the enemy team has a top laner that can roam better than panth, for example shen

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Pretty standard rune setup with:
- 4x Greater Mark of Attack Damage for outrageous scaling
- 5x Greater Mark of Armor Penetration to compliment Precision
- 3x Greater Seal of Armor for the resistances
- 6x Greater Seal of Attack Damage to make up for the lost ad from the marks
- 2x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for the resistances
- 8x Greater Glyph of Attack Damage to make up for the lost ad from the marks
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for scaling

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Some people would call me stupid for how my masteries are set up, but let me remind you that this is how I play I am not here to tell you what to do but give a suggestion.

Ferocity Tree
- 5 points into Sorcery because Panth relies on his abilities more than his autos.
- 1 point into Double Edged Sword because 3% increased damage is better than 20 health every 20 seconds imo.
- 5 points into Natural Talent because the extra ad and ap it provides helps Panth do even more damage with his scaling.
- 1 point into Bounty Hunter because the % damage increase per kill helps a lot, because as Panth your looking to snowball out of control.

Cunning Tree
- 5 points into Savagery , because the other option Wanderer was changed so that it is only out of combat which is sorta useless as fighting is what pantheon does best.
- 1 point into Assassin because through trial and me actually doing math it has shown me that Assassin is more relevant than Secret Stash
- 4 points into Merciless to do even more extra damage to a low enemy Champion is increased from both Merciless and passive.
- 1 point into Meditation , 0.3% missing mana regen may not seem too significant but I find that its useful for drawn out lanes so you don't have to back as soon as you use all your charges.
- 1 point into Dangerous Game to make getting out of certain fights more feasible, say if they have a DOT and you just killed them the extra 5% of your missing health being restored can save you from death.
- 5 points into Precision this mastery is buffed to the point where I believe that it is better than intelligence so yeah gonna roll with this :P.
- Finally the last point is in the key stone mastery Thunderlord's Decree , this is such a beautiful mastery as it gives Pantheon's already insane physical burst added magical burst that scales from his AD. Some will suggest that Thunderlord's Decree is not as good as Deathfire Touch on panth but to counter that Deathfire Touch does peanuts for damage in the early to mid game where panth excels it is only really good when in late game where panth falls off

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Unique Skills

Description of the skill

Spear Shot - This is your main harassment tool in lane, 10/10 times would be how often you would max this ability. This ability is a single target homing AD nuke. It has insane damage potential as it has a 140% bonus AD ratio as well as it can be used often with it only having a 4 second cooldown. However just constantly spamming Spear Shot and hoping it will work early game is going to make you lose lane rather than winning it. What you should do is analyze what abilities your laner has. Ask, do they have anything that could negate Spear Shot damage?; this includes more questions such as do they have a shield?; do they have sustain?; do they have a spell shield? Do they reduce your vision? Also make sure you have vision of them until the animation for Spear Shot completes but, if you lose vision at the start of the cast the beginning animation for Spear Shot will occur but will not finish therefore saving the skill's cooldown and missing a potential execute or delay the kill.

Aegis of Zeonia - This is Pantheons only form of hard cc. This ability scales on 100% ability power so it doesn't really benefit from attack damage items, making it really just a utility spell. However do not forget that this ability still does some damage and benefits from Natural Talent . The amount of mana that this ability consumes is 10 more than Spear Shot so using this ability whenever you can is not recommended. Use this ability when you have Thunderlord's Decree up, and then chain this with your other basic abilities. Do note that this ability early game has a relatively long cooldown and leaves you vulnerable to ganks, so backing off and just zoning your laner is your best option. Ask, do they have anything that could negate Aegis of Zeonia stun?; This includes questions such as do they have a spell shield?; do they have a knock back? do they have knock up?

Heartseeker Strike - This ability's passive is what will help Pantheon obtain necessary kills in order to snowball. This ability is a cone shaped aoe that has a 60% bonus AD ratio for minions but doubles to 120% AD ratio for champions. I find that when using this ability whenever you can to poke along with Spear Shot is not the best decision, as it consumes a good portion of your mana and its usually better to just use Spear Shot. However that does not mean that you can't poke with Heartseeker Strike, the way that I personally poke with this ability is mainly against melee opponents, when they go up to get a cs or just walk toward you, press e to get three free and easy hits onto the opponent as well as that this ability can single-handedly proc Thunderlord's Decree . Do note that this ability can be interrupted by all hard cc, so use this when you know your opponents cc is down as well as their jungler is not near your lane.

Grand Skyfall - This ability is your follow up/engage onto your opponent(s) or a pseudo-escape. This ability is counted as a blink but can be interrupted, it has a channel time of 2 seconds but the enemy can not see it until a half-second before the spell completes, its impact radius is 700 units but is semi-difficult to land correctly though this can be made easier with the blue trinket upgrade the ability has a 5500 unit cast range as well as a 100% ap ratio however this is negligible as the spell has high base damage and isn't reliable enough to build ap for the damage of this ability..

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Skill Sequence

The way that I max out Panth's skills is first for early game damage for its lower cooldown compared to . I max second as it is panth's best source of all-in damage in the mid game. The third thing to max would be , as leveling it will only increase its base damage and lower its cooldown. Put points into at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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(To be added at a later date)

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- Posted Guide

- Fixed Savagery to Savagery .
- Added the Spear Shot part of the unique skills Section.
- Added Update section.
- More in depth explanation for why having 45% cdr is good (located in the mastery notes).
- Updated unique skills Section added description for Aegis of Zeonia.
- This guide has been overhauled
- Changed the tittle of the guide because I realized that having to rush three items before this build can work is counter productive and limiting the build path sry guys for the misinformation, just remember I'm also learning as I play; therefore the tittle as been changed from 45% CDR Panth! to Lightning Spear Pantheon!
- Just noticed that for the masteries it said to get Stormraider's Surge changed to what I wanted it to be in the first place Thunderlord's Decree
- Changed Runic Affinity to Assassin and Intelligence to Precision
- Due to a friendly comment, I have changed Assassin to Secret Stash and updated skill maxing order
- Updated unique skills Section added description for Heartseeker Strike and a teaser for Grand Skyfall.
- P.S. I am sorry for not updating as much as I would have liked I assure you that I will update more. But this is probably due to me being lazy as hell, but bear with me in my struggle to create this guide.