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Renekton Build Guide by LimitlessHavoc

Top LimitlessHavoc's Top Lane Renekton

Top LimitlessHavoc's Top Lane Renekton

Updated on August 9, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LimitlessHavoc Build Guide By LimitlessHavoc 11 2 52,163 Views 21 Comments
11 2 52,163 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LimitlessHavoc Renekton Build Guide By LimitlessHavoc Updated on August 9, 2020
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Hello there! I'm LimitlessHavoc a diamond top laner (peaked at diamond 2) and I'm writing this guide to share my Renekton experience and help aspiring Renekton players to improve, even though I main Riven when she is banned or picked my secondary champ is Renekton.

This guide was very enjoyable to write and if you do feel like this guide has helped you don't hesitate to leave an upvote or any questions you may have, also make sure to check out r/renektonmains as its a treasure chest of knowledge.

Watch me stream!

Click here to donate and support me! If you did donate, message me to get a special feature on my guide!

I get a lot of messages asking me to review replays, this is something that I am able to do but due to the volume of messages I will have to charge at least ÂŁ5 to discourage those not serious about improving via feedback asking me to watch their replay. So if you are serious about improving your Riven/Renekton and want me to watch your replay you can contact me via mobafire messages just make sure you pick a replay that isn't just you stomping, thanks!

I tried my best to make this guide an interesting read and without further ado let's dive straight into it!

Renekton is a lane bully with a strong early game that allows for him to capitalise and exploit enemy mistakes very easily. He is able to execute combos quickly and with very little counterplay, combined with his fury passive these combos result in depletion of large chunks of HP.

Renekton is a rage-fuelled ascended being from the scorched deserts of Shurima. Once, he was his empire's most valued warrior, leading the armies of Shurima to countless victories. However, after the empire's fall, Renekton was trapped beneath the sands, and slowly succumbed to insanity. Now free once more, he is utterly focused on finding and killing his brother Nasus as he blames him for the centuries he spent in darkness.

+ 2v1/outplay potential
+ Strong early game
+ Innate sustain and tankiness via Cull the Meek and Dominus
+ Mobility due to Slice and Dice
+ Decent crowd control due to Ruthless Predator
+ Snowball potential

Renekton has many pros one of which is his strong early game which he can use to abuse the enemy laner and build an advantage which he can then to use snowball a game.

He also has good mobility which allows for him to dive hard to reach targets during team fights. He also has innate sustain which is very valuable and allows for him to stay in lane for longer and innate tankiness which makes damage heavy builds more forgiving.


- Falls off to a degree late game
- Lack of escapes when Slice and Dice is down
- Very cooldown dependent
- Tend to push early due to Cull the Meek AOE
- Dependent on Reign of Anger fury for damage, especially late game

Despite his pros Renekton still has his cons, the major one being the fact that he falls of late game however I put to a degree as that is mostly dependent on how you build him. If you build enough AD, combo properly and manage your fury, late game you should still be capable of diving and chunking priority targets such as the ADC or mid laner.

Early game Renekton’s playstyle usually results in him pushing the lane due to Cull the Meek and this makes wave control harder and makes you more at risk of ganks. This fact is worsened by rushing Tiamat.

Flash is key on most champs as it allows for you to engage or disengage. Especially on Renekton as a good flash empowered Ruthless Predator can win a team fight if it lands on their carry. You can use flash to escape, chase and even reposition in a teamfight. Flash also allows you to punish your enemies when they are grouped up late game because Renekton deals a lot of AOE damage very quickly making it possible to chunk a whole team if timed correctly.

Teleport is great on Renekton as it lets you snowball other lanes more easily, it's very important to make sure your teleport isn't interrupted by enemy CC so make sure to position correctly, E.g. your side's jungle. A strategy I usually employ is to rush 6 before the enemy bot lane hits 6 and then ask my bot lane to deep ward, I TP in, get a double kill and then force dragon. Use Teleport when in a difficult lane in order to get a free back or just pressure another lane instead, in order to be truly successful with teleport you have to use it pro-actively, use it to make plays when you feel the enemy bot lane is in a disadvantageous position, don't just use it to counter-gank use it to also create ganks! The below spoiler explains how to make good TP plays and why you should do so.
Click to view Huni TP play!

Ignite can be viable as it's great for early aggression which Renekton thrives off however you'll be at a disadvantage not running teleport as you’ll be more vulnerable to ganks and have less global pressure, this requires you to play very smart and rotate effectively so that your team isn't at too much of a disadvantage. Use ignite for securing kills or just adding to your damage in a combo.

Currently the best keystone rune on Renekton when not up against a super tank. Renekton is able to proc it quickly due to his Ruthless Predator and benefit from the extra burst damage and % damage boost. To make it even more attractive on Renekton it has a 6 second CD!

Pretty self explanatory, increased playmaking ability.

Renekton actually benefits from attack speed as he utilises alot of auto attacks during all ins, it also enables him to make better use of Conqueror if hes running it. Pick Legend: Tenacity when up against high CC comps (e.g. malph/fiddle/malz).

Personal preference, Coup de Grace acts as a mini execute so run it against matchups you feel confident in, run Cut Down against tanky matchups and Last Stand for more outplay potential at lower HP. As Renekton I always find myself in positions where my HP is quite low and the extra dmg from Last Stand can make the difference between surviving and dying.

Resolve tree secondary is very strong on Renekton as he thrives on having a good early game, these runes make it easier to win trades. Run domination secondary if you feel that you are going to stomp and don't need the extra safety of resolve.

Situational choices:
Electrocute is good when up against a squishy laner. I rarely run Grasp of the Undying however some people may find it useful in harder matchups. Run Conqueror when up against a super tank such as cho'gath/mundo or if you want a better late game.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

0 Q W E Q Q R Q E Q E R E E W W R W W
> > >

On Renekton you max Cull the Meek first as its his bread and butter ability, it offers good AOE sustain and damage especially when empowered making it a great poking and zoning tool. You max Slice and Dice second as its very valuable and is Renekton’s only mobility skill as a result having a higher uptime is very important.

INNATE: Renekton generates 5 Fury each time he lands a basic attack on a non-structure, losing 4 Fury per second if he hasn't dealt or taken damage in the last 12 seconds.

When at/above 50 Fury, Renekton's next basic ability consumes 50 Fury to enhance its effects (does not generate Fury). Renekton gains 50% more Fury from all sources while below 50% maximum health.

Reign of Anger: You can use the fact that your fury is at 50 to zone opponents from EXP and gold from CS, this relatively simple trick works because your opponents fear your empowered abilities.

The fact that you generate more fury when at lower HP also means you can outplay opponents even when near death via your empowered abilities which may have not been empowered if you didn’t have the increased fury generation.

Renekton can also generate fury quite quickly which can lead to people underestimating your damage potential even when not at 50 fury. Renekton generates 5 Fury each time he lands a basic attack on a non-structure which makes it even more important to auto attack in between each ability to maximise your damage.

Cull the Meek also generates 2.5 fury per minion hit and 10 fury per champion hit. Ruthless Predator generates 10 bonus fury when used on a champion. Slice and Dice generates 2 fury per non-champion, 10 per champion. Dominus gives 20 fury instantly and generates 5 Fury per second (total 75).
ACTIVE: Renekton deals physical damage to all nearby enemies, gaining 2.5 Fury (quadrupled against champions) as well as healing himself (capped, tripled against champions) for each unit hit.

EMPOWERED: Cull the Meek deals 50% additional damage and triples both the healing and its cap.

Cull the Meek: Your bread and butter ability, you should be using it constantly to poke your enemy laner by clipping them at the edge of the ability. Cull the Meek sustains you whilst chunking the enemy laner allowing you to come out ahead in trades.

The range of this ability is amplified by Dominus, other size increasing abilities and Elixir of Iron, this little detail can make the difference between living or dying.

Ensure when getting dived to use empowered Cull the Meek to increase your chance of surviving whilst also doing a great chunk of damage in the process.

Cull the Meek can also be used to cancel the animation of your auto attack (at the end) and Tiamat.
ACTIVE: Renekton's next basic attack within 7 seconds has 175 range and strikes his target twice (each hit applies on-hit effects and grants Fury) dealing physical damage and stunning for 0.75 seconds. Hitting an enemy champion grants 10 bonus Fury.

EMPOWERED: Ruthless Predator strikes Renekton's target 3 times, deals 50% additional damage, increases the stun duration to 1.5 seconds and destroys damage-mitigating shields.

Ruthless Predator: One of your most useful abilities and you usually max this last. Most of the time you want to use it in its empowered state especially during all ins due to how much of a nuke it is and also the shield cancelling effect is really useful when up against champs like Sett and Riven.

It works as an auto attack reset, applies on hit effects, increases your auto attack range by 50, helps to set up ganks and also helps you instantly proc Press the Attack.
FIRST CAST - SLICE: Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through and generating Fury (2 per non-champion, 10 per champion) for each unit hit.

Hitting an enemy allows Renekton to cast Dice within the next 4 seconds.

SECOND CAST - DICE: Same as above but when EMPOWERED: Dice deals 50% additional damage to all enemies and reduces their armour for 4 seconds.

Slice and Dice: Very important part of Renekton’s arsenal as it gives him mobility that is essential for his role as a diver especially when coupled with flash. You max it second to reduce its cooldown allowing you to have more opportunities for playmaking.

Late game you should opt to utilise the armour shred from the empowered form of dice during teamfights to help boost your ADCs damage especially against tanks as the shred scales up to significant 35% at max rank.

Make sure you hit either an enemy minion or champion during the initial cast to ensure you have the second cast to escape or further pursue. Remember once Slice and Dice is down you become very vulnerable to ganks so play around that cooldown.

Remember it is rarely ever beneficial to use both casts to reach an opponent especially if you can’t kill them as that leaves you in a vulnerable position to be ganked. Instead you should use the first cast to reach the target, carry out your combo and then escape with the second cast.

Slice and Dice can also be used to travel across terrain which can help you escape ganks or finish of an enemy. The mere fact your Slice and Dice is off cooldown can be used to zone the enemy and deny them of gold and EXP.

When getting ganked ensure you use the first cast of Slice and Dice to cover distance whilst ensuring you hit an enemy so that you can use the second cast to cover further distance.

Slice and Dice can also be used to cancel the animation of your auto attack (at the end) further reiterating the importance of auto attacking in-between abilities.
ACTIVE: Renekton empowers himself for 15 seconds, gaining bonus health, increased size, 25 bonus attack range and 20 Fury. BONUS HEALTH: 250 / 500 / 750

For the duration, he deals magic damage each half second to all nearby enemies and generates 5 Fury per second (total 75)

Dominus: Very important part of Renekton’s arsenal as it gives him the ability to outplay from very low HP. Make sure to take advantage of the increased fury generation and the aoe magic damage as both are deceptively powerful.

Dominus can be used during Ruthless Predator to break out of the self-stun it applies and also after the damage of an auto attack has been applied to cancel the animation afterwards.

Long Sword = auto attack
-> or or
Use: Cancel the end animation of the auto attack after the damage has been applied

Use: Cancel the end animation of the auto attack after the damage has been applied and acts as an auto attack reset

-> or or or
Use: Double cast Tiamat active

Use: Cancel the animation of Ruthless Predator removing the self-stun

Use: Escape a gank or initiate a one shot combo

-> or or or or
Use: Cancel the animation of Dominus via cull the meek

-> ->
Use: Panther combo, cancels the animation of Cull the Meek. This animation cancel takes a lot of time to master, make sure that you Cull the Meek at the end of Slice and Dice and spam auto attack afterwards.

-> -> -> ->
Use: Level 2 trading combo utilising the animation cancel discussed previously

-> -> -> -> -> ->
Use: Level 3 trading combo utilising the animation cancels discussed previously. The order in which Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek are used is interchangeable however you should try and use the empowered form of Ruthless Predator to ensure you win the trade.

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> KILL
Use: Level 6 all in combo

Renekton is an early game champion so its very important that your starting item embodies that principle. Doran's blade also offers decent sustain which helps alleviate the detrimental effects of taking bad trades or being chunked after a gank. The early starting HP can also make the difference between dying or surviving during an all in.

Same points as above however this start is generally safer but doesn't capitalise fully on Renekton's strong early game, however you can build Doran's Blade after your first back anyways.

Renekton’s favourite item and for obvious reasons. It provides him with HP for extra tankiness, AD, extra sticking power via Phage passive, armour shred and CDR. As Renekton you can stack Black Cleaver armour shred extremely quickly this complements the shred from your empowered Slice and Dice making it easier for you to duel tanks and allowing you to drastically boost the damage of your ADC during team fights. In general you want to build the Phage component first.

Mercury's Treads when up against several AP champions, hard CC or a fed AP threat. Ninja Tabi when up against an AD laner such as Riven or an AD comp. In general you want to base your purchase on what choice will be most effective against the enemy team not just your lane.

In general you want to build this item after Black Cleaver as it synergises very well with Renekton’s bruiser build and the fact you stack a lot of HP. It provides HP, AD and a useful passive that acts as an auto attack reset. It also has an AOE on hit effect that improves your wave clear and general damage in teamfights.

Build this item when up against AD heavy teams and you don’t need Randuin's Omen as they are not heavily reliant on crit or attack speed. This item further adds to your one shot potential via the momentum mechanic so make sure you build it up before diving the enemy backline as it increases your damage and makes it harder for you to be kited via the movement speed increase it gives.

Build instead of Dead Man's Plate when up against crit, attack speed reliant comps or even to combat a fed ADC.

This item synergises very well with Renekton as you get a lot of HP from your build and Dominus so your effective health is made much higher due to the additional resists this item gives. Another reason why this item is good on Renekton is due to the fact that after you’ve used your first rotation in a teamfight there’s downtime where you are left just auto attacking, you can fill this downtime by using stoneplate’s active to increase your survivability until your next rotation comes up.

Build this when up against several AP champions or an AP threat. This item also boosts all healing so ensure you use empowered Cull the Meek on as many targets as possible to reap the full benefits of this passive.

This item synergises extremely well with Titanic Hydra as it’s active scales with your max HP. It makes you even harder to kill especially if you build the normal bruiser build as Sterak's Gage scales off your bonus HP.

This item is extremely good when you’re snowballing as it makes the enemy less likely to focus you and if they don’t you can freely wreak havoc on their backline. It also gives a good amount of AD which helps further increase your snowball potential.

I rarely ever build more than 2 damage items on Renekton however if you are snowballing this is a possible option after Titanic Hydra. It gives decent AD, life steal, armour/MR and a very potent damage delay passive that essentially becomes reduction coupled with Cull the Meek healing.

Same as above, can build when snowballing, its a really great item on Renekton due to Ruthless Predator applying on hit effects however rushing it makes you very squishy.

Renekton is a lane bully so you want to use his kit in a way that establishes lane dominance and control.

Level 1:
In general you want to focus on last hitting each CS whilst clipping your lane opponent with Cull the Meek in order to prep them to be killed eventually. Zone them with Cull the Meek and if they refuse to get close enough to your minions that’s a win for you as you can push them out of EXP range whilst denying them gold.
You may end up pushing the lane but due to Renekton’s ability to wave clear you can force the lane to reset via fast pushing with Cull the Meek and crashing your wave into their tower so that the next waves meet in the middle of the lane. Ensure you look at where your next minion wave is before deciding to fast push as that’s where their minion wave will be as well so if you start fast pushing when their next wave is past their tower or will be past their tower you leave yourself in a disadvantageous position or open up to your opponent being able to start a freeze.

Level 2:
This is a spike for you as you should now have your mobility spell Slice and Dice. Ensure you don’t waste two dashes on reaching an opponent and instead always save a dash to escape after executing the level 2 combo discussed in the combos section of this guide however if you hit level 2 first and they are still level 1 then the second cast of Slice and Dice can be used to further chase them down. Make sure to manage your fury properly and try and use it to zone the enemy from CS. Also emember to ward at the 3 minute mark in order to avoid dying to avoidable ganks.
Top lane is very prone to ganks and as a result you need to be able to read enemy champion movements. For example, you're up against an Irelia, all game she's been focusing on farming but suddenly she moves towards you with here W active and instinctively you move backwards into your minion wave, if she continues chasing their jungler was most likely there, with this info you should attempt to play passive for like 20 seconds, better safe than sorry. Sometimes if you're unable to read enemy movements you can fake aggression whilst making sure not to put yourself at risk and see how they react, this can sometimes bait the enemy jungler to come out and then you can simply back off, this method is risky if both champions have a form of CC however.

Level 3:
This is another power spike now as you have all your abilities excluding your ultimate. Make sure you continue clipping with Cull the Meek and carry out the level 3 combo discussed in the combos section of this guide whenever possible. When they are low enough all in them and get a kill or flash, or both.
When deciding to initiate the level 3/2 combo assess the minion waves in order to ensure you don’t draw too much minion agro and your enemy's cooldowns, from that you can judge if it's time for you to engage or not.
If they have a wave building trim the wave before you fight because if you do engage within or next to that wave you may lose the trade heavily due to taking too much damage from minions. If they used a main spell to farm, engage and make sure to escape before that CD comes back up. It's very important to capitalise when the enemy laner's spells are on cooldown due to being used to farm as their potential damage or utility is lowered making any trade that occurs more likely to go in your favour.
At level 3 you should have all your abilities and due to being resourceless this allows you to engage frequently, this lets you wither your opponent down till you are able to all in them.

Laning Vs ranged champions:
In these lanes bushes become your best friend, use them in order to stop yourself getting harassed too much. You also need to learn to give up CS as it's just not worth the amount of poke/damage you would get back. In these lanes you should use Cull the Meek to clip CS and the enemy champion (if they stand too close). You should also CS when they are CSing or after they have used an important cooldown because they are less likely/unable to auto-attack you in those moments. Try to co-ordinate ganks with your jungler especially if they have no mobility as that generally results in a kill if done well. Renekton can also CS quite well under tower by utilizing Cull the Meek and Ruthless Predator to pick up CS that you would otherwise lose.

You should always try to take the enemy tower as early as possible as that provides your team with global gold which can help develop item advantages and also plates for yourself. After you take the enemy tower you also become free to roam, make sure to push your minion wave as close as possible to the enemy's tier 2 tower before you roam as you don't want them to take your tower whilst you roam. Try to roam mid and flank their mid laner from behind and then try to take mid tower, if that doesn't work you can deny the enemy jungler by taking his camps or waiting for him to come clear a camp and kill him a few seconds into his clear, by doing this you create picks which makes objectives such as dragon and towers less contestable for the enemy team as they are down one man thus resulting in any potential team fights being 5v4 and less in their favour.

During mid game most ADCs are at their weakest so use this to your advantage and kill them whenever possible, try to shut down the enemy ADC as early as possible to increase your chance of winning. If you are behind it is key that you roam mid or bot as you can snowball from kills from other lanes.

Late game you take on a dual role as you won’t be as strong as you were mid game so diving the back line isn’t always possible that’s why you should also peel for your ADC via causing as much disruption as possible and stunning potential divers with Ruthless Predator. This is not to say that you shouldn’t dive as there are some games where your ADC will be useless so instead you can coordinate dives with your jungler or an assassin on your team.
Teamfighting is very straight forward as renekton, reach the backline and blow up their squishies whilst causing a disruption. However, this isn’t always possible so you need to be able to adapt and also take on the role of a peeler or meat shield.

Generally you should split push when you're ahead of your enemy laner and your team is behind. This draws people top, opening up objectives for your team such as towers and dragon which can put your team back into the game however this requires good vision control and you not dying.

As Renekton you want to team fight either when the enemy team lacks CC, your team has a team fight comp e.g. Ori, Amumu, Braum.., when most of your team is ahead or when you have appropriate vision control so that you can pull off flanks without risk of being ambushed and collapsed on by the enemy team, by flanking the enemy team's CC is less of an issue as their backline is open to you.

Renekton has very good catch potential with Slice and Dice and Ruthless Predator, you should take advantage of this as that can result in a tower, dragon or even baron.

Renekton is a high skill, high risk and high reward champ which when mastered can carry very hard. To truly become good at Renekton you must practice, watch streams and know his match ups in and out. If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me.

League of Legends Build Guide Author LimitlessHavoc
LimitlessHavoc Renekton Guide
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