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Lissandra General Guide by Magarw

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magarw

Lissandra Support - Let's put some ice on where it hurts!!!

Magarw Last updated on May 1, 2013
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Hello Summoners!

Welcome to my first guide (on this account on mobafire).
I have had on account before, where I have created a few guides, though I can't seem to be getting it back for some reason! :P

Anyways, here is my first guide, about playing Lissandra as a support. Why am I trying to create a mid laning bursting champion in to such boring thing as a support? Well I could see a lot of aggressive support potential in her, which is what I like to play the most, so why not try? :)

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The items basically is a normal support build, in my opinion, with some items that you get some advantages from, but also giving your team mates a certain advantage in team fights. I really don't see any idea of going in to details about why I have chosen to pick these items, since nearly everyone should know why. Though I should probably explain why I have chosen Twin Shadows as a late game item and not as an optional item. For Lissandra Support I think Twin Shadows fits her aggressive play style of keeping opponents slowed down as much as possible, that is why I have picked Twin Shadows. Using this can make sure you either get a kill or makes you in safety from a gank.

The optional items are of course only if you feel like building or upgrading in to having those items in mid or late game.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an optional item, and can be picked if you really are the most aggressive support as possible, engaging furiosly by jumping in to the middle of everything and slowing everyone. In that situation you can self cast your ultimate of course, and afterwards use Zhonya's Hourglass. Though I would mostly recommend this item for people playing Lissandra as AP carry.

Shurelya's Reverie is a fantastic support item both for engaging and disengaging, but for Lissandra as a support, I wouldn't recommend to rush this item, since I think there are a lot of other items I would get first. But don't get me wrong, it is the optional item I would recommend the most. In situations where other players on your team is getting one of the main items in this build, then go for Shurelya's Reverie. ;)

Shard of True Ice is another item for create as much chaos for the opponent team in team fights, when you are engaging or someone else are engaging. In such situations Shard of True Ice is very good. Other situations where it could be useful to have this item, is if you often are chasing the opponents down one by one. Then this item is very good to make it easier for you to secure the kills.

Runic Bulwark is just if you feel like upgrading you Aegis of the Legion. I wouldn't go for upgrading it as fast as possible, since the upgrade is not that important and game changing as some of the other items. But if you feel like it and it fits more to your playstyle doing so, go for it. :)

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Runes and Masteries

There is not much to tell about the runes and masteries. Overall the runes makes you to sustain for longer time in the laning phase, but also makes you a strong engager of teamfights.
The Masteries also makes you strong in laning phase and in team fights, but also makes you able to keep up with your team mates in income, since you are not getting any farm.

Remember if you find another mastery build or some other runes you wanna play with instead when trying out Lissandra as support, do it, since these runes and masteries just are those I use. But I can recommend using these builds, since I have had some pretty successful plays with them. :)

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As Lissandra support, you have to play aggressive as often as possible, though without overextending too much. I can break the playstyle up in two parts; Laning Phase and Team Fights.

Laning Phase:
When starting the game and playing through the laning phase, the best tactic to use is to zone in the two bushes as much as possible. This makes it hard for the opponents you are facing in the bot lane to farm. Make sure to keep them as much as possible out of farming range as possible. This can be done with either your Ice Shard or the combo of your Glacial Path and Ring of Frost. Though when using the combo be sure not to overextend, if you do it can have some fatal consequences.
But this combo can also be used in order to set up kills for when your jungler at some point comes to gank. If the combo is well placed and you are landing your Ice Shard as much as possible, you can't avoid getting a kill on your lane. :)
At some point your lane will probably get ganked by the opponent jungler as well. When such things happen you Glacial Path is amazing to either getting out of range from the opponents or tricking the opponents to think you will teleport at the target location of your Glacial Path.
One last thing about the laning the phase is: Remember to ward as much as possible. Even though you have gotten your Sightstone you still have to buy wards, both green and pink, to secure your area from getting ganked as much and often as possible. Save a life, buy a ward. :)

Team Fights:
In team fights, when you get at that phase of the game, you are probably in the mid game item build. Unless you have gone some other path and rushed Zhonya's Hourglass to block as much damage as possible when engaging.
One way to engage a team fight, that I enjoy, is to teleport in to the middle of the opponents team with Glacial Path and then self cast your ultimate Frozen Tomb. This makes you IMMORTAL, for a short duration. Though in that time you have probably caused so much chaos for the opponents team that they are either smart enough to get away from you or targeting different players from your team and not focusing one player. When the duration of Frozen Tomb is over they will probably target you. So either be ready to flash away, use Zhonya's Hourglass if you have bought that, or die (hopefully as the only ony from your team, if the team fight went as planned). :) If you don't have your Frozen Tomb ready for a team fight, your role in that team fight will be to slow down the enemy team as much as possible with Ring of Frost or using it in a combo with Glacial Path. All this while poking as much as possible with Ice Shard, which also will slow those you hit with it.

As a last thing for the playstyle is how to use Glacial Path. When disengaging or getting in a safe distance from your opponents, you don't always have to wait until it has reached the max distance. A short teleport can also save your life, if you are against a melee champion e.g. Udyr or someone likely. Also you don't always have to teleport to the location of Glacial Path, in some situations you can trick your enemies to think you will teleport that way and in the best outcome make them use their flash in the wrong direction. :)

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Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by this guide about Lissandra Support. I hope you think it is an interesting choice of playstyle for her, and I hope you will maybe try it out if you find it interesting enough for you to spend time on. :)

Leave a comment of what you think about it if you feel like it. :)


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