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Lee Sin Build Guide by JakofAllSpaydes

Listen to their heartbeat - A jungle Lee Sin build

Listen to their heartbeat - A jungle Lee Sin build

Updated on March 31, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JakofAllSpaydes Build Guide By JakofAllSpaydes 717 73 3,374,264 Views 352 Comments
717 73 3,374,264 Views 352 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JakofAllSpaydes Lee Sin Build Guide By JakofAllSpaydes Updated on March 31, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin


Hey guys, I'm officially gonna come back and re-write this build, since yes, it is a bit rushed and Im not in depth at all. CoughCough. I re-wrote this. Enjoy.
Cant believe I forgot to put this. Thx to JhoiJhoi for the banner XD

I focus Jungle Lee Sin, not laneing, so if you wish to lane, enjoy one of the other great lee sin builds on this site, but if you're up for a jungle-filled killing spree, read on.

I updated the item sequence, as I think the new one works better :3


Props to Duff and RosePhoneix and Jebus for the suggestions.
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Wanna know more? Maybe have a little Chat?

Wanna check out what me and my friends are doing recently? Care to look around for some videos or reviews of games? Well then go check out my blog!

If you have any questions or things you wanna talk about or ask me, go on and find the Discussion section and leave a comment, as I don't really use mobafire anymore, so I'll most likely respond faster to the blog than here.

Click Here!
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Pros / Cons

-Good Damage all game
-nice mix of burst and auto-attack damage
-good ganker --- Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike + Tempest / Cripple
- Dragon's Rage is great in teamfights. Interrupts everyone on the opposing team if done correctly.
-He is Lee Sin, The Blind Monk.

-A bit squishy before your warmogs
-if you cant hit your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, it's a lot harder to gank and you will fail most of the time.
-You need good positioning to play him well. (for his ult, cripple, etc etc.)
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Lee Sin is a Tanky AD jungler, which means that he deals great physical damage while being very durable in fights. The runes I take are pretty standard.

Im sorry for the confusing explination, I forgot to change it.

6 Apen reds - around 10 apen

3 AD reds - combined with the quints, you will have around additional 10 ad as well.

9 armor yellows - very standard jungle seals

9 Mres /lvl blues - for ganking and out of the jungle

3 AD quints - Combined with the 3 ad reds, you will have around 10 extra ad.
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Skills / Skill Sequence

- This is what makes you the great jungler you are. Without this, you cannot jungle. Make sure to utilize it, so dont spam all your skills at the same time, since it doesnt stack. Use an ability, wait for 2 autoattacks, then use the follow-up ability. This is absolutely key to jungling with Lee sin.

- I cannot describe how great this skill is. It is amazing for ganking, chasing, and, well, it's your main source of damage. the follow-up kick is great for destroying people, as it does 10% of their missing health. Combined with your other skills, you are a complete nightmare.

- This is great for sustain and the lifesteal is great. Don't understimate it. It is a decent shield mid game and the lifesteal is like a free scepter every few seconds. This, combined with your wriggles will give you nice sustain and recovery in jungle or in lane.

- This is a great tool, and instead of damage, it is more of a utility. Sure, the damage is nice, but what really makes it unique is the aoe slow and reveal. if you know there's a sneaky twitch around, or if that vayne tries to escape with low health with her stealth, just tempest, and you can reveal + slow them.

- This ult is a great damage dealer and also good utility. Aiming this ult is very important in teamfights, as a bad ult can only kick (and maybe kill) one person, but a good ult can knock the enemy straight into his or her team, disrupting everyone on their team and giving yours a very nice advantage. It has a decent cooldown, so dont be afraid to use it to do a huge burst to go for a kill.

My skill sequence is:

I max tempest last, not because it's bad, but I just like to have really good burst early on. Safeguard's shield and lifesteal proc is just too good to ignore. But again, you can max tempest first, as it helps clear camps faster because of the AOE and the slow follow-up scales up very nicely.


--> --> -->
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Core Items

You must think I'm high or something for getting Vamp. Scepter first, but believe me, I've played Jungle Lee sin lots of times, and it works. After you finish the first path (Read the next section on jungle routes), you should have just enough for cloth armor and a pot. Finish it with a wriggles latern. It's a great jungling item, and don't forget to ward.

- Your core jungling item. It is a must have early / mid game. The passive makes you amazing at clearing camps and the early damage, armor and lifesteal benefits you greatly. However, sell it later in the game for a bloodthirster for extra damage and lifesteal.

- These boots are probably the best boots for Lee Sin, but arguably, it can be the best boots for anyone. The build lacks Mres early on, so it is very useful. Also, the 35 tenacity is just wayyyy to good to ignore.

- This is great on anyone. ANYONE. but for Lee Sin, it is a core item because all the stats benefit him greatly and the slow and 150% damage proc is amazing. This gives him Move Speed for chasing, AD, attack speed, and crit chance for damage, hp for sustain, and the passives for his bursty abilities. Overall, its a great item. Get it.

- This item is great. It lets you be tanky, but gives you damage at the same time. I've heard complaints that its even "OP". Ever though you dont have a lot of HP after a phage, it is a very nice item to get. The armor is great and the crit chance is good with the crit you get from trinity later on. People always think "Oh if I dont have like 3k health its not worth it." But that isnt true. With around 2k health at this point, you gain about an additional 40 damage. thats like a bf sword that gives you armor and crit chance. Also, as the game progresses and you get more items, you will end up with around 3.5k health, and thats around 70 bonus damage.

- This is what makes you very tanky and gives you a great atma's boost. I get it regardless of what the enemy team comp is, because health always helps. At this point, you should get kills and assists easily, allowing you to stack the warmogs' passive quickly. If you think that you are too squishy, and the early Atma's Impaler won't help, you can always get this item first to become very tanky earlier.
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Situational Items


- Decent item early on, however, you are not a DPS/AS carry, Mercs are better. The attack speed is not necessary for Lee, as he already has his passive.

- Decent item as well, although, Lee sin doesnt need it that much CDR. Mercury's Treads are still better.

- These are the only boots I might suggest sometimes instead of Mercs. Unless they have no CC and are all physical, then I do not suggest this. You have lots of armor early on with this build already, and then tenacity helps even if they are all physical. It is very rare that you will see a full team with only physical damage. But I guess it happens time to time.
EX: Tryndamere, Ashe, Caitlyn, Xin Zhao, etc

- I guess it has it's uses as all the other items, but I don't see this as a "must have" or a "good situational item" for Lee Sin, as he can benefit from other boots a lot more.


- I really like these, and I prefere to get them for my main Mres item. It gives more Mres than Banshees, gives you really good regen to combine with warmogs, and the Move speed is just too good along with trinity's speed bonus. Take these unless the enemy team's casters are combo reliant or have huge nukes (eg: Karthus, LeBlanc, Brand, etc.)

- Great item as well, Although there is no regen and move speed, the Mres is still very good and the health will gives you a bit more AD from Atmas. I prefere to have a Force of nature, but hey, I guess it's personal preference. Read above to see my reasoning though.

- I sometimes swap this with Warmogs or Trinity, but the only reason you would get it is because you want the slow. Take red for a 100% slow, but the trinity slow works too. You will get a slow off 90% of the time. Warmogs gives you more tankiness and Trinity gives you more damage and burst, so theres no reason why you would change it for this.


- Nice item, but I only get it in a 3s match, not in 5s, simply because it's more of a laneing Lee Sin item, not much of a jungle Lee Sin item.

- Not really worth it. You are not a DPS/AS carry. I guess you can swap it with bloodthirster, but you will have no lifesteal and damage. Crit chance, attack speed and Move speed is nice, but I don't think it's too great on Lee Sin. (at least not for this build). I would personally never get this item on him unless I'm dominating so hard it doesnt matter what I build =_=""

- Decent item, and a really nice active. But the AP and Spell vamp really isn't needed on Lee Sin. It also costs 625G more, so it is your own choice. After Gunblade nerfs, especially the huge AD nerf, this is no longer a good item to get for him...Just don't.

- This is a very good item. Solid stats, and veryyyy good armor pen. If you find yourself against people just stacking armor and you cant do anything about it, get a Last Whisper and feel the difference.

- Against, this gives solid stats, Nice Mres, and a very good passive. I would not get this late game, but if you want, you can get it early-mid game, and it will work very well against people like Karthus, Brand, etc.

If there are anymore you wish to add, leave a comment and let me know and I'll put it here.
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Lee Sin, and what he does.

Well, I have to say, due to the recent Lee Sin nerfs, he's not as OP anymore, (but he's still super top-tier), and his early game has been toned down a bit. However, you are not weak.

Really, early game, you just want to jungle peacefully. Acquire or give out buffs as needed, and cover or gank lanes. Once you get Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury's Treads, and maybe a Phage, you will start to dominate harder and harder.

I think, and perhaps it's just how I play him, Lee Sin is very strong all game.
His early game ganks are very scary, he's crazily mobile, and his mid - late game damage is stil very dangerous. I think that the most important thing about playing Lee is having a strong start. You don't want to get shut down, or you will be a lot less useful as you should be.

How do I do this?

Well, first of all, it's very helpful to have contact with your teammates, either through Skype, vent, or whatever else. If you can communicate with your team, you will have a lot easier time doing your job. It's a lot easier to land Sonic wave and position yourself for a good Dragon's Rage if your teammates actually help and time things properly. Try to also gank the lanes that need the most help, or maybe a lane that is over-extending and pushing too hard, than ganking a lane that your team already dominates.

It's hard to keep your eyes on every part of your map, so that's why I enourage you to play with people you have communication with.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't carry solo queue like a boss, I'm just offering some help to newer players.

Remember this: Sneaking around and snatching up kills is not what you do. It helps, but that's not the point of Lee Sin. You need to HELP and SUPPORT your team, and that means covering a lane, or feeding lots of kills to your carry, and not yourself.

Second of all, you need to keep a close eye on your jungle. In early levels, strong counter junglers like Shaco and Nunu & Willump can really mess you up, especially by things such as taking the golems you need to complete your first route, or ganking you as you take a buff, taking both the buff and ambushing you, either forcing you to recall or be killed.

If you have a good team composition, in this case, a support with Clairvoyance, it can help you a lot. The support can effectively use Clairvoyance to spot the enemy jungler so you and your team can spot ganks, jungle invasions, or suprise jungle ambushes.

Refer to "Annoying junglers who may be a threat" for more info :P
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OKAY, so, yes. Dorans lee is very strong, especially early on in the game. With these runes, you have around... I think 90 AD at level 2, so when you gank either mid or bot, you will completely dominate. Wriggles is still pretty key on lee, and as you can see, I took an early trinity and then atmas. If there's just too much magic damage, considering rushing a Negatron Cloak somewhere between Wriggles and trinty.

Here's how the route goes:
-Wraiths (save smite) - You should not get a leash and have creeps running everywhere. Hit it and let your teammate do some damage. As long as you get the last hit, you get the exp, so dont worry.

-Red (Now this time get a proper leash)

-Go gank! - Yes, you dont have tempest/cripple, but that's okay, because with 90 AD and red buff, as long as you can land your Q and have your teammates follow up, there should be a kill for sure.

- Golems

- clear the rest - Either take blue or give your team an early blue.

Remember, this build focuses on lots of ganking and getting fed off kills, so be sure to gank instead of just trying to farm in the jungle, as he is no longer one of the fastest junglers.


A bunch of people said that they couldnt make it past golems, and well, it is kinda hard if you dont have the runes, but hey, heres a video anyways. (i made it in 10 minutes, dont blame me for bad quality :I)


Okay okay by request I have changed this part. I tried to new route and it works, so here ya go.

Start at wolves. Tempest, and remember to use your passive. Don't use cripple until you've dealt the 2 hits from your passive. Then use cripple. Save smite. Go to the wraiths. Smite the big wraith. You should level up after you kill it. Get safeguard immediately and cast it on yourself. Again, utilize your passive and finish the wraiths. Go to the double golumns. Because of the new route, you will not have smite up for these. But it's okay, you're lee sin and you should finish them with very low health. Remember to cast safeguard upon urself or you will die. then recall. You should be level 3 by now. If you think that you will be underlevel, you wont. When you go back, if you did it correctly, you should be level 3 while the other lanes are only level 2. After going back to the jungle, go to wolves again, save smite. Then, if there is a teammate who needs blue, ex: Swain, Lux, Brand, etc., get it for them. If not, you can get it for yourself. Proceed to get red and go gank! :)

This does not mean that you can't gank before this, but that is something I cannot teach you. But theoretically, you can go and start ganking by level 3. I just like to get the buffs first; it's personally opinion I suppose.


-Wraiths(if you dont gank)
-Golumns (if you don't gank)

cover and gank and **** accordingly.
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Annoying junglers who may be a threat

Some really good counter junglers you need to be careful of, as you can't really afford to lose anything in your peaceful forest of creeps.
Cho is a really good mini counter-jungler. What's a mini counter-jungler? Well, he takes quite a long time to get buffs, but with small camps such as wolves or wraiths, he can take it incrediably fast with Rupture, Feral Scream, and Vorpal Spikes.

Fiddles can jungle pretty fast, and take your jungle quite fast as well. However, in earlier levels when his fear is not leveled, he is quite vulerable. Take this chance and do not let him take your advantage.

GP is one of my favorite junglers as well, because he has his steroids buff, even though it got nerfed, is still quite scary early on. If you engage him in early levels, you will probably die. Try to clear camps, and call for help immediately if you think he is gonna try to kill you or invade your jungle.

Well, this is awkward :D. Lee sin is still one of the strongest junglers and duelers in the game, but on the occasion that there are two of you, it really depends on who's the better jungler.

Noc is also a great jungler. Fighting him may result to a death, and what happens depends solely on clever use of your abilities. Just remember one thing, if you are chasing him, and he hasn't used his spell shield, a good Nocturne will block your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, allowing him to get away. He can also block Dragon's Rage, as well as any other ability you may throw at him, but he can only do so once every few seconds, so be careful of what you use.

Nunu will rape anyone's jungle. His Blood Boil is like a super-steroids jungle buff and Consume will rape your buffs. His Ice Blast can slow you incredibly, so you need to be careful of when to engage or fight. However, if he can't catch you off guard, he's quite useless without his team. So again, map awareness people :P

This girl is just like Cho'Gath, clearing your monsters like it's nobody's bussiness. Beware, and as long as you play safe, you should be fine.

This clown is scary as **** in the jungle O_O. If the Shaco knows what he's doing, you're pretty screwed. His early game advantage is way to strong, able to throw 9000x boxes everywhere, and his blink and slow ensures that you will not escape. Now that they're buffing him, he's a real terror. When fighting Shaco, always be careful and keep an eye on things. If you see poofs of orange smoke, you know he's either blinked somewhere or he has a bunch of boxes set up. Ask your team for help if you think he might be trying to rape you silently or camping it out beside your buffs.

He's quite strong 1v1, (duh), as he can debuff your AD, heal from his rage bar, and become unkillable for a few seconds due to his ultimate, Undying Rage. Be careful when fighting him, and keep an eye on his rage bar to see if he can heal, and/or whether he can ulti or not.

Well, what can I say... Shyvana is a very good champion that was quite overlooked when she was first released. But don't underestimate her. Look at M5, dat shyv. Always keep an eye on your buffs, as she can take them pretty quickly, and once she gets her Wriggle's Lantern, she can clear pretty fast as well. The key to winning duels with shyv is properly harass her down and keep your distance with Tempest and Cripple, and once you see an opening, engage with your Q.
Skarner is a VERY strong jungler. If you catch him unaware, then it's a bit easier to duel him, however, the tide of the fight can turn really quickly with 1 ult from skarner or a summoner, so be very careful when you jungle against him. He also has amazing clear speed, so keep an eye on your buffs so he doesn't steal them. His slow is also annoying as heck =_=
Trundle is also a very good jungler, and may try to counter jungle you often. With his many buffs and debuffs, he can make a great duelist. Also, if he's counter jungling you, it's pretty obvious, as most trundles will use Contaminate, which leaves very obvious markings on the ground. Pre-level 6, if you kite him well with Q and E, then you can fight him, but after level 6, combined with his debuffs + heal from ult, he makes a very scary opponent, and unless you are very confident that you can beat him, call for some help.
Udyr is one badass jungler. He can run in, clear all your ****, then get his *** outta there before you even know it. Again, against Udyr, you need lots of jungle awareness, and try not to engage him unless you have a clear advantage, because he can tank lots of damage every few seconds with Iron Mantle, stun you with Blazing Stampede, and still dish out lots of damamge with either Wilding Claw or Phoneix Stance.

There are of course other junglers you will encounter, but the ones I listed above are the strongest in stealing or invading your jungle. Other junglers can be a threat, but they are not as harmful (at least, IMO), as these. As usual, if I missed anything, or if you'd like to give me a suggestion, please do. Either PM me or leave a comment ^_^

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Ganking that lane

Gonna keep it short and simple.

Let you lane know you are going. Sonic wave onto the enemy, make sure your teammate is there to stun or do damage to him, the resonating strike onto him. Tempest then immediately cripple to slow the enemy. Ult if you need to. Remember, if you have to ult, try to run in front of them to kick them back into your teammate. Flash in front of them if you need to. It takes practice and lots of experience to know when to do what, but I can't really teach you that. Play the game more, and you will learn yourself. You should be able to get a kill or burn their spells if you do it correctly.

If you can, you should try to save Resonating Strike until the last moment. This is because the more damaged they are, the more damage it will do. Also, it will let you catch up to those annoying getaways.

Of course, if it's not possible to get in Tempest range without giving the enemy a chance to run, then by all means, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike them ^_^

I learned how to play him based solely on lots of practice and watching lots of videos and streams on him. If I can do it, you can too.

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Sonic wave onto that squishy at the back. Tempest and cripple, and just kill him/her. I play Lee Sin as a offtank anti-carry kind of character, where I go and take down the carry, then head back to finish off the fight. If people are bunching up together, and you feel like you need to disable them for your team, walk to an angle where you can roundhouse kick them in a straight line and knock up most, if not all of the enemy champions.

Shield a teammate if they are trying to run away. Tempest and cripple to slow nearby enemies. If saving your carry means dying yourself, then by all means, go ahead. Remember, you are not the carry. You are the offtank.

If you see someone with a channelled ult, such as MF's Bullet Time or Kat's Death Lotus, kick them to disable them and cancel the ult so your team does not take more damage than they want to.

Here's a simple trick when you're fighting someone.

First, land Sonic Wave, then, use Tempest and the follow up slow to autoattack. Casting Safeguard is optional. (for either lifesteal or extra attack speed procs). Kick them, (dealing lots of damage), and if you do this fast enough, you should be able to follow up with Resonating Strike, dealing lots of bonus damage from their missing health.
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Hey, I'm gonna look for some scores and whatnot, so if you like this, then post your scores and give me a +1 :D

If you didnt, dont just troll vote. Comment and give me a reason or suggestion so i can change it and hopefully make this build better.

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