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Camille Build Guide by BreadyToCrumble

Top Loafy's Beginner Guide to Camille! [updated to 8.15]

Top Loafy's Beginner Guide to Camille! [updated to 8.15]

Updated on August 1, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BreadyToCrumble Build Guide By BreadyToCrumble 17 2 55,572 Views 0 Comments
17 2 55,572 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BreadyToCrumble Camille Build Guide By BreadyToCrumble Updated on August 1, 2022
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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
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Bone Plating


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Who am I?

(OUTDATED GUIDE) Hello everyone!
My name is Loafy and my summoner name in League is Looafy. I'm currently Plat III in Solo/Duo and usually play normals actually; so if you only want help from a high ELO player then this guide is definitely not for you! I wrote this guide when I was in silver lol... so it's definitely not updated at all

I am making this guide to help beginners to Camille, and by no means is this a really advanced guide. Please remember that the best guide is practice.
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Pros and Cons of Camille

+ Scales well into the late game
+ Very fun to play!
+ A lot of damage
+ Slightly tanky/fair bit of sustain
+ High mobility
+ Even if she falls behind in the laning phase, can still do a ton of damage and contribute well in teamfights
+ Shreds tanks/armour with true damage
+ Very good splitpushing potential
+ Shreds towers

- Hard to fully master
- Relatively weak early game
- Only one reliable escape/engage
- No AoE spells (weak wave clear)
- Mana hungry in the early game
- Long cooldowns early game
- Depends on items a lot.
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Summoner Spells

These are the spells that I'll take every single game as Camille.

Overall the best spell to take on any champion. You can engage, disengage, use it offensively/defensively and so on. Especially if you've used your E to engage and have to disengage, you can just flash out. There's nothing that can go wrong with taking Flash!

Teleport is a good spell because you can roam around in other lanes and get back into your lane faster if there's a wave pushing in for example. It's also good for splitpushing.
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Ability Overview

I am not going to go too advanced into these, just give you an idea on what each ability is!

Adaptive Defenses:

Essentially what this passive does is give you a shield equal to 20% of your maximum health whenever you autoattack an enemy. It's great for trading in lane, as your extra shield will give you an edge. It's also good in the lategame because it's percentage health based.

Precision Protocol (Q):

This is an ability which gives you an empowered auto attack which deals extra damage and gives you a short burst of movement speed on the first cast, and if you cast it within the next few seconds you can have another auto attack reset (with extra damage). However the most powerful part of the Q comes from waiting - if you wait about 1 and a half seconds before recasting it, Camille will do a backflip and deal true damage to her target!
In the lategame, her Q has a really short cooldown, meaning you can do tons of consistent damage.

Tactical Sweep (W):

Camille slices in front of her in a cone shape, and enemies hit by the outer part of the cone are slowed and are dealt bonus damage. Camille also heals for a little bit of the total damage. This is a great skill during the laning phase, as you can poke your enemy and also kill minions that are far away from you. Note that you can also move while casting the animation.

Hookshot (E):

This is a really powerful ability. On first cast, Camille will leap towards a wall and hook onto it for a a short while. On second cast, she leaps towards a target area, and also leaps a little further to enemy champions. If an enemy is hit, they are stunned for a brief moment.
This is Camille's engage/disengage tool. You hook onto a wall and then off it to stun an enemy, then unleash your combo onto them. It can also go through terrain, meaning you can use it as an escape. Note that the cooldown is fairly long in the early levels, so if you blow it once and find yourself in a sticky situation, you're stuck!

The Hextech Ultimatum (R):

This point-and-click ultimate makes you unstoppable and untargetable for a moment, and then you'll lock down onto an enemy and imprison them in an area where they cannot leave by any means. They can't even flash out. Especially in low elo where Camille isn't very common, you'll find a lot of flashes being used as they try to escape your ult, but they can't. However, if Camille either exits the area or is displaced out of it, the area will disappear.
Camille will also deal extra magic damage to her target.
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Early Game (Laning Phase)

Levels 1-3
In the early game what you want to do is take your W ( Tactical Sweep) first. Use it to poke your enemy and get CS at the same time; and if you're running Comet then it will proc and you can get some extra poke off.

Once you hit level 2, take a point in your E ( Hookshot). You might need it to escape a certain situation, such as a level 2 gank, or if your lane opponent suddenly plays very aggressive. However do not use it offensively, as you'll stun the enemy and then have nothing else to do other than autoattack or use your W and you'll find yourself stuck.

At level 3 take your Q. If I have enough health and mana I like to surprise my opponent and all-in them. I start by landing Tactical Sweep for the slow, then I can land an easy Hookshot stun. Afterwards, I use my Precision Protocol, autoattack, and by then the second part (true damage) of the Q comes up and I use that. Often the entire combo will deal enough damage to make them back off and pop their potion, and in the best case scenarios it'll kill them! Keep in mind that after this combo you don't have anything up and are quite vulnerable, so it's a good idea to back off immediately after finishing it.
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Early Game (Laning Phase) - Part 2

Levels 4-6

At level 4 it's your choice which point to take. If you need the extra poke, take a second point in Tactical Sweep. What I like to do is take 1 or 2 extra points into my W before I start to max anything else, because it gives me some extra sustain in the laning phase (more lifesteal). If you want more damage/shorter cooldown on Hookshot, take E. If you want to deal extra damage, put a point in Precision Protocol.

Usually what I do is start to max Q first. However Camille is very versatile and you can max anything you like! I've only actually had one game where I max'd W first and it didn't go too well for me personally in the lategame but it was very strong earlier on.

Note that at levels 4-6 it's the time when junglers start to gank. Make sure to ward; a control ward is only 75 gold! Continuously check the minimap in case the enemy jungler is coming and play accordingly.

If the coast is clear, start to go in for small trades. Farm normally as you would and use Tactical Sweep if you have to. I also like to use Precision Protocol to push the wave fast as it's an auto attack reset.

At level 6 take Hextech Ultimatum. This is one of your best powerspikes! If you feel like you can kill your opponent with one all-in, then go for it. First poke them down with your Tactical Sweep and then when they're low enough, use your Hookshot on a nearby wall and land the stun. Then, cast Precision Protocol and at this point the enemy will be unstunned and will try to fight back - so you can dodge their attacks with your ult! After you finish casting your ult, your second part of Precision Protocol will be up and you'll deal true damage. This combined with the extra damage you deal with your ult means you'll shred your enemy and, hopefully, get a kill. If need be, you can use Tactical Sweep to finish them off.
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Mid-Late Game

The Mid to Late Game

Roaming/Ganking other lanes
Camille has great potential for roaming. If you took Teleport, you can go down to bot lane and help them there; there are plenty of walls for you to Hookshot off of and you can usually help your bot lane push. The ADC is very squishy and because you're Camille, you can easily assassinate them with the right combo. Keep in mind that your Hextech Ultimatum also knocks any other enemies away from your target, so you can use this to get the ADC's support out of the way for that small window of time that you need to kill the ADC.

You can also roam to the midlane. Use your Hookshot to engage them, and then once they're stunned, usually what happens is they'll try to flash away. Immediately cast your Hextech Ultimatum, as once it's cast, Camille will actually follow her target, even if they went to the other side of the map, and so their flash will be rendered useless if you ult at the right time!

Splitpushing and team fights
Alright so by mid game, you should be splitpushing to distract the enemy team while your team secures an objective such as dragon or baron. If they're doing baron, pressure bot lane, and if they're doing dragon, pressure top. Keep in mind that you Precision Protocol extra true damage also applies to towers, so you can actually shred them really quickly once you get enough CDR (because Precision Protocol will have such a small cooldown). Also, if the enemy team starts coming for you, Hookshot out for a quick escape. Pay attention to the minimap and ward in the river/tri bush to stay alert!

During team fights, you should be looking to assassinate the back line. Note that you are by no means the front line and can't tank, so be careful! Personally I play Camille like an assassin; kill the carries and Hookshot out, which has proven to be really effective. Note that your Hookshot stun is also AoE meaning you can stun multiple targets at once. Also, if you need the extra sustain, use your Tactical Sweep and the extra heal you get from the outer cone will sometimes save your life!
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In Conclusion...

Although Camille is quite difficult to master, and even after 100k+ mastery points I haven't actually fully discovered everything Camille can do, she is super rewarding and you can stomp almost every lane you end up in. She's great at splitpushing, decent in teamfights, deals tons of damage, and can also be an assassin; what's not to love?

I hope you liked my (first ever) beginner's guide. If you did like it, please rate it for me!

Thank you for reading, it means the world to me <3
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BreadyToCrumble
BreadyToCrumble Camille Guide
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Loafy's Beginner Guide to Camille! [updated to 8.15]

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