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Udyr General Guide by tomotoo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tomotoo

Low elo carry. Hydradyr Tiger Udyr feral build 68% win rate

tomotoo Last updated on July 16, 2014
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Why Tiger Udyr?

At the moment phoenix udyr is very popular for the clear speed to stack feral flare. But recently I tried Tiger udyr & bought a tiamat which gave me very fast clear speeds compaird to phoenix but still had the single target & tower damage from tiger stance.

The goal of this build is split pushing, not to team fight.

  • Farm
  • Get tiamat
  • Farm
  • Get movespeed
  • Split Push/farm
  • Get Triforce
  • Splitpush & finish

With this build you will get extremely fast clear speed but also keep the single target late game damage from tiger which will enable you to take down towers & fight 1v1 forcing the enemy to send atleast 2 people to stop you.

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Hi guys I am tomotoo. I am currently silver 5 player.

I have been playing league since the end of season 3, I still have alot to learn but I would like to ask you guys to give this build a try.

With udyr I have just over 68% win rate which took me from bronze 4 to silver 5 & still climbing.

This build has only been used in Low elo, ive used it to success in bronze & silver

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This build has a weak early game, but when you get to mid game you will see the power spike.

With the early game you just want to focus of farming, keep an eye out for a gank but dont force them. If their jungler has a weak early game do some counter jungleing.

Mid game after you get tiamat you can start to counter jungle safely, you will be able to take dragon @ lvl 8 easily. If the enemy jungler has had a bad start when you are in their jungle look for a fight to try & boost your gold lead. You should also back as soon as you have enough for your wriggles lantern because you will be about 29 stacks & will miss out on any more stacks.

The late game is yours, you should have the most gold in game, you will want to get tri after wriggles rather than a tanky item because you get more move speed & be able to take towers faster. Also it will make you be able to 1v1 more.

When going 1v1 you want to go w to shield, then E to stun then Q & burst them, with the ammount of damage you should take their health down quite alot, then go W. After this the stun CD should have finished (shown by the timer below the enemy) so stun them agian with E then drop it back into Q & that should finish them.
A simpler version is W, E, Q, W, Q, E, W, Q.

With the end game your job will be to apply a huge amount of pressure split pushing. It is important that your team knows NOT to engage with the enemy unless your team is very fed because your team will be fighting 4v5. You want your team to engage if the enemy sends 2 to come & stop you so your team will have the man advantage.
Also keep in mind if you are split pushing top your team could take dragon & if you are pushing bot your team could try baron, it is risky but if you draw the enemy to you it can be done.

With the ammount of move speed you should have after you get triforce if you find a big group of enemys behind you, you can escape through the enemy's base switching between bear & turtle stance.

Unlike phoenix udyr, tiger udyr does alot of damage to towers & with the hydra clear minions in seconds, so you leave the enemy no choice but to stop you or lose towers.

If you find you are getting caught when split pushing buy a mercurial scimitar for the debuff removal & make sure you have alot of move speed so no one can catch up to you.

Blade of the ruined king & yoummu's ghostblade's actives are also very useful in escaping

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I find it best to build AD & not AS because at max his Q gived him 70% AS which is more than enough

I will upload some clips of me using this build on my youtube channel so you can see how i use it effectively, so please got check that out.

If you have any issues, comments or questions feel free to contact me

Also please add/like me on facebook & twitter to see when I am uploading clips, streaming or updating this build



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Pros / Cons

Very strong late game
Mid + Late jungle farming
Split pushing

Not the best ganker
Takes awhile to get going
Can be counter jungled early by strong duelist


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