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Lucian Build Guide by Shaftmastr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaftmastr

Lucian: For those who want a little more danger

Shaftmastr Last updated on October 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune just e away from her ult, dash is good for that. You also have more mobility and burst early game
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Hello, I'm Shaftmastr, an adc main. I've played Lucian quite a bit, and have been a bot lane main for all my league career. I've noticed a trend with lucian's nowadays. they are garbage trash. So I am here to teach you the Ropes of this character I so dearly love.

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Pros / Cons

    1. Lucian has very high burst early
    2. high damage ult that scales with ad and attack speed
    3. good versatility
    1. Easy ult to dodge
    2. Scaling could be better
    3. Mana hungry

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buying Items with lucian is fairly straightforward. I usually start off the game with a Long Sword and pots. from there, I usually get a The Brutalizer on my first back, then build Infinity Edge. Now, this can be rather expensive, so an alternative route is to start Doran's Blade and then build directly into Infinity Edge then get Berserker's Greaves, then Youmuu's Ghostblade. After this, It's all about the enemy team and how well you are doing. Are you snowballing hard? Trinity Force is a good reward. Spellblade works great with your passive, so don't be shy about getting Trinity Force at any point in the game. It's not bad as a first item either, but i wouldn't recommend it (on a side note, rage synergyzes with your w). If you aren't doing so well, consider Essence Reaver into The Black Cleaver. The Black Cleaver is great for capping your CDR when against a tanky team. In the way of offensive items I haven't mentioned yet, Last Whisper, Statikk Shiv, and Phantom Dancer are all good choices. I especially like Phantom Dancer against teams with no armor. In the way of defensive items i haven't mentioned yet, Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel are my favorites.

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Now you've probably seen a lucian use his Piercing Light to attack someone AND get cs at the same time. WOW! now, this is a good thing to do when the opportunity arises, I never go round looking for these. It isn't that important. you will most likely end up missing cs and wasting mana. q is very good for getting cs though. I can usually get three cs by using my q then auto attacking with my passive Lightslinger. It is great for getting cs early but watch your mana. Finally, yes, it is okay to ult minions. Your ult does 400% damage to minions, so you can get an entire wave that way.

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Heal is your first summoner. Lucian is squishy so he needs this
Flash is your second. Flash is an all around great summoner spell. Secure kills and run away

your passive, Lightslinger, is akin to spellblade. your next auto after using a spell does a double attack, with the second shot dealing slightly less.

your q, Piercing Light, is your main damage and farming tool. max this first.

your w, Ardent Blaze, is next to worthless. it has low base damage and scales with ap, so it does no damage. however, it marks whoever it hits, and autoing the marked target gives you a speed boost. It also procs passive, so.

your e, Relentless Pursuit, is a good escape. you can e over some walls with this. combine it with q for incredible burst.

your r, The Culling, does very high damage, and allows you to move around (you can even use Relentless Pursuit while ulting), it is single target, snd is even blocked by minions.

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Piercing Light combined with Relentless Pursuit gives you a lot of burst damage. This will be your main combo when your supp engages. Lucian does a lot of damage but lacks a good engage, you'll have to hang back and wait for your team to engage. remember that Piercing Light hits multiple targets in a line. Use that to get to the back liners with damaging front liners. The Culling is your most powerful teamfighting move. make sure to drop your Youmuu's Ghostblade active before ulting to get the mobility you need. The Culling is also a good execution move.

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All in all, Lucian is a pretty good ADC. He can work as just a normal ADC or act as more of a bursty caster. I like Lucian due to this versatility, and I hope I have helped you to like Lucian too.