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Lucian Build Guide by blakegrifin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blakegrifin

LUCIAN - THE PURIFIER (get out of elo hell)

blakegrifin Last updated on August 22, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kog'Maw Kog Maw is a fairly weak matchup for lucian since you really demolish him with your damage in lane, try to kill him and deny him some cs or else he will outscale you in late game.
Twitch Like Kog Maw, Twitch Is an easy matchup for lucian in the lane but later in the game You have to kill him fast or he will kill you.
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Hey Reader! I m a Lucian Main (100k + mastery) who Just wants to pass his knowledge in public! I Love Playing Lucian and i know a lot of things about him. My name is blakegrifin(EUNE) and even thought i am currently silver v i can play lucian very effectively and Know Most of theory around him.Also I ve spent A lot Of Time Making this Guide, So it Is As Detailed And Reliable As Possible!

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For Runes Its a Standard Ad Carry's Rune page with AD reds, Armor Yellows, Magic Resist Blues and Atk spd. Quints.

why not Greater Mark of Attack Speed ?? You need atleast 8,5 AD in runes to make have lane pressure,so DO NOT change them.

you might try out Greater Seal of Health, But Greater Seal of Armor Is Mostly Prefered For Lane Trades.

you can also replace 5 of Greater Glyph Of Magic Resist for Greater Glyph of Attack Speed to get some extra attack speed but that can be quite risky, it's up to you!

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Fury This will give you some more attack speed during the game, after some further tests i decided to go for this instead of Sorcery

Feast will give you easier last-hitting and some early sustain.

Vampirism is clearly better option than Natural Talent , that early sustain is amazing and even good in lategame

[h3] Bounty Hunter Excells pretty good in soloque, once you get atleast 2 unique kills,it already worths more than Oppressor[/h3]

Savagery Helps last hitting early game.

Secret Stash whenever you grab a potion you get a better version of it.

Merciless is an amazing mastery, that 5% bonus damage can be matter of life and death.

Dangerous Game is strongest mastery in League of Legends, this will make you survive that annoying Ignite, you can survive longer in teamfights, crucial for kiting.

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As Far As Items Go:

Doran's Blade is mostly prefered over cull since it gives you health and more sustain as well as more damage during lane. You can pick it with your first back or if you want to play a farm lane but it s quite risky as lucian needs to be able to trade the best he can 24/7 since you will relly mostly on your kills

BF Sword Is The Item you will purchase guaranted at least once per game! It's the item you want to farm for pre 6 so you can really hurt your opponent and get some easy kills.

Essence Reaver Is the ideal First item For Lucian since it will allow you to spam your q's in mid game teamfights, in lane, and to grab that extra wave clear. The crit you will be builing later will translate in cdr and you will be able to spam your spells even faster.

Infinity Edge Is a MUST once you grab Essence Reaver Because every crit of your's will deal even more damage and you will be dealing WAY more Damage than you used to. It is not recommended to be built as first item since it has very expensive components ( least 800g) and you wont have built enought crit for it to be used at it's potential as you will be criting only 1/5 of the times and essence reaver will provide you that early cdr you will need

Highly Recomended To be build Only When Heavy Burst Champions Are in the opposing team (leblanc, annie, brand) As you will get that 15% damage reduction and you will more likely not to be one shot or half-HPed by their damage. It's fairly cheap and You will built it fairly quick but you will not get the damage you would get from another item ( eg. Lord Dominiks Regards)

Rapid Firecannon Is An Exceptional Item that removes one of Lucian's con( low range) with its passive. It offers you the extra crit you will need for IE's And Essence Reaver's Passive as well as the atk. speed you will need in your game. You Can Build Statikk Shiv Instead If you dont need the extra range and you want to boost your wave clear.

Bloodthirster is an item you will need most games if you face teams that can dive into the backline and fight you (hecarim , olaf) and you will need that 20% lifesteal and the shield to let you survive more during a teamfight or win an unlikely 1v1 against non-burst champs that will need some time to kill you. BOTRK is also an option if you need lifesteal , but it will provide you with more atk.speed and you will deal way more damage to tanks with it's passive and you will grab that extra movement speed to help you get throught dificult situations , but will give you less damage in general. Bloodthister Is More Reccomended as your skills and crits will be dealing more damage and the lifesteal is going to be more

Lord Dominik's Regards is an item low elo players don't prefer. (DONT DO THAT! IT IS NOT WISE! Build A Last whisper item 90% of your games as an Ad Carry!!!!) It Offers A TON OF DAMAGE in late game teamfight's where tanks are unkillable and armor pen. for you to demolish them. One other item you can be ussing instead is Mortal Reminder If you are facing teams with Tanks with high regeneration or teams that have healers(eg nami, soraka, sona etc.) as you will also decrease the healing or regen. rate of your opponents. Lord Dominik's Is More Prefered for the increased damage to tanks.

will give you a second chance to fight if someone dives in the backline and kills you. it also gives you extra armor and magic resist so you can survive a dive. Dont Avoid building It as you will be dealing more damage than being dead.

Banshee's Veil is also a good defensive option since it will give you a ton more health than you have, a shield to avoid both lockdown spells and combo starting skills(leblanc's sigil of maulice) and some magic resist if you are facing ap assassins and avoid getting one shot.

If there is an AD champ That one shots you (eg. yasuo, zed) buildSterak's Gage as you will get a huge shield if you are dealt a ton of damage , some hp and also some damage that other defensive items dont offer.

If You Get Ahead Early, Or you are facing many tanks (eg, malphite, maokai) that build a ton of armor, Build the BBC Build as you will destroy your opponent's armor is seconds and you will make your ult hurt A TON MORE, but your crits will be dealing less damage and you wont wave clear as effectively as with the regular build. Also you will grab some extra health fromBlack Cleaver and the active from Youmuu's ghostblade and you will be extremely more mobile in fights.

Last But not LeastMercurial scimitar is an item that comprehends with lucian SOOOO well!!

Its the best defensive choise since it will remove a cc of your choise when you use it s active skill effectively. it removes Lucian's con of Being Lockdown and it will also give you an extra 10% of life steal so you can survive even more during late game! Must Build In Every Regular Game

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Pros / Cons



+Extremely well Lane - Mid game

+Fun To Play

+Can Solo Carry Most Games

+one of the best Ad Carries in the game(my opinion)

+can outrade most champions


-Low range compared to most Ad Carries

-Skill Required to be played to an ultimate level


-Can easily die when being lockdown

-Riot Wants to nerf this guy for being TOO COOL TO PLAY (Gotta Love The Project Skin)!

xD ( last one was a joke of mine)

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Lucian Is A Champion That Excells At Lane and Mid Game. He can outrade Many champions with some skill. All In All He Is One Of the most rewarding champions if played correctly and Also One Of The Most Fun To Play.