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Lucian Build Guide by GaliciaSp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GaliciaSp

Lucian: The Purifier Quick Guide

GaliciaSp Last updated on June 21, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Ashe's kit does not deal enough damage to trade with Lucian. Lucian's E+A.A.+Q+A.A. combo has a massive difference in damage when being compared to Ashe's W+A.A. combo. Take trades when Lucian has healthy amounts of mana, and always save E for Ashe's ult.
Corki Being skillshot oriented, Corki needs to land spells in order to do damage. Lucian's E is a perfect counter to Corki's Q+R combo. In avoid Corki from retreating, W+R will let Lucian deal consistant damage to Corki as he catches up from the speedboost.
Ezreal Ezreal is an easy match-up. Q to poke him down while using E to avoid his Q's. Make sure to use R AFTER Ezreal uses his E, since Lucian cannot change his Ult's direction once it's cast.
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw draws a good amount of damage from a mix of autoattacks and some skillshots. Using E to dodge Kog'Maw's Q will help Lucian survive some poke following the skillshot. Lucian's early game is signifigantly stronger, and can either kill or force Kog'Maw out of lane with a well communicated E+A.A.+Q+A.A. combo with the ally support. Make sure to have a hard engage support to shut him down early.
Sivir Sivir's auto attack range is just as low as Lucian's, however Lucian's burst throughout the game is higher, from level 1 to level 18. Sivir will find difficulty using a successful spell shield against Q, but if she does, Lucian still has his Passive procs to win trades. Sivir's pushing, though one of the best in the game, is not too far ahead of Lucian's, whose Q is high damage as well. Even better, Sivir's E only blocks 1 of Lucian's R's shots, so a fully unleashed Ult will still be effective verses her.
Twitch Lucian should always beat Twitch in laning, since his is just so weak. Lucian's W can also reveal Twitch when he is stealthed, so Lucian has a lot of counter play to him. Ult when Twitch Ults, since Lucian's max range on the ability barely beats Twitch's A.A. range when empowered.
Varus To avoid getting obliterated, use E to dodge any of Varus's skillshots that can explode his Blight stacks. A nice Ult can interrupt Varus and force him to reposition.
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Lucian is one of the most dominant ADCs in Solo Queue, with a kit offering high burst and sustain damage, with his major attraction being a double auto-attack passive. Lucian is considered a solid ADC due to his strong presence in lane, well structured and has a high impact mid game, and amazing assassination potential late game. Though Lucian is a high risk high reward Champion, the pay out for playing Lucian correctly can single handily win games.
PLEASE NOTE: The word "proc" is used in this guide frequently. For the sake of clarity, To Proc means to activate, or to use. "Proc Lucian's Passive = Activate Lucian's Passive"

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Lucian's kit offers no defensive stats what-so-ever, so defensive Seals and Glyphs are needed if there are any plans to stay in lane for a prolonged amount of time. The 2 A.S. Quintessences are for easier farming, and the 1 A.D. Quintessence is for a bit more punch on Lucian's Q during the laning phase.

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The Spellweaving Mastery synergizes very well with Lucian's kit, due to his Spell into A.A. play-style. Utilizing an otherwise standard 21/9/0 gives Lucian the appropriate utilities to support his risky play style, such as Dangerous Game, Feast, and Unyielding.

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- Passive procs On-hit effects, so after using a Spell, Lucian will do 16% of the target's maximum health in the time that it would take another B.o.t.R.K. user to A.A. once.
- The Lifesteal supports Lucian's close-range, keeping him alive when being exposed to AOE damage directed towards the ally front line which Lucian is surprisingly close to.
- B.o.t.R.K. Active slows enemies long enough to get a good portion of Lucian's R off.

- B.V. - Negates hard poke from high damaging spells
- B.V. - Devastates spell casting assassins
- B.V. - Offers health, the counter to true damage
- M.S. - Removes debuffs
- M.S. - Grants movement speed to help escape danger or reposition
- M.S. - More damage allows Lucian to hit harder

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Skill Sequence

Lucian's Ardent Blaze is a low-damaging spell, that costs a fair amount of Mana and proc Lucian's Passive. But since one of Lucian's Passive procs will usually not win a lane on itself, the payoff for using the W is too low. Taking an extra point into Q at level 3 would allow Lucian to poke harder for a time. Take W at level 4, for when Lucian needs the Passive proc or needs the speed boost.

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Flash is optimal for all ADCs, to help escape danger, reposition, or to chase down high-priority kills. If another reason is needed for Flash, the blink Summoner spell helps Lucian stick to a fleeing target who is being targeted by the Culling. Heal is also necessary for laning phase, to come out on top of close trades, stay alive from unexpected burst and DPS, and to save a near-death ally.

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Pros / Cons

- High Burst
- Very Mobile, with an Escape and Speedup
- Ult does not channel, cannot more difficult to counter.
- 3 Damaging AOE Spells
- High Early Game Damage, which stays consistent as the game goes on.

- Defines "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master"
- Lowest A.A. range of all the ADCs (excluding Urgot)
- Countered by Hard CC
- Passive is Spell-dependant (meaning Mana-dependant)
- Has a Bumble-bee Chroma Pack

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Unique Combos

Ardent Charge:
Much like Graves's Q+E combo, Lucian is able to dash with his E right after the cast time of W ends. This allows Lucian to get IMMEDIATE A.A. on the target, procing the W's Active's Passive, or simply the speedboost.

Keeping Up With the Culling:
Though this is already well-known, Lucian's R, The Culling, is NOT a channel, meaning Lucian can move as his Ult is firing. By using W before activating R, Lucian gets his speedboost refreshed for each and every bolt of Lucian's R that hits the marked target. This means that Lucian will be able to follow fleeing targets easier, and Lucian can create more distance between a pursuer while dishing out damage.

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Feedback / League Info

Suggestions for this Guide in general? Leave a comment, private message, or Friend me on League: GaliciaSp. On the NA servers, I am GOLD V and play primarily Assassin Champions and ADCs of all kinds.