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Lucian Build Guide by conanap

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League of Legends Build Guide Author conanap

Lucian - You can't avoid death

conanap Last updated on August 24, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 5


Utility: 4


Pros and Cons



Something About Thresh...

Summoner Spells

Skill and Skill Sequence

can't see this=>Tips and Tricks




Change Log

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Hello everyone! I am Conanap. This is my 3rd guide only, so any suggestions and feedbacks, even a thumbs down (as long as you explain it clearly), will be appreciated =) If you can, I suggest you read through this entire guide.

All of you out there probably don't know, but sinve my favorite role is ADC..... No need for more words, right? =D

Before I get to the guide, let us get to know Lucian.

Lucian is the newest champion as of this guide is written (August, 2013). He is a really unique champion, as he resembles an AD caster, and mixed features of Vayne.






Honestly, he doesn't. But he does. At least in my opinion. Take some notes now:

They both have high mobility, is more position reliant in comparison to other ADCs, reliant on skills, and is scary as f*ck.

A lot of the skills you take from Xerath and Vayne will be needed to play this specific champion.... that kind of explains why the Difficulty bar is almost all the way to the end.

Throughout this guide, the sentence in blue will be your new "doctrine" =)

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The first thing to learn about Lucian -- OF COURSE IT'S PROS AND CONS!

  • Good AD burst
  • Passive adds a lot of damage
  • High mobility
  • Can be used to escape (remove debuff)
  • Can be used to chase
  • Re-position in team fights (it resets!)
  • Low CD
  • Strong early and mid game
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  • Drinks manna like it's...his favorite drink
  • Reliant on champion's skill set(for an ADC) ALL GAME
  • Super super squishy
  • Positioning means life and death
  • Must think through and predict your enemies' movements before using ult
  • No special quest or dialogue against Thresh in game when played against him! D=

However, I must be honest with you right now:

Most of the Cons are either 1. Solved mostly by it's role and the champion itself; and 2. is to be learnt through playing other champions and playing this champion. Or other words, experience. I will try my best to instruct (or teach, or discuss, or whichever word you prefer) on how to play Lucian best, but it is different with everyone.

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Runes are the first step into a battle. Let's take a look at the preferred set up of runes for Lucian.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Standard marks for an ADC, increases the much need AD at early lvs for Lucian. It also increases his Q at lv 1-3's damage quite significantly. It doesn't affect him too much late game, however.
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Greater Seal of Armor

As an ADC, unless you're in Challenger or Platinum league, chances are you will be facing another ADC in bot lane, due to the game's META. Therefore carrying some armor will help defending yourself at earlier lvs, since you don't start with a lot of health.
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can't see this =D
just no

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction


YES I KNOW CALM DOWN MY FRIEND CALM DOWN. Lucian here likes to use his skills more than his basic attacks, and so he's tuned his skills to do a hell lot more damage. To increase the burst potential, this is definitely worth a try.... If you're not in a ranked game. He drinks manna!

Quintessence of Attack Damage
Need more explanation for ADC taking AD quints....?

Ok fine I'll explain. This over all increases your damage output on all of your skills (and your passive), bursting people down is like being a star melting a bean away. (It means it's easy =D)

Hey Conanap, what are some other options?

There are some in my mind that I have yet to test out, but theoretically, they'll work out just fine.

Greater Seal of Magic Resist

Get this ONLY if you are FOR SURE your leaning opponent is AP. Don't even think about using this if you don't know. So blind pick, stick with armor.

greater quintessence of armor penetration

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage
These are they alternate quints. Depending on how you are planning to build Lucian here, you will need different quints. Generally, I don't suggest quint of life steal, but you can definitely try it out.

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This set of masteries are for the summoner spell Barrier+ Flash.CDR is extremely important, since Lucian is soooooo reliant on his abilities it's actually a little ridiculous as an ADC. (maybe mid is more suitable for him?) The rest of the Damage Tree is pretty straight forward, same as most ADC, so I won't explain them.

For the Defense Tree and Utility Tree, I chose some health regen and armor. Unfortunately, you need 4 points in the tree in order to add armor, so I chose health regen with armor. In the utility tree, Flash CD is almost by default; manna regen was for the sake that Lucian loves to drink manna, even harassing becomes hard.


This set of masteries are for the summoner spell Ignite+ Flash.
Attack Tree is 90% similar, but i removed Destruction from the tree and added Summoner's Wrath .

Defense tree is changed greatly. Since we aren't using Barrier anymore, I changed the points to defense and armor.

Utility tree stays the same.

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Yes, if you had read the lore, Thresh... stole Lucian's wife? Is stealing the right word?

ANYWAYS, logically Lucian should hate Thresh to his..... his.... his... gold? But Lucian loves his lantern. =DD

HOWEVER, as much as Lucian hates him, you, yes, YOU, should love Thresh.

What do we know about Lucian? He hashigh mobility. What does Thresh have? CC EVERYWHERE. What does Lucian+ Thresh=?

Common, take a guess! =D

If you guessed OP, congrats! You've got it right! =D

If you guessed something else.... It doesn't matter. =p

POINT IS: TRY LANING WITH Thresh. You will enjoy your life ;)

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Summoner spells are also an important part of the game. The two spells that we chose can determine a lot of the game; including whether you win or not.

Barrier would be my choice of spells for Lucian. With most ADCs I take this summoner spell in order to extend my "survivability" -- but also to increase the total damage I can do (although I usually use it to save my life more). Lucian, being such a squishy champion, without a support who doesn't heal you, you die really, really quickly. I am a relatively passive player, and so I feel more comfortable with Barrier. In my opinion, Barrier is a lot more useful. It helps with turrent dives, increase survival chances in a gank, and also help with exchanges. Don't worry, I'll also go over some other summoner spells if you don't like Barrier. =)

Flash is essential to almost all champions, with the exception of champions like Teemo (yes I love that guy that's why I always mention it LOL). Lucian already has a lot of mobility: Relentless Pursuit dashes through some walls and removes debuffs, Ardent Blaze gives you movement speed when you attack marked targets... but what is the problem? Both skills requires cooldown, and manna. What are you going to do when you're out of manna or it's on cooldown? Flash can save your life. Also, since Lucian is so big positioning, flash will also help in gaining you an advantageous position when Relentless Pursuit is down.

Other choices

Ignite is the next best option. I suggest this for more offensive players. Yes, Lucian has a lot of chasing mechanisms, but I've also had instances where I couldn't chase down an enemy champion. (D*MN IT MANNA YOUR FAULT) Definitely a good alternative.

exhuast is not a bad spell at all, especially good for chasing down champions or weakening a champion so it's easier for you or the team to kill. Lucian is already a super fast champion, who can chase down ANYONE... with enough manna. It can also help you win exchanges, as it reduces your enemy's AD, AS, and AP. And, it slows them!

I personally don't suggest Ghost too much, but for those Flash haters... here it is =p I don't prefer Ghost because generally you just have less options, EG you can't get over walls.

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Skill Sequence:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Both skill sequence maxed out Q Piercing Light first. That is because it is the main damaging and harassing ability.

In my opinion, both W Ardent Blaze and E Relentless Pursuit are equally important; in fact, sometimes i feel like Relentless Pursuit is more important.

The first skill sequence is closer to what I usually do. (I kinda just go random between W & E) However, most player sees damage as more important than mobility. Therefore I've created the first skill sequence in hopes to balance out damage and mobility a little more.

On the other hand, there are other players who prefer to stick to the old "Max out order" way of maxing out skills. The second skill sequence was created for them.

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Tips and Tricks with his Skill Set

This is gonna be.... one of the boring parts of this guide. I won't use any color code for this part, for I am the laziest f*ck in this world =p

First of all, you should be aware of your surroundings (ok maybe I will use some color coding). You should already be doing this, but with Lucian, you need to be extra aware of the environments. You have to HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO figure out in which position will give you a chance for your ult to hit, while taking least damage possible. What do we know about Lucian's ult? It resets Relentless Pursuit every time you kill an enemy. so if you're about to kill an enemy champion, to not hesitate to use your ultimate along with Relentless Pursuit, because you can redirect your ult to another enemy with it! EXTRA DAMAGE!

Another important thing is your passive. It is a really important part of your burst, especially when your ult is down. Just like Lee Sin, you must stagger your basic attacks with using the skill, while you obtain the best position so that your Q, W, and R may hit. That is precisely what gave Lucian an almost full difficulty bar. However, if you play Vayne, Xerath, Lux... and such champions, and you also play a lot of ADC too, then you would probably have a pretty easy time learning to use him.

Since Lucian was out, I've played a lot of Lucians. A common problem I've seen is with Piercing Light. Like a lot of other skills, Piercing Light requires a target. And again, like a lot of other skills, it goes beyond the locked range. That means.....YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO LOCK ON TO THE TARGET YOU WANT TO HIT.

The circle is the range in which you can lock on to targets, and the.... line? Rectangle? The blue range that is not a circle (LOL) is where the beam travels. In other words, line yourself ult, target a minion, and harass the enemy with the range. The range may seem short, but it actually travels a little further than indicated. So pretty much as long as you can see the enemy with your own champion's vision, you can hit them (assuming you aimed it properly).


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Doran's Blade is a really popular starter. However, I do not like it so much. The reason behind it is that Lucian relies really heavily on skills, and thus basic attack heals aren't as effective on him. Yes, you may argue "He has to farm!" But let's think about it. If you were damaged, let's say half health at lv2, would you be out there, in the middle of the lane, farming, exposing yourself to your enemy for a free kill? I wouldn't. That means I'm not landing basic attacks, nor am I being healed. It would actually set you back even more. Nevertheless, it is still a viable option. I'll admit, I'm not the most skillful player in the world (let's be honest KOREANS), so people might find ways in making it work better.

I personally like this starter the most. Lucian is the strongest early and mid game (more so mid game), so gaining the advantage early is important. Lucian becomes fed really quickly, so this gives you the extra AD, but also gives you the health regen that you need at early lvs. Instead of turrent hugging and wasting time, you get a Health Potion to reduce the time spent on waiting for health, and then you can go back and farm.

In comparison to Long Sword and 2 Health Potions, I don't use this a lot. It is usually to face against champions with a really strong lv 1-3, and has a lot of skill shots. I generally don't suggest this starter in S3, as the other 2 are more viable options, at least in my eye.


I believe that everyone is extremely familiar with these 3 ADC items... right? =D

Unless you don't play ADC. D< You F*CK!

Just joking =p Anyways, for those of you who don't know, these are Berserker's Greaves, Blade of the Ruined King, and Infinity Edge.


Well... He's an ADC. Early to early-mid game, his basic really doesn't do much. But later into the game, it starts hurting. A LOT. Also, the fact that chaining attacks in between skills will give him a lot of healing done, and also a lot less idle time. With the passive, you get virtually 2X heal! However, I did chose Blade of the Ruined King as the core instead of The Bloodthirster, as it also gives you a slow. Let's stick to the enemy now people =)

Infinity Edge gives you the ginormous amount of AD,boosting the damage of Lucian's skill set, while also boosting the damage done from his passive. Critical strike chance will also come in handy, as the 2 shots are counted as 2 separate shots, which means you have more chance of getting a crit hit! =D

Offensive Options

Trinity Force is an excellent option on Lucian (do I sound like a sales person? ;D). It provides health, AD, AP, manna... and just about everything. And with the new unique passive - rage, it makes perfect sense to go with Lucian. Things just keep getting faster and better with this! (Yes I should probably take over the job at the items shop)

These are what I call "Armor Rippers". So get it when your enemy starts building armor. It is up to you to decided which one to buy -- However, if your enemy does not seem to be getting a lot of armor, I would go for The Black Cleaver, due to the fact that it actually gives you more AD than Last Whisper, CDR, and health.

This is a typical ADC item... well ok maybe not super typical, but kind of. It gives AD (THANK YOU CPTN OBVIOUS), health, but also the passive - icy. When combined with rage from Trinity Force.... You know where I'm going, right? ;D

Attack speed is not exactly the most desired thing (stat?) on Lucian, but the fact that you can move through units is pretty awesome. Not exactly suggested, but worth a try.

Defensive Options

COMMON PEOPLE, BE HONEST. THIS THING SAVED YOU SO MANY TIMES IT'S RIDICULOUS. And there were times when we just die the instant we revive.....

Point is, passive is awesome, and gives you both armor and magic resist, just an awesome item overall.

This item is good when played against a fed AP champion or a spell caster. It's passive block an ability! I dream of having it blocking a Lux ult every night T^T!

Jokes aside, it does give you health and MR, also some health regen after battles.

Honest to the world, I much prefer Runic Bulwark. But guess what? IT NO LONGER EXISTS! (goes and cry in a hole). But this, in a way, was the replacement. Health, armor, and CDR, with that active shield every 60 seconds, this doesn't seem that bad either. It has everything from Aegis of the Legion, too.

To top

Lucian is a really, really strong champion, with a really unique skill set, and interesting mechanics. I hope that all of you, from reading this guide, have learnt a lot about playing as Lucian, and will enjoy playing, because I personally LOVE playing as him. Finally, one last point I want to make in this guide:


^That's close enough to Lucian.

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  • Jhoijhoi - I've learnt everything about writing guides from her, SHE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
  • Riot - Common they made the game =) BE THANKFUL
  • Laggermeister - Suggestion on some build items and runes! =)

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Morning (NA) August 24, 2013
-Guide published

10 minutes past published time
-Added the forgotten Runes and masteries part of the cheat sheet

Another 2 minutes later
-Fixed so it that shows the "EG Build" on guide preview

Noon (NA) Aug 24, 2013
-Moved IE into core
-Moved PD to less desired offensive item
-Edited description for IE and PD
-Added Laggermeister to credits
-Removed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
-Replaced with Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
-Changed EG Build's PD to IE, and replaced IE's place with Bloodthirster
-Bug fixes