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Ezreal Build Guide by Murkhadh

AP Carry Luden's Bane Ezreal

AP Carry Luden's Bane Ezreal

Updated on April 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Murkhadh Build Guide By Murkhadh 24,217 Views 0 Comments
24,217 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Murkhadh Ezreal Build Guide By Murkhadh Updated on April 23, 2015
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Note: This guide is still a work in progress, its my first guide and I did not mean to publish it yet. I hit the "publish" button by mistake. There will be more info on trading and matchups very soon.

Ezreal is my favorite champion. I'm mainly an ADC as its my favorite role but I try to have at least 2 champions mastered in every lane. Since I play so much Ezreal is seemed only logical to give him a shot as an AP mid as well. I came up with the idea for this build when the new AP item, Luden's Echo was released.

I may make an ADC Ezreal guide as well.
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Why Play Ezreal

Ezreal is a very safe champion both AP and AD. even in his bad matchups he can still generally farm safely with his Q and stay safe with his E. He can easily farm under the tower and not miss any CS.,

You can avoid most ganks with your E as long as you follow the golden rule of champions with an escape. NEVER use your escape to engage with unless your SURE the rest of their team is not nearby. Meaning you have vision of the other 4 players and they are not close.

If for no other reason, play this champion/build because its FUN!
That is why we play this game after all right?
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Why the Luden's Bane Build

The core of the build is mainly 2 items, Lichbane and Luden's Echo.

Lichbane makes Ezreal's Q's do good damage (AP Ezreal's q's kinda suck otherwise)

and Luden's Echo makes all of his other abilities really hurt.

The combination of these two makes AP Ezreal able to get good use out of all of his abilities. Something that AD Ezreal does not get to do (AD Ezreal's W is borderline useless, you use it more to buff your teammates then anything else."

The rest of the build gives you max CDR while still providing a substantial amount of AP

The end result is 78'ish-900'ish AP. 40% CDR. and there is a void staff in there for Magic pen.

I feel being max CDR or close to it is essential for AP Ezreal as your auto attacks are both short ranged and low damage. IE they aren't very useful.

So when all of your abilities are on cooldown your not so useful.
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I touched on most of this above but to re-iterate.

Lichbane makes your Q good

Ludens makes everything else extra good.

Morello's for CDR, mana regen, even more AP and to deal with the volibears, yi's and mundo's of the world.

Deathcap because every AP needs it, this builds requires it a little more then mosts because your mixing in a few 80 AP items rather then the other 100-120 AP options. So you especially need the Deathcap to make sure your getting your AP up high enough with the added 30% of AP that it gives.

Ionian boots of Lucidity are for the CDR to get to max CDR with the mastery.

You will have 786 AP with boots
When you sell them for Twin shadows you will have 900ish AP.

You could build something like a Zonyas or Ryalais for a little more AP. But I feel this build has the best all around combination of AP And CDR.

Ez's cooldowns are low enough at 40% CDR that in a team fight you can ult, use skills to pick someone off then kite for a bit until cooldowns come back and get someone else.

Hopefully by that point in the game the team has killed a few dragons so with 3 movement speed items and the dragon buff your movement speed will still be decent.
you will also be at 35% CDR still which you will hardly notice the difference from the cap of 40%
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The AP quints are self-explanatory

Hybrid reds because your Q is still AD damage and it helps with last hitting in lane.

Scaling AP Blues for damage.

Yellows I do a mix of Mana regen and AP. The 5 regen runes along with the utility mastery give you 5 mp/5 at level 1 which helps a LOT in the early levels.
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This may be a little different then some others.
I go 27/0/3

3 points in util are mana regen so that with runes You get an extra 5 mp/5 at level 1

AP Ezreal, like most mages, uses his abilities to blow someone up and then doesn't have much damage until they come back off cooldown.
So the idea here is too do as much damage as possible during that combo of abilities.

Because Ezreal is such a safe champion, you can generally farm and trade from safety so you can get away without having anything in the defensive tree.

In team fights, much of the time as long as you land your ult on at least 2-3 members of the enemy team, you did your job. Any damage you do after that will be an added bonus.
(Your ult HURTS that much with Luden's)

I take expose weakness because your goal in teamfights is to hit everyone with your ult and then all follow up damage to them will get a bonus.

I don't take double edged sword because we already are not taking any defensive runes or masteries, lets not help the enemy anymore then we have already.

Blade weaving and Spell weaving. I take Blade weaving for 2 reasons.
One is in lane, sometimes i will try to land a few autos on melee champions before I bop them with w for a little extra damage on the w.

The other reason I take it is you have to in order to get spell weaving.

Spell weaving I take because sometimes you will all in someone and hit all of your abilities but they are still alive with a small amount of HP left.

That all in will probably have maxed Spell weaving so you will then have the best chance possible of finishing off your opponent with your pathetic auto attacks.
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Laning/Tips and tricks

Due to Ezreal's mobility and kit there are almost always huge opportunities to outplay your opponents, even in bad matches.

It basically comes down to did you juke them and did you hit all of your skill shots.

The good thing about Ezreal is he generally doesn't push his wave and is one of the better champions to farm under turret with your Q and E if need be. (Try not to have to use E, it takes a lot of mana and you don't want your escape on cool down.)

What this means is that your lane will be very gankable most of the time.
Most of the time the only thing you will have to do on a gank is land our Ult, if you happen to hit your combo as well, they are almost guaranteed dead.

One of the bests things about AP Ezreal is his ability to trade with his W.
Ezreal's W passes through minions without any negative effect so your opponent can't hide behind minions to avoid it like he can to avoid your Q.

AD Ezreals W costs a lot of mana and does very little damage so its not very useful for trading.

AP Ezreal's W is one of his highest damage abilities so its awesome for trading.

Vs melee champions really abuse your auto attacks and keep them whittled down so they have a hard time stepping forward to CS. Once you have Spell Weaving at 3 stacks see if you can't bop them with a W.

Vs Ranged Champions, try to land a few auto attacks when you can for the damage and to stack
Spell Weaving, but if you find your are going even or losing the trades because you are getting into auto attack range, then just hit them with the W and don't worry about getting the autos off first.

The idea here is to trade without taking any damage as you have zero defense.

Anytime they step out from behind the minions make sure to nail them with your Q as well.
Your q costs very little mana.

Your basic all-in combo is e-w-q-r or sometimes you may lead with R if your in a bush or they are cc'ed.

You ONLY do this combo when you are absolutely sure you are fighting just one person.

Otherwise its poke with q/e and back up. Once you use your e, which is your escape, your very vulnerable for the 6-7 seconds until it comes back up, so only do this when you know you are safe.
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