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Lulu Build Guide by CuteSquirrel

Lulu - Non-ranked mid.

By CuteSquirrel | Updated on November 16, 2012

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Welcome to my guide about Lulu.

This is my first guide. Right from the moment she was revealed, I knew I just had to buy her as soon as she would hit the shop.

I have by now, played her a decent amount of times, and I want to share my view on this character with all of you.

I hope you will find my guide informative, and that you will vote and leave a comment.

If you disagree in my way of playing Lulu, feel free to tell your opinion, as long as you remember to talk politely, and remember, that I do not think this is the only way of playing Lulu. :)

Best Regards
-Cute Squirrel
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Why AP? Why Mid? Why not support?

I would like to start with the last of those three.

Why not support?
Well.. I started playing Lulu support. And I like it. I think Lulu is a great support character.
But there is two things that come to my mind.

First, I really like playing alternative builds. I have a plan on trying her AD, and as a fighter as well. - I have played both Soraka, Taric and Janna AP, so of course I was going to try it with Lulu as well.

Second.. I hate supporting random teams. My AD Carry is always a selfish *****. This lead me to only play support with friends.

Why AP?
Well.. 3/4 spells, is scaling on AP, and unlike many players says, I don't think her AP scaling ratio sucks. I think it is good, and I often get comments ingame due to my high damage, especially midgame.

Why Mid?
Like everyone else, you have good and bad match-ups. Some have few, some many.
I think due to Lulu's range on Glitterlance, she has a good chance against most mid characters, and totally dominate against a good bunch of them. She farms and harass well, and I really feel she got the carry ability if played right.

With Boots of Swiftness, Whimsy and Teleport, you have great abilities with helping top and bot lane during the laning fase.

Lulu's heavy amount of crowd control, helps the jungler gank the lane.
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Pros / Cons

  • Low mana cost on most abilities, specially on your near-spammable Q.
  • A lot of crowd control.
  • Due to CC, she is great at both escaping and hunting her pray down.
  • Really great disable ability in Whimsy.
  • Awesome harassing.
  • Great farmer.
  • Lulu is sloooow. With a base movement speed of 300, she joins the club of the slowest characters in the game.
  • Squishy. With a low health pool, you're really in danger from surprise attacks, with high burst damage.
  • Not as high damage as the hard hitters in the game.
  • Weak against multiple targets when alone.
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I go with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration to increase my dmg through the whole game.

Even though your abilities have low mana cost, spamming them (especially W and E) will empty your mana pool quite fast. This is why I take Greater Seal of Replenishment, to stay in the lane longer.

Lulu's cooldowns are not that long, but they are still the essence of Lulu. Without mana, or when her abilities are on cooldown, she is not really a threat to anyone. Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction helps you by decreasing your cooldowns a good chunk at the end of the game, where I think it is most important.

In the laning fase, Lulu don't really need cooldown reduction, when all she need to do is using her Q.
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Classical 21/0/9 build, for increased spell damage while you boost your summoner spells, and increasing your mana pool + mana reg and your movement speed.

I don't really have much to say here. I can't see any way to optimize this when you're building AP.
You could sure put those 9 points in defensive instead, but I would not trade off my mana reg for the extra beefyness.
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Summoner Spells

I go with and .

Many players, takes Flash on every character, as it gives you a nice escape mechanism, and a nice chasing mechanism in one. If people takes Ghost instead it is often because they already have an ability to get over walls.

Lulu, does not have such a spell, which lead to that many players will take flash on her, and I do that as well.

I really like the ability to get away, especially when my Mejai's Soulstealer start to get some stacks.

is a personal favorite. I take it on every single character unless I jungle (which I up until now really have not done that much).
Teleport help me save towers, get back in lane faster, and is overall a nice strategic tool, to be were you want on the map.

Fell free to use whatever you like. Many people love Ignite, and I'm sure it would work fine on lulu. Same goes with Heal.

If you're playing insanely aggressive Clarity would be nice - to stay in lane, and have the extra mana - to keep punishing the enemy.

Just some thoughts. I really think Summoner spells are more about playstyle, than about the specific character. :)
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Skill Sequence


This if for maximizing your damage output, though I get one point in Whimsy at lvl 2. You are gonna love this spell. Whenever the enemy is rushing towards you, just cast it followed up by your Q and E for damage, and often they will turn around, and realizing there is nothing to come and get.

It's a great disable for channeling spells, and is good for getting around the map, run away yourself, just like helping your team with it.

Remember to consider if it's best used on your teammate or the enemy.

A rule of thumb is: Put Whimsy on Casters/long ranged heroes (disables their ability to cast spells, makes them unable to harm your fleeing teammate/-s), and use it on your allies if the are chased by melee or short ranged heroes.
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I start out with and 2 .

I found that this is helping me the best while I lane. Normally you would like to stay out off range of your enemies, and harass with your Q, and the pots are for when you fail to dodge the enemies abilities/ranged auto attacks.

When I round 1000G, I go back to buy , maybe an or two, if we/I were lucky with some kills.

I go straight for the upgraded boots, because Lulu is slow.. Really slow. You will especially notice it if you opponent have bought boots early.
For a long time I bought Sorcerer's Shoes for her, but when I tried Boots of Swiftness the first time, I was convinced.

Back to lane.. Normally I can keep it running until I have 1200G, to buy Hextech Revolver. This increase your damage, and give some nicely spellwamp, which increase your survivability in the field.

Now the game should have reach mid-game, and people are beginning to leave their lanes for good, and start ganking where it's possible.
I help keeping towers up, due to my Teleport, and farm as much as possible.
As soon as I have 1200G, I buy my .

Mejai's Soulstealer is a steal on Lulu.. if you can keep her alive. I almost never dies. 0-3 times a game, which give me a really nice stack on this item.

People may think it's better buying Mejai's before Hextech Revolver, which is of course a matter of taste, though I like to get a little more dmg+survivability through spellwamp before I start hunting people down.

Now... That sweet Meki Pendant you bought at the start of the game, why not get something out of it.
Upgrade it to a . This gives you a bunch of AP, and some nice cooldown reduction. I won't upgrade it further, until later in the game.
Your Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction + Fiendish Codex should do the job. Grab blue buff if possible (but really I normally let someone else get it, it's nice, but really nothing especially on Lulu in my opinion).
Otherwise there is always Elixir of Brilliance. I actually find these quite potent on many characters and Lulu is no exeption. Though I would not recommend to buy them before your Fiendish Codex, since those items are the core of your build, and the faster you get them the better.

Now.. If things are heading the right way, you should not have any problem with getting kills/assists or farming when the enemies are not around. Remember to use your teleport to save your turrets. And when you are in the lane you should stick around and farm a wave or too if you are not needed elsewhere.
- Now if this is the case, your should go straight forward to the big stuff. Get an Needlessly Large Rod, and upgrade it to . After that, finish your .

If it isn't the case, reconsider if your Mejai's was a good buy. If you're dying too much, buy some health. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great choice, or Haunting Guise if you want something cheaper which still increase your damage, if not, your Mejai's should be working fine. Then go for finishing Will of the Ancients first, and then start to build your Rabadon's Deathcap.

All my games almost ends around here. So your last items is more like.. "What do I need to survive/hit harder/help my team".

Most of the time I get to build just before the game ends. Lulu don't benefit that much from the extra attack speed with this build, but most of the time, I don't have money problems when we reach this state of the game, and I therefore buy Nashor's Tooth instead of Morello's Evil Tome which would be more appropriate for this build. But I like the additional 5% cooldown reduction, and even though the attackspeed is not a good trade off for the AP Morello's Tome gives, it's a nice bonus.

As my last item, I often go for a , where I buy Giant's Belt first to get some health, or a where I buy the Sheen first to ditch out even more damage while getting some small bonuses as well.
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Short about gameplay (Maybe more to come)

I covered this a little in other parts of the guide, so I would try not to repeat myself.

I go mid if my team let me. Though often I go bot with an AD carry. Remember to tell your team that you are not playing support.
Also remember that it does not help if you are getting stong, and your team is not. So share the minion kills with your AD carry instead of just farming them all by yourself.
This is not a problem early game, but when your Glitterlance reach lvl 3, it really starts to hurt the minions.

When laning use a combination of your auto attack and Glitterlance to farm. Don't push to much unless the enemy don't have a jungler, and your map awareness is good. In sole queue I don't trust my teammates to call miss, so I play safe and often look at the map.

In general you should only use Glitterlance to farm minions, if:
  • You can hit the enemy at the same time.
  • The kill would go to waste (one of your minions or tower takes it.
  • You are getting pushed so much that you are loosing farm to your tower.

You will find yourself pushing your lane quite easily if you spam your Glitterlance against minions, which sometimes indeed can be a good thing. But mostly, by following these guidelines, you should be fine. :)

Remember to use Whimsy to get around. It's a nice little speed bonus with an awesome animation. :D
In Lol speed is a strategic advantage. The faster you can set up ganks, and generally be where you want, the stronger you stand according to the enemy.
This also means that if you're rushing toward something and some on the team are slower than you, you should buff them instead.

In mid/lategame - stay with your team, unless you are really sure you are not getting ganked by multiple enemies.

Sure you can push towers and get blue buff on your own, just be sure not to run into the enemy. - Often you can get away.. Actually you will get away almost every time if you do not play too recklessly.


Stuns.. Stuns not only can.. but they will kill you. As long as you have mana, and you can cast your spells, you are good to go. But a stun from two or more people, will almost anytime lead to death.

Where if the stunner get to you alone, you will get out of it 99% of the time, unless of course he is too fed, and kills you with 2-3 attacks.
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More to come?

I have plans on writing sections for the guide which include the following:
  • Teamfights
  • Solofights
  • Farming
  • The art of Harassing, Like é Boss!

And maybe I will also make:
  • Guide for alternative playstyles. (AD?, Jungler?, Support? Hybrid?)
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I hope that you enjoyed my guide about Lulu and understood what I wrote and meant.
Please leave a comment and a vote, it would really mean a lot to me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will gladly answer them.

Constructive criticism is appreciated, I would love to hear your thought and ideas and I am open minded to try something new. :)

-Cute Squirrel
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Hall of Fame (Or shame?)

Just a shot to prove it can be done. :)