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Lulu Build Guide by The Existance

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Existance

Lulu, Queen of the League

The Existance Last updated on August 6, 2013
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Welcome to my guide on LULU!!! In this guide, I will show you the many ways Lulu can be played and how she fits in many situations. But before you begin reading or vote on the guide, THIS GUIDE IS NOT INTENDED TO BE COMPREHENSIVE. This guide includes only the basics because a full guide on all the ways to play Lulu would be way to large. I suggest using this guide to find a quick build before a match, or decide which way you want to play Lulu. I will list links to many great Lulu guides below so you can find a more in depth guide on the fae sorceress.

"The best path between two points is upside-down, between, then inside-out and round again." - Lulu

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Pros / Cons

+ Versatile/ Can be used in many ways
+ High damage out for AP and AS
+ Good CC
+ Good Escape Abilities
+ Good Poke
- Naturally Slow
- Mana Hungry early on if played aggresively
- Low base attack speed

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Which Lulu am I?

Support: Lulu is an aggressive support which allows you to get your ADC fed, while shutting down the enemy ADC. She has a slow, a silence (squirrely thingy), and a shield which will give you ADC an edge in combat!

Mid: This Lulu is solo mid. You take advantage of her passive and build attack speed with other on hit effects. You blast them with volleys of magic damage!

Top: This Lulu is much like the mid Lulu except you build her ability power and such so her poke Glitterlance (Q) is stronger. You use your abilities more often than in mid to keep the gankers away.

Jungle: JUNGLE LULU!!! This Lulu is special because no one expects Lulu to jungle well. But we all know that Lulu can do anything! With this Lulu you build attack speed and on hit effects. You go from blue to all the other creatures. The best thing about Lulu is her super ganks. She turns the enemies into a squirrel than full on attacks the them.

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Support Lulu: Summary

The Suppordle, as Lulu was called during development, has abilities geared toward boosting your allies to victory in battle. In this summary, I will quickly go over the basics of Support Lulu.
First, the Mastery points. While Lulu Support is very flexible, I choose to put the points in 0/9/21. This gives her some tankyness, some gold generation, and a small mana engine. These are all good qualities for support. Second, Lulu's runes. I did these particular runes because like the mastery page, it gives mana, armor, and ability power. Lastly, Her items. These items are geared toward playing aggressively. They focus warding, both early and late game. They also fulfill the role as support by having a shield and movement speed buff for the whole team late game.

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Support Lulu: Items

Here I will go more into detail about the items so that you can understand what to switch out and what order to buy them in.

Faerie Charm > Rejuvenation Bead > Sight Ward x2

The Fairy Charm and Rejuvenation Bead are very good starting items for any support because they provide a small boost in early laning and build into a very important item, Shurelya's Reverie. Not too complicated. Sight Wards... Well I shouldn't have to explain these.


RUSH THIS!!! A Sightstone gives free wards. Free Wards for a support is like a free The Bloodthirster to an ADC, or free Ice Cream to a group of children. In addition to free wards, it gives you +180 health. That's pretty cool.

Philosopher's Stone > Boots of Speed

The health and manna regen are a small bonus, but we really like about this is +4 gold per 10. Seeing as a support cannot farm, nor can he get kills, extra gold really comes in handy. Philosopher's Stone builds into a Shurelya's Reverie later, which is very good. Boots of Speed. Yep. Self Explanitory. You go faster.

Ruby Sightstone > Boots of Mobility > Aegis of the Legion > Locket of the Iron Solari

Now we are into a more complex section! These items can be built in any order. Different situations require these in different orders. Ruby Sightstone is more health and wards. Both of which are very important for a support. I like Boots of Mobility because it's helpful when warding, you can get to the target ward zone and back quickly, minimizing danger. Also, they help you get to teamates quicker. A second or two makes a very big difference when it comes to saving a teamates life. Runic Bulwark is awesome because it provides you AND your teamates a HUGE boost in tankyness. You get health, armor, and MR. Your teamates get armor and MR. This item will passively save live and prevent large amounts of damage over the course of the game. Locket of the Iron Solari is a tricky item. It passively give you health, armor, and cooldown reduction, which is nice on its own. Its active is a shield for all teamates in the area. It is useful when fighting teams with a lot of AoE or teams that can't focus. Activating this at the right time can effectively cancel an enemy ult or provide a small shield to save teamates.

I hope you this helps you out with your Lulu guide. Remember all situations and people's play styles require different items, so this build will very rarely be used exactly the way I did it.

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Support Lulu: Abilities

In a world where the ADC is extremely important...
Only one support can help him (or her) rise to the top...
(Key Dramatic Music)
Lulu, the Fae Sorceress!

Pix, Faerie Companion

Oh, Pix. What a wonderful companion. Unfortunately, this build does not use Lulu's passive in a super secret way that dominates all of your opponents and crushes their dreams of ever rising above 1200 elo. It mainly just helps put a little extra damage on the enemy ADC when you attack him.


The Glitterlance! I'm surprised Taric doesn't have this! (Get it? Cause he likes shiny things and knights use lances? No? Sorry for my poor humor...) But in all seriousness, this is perfect in combo with Whimsy. It can hit several champions from several angles, so you can slow several champions, and your ADC may be able to pick up a double kill. This is very important and will be used a lot. Hit the enemy with this, your ADC gets in a hit or 2 and your enemy will be forced back to turret in laning phase. It can slow enemies to help you ADC escape too. This slow is powerful and the damage to go with it makes it a powerful utility and poke.


Whimsy is probably Lulu's best known ability because it makes squirrels. Is there any ability cooler??? This has 3 main uses. First, you can use it in a fight bot lane. You can stop the enemy ADC from putting out damage, or stop Alistar from stunning your ADC. You will be using this on you enemies a lot to protect you ADC. Next, it can help you ADC catch up or flee after a battle. You just target him and suddenly he rushes into hyperspace. "Make the Jump to hyperspace!" - Han Solo. Sorry. Star Wars fan. Finally, you can use it in team fight. You use it the same way as in the laning phase, but with possibly different targets.

Help, Pix!

Help, Pix! will be mostly used for its shield when supporting with Lulu. If you are playing support, you probably have an idea on when to use a shield, but just cause I like filling space, I'll tell you anyway! USE THE SHIELD WHEN: Karthus ults, Ezreal ults (unless he misses), you get tower dived, in the end of a fight that's really close. DON'T USE THE SHIELD: just cause its cute, on yourself when the ADC is targeted, on minions. Max this first because the shield can be very strong early to mid game but drops off later.

Wild Growth

"Hughify!"- Lulu. This ult makes full stacks Cho'Gath as large as the lane! None shall pass! But not only does it make your champions bigger, but it slows nearby enemies and restores the ally health. While this ult can be used at almost any time in the fight, I find that it is most effective near the end because your ally gains life (which already gives him an edge) and stops the enemy from being able to flee. Because of it's relatively short cooldown, feel free to use this when you deem it necessary. It is better to be safe than sorry. Remember to use it in team fights because it can often change the outcome, sometimes even win the game.

"Transmogulate!" - Lulu

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Support Lulu: Warding

Warding is extremely important to the support role. With correct warding, your team can have clear vision of almost the entire map. Imagine never getting ganked again!

First, I will start with the early game warding. Early Game wards are very important when playing support, especially aggressive support. You need wards to prevent ganks and maintain bush control. Attemp to keep all of these warded when you can.

Next, I will talk about late game. I ward 6 key points at all times if possible. They give an effective coverage because the entire river and parts of the jungle are covered. This allows you to set up a grid like awareness. You always know what section of the jungle your enemies are in if they are not visible. The purple vision wards cover the dragon and baron, the 2 most important parts. Green sight wards cover the middle of the river and parts of the jungle. The circles arong them show the field of vision.

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Support Lulu: Positioning

Here is the correct positioning for early game aggressive support. You want to put yourself between the enemy ADC and the minion wave. This stops the enemy ADC from being able to farm. The larger the gap, the better. Usually, Lulu can sit in the bush and use her Q to keep the enemy ADC back.

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Mid Lulu: Summary

For Mid Lulu, we will mainly be taking advantage of her passive, Pix Fairy Companion. Pix fires bolts when Lulu attacks a target, which deals bonus magic damage. "Dust em, Pix!" - Lulu.

When I build Mid Lulu, I like to strongly take advantage of this passive by building her with attack speed and on hit items. But before I get into the items, we should start with Masteries. I put in 8/22/0. This gives her some AD and attack speed. Than the 22 are invested in building her some tankyness to keep her alive even against though opponents and ganks. This is more of a preference and you could do just as well with a more offensive Mastery page. Next up, the Runes. The Runes are fairly obvious. They give her a very nice attack speed bonus, along with some armor and MR. And finally, the Items! For those of you who like other yordles, this may remind you of a Teemo build. (IDK though, I don't play Teemo). First, you pick up Boots of Speed and some Health Potions. Than Berserker's Greaves for attack speed. Than Malady for attack speed and on hit magic damage. Than Wit's End for attack speed and on hit magic damage. Can you see the trend? You just follow the items to pick up more attack speed and magic damage. If you want, you can get some magic pen or AD, but that's only if they stack MR. So once you hit your full build, Lulu and Pix are blasting them for loads of damage. Yordle Power!

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Top Lulu: Summary

Top Lulu is a lot like mid Lulu, but with a little more emphasis on her abilities. This allows you to be less gank relient and have some more utility to get the edge over an opponent.

To build Top Lulu, I build her attack speed to use the passive and ability power and mana so that you may make better use of her abilities. First, Top Lulu's Mastery page is 9/21/0. It is focused on building both her attacks and abilities. Their are points in defense to make her stronger early game. For Runes, they are attack speed and armor. The glyphs are ability power to give you a boost early game. For Items, First, you pick up Boots of Speed and some Health Potions. Than Malady for attack speed and on hit magic damage. Than Wit's End for attack speed and on hit magic damage. Berserker's Greaves for attack speed. Madred's Razors because of the awesome On-Hit effect. Nashor's Tooth because it is an extreme boost to both her attack speed and abilities. I think it is a necessary item for building Lulu this way. Last, a Rageblade. Its great for a attack speed/ ability cast combo.

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Jungle Lulu: Summary

Jungle Lulu is my favorite Lulu because everyone doubts she can actually do it. Once I start blasting people to death in ganks, there are some really funny chat comments. But back to Lulu. We take advantage of Pix, Fairy Companion to deal extra magic damage. We also get good use of her W and E. I find these to be the most useful. Gank, squirrel (W),and than blast them with Pix for the kill. The Jungle Pattern i use for Lulu is Blue w/ Leash >Wolves > Wraiths > Golems and than hit Wraiths or Wolves to get to 700. Go pick up Madred's Razors. Than repeat the pattern and gank when possible.

As usual, I'll start with Masteries. I go 0/21/9. Its pretty much the standard jungle build. It makes her tankier and gets her Runic Affinity. I find this helpful to jungle anyone. The Runes are a huge boost in attack speed and than some armor and MR. And now the items. Lulu starts out with standard jungle of Cloth Armor and Health Potions. Once you got that you get attack speed items like the Malady and Wit's End. Next, I get Frozen Mallet for 2 reasons. First, because Health is needed for survivability. Second, because your attack slow them which helps pick up A LOT of kills. Than I go for Nashor's Tooth because its got attack speed and CDR. This means more damage and more squirrels.

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Jungle Lulu: Items

Alright! Time to talk about Jungle Lulu's item choices! I'll be explaining the items in order from first to last.

Hunter's Machete > Health Potion x5 > Madred's Razors

This is the standard jungle starting items. Armor and Health Potions keep you alive longer in the Jungle. Once you get 700 from the jungle path go back and pick up the Razors. This is like a free smite every 5 attacks. It really helps speed up your jungle and lets you stay out there longer.

Berserker's Greaves > Wriggle's Lantern

The Berserker's Greaves and Madred's Bloodrazor are ESSENTIAL. I believe you need these to succeed with Jungle Lulu. Berserker's Greaves give a nice attack speed increase. Madred's Bloodrazor is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It gives AD, attack speed, and armor, but the main reason for it is the passive, 4% of the targets max health is dealt to them in magic damage. This means at full build, you'll deal the enemies entire health in magic damage from this passive alone in about 10 second. It is a very important On-Hit effect and must be included.

Malady > Wit's End > Frozen Mallet

This items have one thing in common, on hit effects. The Malady and Wit's End deal bonus magic damage on hit and Attack Speed. The Wit's End also give some MR. The Frozen Mallet slows the target on hit and give AD and Health. I believe that the Frozen Mallet is another must because of the On-Hit effect and the Health for survivability. All together these items are a very nice buff. You get attack speed, more magic damage, AD, a slow on hit, and survivability.

Nashor's Tooth

This item is my ending item because it helps you make more use of your abilities late game. It gives attack speed, which is always helpful, and 25% CDR and Ability Power, which helps you make more squirrels (W) and make yourself bigger more often (R). Its fun because it's a great compliment on Lulu, helping her basic attack and her abilities.

This is my Lulu Jungle build and honestly it almost always ends up like this or very very similar. Of course everyone plays different, so you may play different items. Good Luck with Jungle Lulu!

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Jungle Lulu: Abilities

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lulubilities! I will go through each abilities use in the context of Jungle Lulu.

Pix, Faerie Companion

Pix, Fairy Companion is Lulu's Passive and we strongly take advantage of this. It provides bonus magic damage because Pix fires bolts at Lulu's target. Minions can block these bolts, so be aware he may not hit your target but another one. Building attack speed with this strongly increases Lulu's ability as a jungler. This is the main thing she is built off of in this jungle guide, so you should know it well.


Lulu's Glitterlance is a painful poke and a slow. We max this last though because slows are not useful against jungle monsters. Of course, this ability is still useful for ganks. If you use Help, Pix! on an enemy and than cast Glitterlance in any direction the Glitterlance will still slow the target that pix is on. This makes for a good combo during ganks.


Whimsy adds 2 weapons to Jungle Lulu's arsenal because it has multipurposes. The first use is during your first jungle run. You can use this to speed Lulu up to the next monsters. It can also be used to get back to the jungle after recalling. If you use this ability while still in the spawn, youre mana will regen, so you wont be wasting mana. It is also very usingful in escaping and getting to your team mates. The second use is the most important. IT MAKES CHAMPIONS INTO SQUIRRELS! This is makes the enemy useless for a few seconds. In the seconds they are useless, you can save yourself, a teamate, or pick up a kill. In teamfights, you can use this to get their damage dealer out of the way for alittle while. It will work even when enemies are doing the abilities and ults. Unfortunatly, it is not helpful in the jungle because it only works on champions. I max this second.

Help, Pix!

Help, Pix! is a heavy damage dealer. It puts pix right behind the enemy, so all his bolts will hit the enemy that you auto attack. This is great for taking out blue or red buffs in the jungle. It is also great on an escaping enemy because you can fire a Glitterlance and maybe pick up a kill because the Glitterlance always hits the target pix is on. I max this first.

Wild Growth

Wild Growth is Lulu's ult and I get this at all levels possible. It is extremely helpful in winning fights because at max you instantly gain 600 health and slow nearby enemies. This has helped me turn low level ganks into double kills. Because you are Jungle Lulu, you should almost always be using this on yourself.

"Yup, that tasted purple" - Lulu

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Change Log

9/2/2012: The Lulu Guide has been published!
Soon to add many more sections to put in details and numbers for Lulu's abilities.
9/3/2012: The Support Lulu: Summary and Support Lulu: Items sections have been added.
9/4/2012: The Mid Lulu: Summary has been added.
9/5/2012: The Jungle Lulu: Summary has been added and the Jungle Lulu build has be modified to include more survivability.
9/6/2012: The Jungle Lulu: Items has been added.
9/7/2012: The Jungle Lulu: Abilities has been added.
9/11/2012: The Top Lulu: Summary has been added.
11/22/2012: Ensured all items and descriptions are up-to-date.
12/5/2012: Updated Items and Masteries for the Season 3 Update.
12/29/2012: Very minor updates to all sections.
1/22/2013: The major update to the Support Lulu section started. Support Lulu: Warding and Support Lulu: Positioning added. Support Lulu: Summary edited.
1/24/2013: The Support Lulu: Abilities has been added.
3/18/2013: The Support Lulu: Items has been entirely redone.
4/22/2013: The Support Lulu: Warding has been completed.
8/05/2013: Updated Items and Masteries for Update 3.10.
8/06/2013: Switched Photo Sharing site and cleaned up grammatical and spelling errors.