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Lulu Build Guide by leipetaco

AD Offtank Lulu Solo-Top (AD-Carry)

AD Offtank Lulu Solo-Top (AD-Carry)

Updated on April 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author leipetaco Build Guide By leipetaco 118 27 1,065,293 Views 114 Comments
118 27 1,065,293 Views 114 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author leipetaco Lulu Build Guide By leipetaco Updated on April 24, 2014
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Lulu SoloTop/Jungle
Hi, this is my very first build and i hope you all like it.

I play lulu a lot and i was sick off being support or anything so i went on to try AD solo-top and it works great. I also tried to jungle and Lulu is an awesome ganker. But you will read more in the next chapters.

Have fun with this build and practice first before playing lulu as!!
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For both builds i use the same runes.
Lulu SoloTop needs a lot of attack speed. With attack speed you are able to do all the damage because of your passive. You could choose for some AD runes for last hitting on top because lulu only has like 50 AD from the beginning. But i prefer Attack Speed because you can damage your opponent very easy. If you cast your Glitterlance, you can do like 5 basic attacks. Thats equal to around 300 dmg, Early Game!.

Also for jungling Attack speed is necessary. You are able to jungle much faster then with AD runes.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The skill sequence for lulu solo-top is what you prefer more. I always start with my Glitterlance. After that i go for my Whimsy to save myself if i get ganked to get away with the speed or if somebody thinks he can kill you, you do it and you do a lot of damage to your opponent. (It's always funny when an olaf jumps in on you and you do your w and you kill him xD)

After my Whimsy i do my Help, Pix! just for the extra dmg you can do and ofcourse you are able to cast your Glitterlance from that position. If you cast you Abilities well you are able to slow your enemy twice in like 6 seconds. That means almost 10 seconds free damage!

After the first 3 levels i max my Glitterlance first. After the Glitterlance comes my Help, Pix! and then the Whimsy. But always up your Wild Growth if possible.


This is different from the solotop. Your Help, Pix! has a great shield so i start with the Help, Pix!. It takes around 3 hits from the Big golem at Blue Buff.

After the Help, Pix! i go for my Glitterlance. You need it to do damage on the jungle but also for ganking.

This is the time to choose. If you're lanes are doing well just go further jungling and up your Glitterlance. If you really need to gank somewhere up your Whimsy. You're Whimsy is great to gank because it gives you a lot of bonus movement speed. You go in with your Whimsy. Do you're Help, Pix! on the enemy and slow him with your Glitterlance. If you cast your abilities right (Wait with your Glitterlance like 2 seconds after your Help, Pix!) you are able to do your Glitterlance twice on the enemey and he will be probably dead or uses his Flash or other spell.

After this you should up your Glitterlance first and after that your Help, Pix! and Whimsy. Always up your Wild Growth when possible.
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Summoner Spells


  • Very handy to get the extra health you need to escape or to kill
  • You are squishy in the beginning
  • People don't expect another heal from Lulu. Most of the time they run away when you heal and thats the moment you are able the get the kill.
  • Flash like always because ghost is useless cause of your Whimsy
  • Flash will give you some more chance of escaping ganks. You Whimsy and Wild Growth will help you to with escaping from ganks.

  • For the people who already played her a lot and want some more early-game kills!!


  • Makes the jungle possible for Lulu without a lot of help of your teammates
  • With Flash its easy to catch up while ganking to cast your Glitterlance and Help, Pix!. Or if you fail-gank you can easy escape
  • In teamfights you are able to flash out of the fight to do damage from a distance of the battle.
  • If you have problems with ganking this may work better for you so you can cast your Whimsy on the enemy or on your ally so he/she can catchup.
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I go for berserkers just for the Attack Speed. Every early Attack Speed which is possible will help you owning top lane.

This item will give you some extra health and mana regen early game. Very nice for your sustain in the jungle or on the top lane. This new item is very cheap for what it gives you.

This item gives some extra mana and health regen if needed versus a hard opponent. The gold if you miss a minion counts good aswell, so does the gold over time. It's a situational item but is always fine to buy early game for some more gold income and sustain on lane.

This is the big brother of the Spirit Stone. You could also choose for Spirit of the Ancient Golem if you need more sustain. This will be explained at the Additional Items. But this item gives you some more punch in your enemies face. The passive with True Damage is really great!! Especially with such amount of attack speed. It's a real late game item so don't rush this one!

This item will help on your sustainibility. And because you have a lot of attack speed you are able to keep slowing your enemy so they can't run. It's awesome for your team too!

Very nice for you damage per second. Because you have your frozen mallet already this item will help you a lot with you to kill people 1v1. With the new passive it will be even more awesome!

Because they deleted Malady they switched the passive of this item to Nashor's Tooth and Wit's End. This is pretty awesome because you have one slot more for other items like Bloodthirster or Guinsoo's Rageblade.

I prefer these enchantment because it gives you movement speed when you attack someone. This helps in chasing people. Together with Frozen Mallet nobody is able to escape.

Trinity Force works pretty well on lulu after the remake of the item. Together with Frozen Mallet nobody will be able to escape. Still I think it's better to first buy a Giant's Belt because you are pretty squishy early/mid game. The item will help you a lot with it to get more sustain on lane or more health for ganks.

Additional Items

I tried this item a couple of times and late game this item is pretty usefull. Especially in teamfights if they focus you, the passive will save you and let you kill people even easier! This item could be replaced by Bloodthirster but i prefer this one.

More lifesteal means more sustain! Some extra AD can be fine but I prefer Guinsoo's Rageblade instead. It gives you less lifesteal and AD but in the end more survivability during teamfights.

If you need more sustain choose this item. It gives you some nice health and Tenacity. Especially if they have a lot of cc's in their team. If this item is not necessary you really should go for Spirit of the Elder Lizard. It gives you much more damage in teamfights.

This item gives you tons of attack speed. Together with Wit's End it will give enough attack speed for your build. The passive is very nice for teamfights and farming. But the biggest reason I prefer this item is the attack speed.

This item works pretty well on Lulu but in my opinion it's just to expensive for the stats it gives. It only gives 40% extra attack speed and 25 attack damage and 15 lifesteal. The active could be nice but still, it's just too expensive for lulu! Early game this item is pretty useless because the hp-percentage isn't very high. You could buy this item if you are against a heavy hp team. In these situations this item could work better instead of a Bloodthirster or Spirit of the Elder Lizard or Guinsoo's Rageblade.
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Pros / Cons


- Very Easy to do damage to your opponent with her slow and Attack Speed
- A very good counter for non-ranged solotop champions
- Easy to escape with your Glitterlance/ Whimsy and Wild Growth (heal)
- Hard to gank cause of Glitterlance/ Whimsy and Wild Growth(heal)

- Hard to play, you have to keep moving to do damage and keep out of range of the melee-champions.
- Vladimir is just a disaster for lulu solo top.
- Early game farming is a bit hard. After madreds it's way easier.
- You need a good score and farm to do nice damage (money)

- Very good ganker
- Easy to get assists ( Whimsy or Help, Pix! on teammember)
- Late game very easy to jungle

- Slow jungler early game, also bit hard to jungle
- squishy at the start
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Lulu vs ....

In this chapter I will give a how-to-play against some solo-top champions. When i play against a champion i never played against on solo-top, i will add it on this chapter. The champions who are already in, they are tested.

Easy Solo-top champs to beat

Olaf is a very easy opponent on top for you. He can't reach you because of you Glitterlance en Whimsy. If he does his ult you can just fly away with your Whimsy till his ult is over.

Olaf is a good opponent to learn to play lulu solo-top.

Darius is also very easy to counter. You can easy damage him with your basic attacks and slow. If he pulls you, you have two options, or you do your Whimsy on him to morph him, or you do it on yourself to get away. If you are full health with enough mana and your ult and maybe your heal, you are easy able to kill him when you do you Whimsy on him and just slow him. If you don't have mana you should get back. The trick is don't spam your abilities to much. You can easily damage him when he gets in range of your basic attacks.

Shen is a very easy solo-top champion for Lulu top. You are able to do a lot of damage to him. The only annoying thing is, he is a tank. It takes pretty long, when you don't have your Madred's Bloodrazor yet. The main tip to play against shen is, if he jumps in and do his taunt, just ignore and go after him. He doesn't do enough damage to kill you and you can easy damage him. Just try to keep out of range of his basic attacks and you will push him back to his turret or even kill him.

Medium to play against solo-top champs

Riven is a bit harder to play because she is able to jump into you and stun you. It's pretty annoying because you are not the tankiest person in the beginning of the game. But there is a but. If you place yourself well on your lane riven can't reach you with her stun. The range of her jump is not far enough and you are able to slow her with your Glitterlance or do you Whimsy. Also with your Help, Pix! you can give yourself some more resist against riven. A tip when you play against Riven is, try to damage her as much as possible so she is scared to jump in on you. Try to push her so she will play passively instead of aggressively.

Akali is a pretty easy champ to play against. I place it over here because you can't play aggressive against her early game. You just have to play the waiting game against her. If she jumps on to you, just do your Whimsy and Help, Pix! on her. She will probably go into her stealth bubble-thing. Because you have your Help, Pix! on her you are just able to see her and you can keep spamming your basic attacks and the minions will hit her to! This is your chance to kill her. Just chase her with your Whimsy and slow her with your Glitterlance and you will kill her.

Rengar is a pretty hard champ to play against. You really have to know lulu. You are able to cancel his attacks with your Whimsy. If he jumps on you, do your Whimsy and he can't do anything and you are able to run away and do some nice damage to him so he pulls back. Also your Help, Pix! is very handy for it's shield. Also his ult is useless when you have your Help, Pix! on him. So always when somebody is ganking your lane, put your Help, Pix! on him so his ult is useless. You can do free damage with your Glitterlance and basic attacks just like all the other top-oppenents from lulu.

Hard Solo-top champs to beat

Vladimir is a very hard opponent cause of his abilities which he can spam all the time. If you do damage to him, he will use his abilities a couple of times and he is full health again. Very annoying to play against. Early game you will win but when recalled for like 2 times to buy items you can't win from him cause of the health he got from the items. So to win from a Vladimir, ruin his early game!
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In this chapter i'm going to tell why you should try to jungle lulu sometimes. I will also tell the best jungle route for lulu and some tips for jungling.

Why lulu jungle
Lulu is an awesome ganker. Here are my tips for ganking:

Early Game Ganking (lvl 3 - 6)
First of all, if you gank early game go in with your W. It gives you great speed. Try to hit your enemy with your q and wait for like 2 seconds and do your e on the enemy. Keep basic attacking and do your q again when it is off cooldown. This time your Q will be a really tricky shot because the enemey may have flashed. If you aim your Q right, from the position where your e is, you can do a lot of damage and another slow. This makes lulu a perfect ganker because flash is useless when you already are low hp.

TIP: Learn to do a good Q - (2sec. wait) - E - Q combo.

Mid Game Ganking (lvl 6 - 12)

This is the moment lulu has to own the game. You have to gank constantly. It is way easier because you have your boots already and you can do your W on yourself to go from lane to lane. But watchout, the opponent could also have better items so its better to not go in with your w. Instead, go in with your Q - E - Q combo. If the enemy wants to stun or something you are able to morph them with your W and they are kind of silenced. Try to get a lot of assist and kills on this way.

Late GamePlay (Solotop/Jungle) (lvl 12 - 18)

The ganking is probably over a bit. You have to push towers. It is very easy with lulu because you are able to run away easy with your Whimsy and Glitterlance. Also your Wild Growth can slow them if they are to close.

Another advantage of your Help, Pix!. If you are pushing the turret with just a couple of minions you can do your Help, Pix! on a minion. It could take up to 3 turret hits. Thats equal to almost 8 basic attacks from lulu! In teamfight you have to ult the one who does the most damage. If somebody jumps in on your ad-carry ult him/her. It will cancel, for instance, a warwick-ult. Just try to hit enemies with your Help, Pix! and Whimsy. Always morph the enemy who does the most damage or the one who is able to stun everyone, leona for instance. It gives you some time to kill the ad carry and to win the teamfight.

- Start at Blue Buff (ask for a pull)
- Do your Help, Pix! on yourself when the golem is about to hit you
- Just basic attack and use a potion if necessary

- Up your Glitterlance and go to wolves, use your Help, Pix! on yourself

- After wolves go to Wraiths, use potion if necessary. Use your Help, Pix! on the big Wraith first to leash him. Then spam your Glitterlance and basic attacks. This is the moment to up your Whimsy if you want to gank. Mid is probably a very easy gank so go for it!

- Take red Buff and use all your potions. You will be probably almost dead but you are able to do it. Spam your Help, Pix! on yourself and use smite on the big Lizard. Just spam your Glitterlance and dance around the red buff so the big Lizard can't hit you.

- If you jungled well you could go B for your Madreds Razors. If you didn't jungle lulu yet you have to go B. You only have like 200 hp or something like that.
- For the one who jungled lulu already, go to the golems. Do your Whimsy on yourself, leash them with your Glitterlance. Dance around them and kill the big one. Now you have to spam your Help, Pix! on the golem. If you keep moving around the Golems, they can't hit you so you dont get damaged if you do it well. Also your Glitterlance helps from getting them away because it slows them.

- After this just jungle whatever you want, you are able to clear every camp except Baron and Dragon.

TIP: Try to gank a lot. You really need the assist and kills for money for your items etc.
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GoodBye and thanks for reading

Greetings leipetaco
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