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Lulu Build Guide by TheRandomTs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRandomTs

Lulu, the Bae Sorceress

TheRandomTs Last updated on July 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 21

Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank Don't get hooked levels 1-5. If you do, just Whimsy away and shield yourself. When you have ultimate, it's okay, because he probably pulled you to the enemy carry. Ult yourself.
Alistar Easy poke and peel. Stay away from his W's reach though.
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Hi, my name is TheRandomTs, and I am (currently) a Gold 2 League player.

Lulu is probably one of the best supports to get out of lower elo; at least in my opinion.

In season 4, I was stuck in bronze without a support for me; because we all know all of us get stuck with support last pick.

That is, until I picked Lulu.

No, I did not see the LCS season 4. I barely knew league, so no point in watching competitive play. Soon, I picked myself up and escaped into Silver, and still Lulu is helping me in Gold today.

Anyway, I enjoy playing Lulu because of her unique kit which offers a diverse set of utility.

(Don't expect anything fancy. My first guide.)

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Lulu is a very, very versatile champion that can fit a LOT of roles. Whether it's the obvious support to top lane poker, Lulu can be useful in a quite of ways.

Lulu is known for her ability to never really fall off.
Her Glitterlance (Q) slow is always 80%, just the duration is increased.
Polymorph (W) is always useful as a silence/disable.
Her shield grants vision of enemies (so Vayne can't go invis) and allows an allied target to use Pix as a steroid in autos.
Wild Growth is a great disrupter and an AOE slow that can be great to save lives or initiate hard.

She can also be played mid as well, for her wave clear is great with AP and ganks are pretty easy to avoid.

Toplane, she's so annoying because of Pix's autos to win early trades.

I don't even wanna talk about AP/AS DPS Lulu as an "AD Carry."

But getting back to the point, Lulu is an all-around support to carry low-level Bronze players who may not know her full kit.

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Pros / Cons

- Never falls off
- Very diverse kit
- She basically has 6 abilities
- Polymorph is completely hilarious and great to use
- She can trade autos very well against low-ranged carries and other supports because of Pix
- Pix can give a carry better trades because they can use the autos more efficiently
- Glitterlance can be used in awesome ways with Help Pix
- Only one skillshot
- Coolest skins around

- (Technically) No heal (although Wild Growth lets you keep it... more on that later)
- Shield is not that good
- No instant escapes
- Making the most use of Glitterlance can take some time
- Pretty squishy; she's not a tank, folks
- No vision = No polymorph
- Medium-long CDs

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Ah, screw my rune page.

I use a standard AP rune page when I play Lulu (because I'm poor and only have 4 pages to choose from).

You can probably use your own or see from above.

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Ah yes. Just look at the mastery page above.

I have 9 points in Defense so I can last in lane longer.

21 points in Util helps with gold and summoner spell CDR. I don't have normal CDR because these items usually give CDR.

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Item Logic

Frost Queen's Claim:
- Secure kills!
- Secure Baron/Dragon!
- Great slow for when your spells are down.

- Free wards. Duh.

Twin Shadows:
- AP
- Movement speed multiplier
- Allows you to ward safely and catch out enemies

Oracle's Lens:
- Do you even need an explanation?
- Kill enemy wards = Gold
- Allows to see invisible champions

Locket of the Iron Solari:
- More shields!
- MR and health regen!
- CDR!

Mikael's Crucible:
- Heal! Something you don't have (technically speaking)!
- Removes all debuffs to ANYONE!
- Mana regen!
- CDR!

Iceborn Gauntlet:
- CDR! Now you have 40%!
- AOE slow on basic attack
- Armor
- AP!
- Mana

Liandry's Torment:
- Magic Pen
- The DoT from Q slow is great!

Abyssal Scepter:
- Magic Resist
- Magic Resist lowering

Frozen Heart:
- Lots of armor
- Mana
- 20% CDR!

Ardent Censer:
- That attack speed buff synergizes well with Pix's shield
- Mana regen
- Movement speed
- AP

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I will go over some tips/reminders with her kit, assuming you know the basics:

Passive: Pix, the Faerie Companion
- Pix's bolts CAN be intercepted by other units
- It scales off of Lulu's AP, not the targets (when used with E)
- Great for early harass on carry

Q: Glitterlance
- Max first for laning phase (80% slow duration increase)
- Can fire two bolts
- Damage does not double on same target, but slow can refresh
- If the bolt negates a shield, the second bolt CAN deal damage again (ie, Black shield negates first bolt's damage, the second bolt can deal "one bolt's" worth of damage)
- First bolt fires from Lulu, second one from Pix
- Extend Glitterlance's range by using Help, Pix! (More on that later)

W (Allied): Whimsy
- Speed is based on Lulu's AP
- Long CD, remember that
- The duration is the only thing that scales

W (Enemy): Polymorph
- Polymorph is the reason you max W second (duration of polymorph increases; very useful)
- Counts as a slow and a silence
- Save this when tanks/assassins engage on your carries
- Long CD

E (Allied): Help, Pix!
- Max last
- Shield on champions, none on allied minions
- Lasts for 6 seconds
- Pix can fire a Glitterlance from this location
- There IS a tether range of 2000 units
- If shield dissipates, Pix still stays
- If Pix's range is broken, shield still stays

E (Enemy): (Still) Help, Pix!
- Vision/Pix lasts for 4 seconds
- Can see through Vayne's invisibility (idk about others)
- Mostly used for EQ combo

R: Wild Growth
- Basically a heal
- Is NOT affected by grievous wounds
- Slow aura scales
- More AP = More health
- If used on a Yasuo and enemies nearby are knocked up, Yasuo CANNOT use Last Breath (idk why, since Kalista can do it)
- Great for initiating tanks such as Maokai and Sion
- Try not to use it on champions with clones (Shaco, Leblanc) as you can give away which one they are
- Yes, you CAN use R on clones. I learned that the hard way.

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Basic Combos

1) Use E on any minion in lane. Q towards enemy champion.
2) Flash + Ult to initiate a fight.
3) Just E an auto-dependent carry. Bam. Pix is a damage steroid.

After getting some practice, Lulu is pretty easy. You can probably make some up yourself.

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Getting which skill first is completely your choice.
I sometimes get Q for the early poke and other times E when WE'RE getting poked.

Skill order is listed above.

Try to poke the enemy ADC by auto-ing levels 1-2.
Later, you can put pix on the enemy support, wait till he's next to the carry, then use Glitterlance.

Ward. Period.

You can also trade effectively levels 1-5 against the carry by shielding yourself, Q-ing them, autoing, and polymorphing them so they can't attack. Then retreat to avoid unnecessary damage. Repeat.

Only ult your carry when they are caught out/in immediate danger. When you want to go ham or attempt to fight 2v2, use it on yourself so you can have a larger hitbox for your carry and zone them by the aura slow at a closer range.

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Team FIghts

Usually, it's in no way, shape, or form for a team member to die in a 5v5 fight. Some may say it's, "OK, as long as it's the support." They're dead wrong. In fact, they're dead.

As Lulu, it is especially important that you don't die. You are not an engage support. You are not a damage support. You are not a tank support.

You are a follow-engage and peeler.

Oh, and ward the area and don't get caught. Your team needs you.

First, you should see if your tank can all-in or engage fast.
Examples: Amumu, Maokai, Malphite, anyone with Righteous Glory, Sejuani.

Next, you should ult them ONLY IF they hit 4 or 5 champions. Any less would then allow your carry to get counter-engaged on.

As your team's CC ends, hit locket.

Save Polymorph for those who can jump onto your carry and animialize them. Put Pix on them to ensure a temp. health and Pix bolts (this is where Ardent Censer would come in handy. Attack speed steroid with Pix? Great.) Peel using Glitterlance and Frost Queen's. Use Mikael's if needed.

Chase down stragglers with Twin Shadows.

You should win the game.

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Lulu is a good pick in any division, but can be very advantageous to use in Bronze/Silver.

Lulu never falls off and can be played anywhere (even jungle [although I do not advise it]).

Lulu can build literally anything and still be good. You want tank? Go tank. Full AP? Wow, she's fast.

Lulu is a great champion, both in lore, quotes, and gameplay.

Lulu serves an important role in teamfighting and picking people off.

You should play Lulu.