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Lulu Build Guide by Supernoob

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Supernoob

Lulu, The super tiny support! (finally updated for Season 3)

Supernoob Last updated on September 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first time building a guide and I think Lulu support is one of the best supports out there. So this is my support guide to Lulu, The Fae Sorceress.

Lulu as many have seen is a very good support, and I will tell you why she is such an amazing support, this is not for any rank game, I'm building this strictly from playing only normal games.

Because of the preseason for season 3, we now have a TOTALLY new line up of items and different ways to support the team, and since I haven't updated this for like god knows how long, I no have to change up how i present this guide, I will update bit by bit as well as the old masteries and runes to use while I slowly redo this build.

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Pros / Cons


She is a very good harasser in lane
Has a shield that helps to push more damage
Can slow immensely for low mana to either escape or to help catch enemies who are out of position.
A skill that can help run away, catch a stray or to polymorph an enemy carry for focus fire
An Ulti that can save an ally, good slow and a knock up for the extra initiation power


She is pretty squishy (build to help stop that)
Mana hungry when you spam skills to fast, now even more since the update and the increase mana and decrease damage from Glitterlance
Has a base movement speed of 300, the slowest
Polymorphing an enemy has to travel to change them
Failing to land a Glitter Lance can determine a kill, or to catch or run away from an enemy

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Hopefully my runes will be easier for new Lulu players and if I find that I can use better ones, then I will later on change this rune set up.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed:
The Attack Speed Marks, can really make a good trade at level 1. Especially if you have GlitterLance available at level 1 and can really help you and your adc almost kill someone if they commit to a fight. The bonus attack speed gives you more bolts from Pix. if you were to auto attack the support 3 times, can bring them down close to 3/4 HP.

Greater Seal of Armor:
After many trials with them, I have found out these are a lot better than the Greater Seal of Health. This works very well for the lane phase. Especially when the bot lane AD carry will poke you when they have the chance to. Also because I finally got a comment from someone.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: After a lot of playing, I finally come to the conclusion that having both armour and MR is going to make sure you can fight back even if you are being attacked as well. Plus with the ability to stop an enemy adc to fight you back for a couple of seconds can really make a difference in the exchange. Plus if you are willing to go in, if your adc has some sort of CC then you can use it to your advantage if you land a good Glitterlance.

Greater Quintessence of Gold:
This helps you stay in lane longer. Plus, if you are the type that knows you want map control of your lane and you want to be able to harass without being poked back. Having a ward in the bushes, especially vision warded helps to make sure you can combo someone without taking too much damage back. You can also open up a lot of opportunities for your jungler to come through lane.

Alternative Runes:

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration: This might come in handy if your the type that spam skills, and like to be a little more aggressive in lane. Only works for that and if your opponent is being aggressive and you need to spam skills to stay alive or to protect an ally. But in my opinion, you should not be spamming skills so fast that you run out within minutes.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health: This is good, but if you want to stay in lane longer, the flat armor runes will probably be better after using both the per level HP and the flat armor, your better off going with the flat armor runes. I tried this one for a long time and after i tried between the 2 types of runes. I decided the flat armor better.

Greater Quintessence of Health: The flat health can help a lot, but the problem with this is that you can't push for any damage. This means that the enemies will have more damage output than you. You can do base damage to the enemies, but when the enemy AD carry has a healer, like Soraka or Sona you will have a hard time to win the lane. Another thing is that Sona who has her Power Chord passive it does more damage than your Glitterlance.

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Since Heal has now only a benefit of granting you 5HP per level instead of the 15% bonus healing from season 2. I see no point in bringing it now, since it won't really help you when you are laning. Now the only problem is that you need one point in Summoner's Wraith to take the bonus reduction of armor and magic resist for the enemy carries. The rest of the masteries is only a temporary thing. Since I'm not sure if the points should be placed where it is in the utility tree or not. As of now you take the bonus mana, cool down on summoners and skills. The best thing in the new utility tree is the pick pocket point. If you play an aggressive support, which lulu is, taking the pick pocket is the best thing for you. Since you get 3 bonus gold for landing a basic attack on an enemy champion. This can only happen every 3 seconds, so don't try to harass and take harass when you don't win the trade AND don't get the gold for it.

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So since the items are so new, I have been testing which one to use and which one to keep and which to trade in for other types of items, I guess it still depends on your team comp and your enemies to really know which items to build. But this will be the standard for any support.

Sight Ward Sight Ward

Your normal faerie charm, 2 health potions, 2 sight wards and 1 vision ward.

This is your standard support Item listing. You have 2 wards to help yourself in the lane phase for the first 5-10 mins and the health pots to sustain you for a bit. Also if you know that the enemy bot lane has way better poke than you instead of getting the Faerie Charm you can get the Rejuvenation Bead to just stay in lane longer, plus you can still get the philosophers stone for the same gold as if you bought the Faerie Charm.

The other way is....

Sight Ward Sight Ward Sight Ward

If you know that your ADC has better damage output and wave clearing abilities then you might want to go with the straight ward starting items. Since you can make sure if you are going to play aggressive you can back off if you need to. Plus by having this many wards out and having 2 vision wards than you can just ward bushes and counter ward to let your jungler come from the lane or from the bush that you countered.

The next few items will depend on if you are doing well in the lane or doing poorly.

If you are doing well and winning the lane your purchase should look like this...

Philosopher's Stone

If you are doing well, you can grab your phil stone early and work your way to the Sightstone. Once you have the Ruby Crystal you can just buy regular ward till you have 475G to buy the sightstone and be able to just buy vision wards from then on. Boots should be last after you get the sightstone. But if you are against a either fast jungler who can chase you, like Hecarim, Rammus. then you might want to consider buying boots early because of the speed they have over you. Since you most likely are going to speed up your ADC instead of yourself.

Before you build any major items, first complete your boots and the sightstone by building it into the Ruby Sightstone.

The main boots you will probably be building is the Ionian Boots of Lucidity that is, if you guys are winning lane and winning overall. If you know one of the enemy is pretty fed or if they have a lot of crowd control or have lots of AP or AD on there team. You might consider picking up the Ninja Tabi or the Mercury's Treads.


Shurelya's Reverie

This is where you make your mark as the support and make your enemy have to watch out for you and account for your new items. The first item you should be building is the Iron locket first. If you build this first you can give bonus health Regen and Magic Resist. The armour, even if it is for you, is a nice bonus for you if you going to invest into this item. Plus the shield that the Locket can give you can save ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE. Just because if gives you a 100+ shield, that can really make a difference to someone who is ignited or someone who is going to die to a damage over time ability. Don't ever think to not use it to save somneone, if you have it, USE IT. It could very well mean someone on your team survives.

The next Major Item than needs to be built is the Shurelya's Reverie. This item also helps you make a mark as a support. If you know the enemy has the chasing potential or if you know they are the worse if you chase them. THIS ITEM MAKES PLAYS FOR YOU THEN. If you can catch someone with a skill shot where all of you can engage right after a single target like Vi or a AOE ulti like Amumu you can definitely follow up to kill your certain target.

Example Scenario:

If you have a Vi who can take the damage as she goes in your team can follow up after a speed boost from the Shurelya's and can kill the single target she went for. Which can cause a huge momentum spike to keep going to take the rest of the enemies down and can then take objectives quickly after fights.

Alternative Items:

If your enemy has a HEAVY AD team. Say an Aatrox Tryndamere is super fed. Most likely your tank/Jungler will also build one of these 2 items before you. But really, these things can also benefit you if you need to get away, and if you are close to your adc or apc, you help them get away and not have to lose too much health because of the items to counter. The Health and the coolddowns you get from either one can really only help you in the long run.

This is basically the ANTI CC ITEM for supports. If you know that you are gonna lose the game the minute your APC or ADC dies, you better sure as hell have this item as an option if you know they second they get hit by some sort of cc, that it is going to be chained and be dead in a few seconds. If you have this, you can keep them safe from 1 CC and heal them as well.

This is a MAJOR item no matter how behind or how ahead you are. If you are ahead, make sure you buy this item early so you can hold your advantage and keep it without being caught by enemy wards. If you know they warded Dragon or Baron heavily, you need to make sure you have a oracles before you attempt any objectives without vision coverage and counter warding. If you are behind a lot, then you better clear the wards in your jungle so you can safely takes buffs and you can move through the jungle without being caught. Of course you might have the occasion someone on your team might face check "that" bush.... You better be ready to spam skills to keep their *** alive.

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Skill Sequence, and Skills Description

Skill order will vary from player to player. This depends on your play style, either aggressive or passive. But all of these considered, there are some things that will be bad if you are too passive or too aggressive. Which will be covered later.

Pix, Faerie Companion

Is Lulu's passive, her passive plays a HUGE role to ensuring a kill and to help do a little more damage than other supports.

Pix is the best passive to give to a support, with this, harassing is done better than any other support since you do your own base damage plus bonus magic damage for each of pix's 3 bolts he fires.

NOTE: The damage increases with levels and does not scale off anything, this can be blocked by minions and other enemy champions


Glitterlance is Lulu's Q skill and your main harass and damage source. This has a very decent mana cost at early levels and at max levels will cost the same as level 2 or 3 Help, Pix!. This skill is the reason that makes lulu a great support and harasser. This skill is fired by you AND Pix, one shot each, but only can damage one enemy, even if you hit an enemy with both shots, the enemy will only take damage from one. The best thing about Glitter Lance is its ability to be fire at weird locations depending if your mouse cursor is closer to Lulu or further away. This can also be well used with your E skill "Help Pix!", which I will go over once i reach that skill.

Description of State:

Glitterlance slows for 80% for 1 second and increases by .25 at each level.


NOTE: This skill got nerfed 10% of the damage and the mana cost now is increased more with each level.


Whimsy is Lulu's W skill and is another great asset in helping ensure kills or running away. This skill is like a stun, but you don't stop them from moving because... THEY ARE A CUTE SQUIRREL, but it does reduce the movement speed by 60 movement speed

Whimsy has 2 different abilities depending on if the cast is on enemy or ally.

Ally: While cast on an ally it gives a bonus movement speed of 35%, and a bonus of AP depending on the level, this can help you or an ally to run away, or catch an enemy. At level 1 20 AP is granted to an ally and increases by 10 with each level.

Enemy: When Whimsy is cast on an enemy it polmorphs the target for 1.5 seconds and increases by half a second with each level, also reduces 60 movement speed. This is one of the greatest skills of all time for a support. During team fights if you focus this skill on the enemy carry, he or she can no longer attack with basic attacks or use skills and summoner spells. This skill is better than a silence since it can also work on a ad champion who just needs to right click you to kill you.


Help, Pix!

Help, Pix! is Lulu's E skill, this combined with Glitterlance is what makes Lulu a unique and totally awesome support for 2 reasons. When cast on an ally or a enemy.

Ally: When this skill is cast on an ally it grants the ally champion a shield that blocks oncoming damage for a short period of time and sends Pix to attack from your ally champions basic attacks. This is a WTF skill. putting this on your ally AD champion, once they get a lot of attack speed is like the best thing since bacon. Your AD champion will be even more dangerous with a damage blocking shield and pix aiding their auto attacks now. Kill dragon and baron will be a lot easier to kill with pix going at 2.0 attack speed.

Enemy: When cast on a enemy, Pix will do magic damage to the target and reveal them for 6 seconds, so this might not seem like a great thing since you just hit them and reveal them. Big whoop right? WRONG, this is just another skill that makes Lulu a good harasser in lane. Once you hit this on your enemy support or AD champion you can NOW AIM A Glitterlance FROM PIX'S NEW LOCATION. Yes it is that awesome. Lulu can now fire a SUPER EASY Glitterlance from Pix's new location, which makes her able to easily harass when the enemy is at tower and fire a Glitterlance into the enemy AD champion and support.


Wild Growth

This is Lulu's R skill and is one of the best Ultimate's to either save an ally, or better initiate the fight

Lulu's R skill and Ultimate, is a good all around skill especially at early game when you are still in lane phase. Lulu target's a ally champion and grants them 300 bonus HP and increases by 150HP for each rank, knocks up all nearby enemy champions and minions when activated and gives them a slowing aura for 30% and increases by 15%. This ultimate is one of the best initiation during the lane phase. Say you have a Twitch or Shaco as a jungler, while your opponents may not know it they get knocked up into the air from a random area and they both die. This ultimate can be used quite well with invisible junglers and can be used well when tower diving.

Get a point in this at level 6,11,16

NOTE: Some people argue that maxing Help, Pix! is better than maxing out Glitterlance. But in my opinion it is better to max out Glitterlance since you can hit multiple enemies with a Glitterlance than Help, Pix!. The shield is a good thing to have maxed out first, but remember the mana cost is expensive and you will be OOM very fast. A glitterlance is better to have for more harass than Help, Pix!.

Since the first person to actual comment on this guide talked about maxing Whimsy last was better than second. The reason I am maxing Whimsy second is because of the increased AP and the longer polymorph. Also by the time you hit level 13, you will be for sure in either full scale team fights or mini team fights. So you want to have the longer polymorph to keep the enemy carries off yours for as long as you can. Not only that but pushing for damage with the Glitterlance can help kite and keep your carries at a fair distance.

Think of it this way. You have a full team fight and of course your carries are the main focus. To keep the AP or AD enemy carries away from yours, your not going to save them a lot if you max out help pix second. Having the 2.5 seconds of the enemy doing nothing to your teammates will make it so they can easily land skill shots or to bring down an enemy carry fast. The longer duration of the polymorph can determine the life or death of your carry and the life or death of the enemy.

The other way of maxing skills out is...

Max E first
Max W second
Max Q last

The reason for this is if you know there will be many poke backs between the bot lanes and if you know that the mid lane can make a impact at bot lane. Like Karthus

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Aggressive Play or Passive play

As mentioned before it will be your decision on how aggressive you want to be in lane, it will also depend on your AD carry and your opponent's AD carry and support. Here are some advantages and disadvantages for being aggressive or being passive.



1. You can get your jungler to come to the bot lane more often than if you play aggressive.

2. You can stay in lane longer as long as you avoid being hit by the enemy.

3. The enemy jungler can't gank you as much as your jungler can.


1. You now have a lower chance to get last hit on minions. Not saying you will get none, but you might miss more than if you were playing more aggressive.

2. You can now stay in lane longer, but being passive means that the enemy is also staying in lane for the same amount of time.

3. Playing passive might mean you might be at your tower trying to last hit, the problem is, the turret will start attacking minions and makes it hard to last hit. To make sure your AD carry gets majority of the minions, hit a basic attack once on the caster minions, at early game, the turret takes down more than half, but your AD carry can't kill them in one hit. So giving one basic attack will help you get your carry more CS.



1. You can last hit a lot easier, since your enemies will be playing passively if you play aggressive.

2. You will dominate lane and be able to make your enemies return to base and waste money on a lot of potions.

3. Playing aggressive means you can make the enemy AD carry miss some last hits and have the advantage in CS

4. Even with aggressive play and could be ganked more from the enemy mid lane and jungler, if you have good ward coverage, you can help other lanes because mid lane can now shove, because the enemy mid lane is trying to help bot lane, and if the jungler comes, you can waste their time by coming to the lane and then your jungler can gank mid or top without worrying about a counter gank.


1. You are more likely to get ganked from the enemy jungler.

2. You might lose a lot of CS and EXP if you get ganked a lot.

3. Too Aggressive will mean you might push too much and be too under leveled to keep in the lane.

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Summoner Spells

After looking at heal one more time, it heals the same for all allies and yourself, obviously I am not looking nor reading properly to have missed that, so now heal is still good to take.

The only other summoners you could take was either

I haven't taken clairvoyance before, and I don't plan to, since I'm not the type who can always remember to use it when they could be in the jungle or they could be invading or ganking your lane.

Ignite is alright, but the problem is that you might steal kills from the adc or other teammates.

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Team Work

During team fight it's all on you to help with the increase initiation power from your Wild Growth ultimate. You and your AD carry should be focused on taking their AD carry down, or AP carry down. Make sure you give Help, Pix! to your AD carry to do more damage and to make him/her take a little more damage. Your Q Glitterlance should be shot as much as possible at the enemy when in team fights, your Q does a lot of damage when you have some AP, regardless of the nerf. Whimsy should be saved for the enemy carries, so that your team can focus them and be able to pull a instant 4vs5. During team fights you have to make sure you protect your AD carries and AP carries with everything you can. Weather it be the Glitterlance to slow them down so your team can kite them, or you could be the body shield so that your AD carry can destroy the enemy AP carry. Remember AP carries have cool downs they have to remember, landing skill shots is important for them to kill someone, or to set up a combo. Morgana's Q skill Dark Binding hits the first enemy they come in contact with, so if you and your carry can't dodge the skill, than you might as well take one for the team and shield yourself,and take the Dark Binding to the knee and spam everything you have to the enemy before dying. Besides that, you need to know when to use your specific skills, like your ultimate and your Whimsy. Since Whimsy has such a long cool down, i think its around 13 seconds, you need to know if you should polymorph the enemy or if you need to speed up your AD or AP carry to get away from the enemy. The best choice is polymorphing the enemy and make sure you take as much damage and you can for your AD.

Another example of taking one for the team is when you know SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE on your team no matter what you do. Remember if you can keep carries alive and it is needed to sacrifice yourself then let yourself die and save your teams life. I remember one time my team is very low and i already use my ulti and Help, Pix! is on cool down. Then I see the Ace in the Hole being charged up on my AP Carry Ahri being targeted. She has no Zhonya's Hourglass and she has no means of surviving the ulti. Neither of us will survive, but she is on a killing spree and if she dies they enemy Caitlyn will be able to buy her major items. I couldn't get in front of her to get the ulti, so I wasted flash to take the ulti. Dying, but helping shri survive the team fight.

Another example is this, check out this video to help further explain the definition of "taking one for the team"

Special Note:

Remember, in a team fight, the best thing is to kill the enemy, while keeping as many of your teammates alive. If someone is really going to die, you might as well be the one to die, your not going to be taking kills and won't be worth money. Try your best to make sure that you keep everyone on your team alive, THAT IS YOUR JOB AS A SUPPORT.

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I haven't quite figured out how to add an image to this, so all i can do is write it at the moment. When warding it all depends on which side you are on.

Blue Side:

Tri-brush: The tri-brush is one of the locations you will most likely get ganked from, if the enemy jungler is good at ganking. Always place a ward here to watch for oncoming ganks from behind if you push too far. Another reason for this is if your lane opponents have a lot of CC to hold you down while the enemy jungler comes down the lane.

River/Dragon: The dragon is VERY important early game and mid game. Getting the dragon can help get the extra edge in levels and gold. The 190g from killing it is more than taking out a tower and it is easier once the bot lane had either gone back or died. Always have a ward here while laning, it lets you see the dragon and see if the enemy jungler is coming down to you. Also if the enemy jungler is able to take it themselves, like Udyr, he can get it at level 4 alone with proper runes and masteries. If the enemy jungler or the enemy support gets an early oracles, the best way to ward the dragon is to throw a ward into the very edge of the inside of the cave. Lots of people don't actually walk all the way into the dragon area in case they get caught.

The side brush:

If your enemy support is a Blitzcrank, Leona, or a Alistar. Your best bet is to always carry extra wards for these brushes in case the enemy jungler comes into them and the support holds you down while they destroy you. Always keep a safe distance from supports like this, or even Taric. Sometimes these types of supports buy early Oracles or Vision Wards to counter your warding. The best thing you can do is put another vision ward to counter their wards or buy an oracles to.

When laning ends:

When the lane phase has ended and everyone is starting to gather, it is always good to ward the buffs of both your jungle and the enemy jungle. Putting a ward at the enemy buffs lets you know when they take it and gank them at their buff. Same applies when the enemy tries to steal your buff and then counter them when they least expect it. Besides warding the buffs, you also need to either Vision Ward or Sight Ward baron buff. Baron is a very important buff that can turn around a team fight and the extra 300g and exp is not bad either. But that being said, warding baron is not the only area you should ward. If on the Blue side you should ward the RAMP which is located to enter the enemy jungle. Another ward should be placed at the tri-brush at the top lane. Warding these 2 spots will ensure safety when attempting to steal baron. Other ward locations will be added when i figure out to put images in.

Purple Side:

The purple side when laning at bottom, you really only have 2 ward locations, one is the river brush closely to your lane, throwing a ward in there will help reveal junglers and mid lane ganks. Another ward should be placed at the dragon to ensure a lot of vision if the jungler is coming down to the bot lane. This will also watch your blue buff from that location. Again, like the blue side, you must ward the buffs and the baron buff.

Attempting Baron:

When attempting the baron, make sure to ward where the brush is located near the mid and blue buff, warding there is the best option and the safest way to attempt baron without problems. This route is the blue sides fastest way to reach baron. A surprise gank is a good way to kill some enemies and take baron without problems.

Since the max amount of wards that can be placed down in the Ruby Sightstone is 3 wards at a time, but you can hold 5 in total. So placing wards in crucial places are even more important now.



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Harassing in Lane

Let's start with you being in the lane, first off with the new changes, you now get a little more exp when laning. Hurray, now time to harass them. First you got to figure out 3 things...

1. Who is the enemy support? What are their starting items? What summoner spells do they have? Do they have a Heal summoner spell?

2. Who is the enemy AD carry? What are their starting items? What summoner spells do they have? Is there a Heal?

3. Who is their jungler? Where do they usually start first? Are they good early level gankers?

Ex: Shaco Jax, Lee Sin Pantheon etc

When you figure all these out you will be able to know how aggressive or passive you should be.

Let's have a situation where you can understand better...

Let's say you are the purple team, you as Lulu and your AD carry is Vayne with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion

Your enemies in lane are Graves with a Doran's Blade and Janna with the same items as you and also with the summoner spell Heal.

A couple more things you now need to find out.

1. Who has more HP? Your AD carry or theirs?
2. Who has more HP? You or the enemy support?
3. Is your AD carry a passive or aggressive player
4. Is your jungler able to gank for you at level 2 or will it take them time to do it

If you and your AD carry have more HP than you will be able to farm a lot easier compared to the enemy.

First hide in the brush closest to the other one on the side. Fire a Glitterlance into it. You will hear the noise it makes when it comes in contact with an enemy. If you hear it, you have landed a shot most likely on Janna. Now when you can, if the enemy is close to you then land some basic attacks and go back and forth back into the brush to hide and not allow them to auto attack you. Again if you don't see Janna then fire another Glitterlance to see if she is still hiding in the brush.

Once you hit level 2 is when you can really harass the enemy. Since both Janna and Graves only have 1 summoner Heal. You can easily send pix onto the AD carry and land a easy Glitterlance. By now Janna will realize your harassing her AD carry too much, after landing Pix, Janna will use Eye Of The Storm and shield graves. Don't waste mana breaking the shield, just leave it at that. Keep repeating this process while trying to stay covered after your harass and then until they are low enough call your jungler over to see if he/she can gank.

Remember that you want to harass but not be harassed back, try to damage the enemy without taking damage, that is the key to being a good harasser in lane.

The above has happened before and it works well to always harass when they don't have a skill where it can heal them quickly and right away.

The counter support to Lulu is Soraka. her heals will be able to counter your harass. By this point you will just be wasting mana. If you can try to zone them with your AD carry to prevent exp and cs. Soraka with her Astral Blessing Wish and summoner Heal. Will make it almost impossible to kill the enemy. At this point you will need your jungler to help you out in lane.

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As of now this is all I can say when talking about Lulu. So if you want to give this build a try. Go right ahead, as of now this is what I try to build each game. I usually do pretty well. Leave comments below and give me some feedback on if this works for you. If there is a item you think should be added to the build instead of the above listed. Or things you think should be changed

Thanks for reading my first Build!!!

I will also try build a DPS Lulu and a AP Lulu for fun, look forward to the attempt at it

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After the last patch, Lulu now has her Glitterlance nerfed again to 0.5 of her ability power

[icon=Crystalline Flask[ size=64]

now cost 345g instead of its original 250g

PLEASE DON'T RATE IT DOWN, Give me suggestions and leave comments, if you think something should be changed, or I might rewrite it if you think something is disagreeable and I will either change it or not, depending on if I agree with the change through a couple of matches with the new suggestions.