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Lumijo's Darius Guide

Top Lumijo's Darius Guide

Top Lumijo's Darius Guide

Updated on October 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lumijo Build Guide By Lumijo 3,101 Views 0 Comments
3,101 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lumijo Build Guide By Lumijo Updated on October 17, 2021
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Runes: Mobility

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Top Lane Ranked #44 in
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Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Lumijo's Darius Guide

By Lumijo
Combos and Tips
Basic Combo: AA - W - Q = 3 Stacks
Advance Basic Combo: AA - W - Q - AA - AA or AA - AA - AA - W - Q = 5 stacks
Basic Full Combo: AA - W - Q - AA - AA - R or AA - AA - AA - W - Q - R
Advance Full Combo: AA - AA - AA - AA - AA - W - Q - R
(Use your E anytime of these combos to pull back the enemy, delay attacks, Cancel dashes, or CC. Just don't use hook between you do AA -W - Q)

Passive (Hemorrhage) Tips:
Your passive is a burn-like ability that will stack at a maximum of 5 and scales with 30% Bonus Attack Damage.

The more stacks that more it will hurt

When your enemy reaches maximum stacks or killed by your R (Noxian Guillotine) you will have Noxian Might. It will give you 30-230 Bonus Attack scaling only on Level. It also instantly applies 5 stacks of bleed on your enemies by attacks and abilities excluding E (Apprehend)

The bleed stack you apply to enemies will expire in 5 seconds after you hit the enemy

You only have 5 seconds until you lose your Noxian Might

Only champions will activate your Noxian Might

To know if you have Noxian Might, You apply a Noxian Indicator on champions if you hit them and if you're champion is glowing red

Q (Decimate) Tips:
Your Q is an Area Of Effect which deals a significant amount of damage and 1 stack of bleed per champion hit in the outer circle and in the inner circle which is the handle deals 40% less than the outer circle and it doesn't apply Bleed stack so at any cost don't use the handle to hit a champion.

You heal 15% of your missing health with each Enemy that you strike with your outer Edge Q, The more enemies in 1 Outer Edge Q hit the more healing (I suggest using Q in a combo when you're low.
1=15% Missing health
2=30% Missing health
Maxed at 3=45% Missing health.

The Circle that you see in your Q animation can't be seen by your enemies.

Your can't use E and R when you're in Q Animation.

You can use your Flash to reposition your Q for an Outer Edge hit.

You can Flash Q towards your enemy to kill them just make sure you know how to pull it off or you will probably **** it up by hitting nothing or hitting the enemy by the handle. You can sometimes use this tactics in teamfights when you have Noxian Might to instantly apply 5 stacks in a number of enemies

Your Q is uninterruptible which means it can't be canceled while CCed.

You can use your Q to poke your enemy in lane or safely cs.

It applies 1 Stack of Bleed and if at Noxian Might it instantly applies 5 stack of bleed per each champion hit with your Outer Q.

W (Crippling Strike) Tips:
Your W is an empowered single target ability which can auto attack reset, has 90% Slow for 1 second, Slightly More range then normal Auto attacks, and reduces 50% of the Cooldown and Refunds 100% of the mana when you kill a minion, monster, Turrets, or a champ. It doesn't work on Jungle plants which are Blast Cone, Honey Fruit, Scryer's Bloom

E (Apprehend) Tips:
Your E's passive ignores 15%-35% Armor depending on ability Level

Your E's active is an Area of effect that will pull, airborne, and slows by 40% for 1 second

Your E doesn't deal damage nor apply bleed stacks

R (Noxian Guillotine) Tips:
Your R is uninterruptible single targeted ability that will lunge and deal true damage scaling from 75%-150% Bonus Attack Damage depending on bleed stacks.

It deals 20% more damage per bleed stack. It will deal the most if you R a champion with 5 stacks of bleed which it will show an Indicator on top of them if they have one.

It will reset for only 20 seconds if you managed to kill a champion with your R. At Level 3 of your R, it won't cost mana anymore and completely resets if you kill a champion with your R.

You will instantly have Noxian Might if you kill a champion with your R no matter how much stacks that champion you Ulted have.

You can Flash while in R Animation

It fears Allies and Enemy minions when you kill a champion

If you ****ed up and didn't kill the champion with your R it will still reset in under 0.5 second after you Ulted. In some scenario's it will and won't give you the Noxian Might so be aware when you R.

Additional Tips

Darius has 100% no AP scaling
Darius has no form of mobility I always recommend using ghost 90% of the time

Sometimes you can bait your opponent's Flash by pretending that you will Q Flash by just pressing Q and will scare your opponent. This will commonly happen in Masters-Challenger

Use your Ironspikem Whip, Stride Breaker, Goredrinker at Noxian Might to deal more damage when activating it.
About me
I'm a 1,178,556 pts Darius One Trick Unicorn with 98 Penta Kills

I started playing Darius Pre-Season 10, I was taught by the cooler nox a 1,822,143 pts OTP

I play in the Philippine Server

I'm a Diamond III who can beat ranks up to Challenger XD
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