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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

Lux - A Detailed Guide to Luminosity

Diesel Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Sup guys,

I've been in and out of League of Legends recently because I feel with the amount of changes running through, the game almost feels unstable in its term of balance. While going through the Kiting Metagame to the Tanky-DPS Metagame, and its most recent switch, League of Legends has gone through tiers of champions that is ever changing through the weeks of new champions and patches. One character that has come out of the fray of new champs is Lux, a variety of assortments to the team that can carry a team, and make or break a team fight. The ability of this champion reaches far beyond the category of most of the newer season of champions released by Riot and holds a candle to some of the original Release Champions.

For Lux, she's one of the few champions that can hold Tier 1 items like Doran's Ring and can benefit from the early to mid game advantage to sway the game quick and fast. Gaining the early game advantage around level 5-7 will give you the opportunity. This guide will teach you the coordination in terms with the Doran's Ring stacking and set you on the right path in coordinating and leading your team to a swift and fruitful victory.

I'm putting a lot of faith and work into this Summoner's Rift 5v5 guide, so this will be the first guide I provide comments to vote. I would like to hear what people say in turns of this build and how it was made compared to my earlier, simpler builds. If you want to say "+1 Good" or "-1 Bad", I'm okay with this because it's your opinion and you want to share it with me and the others who will read this build. I'm happy that you took the time to read it through and take the time to vote, good or bad. It helps me in ways you wouldn't know, so help be a part of this guide and make it the best it can be. Add your words so I can make mine.


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Pros / Cons


  • Above Average Burst Mechanics
  • Double Stun for Double Focusing
  • Great Passive for Farming
  • Low Cooldown Ultimate Meant for Spamming


  • Subpar Health
  • Burns Through Mana
  • Easily Gankable

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Rune Descriptions

- The Greater Mark of Magic Penetration provides a Flat Magic Penetration. Having the magic penetration early game will allow Lux's Light Binding and her Lucent Singularity to hit harder along with her ultimate when you hit mid to late game. Magic Penetration is the sole factor in creating more damage second to Ability Power, with stacking Magic Penetration allows your character to run through your opponent's Magic Resistance. With champions like Galio, Shen, and Rammus grabbing Force of Nature's in your presence: make sure to counter balance with these runes.
- The Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration gives Lux extra Mana Regen. Mana Regen is crucial for Lux seeing as later levels of Light Binding and Lucent Singularity can hit the excess of 120-130Mana per use, which will take its toll later in mid to late game. While you will receive more Mana Regen when you access your Doran's Ring, having these runes to start will help control your lane with constant uses of your abilities.
- The Greater Glyph of Mana gives Lux Flat Mana. Early Game, Lux needs all the Mana she can receive to grant last hits on minions, and possibly First Blood on her enemy. Since Lux is a squishy champion, her range on her abilities keep her a competitor in the lane even if she does not have the Health Points to do so. To continue using these abilities, having as much mana as possible to start with, especially since most of your early game items will not give Lux more mana, is a key factor to maintaining a strong presence in your lane.
- The Greater Quintessence of Ability Power gives Lux flat Ability Power. Ability Power and Magic Penetration are the two biggest stats in this build. Getting a healthy amount of both will prove you successful against enemy champions. Adding Fifteen Ability Power into Lux's early game, along with the added Ability Power from Doran's Ring will benefit harder hitting abilities early to mid game, and will suffice in giving you an advantage against enemy champions, especially squishier champions like Master Yi, Twisted Fate, and Lux herself.

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Skill Importance, and Which to Prioritize First

Lux's skills provide a very good one-two combo when fighting and focusing other champions. But there are two skill sequences to work offensively against enemy champions, one with prioritizing certain skills first in order to better your success with ganking or farming. Know that there's no wrong way of prioritizing your skills, but these are two examples of ways to run your build in coordination of skill to abilities.

If You're Prioritizing in Ganking/Defeating Enemy Champions:

Skill Prioritization:

Light Binding is your biggest threat to enemy champions since not only can you hit two champions, you can also root them to one spot, and prioritize that champion to be focused by your teammates. Higher levels of Light Binding along with the Ability Power you'll later receive from items bought from the store will grant a bigger initial burst of damage, which will make ganking a lot easier for you and your teammates. Your ultimate, Finales Funkeln, will be the make or break of an easy gank. With her laser beam, you'll process a straight line of energy that has an astounding .85 to 1 AP Ratio, which late game when you access Rabadon's Deathcap, you'll be using this either to finish off fleeing opponents, or to cripple an enemy team before the team fight.

Lucent Singularity will help with synergizing with your Q, Light Binding, doing more damage once you have your enemy champion or champions caught with Light Binding. One big positive about Lucent Singularity is that once activated and hits an enemy champion, it slows them to allow your continue to continue your offensive progress. Prismatic Barrier will probably be the last skill you max out, but it will find its situational uses in lanes and during team fights. Having this on deck will help your teammates take less damage for a short time, and can help teammates who are hit with Ignite or one of the many Damage over Time spells live long enough to let the effects wear off.

If You're Prioritizing in Farming for Your High Tier Items:

Skill Prioritization:

Lucent Singularity is one of the best ability's in League of Legends for farming minions. With Lux's Passive, Illumination, hitting minions with Lucent Singularity will activate Illumination, which will help you do more damage to minions in your early to mid game. Caster Minions will drop faster with higher levels of Lucent Singularity, allowing you to dominate the Gold Game, and get your items quicker. You can also use Lux's Finales Funkeln to one-shot minions and gain a quick 100-200Gold if hit correctly. Using Lux's Ultimate is good for stopping a large pack of minions at your turret so progressing enemy champions cannot get free hits on your turret.

I feel in playing a Farming Lux, Prismatic Barrier is a little more important than Light Binding for the fact that Prismatic Barrier will allow you to take the Caster Minions' hits when auto-attacking, while Light Binding will maybe kill one to two minions at best for around 100 Mana, which could be used elsewhere more effectively. Since Light Binding's stun does not increase, but only the damage, I see taking one rank in Light Binding early would be good while leveling Lucent Singularity as fast as possible to make sure you can take out a multitude of minions as quickly as your cooldowns allow you to.

If You're Looking for a Rounded Game:

Skill Prioritization:

With a rounded game, you'll be coordinating the previous two game plans into one: keeping yourself as a strong force in your lane while using Illumination to pick up last hits. Combining Light Binding and Lucent Singularity is a great one-two combo against enemy champions, while adding smart uses of Illumination will allow for maximum damage, which I'll detailed more in the Unique Skills section. Make sure to keep Finales Funkeln for keeping enemy champions at bay and to defeat fleeing enemy champions; because killing champions, especially ones on killing sprees, can net you some serious Gold.

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Summoner Spells

Like all champions, Lux has Summoner Spells that will benefit and deter her during the match. Here's the two Summoner Spells I use for her the most, and a few other Summoner Spells that would work well with her:

The Main Two:

Teleport is a great Summoner Spell for Lux since she's a rather slow moving champion. Keeping Lux nimble in the lanes by reducing time in between backing to the Nexus and re-entering her lane will help in the long run by granting continuous experience and gold gain while gathering your items to keep up with your enemies. Clarity is a fun little Summoner Spell, with a few interesting strategies for use. Clarity will replenish most of your Mana bar, allowing you to farm and harass longer in lanes, but it can also be used to luring champs to be more aggressive since you have very low Mana, which I'll elaborate further in the Unique Skills section.

Other Summoner Spells:

For Lux, even with boots, she can be a slow champion. Adding Ghost to your build will allow you to catch up with escaping champions and catch them with Light Binding to finish off the kill. Lux can use Ghost to escape enemy champions from Ganking her, since being a slow champion and having low Max Health will make you a prime target for Junglers and Gankers alike, the same also applies with Flash. Clairvoyance will stop you from face-checking bushes, which is the Number #1 cause of death for Squishy Champions, so stop while you're ahead, and just check that bush every minute. You can also see two places at once using Lucent Singularity to check bushes as well, thanks DoctorLock!

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Main, Optional, and Consumable Items

For the build below, Lux will be using a build where stacking Tier 1 items benefits the champion in gaining a significant advantage towards her opponents, here's the layout in which the main build will look:

Early Game:

For the Doran's Rings, try to get at least four of them before saving up for your Tier 2 and 3 items. Having the stats from the Doran's Rings will keep you in check to save up your gold.

Mid Game:

Remember when you want to get to your Tier 2 items, start selling off your Doran's Rings. Your later items are ultimately better, and you want to MAX out your character as soon as possible.

Late Game:

Take this rest of the game MAXing your character and getting ready to end the game.

Optional Items:

These are items that are situational items that if someone is stacking Magic Resist, or you need some extra defense yourself, these will help you be offensive and cover yourself in the process.

Consumable Items:

When you have some extra gold, particularly in the initial laning phase, grab these to help you and your team out.

Sight Ward

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The Main Build: What This is All About

A Detailed Guide to Luminosity details specific ideas for Lux along with general, but this guide is around the concept of stacking Doran's Rings for a strong and efficient early to mid game to get a head start towards your late game by having a distinct advantage against your opponents. Doran items are becoming cornerstones for early game domination for characters like Ashe, Tristana, and Shen to name a few. For these items that were once under-used beginning items that were overshadowed by Long Sword, Ruby Crystal, and Vampiric Scepter: they are finding their niche in builds and finding their ultimate effectiveness in powering a hard early game to gain advantages on characters that are item dependent or need a late start to start their dominance. For Lux, stacking Doran's Ring will give you harder hits, longer lane times, and the ability to bang with early dominant characters in mid or in lane.

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Early Game: Stack Your Doran

When you first jump into a Summoner's Rift map, make sure you start your journey getting a Doran's Ring. The Doran's Ring, now 475G, negates the opportunity to grab a Health Potion, but nonetheless: The Doran's Ring will give you +100HP, 4 Mana per 5 Seconds, and 15 Ability Power. Adding with your Masteries and your Runes, at Level 1, Lux is running stats of:

  • +30 Ability Power
  • +5.9 Mana/5sec
  • +101 Mana
  • +100 HP

Adding just one of the rings gives you a multitude of upgrades that will benefit in any of your categories. Not many characters start Level 1 with 30 Ability Power, and with Lux's Ability Power Ratios, your damage early game will look something according to this: With most non-tank champions having around 550-650HP, and with those abilities getting stronger per level, having that flat AP from your Runes and Doran's Ring will allow you to poke mercilessly at enemy champions, along with keeping up with minion last hits from your Lucent Singularity and Illumination. Though in some eyes, the Level 1 stats may look small, know that with any successful hit from Light Binding can be used to successfully hit the rooted champion with Lucent Singularity, putting around 159DMG give or take the enemy's Magic Resist, which is usually low early game. Adding Illumination will tack on more damage since her Passive starts any time an ability hits an enemy champion.

Continue to run a solid circle of one-two combos from Light Binding and Lucent Singularity, while last hitting minions until you get to level 6 and you retrieve your Finales Funkeln. When you hit level 6, you can allow yourself to be more aggressive in your lane, since Finales Funkeln can do a considerable amount of damage during any phase of the game, and by now, you'll be hitting the most important part of the early game phase: Stacking Doran's Rings. I usually will have up to Four in my possession, keeping one slot for your Sorcerer's Shoes and your sixth slot to alternate grabbing Sight Wards and Elixir of Brilliance's. Having four Doran's Rings will give you around:
  • +60 Ability Power
  • +400 Health
  • +16 Mana/5sec
All of these may take up your slots, but in the early to mid game phase, these slots will be empty until you reach your Tier 2 and 3 items. Plus, getting those stats costs around 1,740Gold: a little more than a Needlessly Large Rod, but with the added Health and Mana Regen. Also, your Mana Regen runes continue to add more Mana Regen with every level you go up, so at around level 6-8, you should have around 22-24 Mana/5sec.

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Mid Game: Illuminate the Enemy

Now that you have your four Doran's Rings and your Sorcerer's Shoes, combined with uses of Sight Wards and Elixir of Brilliance's, you should be closing in on level 10 and beyond. From level 6 to here will be your time of the game to push the envelope with your advantage and make gold either farming minions with ease, or using your burst to harass and gank enemies. The main gold is to continue having an advantage on your enemies, since by level 8-10 they'll be on their way to finishing their first Tier 2 or 3 item that is suited for them.

When you receive enough gold, sell one or two of your Doran's Rings to buy a Tear of the Goddess, but remember to keep your sixth slot open if you need to refresh on Sight Wards; Elixirs will cast automatically if you're full on item slots, but Sight Wards are always needed no matter what team you run. Since your build will be more cost effective than most of your teammates, have one of them accompany you to your Golem and Lizard, and to Dragon and Baron, and keep Sight Wards there as long as possible, this will keep your jungles to you and allow you to gank enemy teams trying to get ahead of your team: and Lux has the skills to continually steal/last hit these special jungles to help your team. So make sure if you can't take on the team in a team fight, to use your Finales Funkeln when the Jungle Minion has around 5-10% Health left to attempt to steal it from your enemies. You'll be one happy camper when you get an extra 190Gold or a Baron Buff for your team, since that will benefit more than you believe.

When Level 10-14 hit, most US-based teams will start to crowd together and march down a lane. Here you should have finished your first Tier 3 item, Archangel's Staff, and your way to working on a Rabadon's Deathcap, grabbing AP items to make your abilities hit much harder. As being a support with some great range: stay in the back of your formation and poke, it's what you're good at. Try to get your one-two combo of Light Binding and Lucent Singularity on enemy champions to allow your teammates to focus that champion and make the fight a 5v4. If you decide to grab Deathfire's Grasp first instead of Archangel's Staff, use your Cooldown Reduction to use Finales Funkeln vigorously. Though Finales Funkeln will not be Level 3 in this point of the game, hitting a few champions with this will put them at a lower HP than your teammates, which gives you a supreme advantage against them, and will allow you to focus the lower HP enemy champions.

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Late Game: Never Surrender

By Level 15-18, your game plan now relies on finishing your Final Items: Rabadon's Deathcap, Morello's Evil Tome, and possibly a Void Staff and a Zhonya's Hourglass if you feel your sixth slot for Sight Wards is not needed anymore. Your job is now to hit and hit hard since you're in your MAX mode and with all your items cannot upgrade any more. Here's with positioning with Finales Funkeln and getting successful hits with Light Binding mean absolutely the most. You will be a squishy champion, so don't be afraid to continually use Finale Funkeln to keep the enemy champions at bay and around mid to low Health.

Know that in this point of the match, mistakes mean much more than they did earlier, death timers are higher, and tensions are even higher, the best advice I can give during late game is to keep a cool head about the situation your team is in. Lux and this build are generally better during the early to mid game phase since you have a statistical advantage against your opponents, but now that the game has progressed, they can start getting to work against you like Force of Nature, Abyssal Mask, and Banshee's Veil. So make sure that even if you cannot do the amount of damage you used to be able to do against them, that your Light Binding is still hitting frequently, since with Light Binding, you have the ability to control who your team focuses, and that is a skill not many champions can do.

Stay in the back, focus your targets, and you will be victorious.

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Unique Skills: Tactics to Make You a Better Lux

While leveling up your abilities, know that Lux has one of the nastiest combos in League of Legends, the use of three abilities and her passive wisely can run a 6-hit combo that can cripple most champions in the matter of seconds.

I'll show you the combo, then explain how it works:

Start with catching an enemy champion with Light Binding, when it catches the champion, cast Lucent Singularity under the champion, but do not activate it. Light Binding casts your passive, Illumination, when it hit the champion: so auto-attack to set Illumination off. When the auto-attack hits, activate Lucent Singularity to hit the champion and again cast Illumination on the enemy. Use your Finales Funkeln to set off and re-activate another Illumination; this will either defeat the enemy champion, or leave the enemy champion to another auto-attack to hit Illumination yet again. By now the champion should be defeated, or severely crippled and will have to head back to their Nexus. Either way, you have caught the enemy champion to back, and you will get ahead in Experience while the enemy will have to go back or respawn.

Clarity Luring can work with any burst champion, but with the combo shown above, you can catch aggressive champions in your turret, or bait enemy champions to team ganks with the effect of having "no mana". When you find yourself very low on mana and you have an aggressive enemy champion in your lane, try to use their aggressiveness against them. If you feel you may be tower-dived, wait for the enemy or enemies to initiate, and allow them to get a hit on you: then tap Clarity to receive half of your Mana and run the combo above for you and your turret to grab a kill.

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The Final Word

You may feel Lux as an underwhelming champion compared to other burst champions like Morgana, Ryze, and now Evelynn. But for the amount of CC she can deal to enemy champions, up to two stuns and an AoE slow on Light Binding and Lucent Singularity respectively, Lux is no laughing matter for such her small size. Running the Doran's Rings early game can make her a force to be reckoned with, combined with the Mana Regen and the Summoner Spell Clarity to keep your Mana up and running, Lux provides a harassing playstyle that can break champions that need a stable laning phase and allows her Jungles and Carries to feed off enemy champions with her Light Binding.

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Thank You!

Thanks again for reading A Detailed Guide to Luminosity, this is easily the longest, most thought out guide I've ever even thought of making. I will continue to update this guide because I have put A LOT of time and effort into it, and this is my textual baby now. Like I said in the Foreword, if you want to comment with "+1 Good" or "-1 Bad", I'm happy for your comment and will embrace it. I would love constructive criticism from all of y'all and hopefully will get it. If not, it's all good.

Enjoy the guide and God Bless!


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Change Log

January 14, 2011

  • A Detailed Guide to Luminosity is up and runnin'! Woo~

January 16, 2011

  • Added DoctorLock's suggestion on Clairvoyance in Summoner Spells.
  • Added Void Staff to Optional Items in Main, Optional, and Consumable Items. Thanks Nazera!
  • Re-worded the Combo in Unique Skills. Thanks nand!

February 7th, 2011

February 25th, 2011