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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blind#91913

Lux- [Lady of the Light]

Blind#91913 Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Summoners,

Looking forward to causing pain, being unreachable to enemies and being surprisingly survivable the off chance they get to you? THEN PREPARE YOURSELF, its worked for me.

Lux is one of the most dangerous supports out there, dishing out some great damage, supporting teammates and changing the tide of fights in seconds.

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Great Farmer
Awesome Range
Amazing Damage Output
Great at saving lives
Better at catching runners with cc and flunken.


Will be Focused
Mana starved without regen runes
Everythings a skill shot, so its all on you

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Not the best example but it works for an on demand reference.
(Its a link, the picture won't post for whatever reason)

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Pretty straight forward and standard rune setup:

Greater Mark of Insight
You do Magic damage so you want Magic Pen

Greater Seal of Clarity
Your spells are expensive so you'll want mana regen,
scaling rune works best.
Greater Glyph of Force
The scaling glyphs for better endgame AP.

Greater Quintessence of Potency
Flat quints for a good starting ap with little total loss.

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Pretty standard Masters
Lux is a glass cannon all the way so defense is a waste, Presence of the Master is invaluable with Insight for filling your teammates since you'll have a pretty good sized mana pool.

Offensive tree for the magic pen, much needed to lay the pain on those tanks.

Regarding Preserverence over Good Hands, I don't die much, around 3-4 times is a good average so the reduce dead time is really pretty negligible. Given the actual amount of increased regen is small, its still helpful, at least I'd like to think so. Thanks for bringing it up Ssyrak ^^

On second thought, I changed the masteries with further convincing from Redux :D. Reduced Dead time, whooh.

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Now for the meat of the guide, the build!

Always want to start off with Doran's Ring, its just a good item overall, your mana runes will give you great regen throughout the game, along with the much shorter CD on clarity there is little time you will be without mana. This can be used to your advantage which I will get to later.

If you are doing well and not getting beaten down early on, save up 1600 for Needlessly Large Rod , the AP boost will be very noticeable to your enemies. If you aren't doing so hot go ahead and get Boots of Speed to help avoid ganks and place your skill shots with more ease.

Next get Blasting Wand and finish up Rabadon's Deathcap to lay on some real pain. I do this instead of Mejai's because I don't like stacking on Lux at all, if you play her right you wont die much at all. But you still cannot guarantee kills, often in my best matches I will have a good amount of kills, but many more assists. Mejai's also makes you an even more attractive target, they will already want to gank you since you are the squishiest and have been annoying the **** out of them for the last 30 minutes. Mejai's gives them a greater incentive to kill you because killing you will indeed diminish your killing ability, considerably so the later the game gets. Rabadon's does not lose AP, consistent AP for a consistent damage output, that is how you support your team best, and in turn troll the living hell out of them.

Finish your Sorcerer's Shoes for movement and magic pen and start work on Catalyst of the Protector , which then turns into Rod of Ages. This is an item of some controversy but I have found love for it, the flat hp and mana is great for adding some survivability to your squishy lil Lux. Some will argue the passive gain is the total worth of this item and to get it midgame is a waste. But midgame is still plenty of time, it might not max out on all games, but thats a testimate to how well it works, the initial burst is enough to help you keep on spamming and live through some tough fights. In those very rare matches where you seem to be getting focused down hard, at times its a good idea to get this before Rabadon's but it is not recommended for the straight damage output, you should be able to avoid gank through sheer range and lane-pain if they overextend and come at you.

If the team has a particularly annoying amount of CC, goood burst, or just lots of AP, throw in a Banshee's Veil , I think everyone knows how great this is at negating damage. The rare times I face another lux I get this and im untouchable. I can stand still all day and duke it out with Flunken, even a short CD on it will be outdone by Banshee's.

Next is another Rabadon's Deathcapfor more flat AP, after Banshee's or instead off if its not needed. Follow it up with a Void Staff, the added AP and magic pen are great for taking out those tougher enemies and ensuring you maximize your damage on the squishies. Soraka the magic res stacking annoyance will nearly be oneshot buy your colorful pew pew.

Lastly, sell your Doran's Ring for an Archangel's Staff, the added mana, mana regen, and passive to add that last bit of AP is icing on the cake. Now you can spam to your heart's content and often only use clarity to help out your teammates.

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Summoner Spells

Always bring Clarity, no doubt here you will need it early and midgame.

Teleport is great for getting around the map to stop creep waves, support teammates or simply return from the store.

Flash is viable but often you are already dead if an enemy gets on you far from your teammates or base, there are some situations but overall its not the best for such a passive ranged champ like lux. Same applies for Ghost which is a viable substitute.

Clairvoyance is also acceptable for ranked matches, or for those particularly Baron/Dragon paranoid, but I fail to see its use when enemies are often easy to find in the lane. There are plenty of times when and enemy runs away and I have to guess where they are to finish them off with Flunken, but its not difficult at all and really only a flash or sudden ghost would help them avoid it. Using Clairvoyance would help you verify where exactly they are but its a matter of seconds and that moment of hesitation to lay it down might of been your only time to get it, its just not useful enough to me, in a ranked match where the pace is slower and travelling throughout the map is more common I can understand, just not otherwise.

All other summoner spells are ruled out completely, they just won't help you.

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Lux is in somewhat of a conundrum of where to lane. She can do great in mid, but then again she is a support, bringing some obligation to help allies and helping them feed.

While I do mid when necessary, I typically opt out of it if there is another midder type champ. WHY? Because I find it best for the team if I lane and assist that teammate, feeding us, while allowing the midder to feed. Giving us the upper hand later with 2, potentially 3 fed members against just their midder. Laning with a Tank or melee carry is ideal, Tanks I find best since they are perfectly content with assists, and often have CC to go along with mine, ensuring ganks before they reach tower.

Once you have gotten a good hold on Lux, doing well for yourself in a side lane should become very easy for you, once you have done this you will understand why I "Rush" Rabadons first...Because its not a rush! You just suck the gold out of your lane with great farming and ganks. Assisting the other lanes with teleport can get you even more, even if its just an assist your team is that much better off. This is why I bring teleport, I can go top and help them gank then teleport to my lane before they get a chance to try and push, as well as the occasional run to the shop and back.

The last note I'd like to point out is NEVER GO ALONE. You are simply too easy to kill, especially early game. You can give the appearance of being alone in lane with your partner hiding, but never go alone anywhere, if you do find yourself alone in a lane, play very passive, only landing shots on creeps from your max range and checking bushes with singularity. There is no shame in sitting on your tower while your teammate returns from base, you can manipulate the enemy creep wave as you please with your farming ability.
Remember DONT GO ALONE, the enemy will love killing you after all the trouble you've caused them, its a shame they didn't have mejai's stacks to take from you, they might actually survive your wrath upon return.

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Team Fight/ Skill Combos / Stratagem

Your priority skill is Lucent Singularity its your best farming tool, a good slow for slowing runners/chasers and has good damage output at a long but bearable CD. You will want to rank this first because it gives you great lanning ability, placed in the right spot you can hit every single mob in a wave and at just rank 1 it will do about half their hp. A big advantage to your laning and great farming tool. It is also much better for harrassing enemies, with the aoe slow, it acts as an area denial if you were to start derping on the tower. Otherwise its just plain hard to avoid if you place it right.

Next on the regular abilities is Light Binding, a very useful ability that is indeed on a shorter CD and does more damage than singularity, but that is not why its great. It prevents movement which is what allows you to combo ***** the living day lights out of your enemies, starting at rank 2 you can set and get ganks much easier. Some like to get this first but being only able to hit 2 targets, the second with half dmg, its just not worth it. And is much harder to land as it hits the first enemy it comes across.

Prismatic Barrier is really your only true support spell, but it gets the job done, it has its uses at saving your ***, and your teammates when they dive enemies, are being dived, before you get stunned, while attacking jungle mobs, preventing a last hit, stopping Karthus ulti. You will save so many lives (including your own) with this barrier. With a well placed shot and some running around you can apply the shield twice for even more protection while allies are under constant fire. This does not effect slows of course, early game it is great for preventing those ignite and dot kills, just make sure your teammate knows, I can't tell you how many times allies have dodged my barrier and died from a dot because they were ignorant to it.

Last but not least is Finales Funkeln your bread, butter, and even toaster. The cooldown on this bad boy is nice and short for most ultimates. With blue buff, blue elixer, and the masteries its beyond spammable. You use this to, weaken enemies before team fights, stop enemy creep waves, finish off running enemies, turn the tide of a team fight, assist allies across the map, and even steal Baron (its hard to guestimate but I've done it XD). You will hear some one whine when you blow this ulti on enemies to take half their hp or stop a wave, something like "Fail Ulti" because you didn't one-shot them (are they dissapointed?) or wasting it on creeps. What they fail to realize is that your ultimate is both powerful, and spammable. Clearing those creeps on bot, you'll have it back by the time you get to top and assist allies in their fights, by one-shotting the creep wave you have saved time (and often mana). That Ashe you just sent a Funkeln at yelling at you "Fail Ulti" while shes busy teling you how imcompetent you are, she fails to realize you took out half her hp, and it won't take but a few will placed shots to finish her off, perhaps another Funkeln if she lasts that long, if not she recalls to base and leaves her lane open, its a win win situation. Just ignore the ragers and embrace the wonders of strategy!

A little trick I like to pull throughout the game, is the "Mana Trap" I'm a believer in clarity as you can tell and being low on it can be used to your advantage. The enemy thanking the gods that you finally ran out of mana might get brave and come after you, with your regen a light binding or atleast shield should be up, and once you land that stun. Pop your clarity to get full hp back, now they are stunned, sitting next to you with no cooldowns and full mana, without the protection of their tower... The next part can only be described as combo whoring, probably the simplest way to get those early game kills, and it works fantastically, if you have a lane buddy with you like anumu or leona that can pull themself in, it works even better when they leap from the bush, if not flash works or some fast movement. Mainly insurance if they go down fighting, or this is before you have your ultimate.

The combos are pretty straight forward, make sure to throw in passive attacks between them if you can, especially in early game, this does considerable damage especially when you are tighter on mana and CD's.

-> passive attack -> -> Finales Funkeln -> passive attack
Rinse Repeat

A somewhat safer combo when you cant ensure a binding:
-> passive attack -> -> Finales Funkeln -> passive attack

That will get most anyone in early and mid game bar none, in later teamfights, if they were to survive, just repeat the process, throwing singularity first to slow them in some cases. The cooldowns can be long without buffs but the sheer power you get when you don't stack CDR will make sure you don't need to fire it twice.

Throughout the game you just wear down enemies and destroy creep waves with well placed nuff said.

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Starting Items

Doran's Ring
Great for adding a bit of everything, HP to help you survive that early laning back and forth, AP to add some pain, Mana regen never hurt either.

Boots of Speed
Not a starter item persay but it won't take you long to get these if you feel the need for some movement before you grab AP.

Blasting Wand
If you Do go and grab Boots of Speed, go ahead and get this as well, just to get your AP going and still working towards Rabadon's.

Guide Top

Core Items

These are your core items, without these, you won't have the necessary Damage and longevity in the lane needed to help your team, and get those ganks.

Rabadon's Deathcap
We all know, and I'd like to think love this item, your primary source of AP. The passive it provides is great for helping you grow your AP much faster as the match progresses.

Sorcerer's Shoes
People always neglect their boots, sure its not amazing, but the magic pen to overcome that bit of magic resistance in mid game, and movement to stay out of the fight its one of those things we take for granted.

Rod of Ages
As I explained earlier, this item can be controversial, at least at the time that I choose to get it, but It has served me well here and I see no reason to change it. I shouldn't get it first, because it severely pushes back my AP, and that is the main concern with Lux. Though since it is now Midgame, enemies will now (if ever) now be taking their chances at ganking me, so that HP is highly welcome. However I could also use more mana to keep laning without the need for my clarity, and just saving it for bursting, or replenishing after ganks. ROA fits all my needs and still has plenty of time to fill out its passive. The flat amounts it gives are still great, the passive is just a great bonus, remember that.

Guide Top

Preferred Items

These are the almost guaranteed items, subject to change but rarely done so.

Void Staff
AP and magic pen? Sign me up! This item is great for boosting your damage on everyone, even those pesky magic res stacking tanks. There are those rare matches where straight AP is more productive though this is rare in my book.

Archangel's Staff
This item might cause even more controversy than ROA it seems. Well heres why I choose it, and why last in the build. Simply put, its purely excess, you don't need more AP, but you could use it. You don't need more mana regen, but its nice if you decide to spam. You definitely don't need more mana, but there is no complaint for having more, more time to spam before you need that extra regen.
Archangels provides all this, and even a nice passive that gives me more AP as a reward for all this mana. Its a great finisher for her since you will literally shoot all day, and still have plenty more to come. Again the passive is nice, but jut a bonus just as ROA, you can get tear as early as you like for its passive, though its not required in anyway. I'm just giving you the main items.

Banshee's Veil
This is really the only preferred item I don't actually get nearly every time, meaning AD heavy teams. Though it has uses with any enemy team, the mana, hp, and passive are fantastic for keeping you spotless in the lane, that rare shot that makes it all the way back to you. Use this to laugh at an enemy Lux, Karthus, CC'ers, and mages in general, combined with ROA you are surprisingly survivable, at least for a Lux.

Guide Top

Viable Items

Items you usually don't take, but are good in certain situations.

Lich Bane
Feel free to use this instead of Archangel's I simply don't prefer it, the passive is great for adding passive attack damage. Though I rarely find need for it, and simply am out of passive attack range in most fights. They are either dead, or recalling in my book, no point in fretting over it, we are winning either way.

Frozen Heart
Rarely seen, though useful on those AD heavy teams.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Another great item for adding some AD survivability and rather than increasing mana, horde more AP. I don't use this because I am terrible at using actives, and its uses are limited unless its a Karthus Ulti for example, standing still for 2 seconds won't make those enemies ontop of you go away in most cases. Because when is a good lux in combat with the enemy team? If you are team playing the right way never unless your team is dead, because Lux NEVER GOES ALONE.

Mejai's Soulstealer
We all know this one, its not my favorite item but it has its uses provided you can ensure your stacks. I won't post it in the main build because thats not every game, and I can't guarantee you'll play the way this guide is intended. If you do get this, I'd suggest right after rabadon's, before you finish your boots. Why? Because Rabadon's will give you that base to lock in kills, meaning 175 AP to build stacks off, rather than 35...big difference. And there is still ton's of game left, you are just getting to mid (if that) by this time.

Guide Top

Secondary Build

After some trials and taking suggestions from others I've come up with this secondary build.
I call this the Big Risk/ Big Reward. If you aren't successful with this build, you will know and Mejai's isn't forgiving. Do this only when you are experienced with Lux and are confident you can hold your stacks. (Yeah you Nocturn, keep that ulti to yourself)

> > > > > > > > > or


-2 Free Summoner Spells
-Plenty of Regen
-Hits like a Mack Truck
-Still more Survivable than typical Lux
-Same Pros as the other Lux


-Will be highly focused (Mejai's paints targets)
-Can't burst/spam quite as much early game (you're good after Tear is finished)

This build simply put sacrifices early game a bit more, for more late game reward. If you managed to get Mejai's stacks and keep them, you will hit extremely hard. I go for this build when I'm feeling the match is going to go smoother, premades primarily where I know my teammates better.
This also seems to work better when I'm NOT midding, because its much harder to set ganks on a side lane with a partner than it is alone in mid. Honestly I get more ganks throughout the game if I side lane. While getting mana regen is not necessary for a Mejai's build, I felt I might as well take advantage of Archangel's build items and it frees up Summoner Spells. Summoner spells I find necessary now that people will want to gank me even more, flash in particular can be a life saver at times so it doesn't hurt. Teleport or Ghost as secondarys, cleanse possibly for CC heavy though unlikely since you're dead already.

Guide Top


I hope this all helped you, and I'll be sure to update and improve this as I go, this is my first guide. Special thanks to Shm0 who got me into Lux through his guide and the base for which I derived this build. If you ever need more information on skill sequences or teamplay, reference his build
He does not sponsor my build in anyway, I am simply giving credit where credit is do in this community.



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