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Lux Build Guide by Zonn3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zonn3

Lux, The Goku`s fan

Zonn3 Last updated on June 24, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my new guide, i use to play mid, and i love lux, i have read some of Mobafire guides of Lux and i didnt like any of them, so i decided to create my own guide!! :) maybe i will change it to a guide of a nice amount of mid champions but by now its only a Lux guide.

(Im spanish, sorry if i have some errors.)

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Changes in the build

23/06/2012 The build is published.
24/06/2012 Added summoner spells chapter.
24/06/2012 Spelling check (im spanish, i have changed lot of words, if it has more errors, comment it ^^)
Soon Spells explanation, one by one. (ill try it later today)
Soon Screenshoots
Soon Farming

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Pros / Cons

+ Hard DMG
+ Nice early, mid and late game
+ Nice scaping
+ Funny ulti :P
+ Nice last hit killer.
- Quite squishy when CD.
- All skills are non objetive, so hard to hit.
- Easy to avoid her skills.

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Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

I useAbility power on all of them except the marks that i use magic penetration so we can burst damage, also i think its a good combine of runes for almost all AP mid champions.


I normally prefer AP than AP/lvl Why?
Because i think you need to have advantage at the start of the match. With it, you can kill more champions, or harass them better, you will make them go B and to lose experience later game you will have more money than them so you will have more items: More ap later game :)

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  • I dont choose Summoner's Wrath becouse no ignite.
  • But you will need the others masteries, Sorcery is very nice becouse it gives you a very nice CDR that is awesome with Lux.
  • Mental Force , Blast and Archmage will give us +AP, +AP/lvl and +%AP so so nice, more dmg = more effective
  • Havoc and Executioner will give us DMG in general, that means that our passive will deal also more dmg, GREAT.
Dont use any of them, enough survability with your skills.

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Summoner Spells


Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor.
Its one of the best summoner spells in the game. Thats why most of the people use it, with it you can:
1. Jump over the walls
2. Jump over the other champs skills (like anivia's Crystallize or veigar's Event Horizon)
3. Get nearer to our victim, some times you are running after someone and you cant get him because a very little distance, this spell will help you make that distance.
4. Get a nice strategy position, maybe you see the enemy in a nice position for your finales funkeln but its hard for you to get there (or it would take you long time) use it.
5. Kill someone undertower: you can try to kill someone undertower (he has very very few hp and your passive on) you go under, kill and then flash away to not be killed by the tower.
6. Surprise!: maybe the enemy has nearly same hp as you, both are thinking how to kill the other one, you just jump, he will get surprised, it gives you 1 second Bonus that he has to react.

Restores 160 + (lvl x 30) Mana to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies.
The hard question, Is clarity a nice spell instead of Ignite or something else? I think yes, with Lux i like to harass very hard, like to use my Lucent Singularity very frecuent, to make them not kill minions and to make them lose their life, when they have like 30% hp i stop spamming, wait to get them with Light Binding and use full combo to kill them. So if you want to spam you will need this, later game its a bit useless but it will be also nice, it makes you even more usefull for your team and with finales funkeln you will not need ignite!


Exhaust slows movement speed by 40% and reduces autoattack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds. it can be nice sometimes, its easyer to get finales funkeln on them with this, but i think this is more for AD champions, buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter and you will say thanks to the Clarity extra mana.

Your Champion passes through any unit and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds. Its a very nice spell, almost as nice as flash, but has less uses, this gives use more distance difference with the enemy but you dont need to run after them, you need to get them, and for that, flash. This is also an AD spell.

Restores 75 + (lvl x 25) Health to your Champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. All targets healed will have a 50% reduction in heal amount from other summoner heal spells for 35 secs. I dont like it, very usefull in early game, maybe you will say thanks to it sometimes, but lux skills and Flash gives us enough survability, make sure you dont run out of mana near the enemy tower with Clarity with CD.

Instantly revives your Champion at your team's Summoner Platform and increases your champion's maximum health by 200 + (lvl x 20) for 2 minutes. 9 minute cooldown. Are we crazy? this spell is only for trolling.

Deals 420 + (lvl x 25) true damage to target enemy minion or pet. leave it for the jungler.

Empowers your champion, increasing ability power by 6 + (lvl x 4) and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds. it needs a buff, right now is not nice enough.

Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. not for us, maybe for Swain, not for lux.

Targets a single champion dealing 50 + (lvl x 20) true damage over 5 seconds. Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%. maybe you could think about it. It gives us plus dmg and +5 ap with the masteries, but i think with finales funkeln this get a bit useless.

Promotes the nearest allied siege minion (in Classic) or super minion (in Dominion) to an anti-Turret Cannon, healing it, granting bonus stats (depending on level), and causing it to grant the caster gold for its kills. just no.

After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret. 3 minute cooldown if cancelled. could be nice, remember that you can use it on wards, but i think this is better for the Solotop.

Reveals an area of the map for 4 seconds. Some people use this to see the area for finales funkeln but the enemy knows that you are watching, they will start running, this is a support must-have spell. Not for us.

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Recommended items by RIOT

Some of them are nice, but others i think are a waste of money (not bad items, just you can choose betters one for Lux.

Items from Riot you should not choose and why:

I dont like this one, you will need much more Sorcerer's Shoes because it gives us an extra magic penetration that is so so nice and in late game with my items and blue Lux ultis has 30 seconds CD.
Yes its nice, Yes it makes us imortal for 2 seconds, Yes we survive with it, BUT We can get a better item with less money (for lux), It makes us inmortal but we have 3 skills for scape, good enough and Lux has a very nice range, in late game you will go from far away, Lucent Singularity then finales funkeln and then you go for the ones that are scaping with Light Binding so you DONT GET INTO THE TEAMFIGHT IF YOU DO IT NICE.

Magic penetration, we need to deal DMG, nice item
I think Riot did this item for Lux but they let the rest of the champion buy it xD it gives us AP, magic resistance, mana, move, and the best of all, the passive. With this item allways you use a skill the next basic attack you do will do you AP in dmg, LOL so with Illumination we will do so nice dmg between attacks. Lux NEEDS this item.
You should buy it the second one becouse its pasive goes up while times flows, its nice and it helps us stay up in battle for 10 min.
My personal favourite, the AP+AP+AP+AP item, you buy it and you skills suddenly kills everyone :P
Very nice item, huge AP, mana regeneration and 20% CDR! with this item you will spam Light Binding and you will have also the penetration from Sorcerer's Shoes
The magic penetration item, it also gives us 70 AP.

With those items you will destroy the enemy.


Very nice passive, the first skill that hits you dont do anything, so its very safe. also it gives you mana, health and magic resistance.
Note: Buy it if you are having some problems with combos, or you are dieing too much.

The cleanse item. If you use it, it takes out all debuffs on you.
Note:buy it if you are having problems with enemys like Malzahar or Warwick

I used it a lot when i started with lux, makes much easier to hit with finales funkeln its very nice with lux but since you play her nice you will not need it anymore, also its so so nice.
Note: Buy it if you dont hit with finales funkeln

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

finales funkeln>>>


Choose Lucent Singularity harass with it the other mid champion.
Later you will need Light Binding you will deal even more damage and you will hit both skills. You will do to harass:
Light Binding > Lucent Singularity if the enemy lets you hit with Light Binding
Lucent Singularity > Light Binding if the enemy stays all the time behind minions.


We will start ganking on lvl 6 so we will need finales funkeln, from now (lvl 6) we will priorize finales funkeln then Lucent Singularity next Light Binding and finally Prismatic Barrier (That is also nice to avoid harrass, and to help your team)

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¿How to attack?

How to attack with Lux?

1v1 (lane etc)
You should try to get him with Light Binding if you can, if you get him use Lucent Singularity on him but dont explode it, use one basic attack, and then explode it, and try to hit again with a basic attack, is the best way, and you deal so hard dmg becouse our passive.

When we have the item Lich Bane will start trying to hit before using Lucent Singularity we will increase the dmg becouse we will have the bonus of the item, but its harder, and its a nice damage with the first step.


Try to avoid being the center of the attack because you die very easyly, What do you have to do?, at this moment you will forget the passive, try to use it on the carry but we will have a lot of move and its hard to use it.

We will try to use Lucent Singularity on the highest cuantity of enemys, remember that finales funkeln deals more damage when they have the passive on them! so you hit first with Lucent Singularity and then finales funkeln. Then use Light Binding on people that tries to run, you will stop them and deal hard damage, also if you dont see the finales funkeln very clear becouse people moves a lot, you can use Light Binding to make two sure shoots.

With that process you will hit more than 50% of their HP in 2 secs (except the tank..) in just 2 seconds, so you will make the Teamfight so easy for your team.

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Ill upload some of them later :)