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Lux Build Guide by MissWitch

Lux's Awesome Rainbow Guide!

Lux's Awesome Rainbow Guide!

Updated on April 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissWitch Build Guide By MissWitch 8,700 Views 12 Comments
8,700 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MissWitch Lux Build Guide By MissWitch Updated on April 19, 2012
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Tactical Decision Summoner!

Hai I'm MissWitch and I'm here to display my fabulously awesome guide for Lux!

Now. To start off, Lux is an awesome and fun mage with a spectacular crowd control ability, and snare, a whopping amount of AP, and a killer ultimate as the icing on the cake! This guide can show you how to manipulate these awesome features for victory!

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Runes... Runes...Runes...Runes................Runes.

Runes are the most important things to playing a successful game with Lux. First off what we need are nine Greater Mark of Insight which gives you 8.55 Magic Penetration right off the bat. With the Arcane Knowledge Mastery Skill, that makes the grand total of 10%! Thats what you automatically get at the beginning of the game; making fights against annoying opponents like Veigar, Morgana, and Ashe.

Second, You WILL need nine Greater Seal of Clarity . Mana regeneration is really important for Lux. While laning, Lux will need to use her techniques very frequently (Light Binding & Lucent Singularity) and needs the mana to back her up.

Third, Lux will need nine Greater Glyph of Force for that juicy Ability Power! One glyph gives you 0.17AP per level. Lux's AP goes up and up the more you get your build together.
Finally, you need three Greater Quintessence of Potency for that extra AP.
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Masteries Fit for a Teenage Light Mage

Hmmm. Masteries? Oh. Masteries!

Two points in and two points in Some of you may ask. Why invest mastery points in attack damage? Well, if you look at her passive; you can do more damage plus deal the magic damage times your level. Trust me. Its easier last hitting minions.

As you can see, I invest in purely things that matter. Like cooldown reduction, magic penetration, and Ability Power.

I put three mastery points in 'Resistance' because early game IF you decide to go mid your destined to go against another ranged champion that can do AP damage. For example, Ashe's 'Volley Shot' can make it hurt less, taking away the extra AP damage. The last six mastery points go in utility. Expanded Mind, Summoners Insight and Meditation.

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Summoner Spells

Suggested Summoner Spells

Heal is a good option when laning alone and with others.

A really good spell for Lux. A must-have if you ask me. It's really useful if your chasing and you run out of mana after throwing that last snare. Use clarity to get enough mana to use Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln and get the kill!

A good choice if your game is to teleport to other lanes and help gank, or push. I bring Flash and Clarity for ensured survivability to keep fighting and farm. Bring Ignite or clarity with this.

A VERY good choice if you aren't very experienced with Lux. Helps you getting away quicker and faster. Use your snare, then Flash and head to the tower.

Good for extra damage and to ensure kills of run aways. Use this with Flash.
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Early Game Level 1-5

Start with a Doran's Ring.

I highly recommend going solo mid to maximize the effectiveness of Lux. Number one rule: STAY OUT OF RANGE.

Make sure to keep your distance and keep auto-attacking the minions. Your Lucent Singularity (which you should already have at level 1) has plenty of range. If the enemy is in that range, make sure to launch it and detonate it instantly to deal some damage. That might make them keep THEIR range instead -leaving you save to attack. If there isn't an enemy in the area, do NOT use your abilities often. You want to make sure that you save your mana. As soon as you have enough gold and port back, buy a Amplifying Tome and if you can, buy two health potions
The limit of using your abilities is until you are half your mana. Save it in case your enemy is having trouble and calls backup. If your opponent is so low on health to where he/she has to port back and your too far away to kill him/her, best choice is to port back to heal and continue your build.
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Mid Game Level 6-12

Always focus on killing minions and last hitting so you can get the gold.
By now you should have a Tear of the Goddess so feel free to use your [E] to kill minions faster. But still remember to not use it too much to where you are out of money. Hit minions in the back of waves with your [E] and last hit them so minions can't steal your farms. After the second turret is gone, you should leave your lane if its not under attack and help other lane destroy turrets. After you have broke past their defenses.
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Late Game Level 13+

Keep building till you have the last items on your build and win your way to victory!

Here are a few pictures of success:

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Situational Items

This if you get annoyed by annoying spells like Morgana's Binding

Arguably if you want, you could bring along a Lich's Bane for extra damage. Although, Late game Lux will be too busy supporting other champions to use it.

If you and your team are winning early and are getting alot of kills and assist. Get this as soon as possible.

This is if your chasing alot with other team mates.
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Why Zhonya's Hourglass?!

The reason I chose this item is because its beneficial to Lux's survival. That spiffy armor boost is beneficial due to her squishiness. It can also save from your butt from things like Karthus's Ultimate Requiem , Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow . Very useful if your trying to run away to find a save place to port back. Better yet, you get 100AP!
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Why no [Insert Item]?

Rod of Ages isn't a really good investment. When you add up the AP it gives, It's just not as much as a Deathcap. The Hp is good.. But Lux is squishy enough to where it wouldn't matter.

While the AP and Magic Resistance is nice, the Aura is useless due to Lux being out of range most of the time.
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This is my first guide and I hope you liked it ^_^
Please feel free to vote, comment and tell me what you think.
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