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Karma Build Guide by MissWitch

AP Carry Charismatic Karma

AP Carry Charismatic Karma

Updated on May 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissWitch Build Guide By MissWitch 182 16 2,088,136 Views 105 Comments
182 16 2,088,136 Views 105 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MissWitch Karma Build Guide By MissWitch Updated on May 3, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Karma
    AP Mid
  • LoL Champion: Karma
  • LoL Champion: Karma


Welcome to my Karma guide! If you want to play a champion that can be played as an AP carry or Support then Karma is a good pick! After her rework, Karma has lost some good things (her heal) and some bad things (that ugly chain). This guide is here to help you get on track and be a successful Karma player.

What I personally like about this guide is that my build always gives you different choices of how to build your items. You can choose either Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rod of Ages. Liandry's Anguish or Morellonomicon. Your choice of how you want your game to go. Plenty of freedom and either pick is a good one.

Why did I make a Karma guide? I found all the Karma guides at the time outdated and poorly written, so I decided to make my own.

Guide Notes:
- Matchups is up next!~
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What happens when you play Karma?

Click to see what happens when you play Karma


Pray With Me
Yup. Pretty much.
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Pros & Cons


+ Can farm from far away with Inner Flame
+ Mantra'd abilities allow easy pushing.
+ Has a spamable Q.
+ Can be played as a support too.
+ Has a large shield ( Inspire)
+ Can be a bully in lane if you choose to be.
+ Brings great utility to the team.

- Really squishy.
- Lacks Hard CC.
- Farm dependent.
- Doesn't heal others anymore...
- Needs practice to learn all abilities.
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Offensive Masteries

SPACE 5% Cooldown Reduction when maxed out. SPACE
SPACE A small boost to last hit minions for. SPACE
SPACE 16AP at level 18. This gives you a nice boost at the start of the game combined with runes. SPACE
SPACE Grants 2 Health and 1 Mana when killing a unit. Combine this with [Doran's Ring]] for 5 Mana a kill. SPACE
SPACE 8 AP right off the bat. Of course every AP carry needs AP. SPACE
SPACE A good boost to help you kill your opponent in lane. SPACE
SPACE Increases your ability power by 5% when maxed out. SPACE
SPACE Heals you when you kill a champion. SPACE
SPACE 6% Armor and Magic Penetration. SPACE
SPACE This really helps with your farming as you continue to build AP. SPACE

Utility Masteries

SPACE Faster to get back to base, the faster you can get back to lane. SPACE
SPACE 3 Mana Regen. This will help you sustain. Awesome combined with Chalice of Harmony and your mana regen runes. SPACE
SPACE This is a nice mastery. Any summoner spell's cooldown will be reduced by 10% if maxed. SPACE
SPACE With this, Blue buff last longer. Blue buff is awesome on Karma as it give her cooldown reduction, and lot of mana regeneration. SPACE
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Preferred Runes

Other Marks

Other Seals

Other Glyphs

  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is an option if the enemy team is bombarded with AP casters. Karma IS pretty squishy. I personally wouldn't use it. But I've see it as an option if you're going to get bursted.

Other Quints

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Summoner Spells

The Pure

Always a must on Karma in my opinion. You're way squishy, and though you may have a decent range, once you get into melee distance of someone like Master Yi or Jax you're insta-dead unless you get help from teammates or something. This hopefully puts some distance between you so you can get off a Inner Flame or Defiance.

This can be useful for ganking. Make sure your teammate wards the enemy bush by their tower and when they get pushed you can Teleport to it and gank them from behind. This is more effective if you are premade or the team is good with teamwork overall. If you are playing with friends I would recommend trying it if you feel you can go without Ignite (I wouldn't really recommend removing Flash).

It's Ignite. Use it if your combo just wasn't enough and your enemy is as sure as yours even if they try to flash to safety. Combined with the Summoner's Wrath mastery this gives you a small boost in power while on CD.

The Limbo

Since this guide is pushed towards being an AP carry, this ability should only be used when supporting. It's great for the bot lane, but not much else. Heal was greatly improved and is now very useful for supports because it does what any team needs: healing. Heal compliments Karma's abilities specially well due to her lack of decent healing spells other than her Mantra'd Focused Resolve. A good combo to heal up while in a teamfight is Defiance, Heal, Focused Resolve. This combo is really nice if you have a Will of the Ancients too! Don't forget that now that Heal gives you a speed boost, it's alot better.

Clairvoyance is a decent spell for a support. It lets you see a huge area anywhere the map which is usually used to track the jungler, prevent ganks, check for buffs, check for dragon and baron, or peak at the jungle so you can move safely, etc. But with the ward mastery and Sightstone, its ignored.

Being a support is all about providing utility for your team, and almost neutralizing an enemy is a very good spell to have and can turn battles around or ensure a kill. There should be at least one Exhaust on your team, so if no one's taking it you should consider it.

The Unholy!

Everything Else. For example, choose Revive and Smite in a ranked game. You won't get very many fans. <-- LOL See what I did there?!

Note: Clarity is completely useless late game because Rod of Ages gives you plenty of mana and Athene's Unholy Grail gives you plenty of mana restoration. If you're afraid of being mana hungry then go for the Rod of Ages route. Just don't get Clarity.
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~!Skill Sequence!~


Damaging enemy champions with abilities refreshes 2 seconds of Mantra's cooldown, and half that amount on basic attacks against enemy champions.

- ... Hit your enemy champions with your abilities or autoattacks to lower Mantra's cooldown.

Fires a blast of energy that explodes on enemy contact dealing 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to enemies in the area and slowing them by 25% for 1.25 seconds.
Mantra Version

- Since this slows the enemy after getting hit by it, try using this in a chase to help your teammates catch the enemy.
-Using the Mantra version of this is very useful in teamfights.
- Aiming at little clumps of minions can damage them all. Remember Inner Flame won't damage the minions in the back. It explodes at the first enemy it touches.
-This is really your only real harassing tool. Use it wisely.
-Afraid to facecheck a brush? Use this! You can hear the detonation sound if it hits an enemy.

Links Karma to target enemy champion, revealing them and dealing 60/110/160/210/260 (+.6 AP) magic damage over 2 seconds, rooting them in place for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds if the link is not broken.
Mantra Version

- This isn't exactly a reliable damaging or healing spell, but it is good for melee range champions. Coming too close allows you to link them, then root them afterwards.
- Focused Resolve is a excellent ability with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Once they're linked, they are also slowed -making it difficult for them to escape the root at the end.

- Don't get me wrong, I TRIED using this offensively to kill an enemy by myself but it just isn't enough. Use this if someone like Akali jumps on a enemy with their ultimate. The root helps your team even further.

-A good combo to heal: Use Inspire then Renewal so you are shielded from any incoming damage while you're trying to maintain the link.

-If you catch an enemy out of position, use this to root them and have your team jump of him/her for the kill.

-If someone like Fizz, Akali, or Diana jumps on you by your turret, the best way to go is to use Inspire, Focused Resolve, and a Inner Flame.

Target ally gains a shield, granting 20/30/40/50/60% movement speed for 1.25 seconds and absorbing 80/120/160/200/240 (+.5 AP) damage for 4 seconds.
Mantra Version

- Always use the Mantra'd version ( Defiance) in a teamfight. Enemies around your target get damaged. Allies close to your target also get shielded and hasted. Please be cautious on your placement. You must be around other allies you shielded for your to get a shield too..

-Perhaps you choose Inspire first for whatever reason. This can be useful to your jungler if you have one. Place Inspire on your jungler to help shield a little damage while they're fighting Blue or Red buff.

-If you are in the middle of being ganked, supply yourself with a shield, and try to root the most jungler with Focused Resolve.

Karma empowers her next ability within 8 seconds for an additional effect.
( Leveling this up increases the effects of the Mantra bonus )

- Know your abilities so you can correspond them along to the situation.
- Your passive, Gathering Fire, can reduce the cooldown of Mantra as long as you auto attack or hit enemy champions with your spells.
- Gathering Fire isn't the only way to lower the cooldown of Mantra. Items like Athene's Unholy Grail also contribute to lowering the cooldown.
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Laning (Levels 1-5)

Play Passive.
_____It's important that you play passive with Karma at the start of the game. Don't use any abilities too frequently and just try to focus on ONLY last hitting minions in your lane for the gold income. If the minions are too high of health at the moment for you to last hit, I fire an Inner Flame to harass my enemy a bit. You don't want to use your Inner Flame unless you know for sure it will hit. Why? Because It's best to just sit back and last hit until you are level 5. At level 5 is when you want to start to harass the enemy champ with E and Q. Always make sure if you land one of these abilities, you run in and try to auto-attack to take advantage of the extra damage on your passive. Once you get your Chalice of Harmony, it is now okay to use abilities frequently. Poke and Harass the enemy as much as you can to the point where they are low. But keep last hitting. Remember. Do NOT use your Mantra charge while laning unless you know it will kill, deal a hefty amount or save your life. You need a Mantra charge just incase of a gank or if your opponent decides to use their combo on you. It's actually pretty funny to see a jungler like Kha'Zix fail his gank because I used Inspire, Focused Resolve, and a Inner Flame.

_____Make sure to keep your distance and keep auto-attacking the minions. Your Inner Flame (which you should already have at level 1) has plenty of range. If the enemy is in that range, make sure to launch it to deal some damage. That might make them keep THEIR range instead -leaving you to farm. If there isn't an enemy in the area, do NOT use your abilities too often. You want to make sure that you save your mana. As soon as you have enough gold to port back, buy a Chalice of Harmony and/or Boots.

Typical Harass Combo/Escape from a gank
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Mid Game (Level 6-13)

_____As usual, roaming is done best when your lane is pushed (preferably to their tower). Karma has high potential with ganking top and bottom lane, especially after level six - well aimed Inner Flame can help your teammate catch a enemy.

What I like to do as I approach top lane, is I use Inspire for the speed boost. When I catch up, I link the enemy with Focused Resolve -wait for the root, and Inner Flame. If your opponent is okay to fight, someone like Jax would jump on the enemy, giving you guys the kill.

Right now in your lane you might want to keep farming until you get to buy a Rabadon's Deathcap. If possible (If you have a really bad support), keep wards by their objectives such as Crest of the Ancient Golem and Blessing of the Lizard Elder as well as Dragon. If any of the other lanes need help (Push to their tower) don't hesitate to go up and help out. You are a teamwork champion.
If your enemy is still in lane, LOL spam Inner Flames and if they try to retaliate, Inspire yourself. Eventually you'll poke them down to where they have to recall LOL.
Remember to stay at the back during fights and definitely try not to get caught. Use Inspire like no tomorrow on your weakest ally for them to catch up with the trade.
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Late Game Level 13+

_____Again, I cannot stress how important it is for you to stay at the back of fights. If you go in, you will often just melt due to being at no further advantage from being right in the fight.

_____If you have blue buff, it is important to continuously poke with your Q. As Inner Flame does significantly more damage with the Mantra, you can halve the health of others or even kill squishy champions before the fight has even began. Your job is to wear down the other team with your utility kit and support at the same time with your shield.

_____As mentioned before, keeping wards by blue buff, red buff, Dragon and now Baron are all extremely important.

_____ I would recommend destroying the first mid tower before you go off in other lanes unless its a emergency. But when your whole team is clumped together fighting, use Defiance for a excellent advantage. If the enemy is low and you are not, the best thing to do is to try and destroy them with Inner Flames and link them with Focused Resolve.
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Start with:

We take a Faerie Charm 5 Health Potions and 2 Mana Potions because we want to stay in lane as long as possible and farm. If you want, you can buy 2 Faerie Charms, a sight ward and a potion of your choice if you feel you have already won your lane. We don't need to start with boots because your Inner Flame has enough range for you to poke and farm safely.


We need Chalice of Harmony for those iffy mana problems after spamming too many Inner Flames or using Inspire too much. The boots are so you can run away quicker because once you get caught by someone like Master Yi, you will hurt.

Get a staple item:

or Catalyst the Protector or
This is the item you will have with you for a while that will help you until you get one of your more powerful items. Doran's Ring is if you're behind or above in creep score. Catalyst the protector is if you would like Karma to have a bigger mana and health pool. Seems logical since it builds into Rod of Ages. Frostfang is veryyy useful. It builds into a variety of useful items and it can help you get to your Rabadon's Deathcap. Also, if you have been pushed to your tower, you can autoattack for gold. Although if you choose Catalyst the Protector, you'll lose your extra gold from not buying Frostfang. But its okay if you choose Catalyst if you're a new player. The Frostfang route is usually for advanced players who can manage their mana better and play safer.

Must Buy Items:

These are one of the best two items on Karma. Why? Because Karma is a AP carry of course! Athene's Unholy Grail supplies everything you need while mid. Mana, Magic Resist, AP, and a sweet passive that gives you more mana. Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for all AP carries. It just is. It gives you a TON of AP.

One Utility & Damage Item:

or or
Choose one of these. Liandry's Anguish gives you that extra magic penetration. Deathfire Grasp is if you want another item that gives you 100 more AP. The passive can be put to use if the enemy team has someone like Jax. Since they're in your range, that active can be put to use. The cooldown reduction is also nice. I chose Morellonomicon to be here because it grants something Karma needs. Cooldown reduction. Also, since you are the one to be helping out in teamfights, its passive can help reduce the effect of their heals.

One Defensive Damage Item:

These two are really good as far as I'm concerned. Rod of Ages builds straight from one of your staple items. It gives you some health, mana, and AP. Most who aren't a fan of Rylai's Crystal Scepter go for this. As for me, I choose Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It's passive ability goes well with your Focused Resolve. But it doesn't just proc with that, of course it procs with all your other abilities. Another reason why I choose Rylai's is because Defiance damages all enemies in the range. In teamfights, its mostly just a sh*tsstorm of fighting where one last living teammate ends up running away to prevent their death. Well, a Mantra'd Inspire hinders that opportunity.

One Final Item:

or or
I chose these three because they can apply to the situation of the game. Void Staff is pushing the amount of Magic Penetration you already have to a great amount -also granting AP. Zhonya's Hourglass gives you a nice amount of armor plus a passive that protects you for a few seconds. Get this if the other team has more AD champions. Finally, Abyssal Mask is if the other team has alot of AP champions. Its passive also works well because she can have a bigger effect on teamfights.
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Situational Items


This if you get annoyed by annoying spells like Morgana's Soul Shackles, Karthus's Requiem, or maybe even Ahri's Charm. This is really a ideal choice if the enemy team has nothing but AP casters.
A rather good item, if you are doing very well. When it hits 20 stacks, and you have a Rabadon's Deathcap. Its also very easy to hold the stacks since you have such a long range, so you can escape easily, but also secure kills and/or assist. I don't like this item, just because of its potential to fail you, if your doing poorly (For example 0/3/2 you would have no stacks and only have 20+ AP). But if you know your just to good to die, go for it.

This is a great alternate item. It goes along great with Defiance because you can heal off some of the damage you took just by shielding your team. Consider this if you have a champions on your team that have DoT spells like Glacial Storm or Miasma. Very useful if your team has been getting in a ton of teamfights.

This actually isn't a bad idea when playing support. In fact, its a great item to have while playing support. It builds straight from Chalice of Harmony, rids you of your mana problem and you can remove a debuff AND heal your target. Since Karma can't naturally heal anyone other than herself, this is something to think about.

If your top laner doesn't have one, you should get this as it helps a ton in teamfights. It's also really good support item for Karma since she is always the one to help out in teamfights. You even get a bonus shield aside from your own. So if you have no Mantra charge, you can shield an ally and use Locket of the Iron Solari for yourself.
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_____Unlike Annie or Malzahar, Karma lacks huge amounts of burst without Inner Flame or a Mantra'd ability in general. Most will still use Soulflare to farm creeps (I do sometimes if I really wanna hurry the lane up). And why not? It deals enough damage for you to last hit since you can just auto attack. Though creep farming is important, this is very inefficient. But don't just do this all game. Later in the game Soulflare does alot of damage to creep, and you can farm effectively. If you would like to harass, use Inspire and auto attacks in order to deal easy damage and receive little to nothing back at all.

When you have your Chalice of Harmony, it is now safer to start using you abilities more often. Use Inspire to protect yourself and Focused Resolve to deal a little extra damage.
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How to avoid the enemy jungler while mid laning.

First of all. Be tactical. If you haven't warded the two mid bushes then you should resort to the picture below.

Green means that its okay to farm without worries.
Red is "GTF BACK!" if an enemy is mia.
But first. Here are some tips if you don't wanna get ganked by the enemy jungler....
  • Map Awareness! <--- If you're paranoid like me when you see a enemy not in their lane via the map. Run back to green zone of your lane if you think you cant handle a potential ganker.
  • Use wards! <--- Basically, if the mid bushes are warded. Screw the safety zone chart and just look at the map. If a enemy is heading toward mid you can easily run back to the green zone on your own.
  • Have members call mias! <--Get the heads up and be aware.
  • Use tab! <--Pressing the tab key shows the scores of ALL players. It even shows how long a enemy is dead! You can manipulate this to be in the red zone without worry. So as long as your aware of whos in their lane, you can destroy that turret!
  • Use Smart Ping <-- Thank god they added this in. Your allies can alert you more specifically.

To NEVER get ganked. Use all four methods. You may scroll down to the "Warding" Section if you have no clue on where to ward.
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_____Karma is indeed an interesting and fun champion to play. When supporting, your job is to ward key areas of the map and protect your carry to help them farm and get stronger.

Early game, try staying in the brush while your carry farms and remember to Inner Flame occasionally to harass your enemy carry. If you see the enemy jungler, Inspire your carry before you. The carry is the damage dealer.

When engaging, use Defiance or Inspire your carry. Use Focused Resolve if you can to root an enemy. Soulflare if your enemy is rooted/stunned or if they are getting away.

Make sure to ward the bush closest to dragon or use a trinket.
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In a teamfights you should never stand and keep auto attack unless its 5 Vs. 1. You HAVE to move in order to be in the right position to either Inner Flame a fleeing enemy or Inspire a teammate.

You see an allied champion attacking one last enemy with equal health? What do you do?:

A. Run away and let your teammate fight for him/herself.
B. Inspire your teammate, Focused Resolve, and Soulflare (If possible, Mana and cooldown wise)
C. Only Inspire your teammate while running away.

Now, with a little common sense. If you chose the answer "B", then you're on the right track.

Of course if you see your teammates being weed-whacked down one by one, your job is to hover outside of the fight, Soulflare/ Inner Flame and run.

Now to be on the offensive side. Your job is to automatically position yourself and use Soulflare. That AoE damage is strong and slows ALL enemies in the area. See a fleeing enemy that avoided your Soulflare? Try your Focused Resolve and root them.
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~Coming Soon~
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I hope you liked it ^_^
Please feel free to vote, comment and tell me what you think.

-Also, send me your pictures of success!~
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  • March 28, 2013 - Guide Launched!
  • March 30, 2013 - Removed Support Section due to popular demand.
  • March 31, 2013 - Added beautiful headers thanks to Xiaowiriamu!
  • March 31, 2013 - Added in the "Items" & "Situational Items" section.
  • March 31, 2013 - Made it as the #1 Karma guide on Mobafire!
  • April 10, 2013 - Support Build is in!
  • January 27, 2014 - Matchups Section is in progress
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