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Ezreal Build Guide by ASFairbro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ASFairbro

Magnificent Ez AP

ASFairbro Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, this is my first guide so be gentle =)

This is my way of building Ezreal as an AP carry, meanwhile eliminating much of his squishiness.

Although you will probably argue with me about AP Ezreal, stating that AD is much better, just try the build. Maybe it will open your eyes to the wonders that is AP Ezreal.

Note: this is how i play Ezreal, and it will not necessarily be the way you play him the best. If you have any advice feel free to post/comment.

I usually play mid with this build as it is expensive, it might not be optimal if laning with a partner.

I'm also not going to touch the subject of Runes, Masteries and Summoner spells as i don't have any runes, and that the latter two are often a personal choice that reflects your own playstyle, therefore I decided to show as little boundaries as possible. However i put some skills in there too show you how I play him (And how I'm going to play him in the future].

That being said let's start.

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Here's the core, that i usually go after in most games. The core can vary depending on who i'm fighting against.

1. Starting of is Doran's Ring you can get as many as you like, of course that's not always the best strategy =). Dorans Ring gives you a good portion of stats for early game, and will bring you as much joy as Doran's Blade. However we will be focusing on the AP aspects of Ezreal.

2. Second of is boots. You can pick any you'd like, but i prefer Sorcerer's Shoes. Of course if you're facing a heavy CC/Caster team Mercury's Treads is the way to go.

3. Third is Rod of Ages. This bad boy gives you the extra survivablility you need to keep yourself alive in situations where you would otherwise die. Although it leads to a slow start I prefer being alive to help my team, rather than being focused down in two seconds.

4. Here it comes Rabadon's Deathcap. 155 AP +30% extra, this makes your W, E and Ult hit incredibly hard. I like getting it at this point, however you can mix and mash this build to your liking, however i still recommend getting RoA first.

5. The last core item in the build is Lich Bane. And remember your Q applies on-hit effects, meaning you cast the spell and trigger Lichbane, then when it hits, you enjoy the extra damage. That means your Q does around 600+ damage per shot, thats not half bad with a 4 sec cooldown. This is amazing, however it's not of much use before having 3-400 AP, just my opinion.

By now the game is usually over, but if not you can just goof around with what you think will benefit you. I usually throw in an Archangel's Staff and another Rabadon's Deathcap. Again this is totally your choice, as i haven't been in this stage enough to really tell what's the best.

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Ezreals skills/abilities are all skilshot based (exceot E(However E still requires practice to use properly)) making him quite difficult to master.

Q: Mystic Shot This is your primary spell, it's almost like your auto attack, except it has none of the withdrawals like, when you hit someone with Thornmail, or when you hit Rammus in Defensive Ball Curl. So this attack is in fact your second auto attack, plus when you get Lich Bane it does over 600 damage. Plus the cooldown reduction it offers is absolutely brilliant.

W: Essence Flux Although not overpower like it was before it's nerf, it's still a nice treat, being able to hit champs through a minion wave can sometime surprise them, since they aren't expecting an all skillshot champ to hit them in their cover. Other than harrasing and damaging there really isn't much to this skill, the buff and debuff are both nice, but not what makes this skill useful.

E: Arcane Shift Your primary escape/chase mechanism. It also delivers quite a punch in midgame/endgame, making it an incredible skill. Plus what's not to like from a free flash every 11 seconds.

R: Trueshot Barrage What can I say, I love this skill. It's great early in teamfights to make the opposing team lose a third of their health in the beginning of the fight often makes them panic. Also, it is just hilarious watching near death enemies run away thinking they're safe, and the pop this mean mother into their face =)

The skill order is pretty straight forward, when you hit level 9 your E does an amazing amount of damage, making it a great finisher. Plus since mystic shot only costs 30 mana at rank 1 you might as well keep it there until level 14.

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This build pushes Ezreals damage capabilities to the max, while removing the squishiness that so often makes you sad =)
So in short a great build overall, I have only used it in Summoner's Rift, and I'm not high enough level to go ranked. So develop your own experiences with it and tell me if you think you can improve it.

-Amazing damage with all skills
-Not nearly as squishy as most other Ez's
-Great chasing sniping mechanism

-You are still squishy
-Skillshot based means skill is required
-No lifesteal or spellvamp (unless you work it into the build yourself).