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Malzahar General Guide by DJ Potato Bread

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ Potato Bread

Malzahar - The DOT master

DJ Potato Bread Last updated on January 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 20

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Yo guys! This is DJ Potato Bread bringing you my new Malzahar guide. This is my second guide following my 'Syndra - Wreck Everything in Sight'.

Malzahar is overall a great champion, possibly one of my favorite and best mid-lane champs. Also works as a great anti-caster, almost like Kassadin

He was actually my first champion ever played, so its a nostalgic road for me

Yes, I know this was published before i was done, that was due to a misclick...i am sorry for everyone who thinks i am incompetent.

So...without further adieu, Malzahar, the DOT Master

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Champion spotlight

Phreak does a good job of overall summing up Malzahar. The absence of sound doesnt really bother but its good nonetheless

you will have to copy & paste, it does not have a direct link of its own.

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Pros / Cons


-excellent farming (possibly one of the best)
-good against tanky and squishy with Null Zone
-can be without items for a while
-one of the BEST ults in the game
-good pusher
-excellent CC
-awesome dance
-he can fly


-squishy without items
-good pusher (easily overextended)
-no good escape mechs.
-normally focused

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The Basics of Malzahar

It says that Malzahar is a difficult champion to master, but no champion is too complex, just follow some basic steps.

-He works mainly of of DOT (Damage Over Time) abilities

- Nether Grasp works best if paired with Malefic Visions or Null Zone.....or both if youre lucky

-DO NOT OVEREXTEND, this is too easy for Malzahar and can get you into trouble

-get so much magic penetration (I.E. Void Staff, Haunting Guise, Abyssal Mask) that you 1-hit those mutha-f*ckas

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Starting Build(s)

+ x2 (or three) + (optional)

+ x2 or x2

+ or

Core Items:

Sorcerer's Boots Basic boots for any mage, can differ however, but Malzahar needs these

Good starting health and AP, also some magic penetration that Malzahar desperately needs

Core of mostly all of Malzahars items, expect yourself to buy this a lot

Good for starting, if you want to grab [Rylai's Crystal Scepter] first

Mid Game Items:

amazing for Malzahar, adds another DOT to your' abilities and a great amount of magic penetration

excellent and necessary for any close-quarters caster, boosting youre Magic Resist while decreasing theirs.

Good slow, along with significant health and substantial AP

Late/End Game Items:

Basically...if you want to wreck sh*t....soo much AP it hurts

Amazing item for Malzahar, makes their Magic Resist look like nothing

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

My sequence revolves around maxing Malefic Visions and Null Zone, but getting a point in Call of the Void at level 2 so you can get some good CC and initial damage

It is completely up to you, if you want to build Anti-caster and max first, but my sequence and core of my build is based on DPS (Damage per Second) Malzahar


pretty good passive, summons a pet (unable to control) that lasts 21 seconds

-200 (+50 per level) health, 20 (+5 per level) (+bonus AD)
-after 7 seconds, armor increases by 50%
-after 14 seconds, attack speed doubles
-automatically targets anyone affected by Malefic Visions

very good spell, after a brief delay, blades will shoot out, damaging and silencing anyone inside, almost like Kassadin's Null Sphere

this does soo much damage if combined with Nether Grasp does a percentage of health over time, best taken early so you can surprise enemies with youre ability to rape sh*t. good conbination with Malefic Visions to clear out minion waves or to drain an enemy champion's health quickly

Malzahar's main DOT spell, good taken early so you can clear out minion waves fast and let your MINIONS (NOT YOU) push the lane. deals damage over time to any enemy/neutral minion/beast. If the target dies, jumps to the next closest enemy and restarts the DOT

One of the BEST ULTS EVAH! suppresses and damages a single enemy champion over 2 1/2 seconds, works well with magic penetration and also with Null Zone. Also can be used as an initiating spell if the enemy is over extended or if you have to focus someone.

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Summoner Spells


good for jumping over walls, to chase or run away

just another DOT, good for finishing off an already low champion


i used to use this often, grants a significant amount of mana quickly, but the runes and masteries should cover your mana consumption.

good for chasing, running away, or ganking lanes, can be swapped for Flash

an 'OK' spell, good for recalling and getting back in lane in seconds, can be interchanged with ignite


its ok, but youre malzahar, you should be in the back, raping and not taking damage

meh, same as Heal

a solid summoner spell, but better used with other champions

never used it, basically just a shield i guess, i would say the same thing as for Heal and Cleanse


stupid spell, riot should have never put it in...

honestly a good spell, but should be with a support, or not at all

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My runes run along a mage lane. if you follow through, you should have roughly 200 mana, about 4 mana regeneration per 5 seconds, and about 11 magic penetration


good for any mage rune page. gives 0.87 magic penetration per mark. I wouldnt change this


gives 0.41 mana per 5 seconds per seal. Alternatives could be cooldown reduction, ability power (per level), or mana (per level)


gives 11.25 mana per glyph, totals to about 120 mana YOu could have ability power (per level), mana (per level), or also cooldown reduction


gives about 40 mana each, 120 with all 3. Also interchangeable with any said above

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My masteries follow a mage lane set, 10/0/20

1st column:

(1/1) gives the extra bonus to Ignite

(4/4) +4% cooldown reduction

(4/4) +1 AP per level (18 at lv 18)

(1/1) +8% magic penetration

3rd Column:

(1/1) gives extra bonus to Flash (-15 seconds to cooldown)

(3/3) +3 mana regeneration per 5 seconds

(3/3) +10 mana per level (180 at lv 18)

(3/3) -10% cooldown reduction to summoner spells

(1/1) duration of buffs, relics, etc. increased by 20%

(3/3) 3% lifesteal and spellvamp

(3/3) +3 health regen. per 5 for every 400 max mana

(3/3) +6% cooldown reduction

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Early Game (up to level 6)

early game, depending on the enemy mid lane. I normally pick boots, 2 health potions, and 1 mana potion. My first spell is Malefic Visions, giving me the ability to clear minion waves quickly and damage the enemy if possible. later grabbing Call of the Void and Null Zone. Use these with others to damage many enemies at a time quickly. Also buy items according to the situation from above. Once you get Nether Grasp, it is best used when the enemy is standing in your Null Zone or is affected by Malefic Visions.

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So overall, Malzahar is such a good champion, well worth the 4800 IP, one of the best mid-lane champs in League of Legends overlooked often and forgotten, but he shouldnt be :( .
I hope this changes your mind about malzahar (it should, or you wouldnt be reading this?)

Anyway, go on, play League, f*ck b*tches, get money


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