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Jax Build Guide by delivererofdeath

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League of Legends Build Guide Author delivererofdeath

Mana Scaling Ultimate Lategame Hybrid Jax (Patch 5.9)

delivererofdeath Last updated on May 18, 2015
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Well, I'm sure you've realized how this build is a bit strange already. Many people will assume you're bad if you build one tear on Jax. Some people realize Murumana is a VERY good item on him, and will leave you alone. If you haven't noticed, I'm building 2 tears. This is the most significant part of the build, which everything else revolves around.

Why 2 tears you ask? Well, you may ask why I took even 1 tear, but it's the same answer. Tear of the Goddess is a unique item that doesn't really give you the stats you need when you buy it, instead you must stack it over the course of the game for it to be useful. I'm sure the majority of you were already aware of that. What you may not have been aware of, is how efficient Seraph's Embrace and Muramana are once they're full stacked. Get ready for some math!

Muramana, with its passive effect grants 50 AD completely by itself, excluding base mana. Seraph's Embrace grants 90 AP completely by itself. Adding in Jax's mana at level 18, those numbers grow to 68 AD and 117 AP. Now they are starting to look like pretty alright investments, as for their cost they're giving more offensive stats per gold than any other item, combined with the fact that you're getting 1k more mana. But wait, there's more! When you have both of these items at the same time fully stacked on Jax, their mana pools will combined to give you 83 AD and 147 AP, as well as having a 2884 mana pool. Now that's looking very nice for just 2 items. But hold on there partner, I'm not finished yet. These items will also scale with any subsequent mana that you get. With Trinity Force and Rod of Ages, you'll be gaining an extra 850 mana of 3734, which will give you exactly 100 AD and 172 AP just from the Muramana and Seraph's. Only Sword of the Occult and Mejai's can grant stats larger than that, and only when (if) fully stacked.

So these 2 items alone are giving Jax this massive amount of raw stats. The rest of the items are build around these 2 to provide synergy, as well as being efficient items in their own right.

Trinity Force is an amazing item, especially on Jax. If you're playing Jax and don't have a damn good reason for not building Trinity Force you will be called a noob. The raw stats are amazing, and in the places Jax needs it in, the mana makes your tear items stronger, the rage passive and passive movement speed bonus help you keep up in a fight without any boots, and the spellblade is absolutely critical in being able to dish out the huge amounts of damage that Jax is known for. It's Jax, you should have expected Trinity Force.

Rageblade. Incredibly underrated. Instrumental on any AA based hybrid build. The passive is like a second Jax passive, scaling up as the fight goes on. When you get below half the second passive activates and grants you even more raw stats that go with Jax amazingly in the middle of a fight. Especially useful as this is the main source of attack speed in this build. Can possibly be replaced with Nashor's Tooth, but I think rageblade is better in the majority of scenarios.

Hextech Gunblade. Hybrid bread and butter item. Gives AD, AP, sustains, and a great active that scales off your AP, and can help slow fleeing enemies.

Rod of Ages. This item probably looks the most out of place in this build, but it's incredibly useful. Gives a huge chunk of health for survivability, a huge chunk of mana for your tears to scale off of, and great AP. The health scales very well with the resistances from Jax's ultimate and works very well in general. Can possibly be replaced with a frozen heart. The CDR is great with a great passive, but it provides less mana than Rod and the armor isn't put to use as well as health is because you're already gaining armor from your ult, but it can be a good alternative vs. a very AD heavy team or if you really need some more CDR.

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The Math

Now we did a little bit of math earlier. Good. Strap in, it's time for some real math.

So with this build, we've already established that you will have 3734 mana at level 18, with Muramana granting 100 AD and Seraph's granting 172 AP.

So there's, conveniently, also 100 AD from TF, rageblade, and gunblade, making a nice and easy 200 bonus AD, making it 319 when added to base, 344 with masteries. 424 AP from items, which comes out to 497 from runes and masteries. Assuming you have at least 1 dragon, which most of the time you will by level 18, that's 365 AD and 527 AP.

Jax's base AS is .638. At full build and level 18, he will have 57.8 AS from levels, 82 from items, 28.8 from runes, 5 from masteries (leaving out Frenzy which can be an additional 15), and 84 from his passive. This comes out to 258% attack speed, equating to 2.28 AS at level 18 full build.

He has 2038 hp at level 18, after runes and items this comes out to 3154. 78 armor and 53 MR, his ult gives 173 armor and 155 MR for a total of 251 armor and 208 MR with his ult active. His effective health would be 11071 vs. physical damage and 9705 vs. magic damage

His Q will deal 792 damage, his W will add 496 extra damage to his next auto, his E will deal a max. of 546 damage, and every 3rd hit will deal an extra 589 magic damage.

DPS: Assuming that Jax has his passive and rageblade fully stacked, let's look at his damage per second. Muramana will be dishing out 112 physical damage per hit, although it will lose steam if used for a long duration so don't waste it. We have the obvious fact that he'll be doing 365 damage per hit just with his AD. With his 10 percent crit chance, over the duration of a long fight that ends up being roughly 402 damage per Auto on average from the AD. Sheen from TF has a 2 second CD, so ASSUMING that you're making max. efficient use of it, that's 238 every 2 seconds, or 119 per second. He gets a W every 3 seconds for 165 damage per second roughly, and his R procs every 3rd hit, with his AS factored in this is 448 damage per second. Not even going to factor his Q, E, or gunblade active into this as it's unlikely it will be used more than once in a fight. (unless they run). All of this combined factors in to 1291 physical damage, and 613 magic damage per second, or 1904 DPS!! With Havoc this damage is increased to 1961 dps, and 2059 DPS against targets below half.

Burst: Now, this Jax build isn't only DPS. The way he is build he also has a large amount of on hit burst. If you are chasing the target, your highest burst possible is to attack a minion or something 2 times, then activate your W, E, and Muramana, hit them with your gunblade, Q onto them (which applies your W) and then AA then for the ult proc and press E to hit them. The resulting single target damage that could be applied in less than a second is 3499. This would be 3864 if your AA happened to crit, but that's only a 10 percent chance so it's unlikely to hit THAT high. This would be increased to 3604/3980 with Havoc, and 3784/4179 against a target below half hp.

This is all combined with 30 percent spellvamp, and 20 percent lifesteal if you go below half hp in a fight. These values are also ASSUMING that the target has 0 armor and magic resist, and thus the ingame values will be significantly lower. The good side to this, is that even though you don't have any penetration items, you're deal almost even mixed damage, and so building to resist you will be very difficult other than simply stacking hp.

I will do calculations regarding effective health, and also will do comparisons between other builds at a later date.

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When should you go this build, and when should you go a more standard build? Well to look at that I should explain some things that I left out of the last chapter. I already explained why I choose the build I did, but what exactly is the use for it?

Well, Jax is a very lategame oriented champion. He is a master at 1v1s and has above average teamfighting. He is a hybrid champion, making fantastic use of almost any stat you can think of, which is one of the main reason he scales so well. The build I've created is more or less a gigantic heap of stats, and this is why it's so amazing on Jax, is that he can make use of every stat you're gaining from this complex build. I've been testing it out for a while, with the help of some of my friends, and we've found that there's almost no way of killing him in a fair fight at full build. Trynd can't take him out. A 1k plus stacked Nasus can't even take him out. If you try to kite him he'll Q on you and destroy you, and the only way we've found to even counter this monster is to burst him down before he can do anything. He's an absolute monster and will destroy any team 1 by 1 if he's not locked down with CC.

Drawbacks: Well I've already listed a few. He's only really vulnerable to CC and burst once he's fullbuild. He's also a bit more able to be kited if you aren't taking any CDR with you as you don't have any boots, but gunblade helps make up for this. The massive drawback to this build is that it is extremely lategame oriented, with 2 tears and a RoA. If you are not confident in your ability to survive the early game as Jax, THEN DO NOT USE THIS BUILD. I cannot stress this enough.

When to use this build and when not to use this build.

Use this build if:
You need an absolute lategame monster
You are very confident in your ability to not fall behind in a difficult early game.
You have a team comp that's oriented towards the early game that you need this build to carry your team if they don't win early, or can carry you if you fall behind early
You have a team comp that can stall for a very long time as you finish up your build
Your team has enough tanks that your team won't lose by you building (mostly) damage
The enemy's team damage is more damage over time oriented than burst oriented
You want to have fun stomping people 40 minutes into the game
You aren't afraid to try something risky

Do not use this build if:
You are not confident in your ability to survive a rough early game
you already have a lategame comp that could be put at risk if you aren't there to help them out early
You are scared to try something more risky that you aren't comfortable with
The enemy comp has a large amount of burst or lockdown
Your team is not able to stall while you catch up
Your team needs a dedicated tank
You want to stomp before 40 minutes

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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide even though it isn't what the meta is right now. This is a situational build but if you use it in the right situation then you will stomp. This guide is still in progress, as I find out more information I will make updates to the guide. If you've used this and liked it, or didn't like it, then don't be afraid to comment, and if you didn't like it please explain why and how it could be improved.

A special thanks to Dunk Master Jax, Delivererofwar, and Dunk Master Jax, and the many teammates and opponents I've had in order to help me test this out.